A Media Lie: No, the Workers Did Not Massively Vote for Trump

Erick: Meanwhile I would label Obama a globalist internationalist because of his support of open borders and immigration along with supporting TPP and other multilateral trade and defense initiatives. Guess workers don’t like that right now, as they all flocked to Trump.

Yeah, but workers didn’t flock to Trump. That is one of the big lies. The bottom two quintiles of the population or people making under $40K/year heavily supported Hillary. People making under $40K/year? There’s your working class right there. And probably your White working class too. The White working class did not massively flock to Trump. That’s one of the big lies.

The top three quintiles or people making over $40K heavily favored Trump. So Trump won with people who had money and the more money they had, the more they voted for Trump. I was reading on the Atlantic where they were talking to people for and against Trump and everyone writing in saying they voted Trump were people who had money and seemed to be sitting pretty. There was one White who was probably Top 40% and an Hispanic Cuban who was probably top 20%. The lines that both of them kept reiterating was, “I see myself as someone making good money and Trump is good for moneyed people like us. And we don’t like Hillary supporters because those are all blue collars, poor and low income people.”


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8 responses to “A Media Lie: No, the Workers Did Not Massively Vote for Trump

  1. Barack Thatcher


    Hillary did win with the “working class” by nearly all measures, but the point is that Trump dented that as compared to republicans in the past.


    Obama won those two quintiles by 28% and 15% respectively.

    Hillary won by 12% and 9%.

    Trump did 16% and 6% better respectively.

  2. Barack Thatcher

    those quintiles represent 17% and 19% of the populace respectively.

    16(0.17) + 6(0.19)= 3.02 + 1.14= 4.16%.

    This would’ve driven up Trump’s total vote share by 4.2%, considering that Romney lost by 3.9%, this would have handed him the election.

    He did Worse among the top three quintiles.

    The “winner-loser” result was the same, but Trump did better among the poo and worse among the rich (and vice-versa) as opposed to Romney-Obama.

  3. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    About the American presidential election, 3 essential things should be born in mind.

    1 – Hillary received more than 2 million votes more than Trump. In any other country with a presidential system, Hillary would now be president.
    2 – Trump received a smaller share of the popular vote than dull, uninspiring, uncharismatic Mitt Romney, 46.2% versus 47.2%.
    3 – The turnout was lower than in 2012 by 0.7%.

    None of the above suggest a groundswell of support for Trump. He won by grace of the Electoral College and by the fact that Hillary’s share of the popular vote was lower than Obama’s by just over 3 percentage points, 48% versus 51.1%. Third parties received 5.8% of the votes in 2016, and only 1.7% in 2012. The real story here is that Hillary’s performance was poorer than Obama’s, thereby putting Trump in the White House.

    Of course, Trump received a comfortable majority of the white vote, but Republicans have been doing this for some time now. The US clearly illustrates that, whenever there is diversity, identity politics will drive out class politics to some extent. In the US, the most important form of diversity is racial diversity. If the US were an all-white country, we can be sure that a plutocratic party like the Republicans would not do as well.

    Of course, the politically correct leftists dreamers want both more diversity and to practice class politics. They are asking for the impossible. We only need to look at Europe. In Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary, there is now a identitarian party in parliament. Such parties would not exist if European countries had not decided to import a large number of immigrants.

    The leftist parties could quickly increase their electoral support if they combined firm commitment to social-democracy with solid opposition to mass immigration. Social-democracy works best in a high-wage country with closed borders, that is, closed to immigration. Solidarity should be practiced with one’s compatriots, not with the whole world.

    Regards. James

  4. Mr Curious

    Actrually Trump did win the WHITE working class.

    The only reason HRC won total WC was because Dems are all about race-pandering identity politics.

  5. Jason Y


    It was a mix between NAM voter oppression, working class people staying home or voting in 3rd party candidates, and blacks staying home because either their candidate wasn’t black (a selfish reason) or they thought Hillary was a scumbag.

    Myself, I figured a Latino backlash against Trump would have put Hillary over the top.

  6. Erik

    Fair enough Robert, I haven’t delved into the exit data as much as you. But I was alluding to a movement of workers or at least perceived in the media thanks to Republican victory in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Latino rich Florida. I had assumed it was white workers that weren’t voting for Republicans that suddenly did? What movement of voting blocs caused him to win then?

    • Erik

      Because wouldn’t wealthier people want to keep the system from being shaken up? Lots of wealthy people were voting Hillary to protect the status quo. Not to rock the boat you know. Because Trump sure as hell is rocking the boat.

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