The “Taiwan Miracle” Nonsense

The people who ran Taiwan were the same folks who had completely run China into the ground by 1949, resulting in a life expectancy of 1949. Their legacy was repeated famines, foot-binding, murder of female children, epidemic wife-beating and more or less feudal relations in the countryside. Most Chinese peasants were little more than slaves or serfs. They were serfs on a landlord’s feudal estate.

The landlord or his buddies could go visit the serfs at any time and do whatever he wanted to with them? He had the power of life and death over them. He could kill or beat up any serf he wanted to at any time. He could steal any of their property. And especially he could rape the wives and daughters of the peasants, which he did in epidemic form.

When the Communists took over, in the first few years, they did a land reform, dissolved the feudal estates and distributed the landlords’ land to peasants with no compensation. The Communists simply stole the landlords’ land. And in same time  period, the Communists decided to  put the landlords on trial. The trials were held in the villages and towns and the peasants were to serve as judge and jury. These were wild raucous public trials and in most cases, the peasants convicted the landlords of many of the crimes above and sentenced them to death. Up to 3 million landlords were executed by the peasants themselves.

This is what happens in peasant uprisings under feudalism. Study the subject of peasant uprisings down through time, and this is how they always end up. For centuries before feudalism was dismantled, there were peasant uprisings the world over. They even occurred in Peru under Inca rule! Usually they were horrifically bloody and if the peasants won, typically they simply killed all the feudal lords and everyone who helped them. The Chmielnicki Uprising in the 1500’s in Poland resulted in all the landlords and half the Jews because they were tax collectors for the landlords. But it also caused the deaths of 1/3 of the population of the country!

Under the Nationalists, feudalism and warlordism was the way in China. There was almost no state at all. Feudal landlords also served as warlords. Their warlord armies held sway in the countryside.

Go read The Good Earth by Pearl Buck sometime. That is what life was like in China under the Nationalists and that was the same way it had been for centuries. The Nationalists did not give a damn about anyone who was not rich. It was a feudal party of landlords and warlords.

The Taiwan miracle happened because when the Nationalists fled China, they took almost every nickel in the country with them. That’s why Mao had such a hard time at first. He was starting with more or less nothing. Also they completely dismantled the feudal landlord-warlord system under severe pressure from the US. Then they did a land reform under heavy pressure from the US also. Then the US flooded money into Taiwan for decades in an effort to make Taiwan an anti-Communist showcase, sort of a propaganda exhibit to compare it with China.

Sure the Nationalists turned around Taiwan. Taiwan has a population of what? 50 million? Try doing that with 1.3 million. And the only reason Taiwan junked warlordism, landlordism and feudalism and did a land reform was because Mao won the war. If Mao would have lost the war, China would have just continued with their landlordism, warlordism and feudalism because that was how the Nationalists had governed for decades before and how their predecessors had governed for centuries before that.

If Mao wouldn’t have won, why would the Nationalists have dismantled the system? And don’t forget that 4% of the population left the country and took almost every dime in the place with them when they left. If they would have stayed the money would have stayed in China, so the nationalists would have had 96% less money. Show me how they do their miracle now? And if there had been no revolution, why would the Nationalists have made those massive economic changes they did when they went to Taiwan. Getting rid of landlordism, feudalism and warlordism was a response to the threat of Communism. If they would have continued on with the system the Nationalists were running in China on Taiwan, they would have had another Communist uprising on the island for sure.

Oh and one more thing. When the Nationalists fled to Taiwan, one of the first things they did was to kill 300,000 Communists in Taiwan.


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4 responses to “The “Taiwan Miracle” Nonsense

  1. KMT did not killed that much Taiwanese and Taiwanese wealth is not entirely due to loot from mainland.

    USA plays a part in opening market and granting technological access.

    On the other hand, KMT brought smart people to Taiwan and Taiwanese are smart also.

    The loot of from mainland could be longed squandered. Reality is Taiwan wealth was created by smart engineers from TSMC, Mediatek, Foxconn…etc

  2. My favorite warlord was the “Christian General” who baptized opponents with a fire hose.

  3. Brian Damage

    Spot on the Nationalist. If you read about the Soong Family, you will see how much the US influence had on the KMT. Charlie Soong’s story is quite interesting. Especially his time with known White Supremacist Julian Carr.

  4. SHI

    China is prepared to take over Taiwan the moment Donald Trump decides to pull US troops out of its backyard. Hell, he might strike a deal with the Chinese to let them have a free rein in Asia-Pacific, in exchange for Trump’s business interests in China. As for the Taiwanese, I don’t think Trump would be able to spot that country on a map.

    Trump’s exchange with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

    “Ah, hero, Mister Trump. Rate me wish you success on your Great War of Mexico project. Thank you for choosing a Chinese construction firm for the War. You see we have two thousand years of experience in that sort of activity. Together, we make America great again. My advisors said that we arrrrrr making progress on the Taiwan dear. I personary sent you a top secret memo about the invasion pran. Only 200 words, hope you found time to read it. 🙂 Wire we’re on the subject of Taiwan, rate me make it career that we intend to take over a few minor countries in the backyard for the greater good of the Communist Party of China, I mean, Asia. You know, rack Vietnam, South Korea and Singapore. I fear priest to inform you that the Chinese rear estate market is rooking pretty good this year. My Ministry just gave the approver for the 57th Trump Tower Project in rural Sichuan. You can also count on us to get rid of the pesky peasants and human rights do-gooders. Oh, before I forget, congratulations on your fourth wife. You deserve more.”

    “Thank you, Mr. Chairman. You’re a truly fantastic person. And as I always said, China is a fantastic country, and the Chinese are a fantastic people. I had conceived of the Mexico wall very soon after seeing satellite images of the Great Chinese Wall from the Moon. As you must be aware, the Trump organization had managed to set up a base on Moon planet a few years before NASA sent Neil Armstrong over there. I’m telling you, ya gotta believe me. It’s actually true, OK? The Mexican Wall project will be a a yuuuuuuuuuuuuge success. Thank you for complementing me on my young wife. Here’s a little secret. Listen, just between you and me, OK? It’s locker room conversation, so please don’t tell it to anyone, OK? I actually found her on a Russian mail order bride website. I think it could have been Ukrainian, or Latvian. I’m still not really sure. The best part is she just doesn’t speak any English. That’s really the best part about her. Who really wants an arrogant, entitled woman who runs her mouth every time she’s pissed at you. You do know that I have a thingy for East European women. They’re simply so much more beautiful. President Putin was kind enough to introduce this pussy, I mean, lady, to me during our bilateral summit in Moscow last year. After just one round, I knew I had to trade in Melania for her, she was that hot. On that subject, President. I invite you to Trump Tower next month which is now the official address of the US Government. We’re ditching the White House for good and there are proposals to convert that stupid building into a Trump Hotel. I get a spooky feeling in the Master Bedroom every time as if the spirit of Abraham Lincoln is haunting me every night. For stealing his Gettysburg Address maybe. Oh, fuck that. On that note, Mr. President. You were saying something about Taiwan and Philippines. Or was it Mongolia? Go ahead, I guess. Hey, I gotta run now. Have to comb my hair and there’s a protest going outside my office. Can you send over some of your best guys in law enforcement. You know like the ones who quelled the Tinamen Square uprising in 1999? Steve Bannon will check with you on that very soon. Bye.”

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