Class War in Capitalist Economies: A Brief Primer

Erik: Well we are talking about right and left wing labels. I wouldn’t call him an economic conservative. Isn’t being against free trade a left wing worker thing? Either which way I’m not so much making an argument for or against Trump, but I’ll say just as I said before; he’s a nationalist, yes?

(Wall, immigration, America first blah blah blah) and he supports increasing national sovereignty by not being part of insidious trade agreements like TPP or NAFTA. It’s not necessarily “conservative” but a mixture now, hence the need for new labels? I mention this because these were the two big policies he ran on in opposition to Obama to get elected. Meanwhile I would label Obama a globalist internationalist because of his support of open borders and immigration along with supporting TPP and other multilateral trade and defense initiatives. Guess workers don’t like that right now, as they all flocked to Trump.

Yeah but workers didn’t flock to Trump. That is one of the big lies. The bottom two quintiles of the population or people making under $40K/year heavily supported Hillary. People making under $40K/year? There’s your working class right there. And probably your White working class too. The White working class did not massively flock to Trump. That’s one of the big lies

The top three quintiles or people making over $40K heavily favored Trump. So Trump won with people who had money and the more money they had, the more they voted for Trump. I was reading on the Atlantic where they were talking to people for and against Trump and everyone writing in saying they voted Trump were people who had money and seemed to be sitting pretty. There was one White who was probably Top 40% and an Hispanic Cuban who was probably top 20%. The lines that both of them kept reiterating was, “I see myself as someone making good money and Trump is good for moneyed people like us. And we don’t like Hillary supporters because those are all blue collars, poor and low income people.”

That free trade stuff is outside of left and right. You see both Trump on the far right and Sanders on the Hard Left were pushing nationalist economics and opposition to globalism and free trade. That goes to show you that the nationalist economics versus global economics and the pro and against free traders is pretty much outside of Left and Right ideology because you have folks all over the spectrum on both sides of each issue. You could boil it down to nationalists versus internationalists, but that is outside of Right and Left too.

Trump is not rightwing? Are you kidding? He’s an extreme reactionary, one of the worst in the whole party. Look at who he is appointing his Cabinet. One thing they have in common is the Republican motto: “Everything for the rich, not one nickel for anybody else.”

He’s a class warrior. He is trying to mass transfer money and goods from the working classes and middle classes to the rich and the corporations.

Man you guys are ignorant. I am going to have to do a post on what an extreme rightwing nutcase Trump is.

Being against free trade is the only good thing about him. That’s neither left nor right. Both the left and the right are gung-ho on free trade. It gives massive benefits to the top 10% of the country and everyone loses money and loses out hard, but when it comes to free trade, both parties, the left and the right of US politic, are down with everything for the rich and fuck everybody else.

That because the US left is only for the rich and upper middle class. The US “Left” is just a bunch of groovy, socially liberal upper middle class suit and tie types on both coasts. On economics they may as well be Republicans. Those “liberal” upper middle class Democrats work for their class interests too. Their project is mass transfer of wealth from the bottom 80% to the top 20%. I guess with the Republicans it is mass transfer from the bottom 95-98% to the top 2-5%.

I mean you have to be making $125-300K before Republican policies benefit you. With the democrats, I guess they are a little bit different. I suppose once you start making $75K before Democratic policies try to help you. But I would say that they are both working against lower half the population and for sure the lower $60% of the population. Under both Democrats and Republicans, everyone making under $50-60K is getting royally screwed. They are both promoting class warfare policies of transfer of wealth and goods from the everyone making under $60K to people making more than $60K or maybe the line is $75K, who knows?

That TPP was going to help only the top 10% of the US population. That’s people making over $90K/year. So the TPP was mass transfer of wealth from everyone making below $90K to everyone making above $90K.

News flash. People tend to vote and govern in their class interests. Once people get a lot of money, it’s generally class warfare of transferring wealth from less moneyed people to more moneyed people. This sort of class war over divving up resources is is often going on in many capitalist economies. The only thing that stops it is some sort of socialism or social democracy.

But with socialism or social democracy, the rich will always rule the country and the rich always pursue policies “Everything for us and nothing for anybody else. And with no socialism barrier the rich and the upper middle classes are free to pursues class war which is nothing more than wars over how to divvy up existing resources. People don’t just make money off growth in a capitalist economy. A lot of the money and goods acquired in a capitalist economy involves various classes either taking money from classes below them and transferring it up or transferring money from classes above them and transferring it down. I can’t believe that people don’t know these basics about how capitalism works.


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6 responses to “Class War in Capitalist Economies: A Brief Primer

  1. I don’t think most people understand Capitalism at all. I’m even more perplexed by working class people who claim to be Capitalists. They don’t have Capital!

    The clue is in the name, people! Capitalism. Its about Capital. If you’re living month to month, paying off a mortgage, you’re not a Capitalist. You can’t be one, because you don’t have Capital. Capitalists will make you feel like you’re one, because you’re a property owner, but in reality, the bank has you by the balls.

    Simply put, Capitalism is a system for people with Capital. If you’re not making a living from your Capital, but rather, working and producing, you’re not part of the game. That club is not for you.

    The idea that Capitalism is about people working hard, creating wealth is akin to the idea that Christianity is just about love. By promoting a non-capitalist concept as the core of Capitalism, they fool people by sidestepping what the real essence of Capitalism is. Purchasing the right and power to take the productive output of other people. It’s that, not market economies which drives Capitalism. Where to put your Capital to make more money based on wealth others product. Yet despite witnessing hedge funds rake in billions without creating a single useful product, people like Trump making a real estate portfolio worth far, far more than what they’ve produced, people making a living off investments and the government protecting peoples passive income, people still don’t get it.

    • Yee

      Owning houses or cars does not make you a capitalist, things for living doesn’t count. Owning means of production makes a capitalist.

  2. The man who owns nothing is a Communist, the man who owns his own car and house is Socialist and the man who owns the means of production is a Capitalist.

    If you marry a Japanese woman and your marriage is wonderful you will praise the country. If it ends in bitter divorce you will curse it.

    The successful businessman praises capitalism and the poor worker curses it. The middle class seeks some form of Socialism.

    • Jason Y

      Except for the self-hating NAM or self-hating small town white. 😆

      • JASON Y Small-towns are as ISOLATED in Texas Chainsaw Massacre ’70’s backwardness in the age of the internet?

        There’s disingenuous emphasis on stereotype of Small Southern cities in your posts that strikes me as slightly far-fetched…You might be having us on. You strain credibility.

        I suspect you might be an impostor or Devil’s advocate because I simply CANNOT BY your statements that on public college campuses blacks are harassed or some small-town interracial couple is chased out of the city at gunpoint….Your city would get National Media coverage for some of what you claim.

  3. Jason Y

    Definitely, the liberal elite is condescending. However, despite this fact, the cultural elite’s hatred of small town people and the cultural elite’s globalism did not put Trump over the top.

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