All Rightwingers Get off This Blog Right Now

Look, I am changing the rules here. I have been allowing conservatives to post here for way too long. If you are on the Right, get the Hell off my site right now before I throw you out on your ass. I am sick and tired of you scum festering here on my board and I am not going to tolerate you anymore. If you are reading this and you are a conservative, just get off right now and don’t ever come back. I don’t care if my readership drops 90%. If that’s what I have to do to get the rightwingers off here, I will do it.

This is no longer peacetime. This is wartime. Our nation is at war and conservatives are the enemy. If you are a conservative, you are supporting the enemy. It’s like you are on the other side in a war attacking me with your weaponry and trying to kill me.

This is a fight to the death between the Left and the Right in this country. Conservatives are my mortal enemies.

Social conservatives and conservatives on race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity or people who hate the Cultural Left can stay as long as you are not a conservative. The problem is all social conservatives are pretty much conservative in every other way too. All the social conservatives voted for Trump this time around. The social conservatives vote for the Ruling Class Enemy in every election, so I am wondering if they are only conservative socially.

One last time, if you are conservative and reading this, get out! Out out out out out out out! Just go and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. And no thanks for stopping by and visiting us here. I honestly wish you all never showed up.

No more time for playing around. It’s time for some real talk.


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47 responses to “All Rightwingers Get off This Blog Right Now

  1. Jason Y

    This is sad news to Trump fans, but actually, the Rust Belt didn’t revolt. It’s just a myth being told by libertarian punks and WNs.

  2. Barack Thatcher

    Oh yes the Right-Wingers can be infuriating sometimes I agree.
    They literally are self contradictory but their IQs are -1 SD from liberals so they can’t (typically) appreciate their own fucking idiocy;

    They’re also arrogant; they think they’re the factual ones/realists, while we’re all idealistic party animals.
    But facts say otherwise.

    • Jason Y

      Some far-right people are convinced capitalism will work, if only the race problem, among other social conservative issues, are solved (to the liking of WNs). However, the root of the issue often has nothing to do with race.

      Note supposedly, Trump is going to wave his magic want and make capitalism great, but based on articles like the one I gave above, it’s mostly a fantasy, and the real working class doesn’t believe it.

      Note, just cause some workers in the midwest are sometimes “less than politically correct” doesn’t mean they buy into Trump or the far-right.

  3. Jason Y

    If there are any anti white working class statements by me lately, then they are just clarifying logic not condemning working people or white people. For instance, Trash brought up a white flight, so I mentioned some people might just be trying to get away from poor people, in general.

    Of course, the rich or middle-class flight is often of a snobby nature as many of the poor are working people, not drug dealers or gangbangers.

  4. Jason Y

    The left wing would probably be liked way more if they kept social programs and all that good stuff AND tried to create more jobs in the US. Note a lot of people like the social programs and whatnot, so that’s why many rust belt people did want change, but they expressed this desire by staying home or writing in third party candidates (hence giving it accidently to Trump)

    Also, as my article above noted, voter suppression kept many NAM voters out. In another case, and we can blame blacks for this, they didn’t come out and vote simply cause they were not running a black guy

    Good going black people !! 😆

  5. SHI

    This is a fight to the death between the Left and the Right in this country and it will be a fight to the death.

    You serious? I don’t think the current generation have the stomach for a fight to the death.

  6. Jackilb

    Well done Robert. The conservatives are the scourge of the West. They ruin every damn thing. Here in the UK, they are even ruining their own lives as well as everyone elses. They should all go live on their own planet and shoot eachother, fuck eachother, lie to eachother, and wallow in their own white, dumbass excrement, and then hopefully they would then become extinct! Fuckers I hate them!

  7. Sami

    Not sure if I completely agree with you here, Robert. I don’t even think the old Left vs Right paradigm is even relevant anymore. Neoliberalism and neoconservatism and economic globalism, three sides of the same coins flowing inevitably to the top-1%, are the most immediate and by far most dangerous enemy. These demons are chameleons in both left and right garb.

    The KKKlintons and the Busholini’s, followed by Obamanation, have been carrying their torch with more-or-less equal criminality since 1992.

    Anybody failing to grasp this runs the risk of playing into their hands.

  8. I take it you are referring mostly to the economic Conservatives. The “Jesus loves profits”, “Free Markets fix everything”, “Property rights uber alles” types.

    I had hopes for the Alt-Right, but it is quickly devolving into just another Thatcherite, Capitalism loving Conservative movement. Libetarians have stick to it like flies to shit and many on the Alt-Right are essentially just PORC’s (Plain Old Republican Cucks). I don’t get how someone calls themselves “Alt-Right”, and still supports mass immigration, giving Billionaires what they want and tax cuts, and opposes any serious social and economic change.

    But seriously, the Libertarians who think Libetarianism is Alt-Right…

  9. I take it you are referring mostly to the economic Conservatives. The “Jesus loves profits”, “Free Markets fix everything”, “Property rights uber alles” types.

