Who Are Our Class Enemies in America?

James Schipper: You shouldn’t regard all rich people as your enemies. It is only the plutocratic rich who are the enemies of ordinary people. Rich people who are willing to pay high taxes, treat their employees fairly, do not finance plutocratic causes, and invest most of their money in their own country are alright. Rich people who have a sense of noblesse and some commitment to their own country should be applauded. It is globalist plutocrats who are the enemies.

Trump has filled his Administration with nationalist, anti-globalist rich people. These are better than the Globalists like Clinton and Obama? Hell, give me the Globalists any day!

The Rich Ruling Class Oligarchs are our class enemies. The Progressive Rich, and there are some, are not. But the New York Times/Time Magazine/Newsweek Jewish Corporate Democrat Media Rich are almost as bad as the oligarchs. And so are the Wasserman-Shultz/Clinton/DNC types. Both of them are pretty much part of the Oligarchy themselves. These Corporate Democrats are just poison. Now that Hillary is gone, can we retire this Clinton Family that ran our party into the ground by pretending the be the Republican Party Lite?

In fact, I believe people like the Sulzbergers/Clintons/Wasserman-Shultzes are as much a part of the oligarchy as the Kochs. These rich Corporate Democrats are poison.

PS Just how many rich people are progressive in the US? It’s not that common, is it? I agree though that the Hollywood Crowd or the Entertainment Industry Rich are not our enemies. In fact, they are probably our allies. But once they get in power, how many US Rich do not govern in their class interests and opposed to ours? About 0%

I don’t trust the Rich, any of them, to run the country. They’ve been running the country into the ground governing in their class interests since Reagan and I am sick and tired of it.

I agree with you though. Our enemy is the Ruling Class, the Oligarchs. And that does not include the Progressive Rich.


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6 responses to “Who Are Our Class Enemies in America?

  1. 2016: The year voting for the Koch endorsed candidate became the Progressive tm thing to do

  2. I knew the promise to drain the swamp was bullshit from the moment I heard it. Now all of the billionaires being appointed prove it. Steve Bannon worked for Goldman Sachs, something that doesn’t get pointed out much. He got into media by producing bullshit documentaries, one of which claimed that Occupy was a pawn of some vaguely Marxist conspiracy. Obviously a documentary on Occupy produced by a former Goldman Sachs has a serious objectivity issue.

    • Sami

      Glass-Steagal is the litmus test.

      It was one of his core promises, reinstating that critical New Deal-era legislation (repealed by KKKlinton’s husband), along with the promised roll-back of so called “free trade”, especially while campaigning towards the end in the now-essentially-blue states of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, made to Main Street which distinguished him from KKKlinton (who made clear her allegiances to Wall Street and to the globalist plutocrats) which put him over the top in those states, giving him the election. Wall Street will oppose him with all of its vigor, power, money, influence, and media presence. We will find out for sure if he is for real if and when he pursues Glass-Steagal.

  3. He’s filling his administration with Goldman Sachs rats. Business as usual.

    • Yep. Who would have thought billionairres, especially one who made their money in real estate would end up supporting the status quo.

      Colour me shocked.

      Yes Alt-Right. You chose to support they moneyed, and now they are going to do what they’ve ALWAYS done. Unfortunately, being a class-cuck is still acceptable.

      I’m hoping for the Race-Realist/Class-Realist movement to kick off.

  4. Jason Y

    The anti-globalism seemed to be a con job, one that even fooled David Duke. I’m wondering how many jobs Trump will actually bring back to the USA? Anyhow, if his books are any indication, he doesn’t think the US can be saved anyways, he thinks the dollar will collapse just like Ron Paul does.

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