    That is EXACTLY what I am talking about. I am an Economic Man, not a Social Man. I do not care all that much about social issues, race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, bla bla. To me this is all nothing but distraction.

    Mostly I only care about economic issues. The Rich are my class enemies and they must be overthrown in this country one way or another.

    • ROBERT Warren Buffet is a social progressive (I prefer this term to liberal) and Bill Gates is not a Republican either. I’m poor mostly by choice because I left America 20 years ago and choose to be irresponsible in my post-university youth. Republicans who believe Our Savior wants their nine year old to own an Uzi 9 mm and women should be barefoot pregnant are RARELY rich in the U.S.

      Gays have more money than most Republicans and actually own something besides a pair of soiled diapers. Go to any Red State city that tolerates the few gays and they will be richer because both partners work and there are no dependents. Gays always have more money than straight people because a human being in need of resources cannot emerge from the anus of one male that another has shot his sperm into.

      Mississippi? Alabama? Arkansas? Which Red State in Flyover Land is not remote backwater where the Republicans who cannot leave believe that Some Landlord New Yorker will convince Chinese Kleptocrats to bring manufacturing back or force Mexican narcos and feudal lords to build a wall? Only Republicans believe this.

    • SHI

      Why weren’t you supporting Bernie Sanders? He would have had a greater chance against Trump than Hillary did. Bernie still advocates for the same things that you care for. From the Net.

      What is Bernie Sanders political ideology?

      Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist and progressive who admires the Nordic model of social democracy and is a proponent of workplace democracy. Many commentators have noted the consistency of his views throughout his political career.

      • SHI I have not lived in the United States since 1999. I cannot and do not chose to vote.

        Was 26 when I left and I am now 43.

      • I was supporting Sanders. I voted for Sanders.

        And Hillary defeated Trump by 2.5 million votes. Trump only won because he stole the election with vote fraud by rigged voting machines.

        Sanders would have been much worse against Trump. The Republicans would have called him a Jewish Communist. It would have been worse than McGovern in 1972.

        A self-described socialist can’t even win an election for dogcatcher in the US. The US will be the last place on Earth to tolerate even social democracy. Either that or our best friend and US mirror state COLOMBIA. Such a wonderful place, Colombia. Look what happens when you model yourself after the US.

        • Tony Swagger

          Robert, you must read the interview with Alex linder by Anglin. Linder nails it of best in dailystormer.

        • @Tony. My opinion of Alex Linder is that he’s a nut and a troll, and the Daily Stormer? Christ almighty…

          But still, he makes quite a few lucid points in that interview. I think he understands that by default, people, INCLUDING Whites are vain, greedy and selfish, and you either choose between that or maintaining some semblance of a decent nation and civlisation. To many on the ‘alt-right’ have this image of White people being heroic Ayn Randian Capitalist Industrialist superstars, who would create utopia if only they weren’t encumbered with minorities and a state.

          I think this culture is too embedded in the USA. Europe will see political and social change. The USA I think will continue down the drain as a dying empire.

    • James Schipper

      Dear Robert

      You shouldn’t regard all rich people as your enemies. It is only the plutocratic rich who are the enemies of ordinary people. Rich people who are willing to pay high taxes, treat their employees fairly, do not finance plutocratic causes, and invest most of their money in their own country are alright. Rich people who have a sense of richesse oblige and some commitment to their own country should be applauded. It is globalist plutocrats who are the enemies.

      Regards. James

      • I found all these USA rich who claim they self started and pledge to donate entire wealth to charity — extremely fishy, including Soros, Buffet, Bill Gates…etc.

        I suspected a large part of their wealth is not their monies at all, but these are front man of a larger syndicate.

        Someone/deep state funded these billionaire and they cannot keep most of their monies.

      • Sami

        “It is globalist plutocrats who are the enemies.”

        Amen to that. I had been hoping that more people around here would recognize that THIS ABOVE ALL OTHERS is the penultimate concern of these present times. But, unfortunately, too many people around here and in most other places are missing the forest for the trees, and getting emotionally swept away by secondary and tertiary issues. This is EXACTLY what the oligarchy wants.

        Though a Rooseveltian liberal, I am perfectly happy to ally with paleocons (but not alt-reichers — I definitely draw a line at making ANY common cause with Nazis and their pitiful wannabes), and others whom I may also find objectionable in many other respects, in order to build a movement capable of completely sweeping aside the neoliberal/neocon/plutocratic-globalist elites who have wrought such devastation upon this country.

        Getting emotionally wrapped up in anything else at this point in time is pure, energy-sapping distraction. We have to stay focused, as, as I’ve pointed out in my previous post, these elites are happy to operate behind both “Left” and “Right”-wing curtains. Remember, the KKKlintons and the Busholini’s, followed by the Obamanation, have been carrying their torch with more-or-less equal criminality since 1992.


    1) They breed children too much. Abortions, Porn, casual protected sex, swingers, sex clubs and even hetero oral/anal sex are totally forbidden so males are always cumming into the woman’s birth canal and making her pregnant.

    NB Any Republican city’s richest working-class will be local gay couple Adam and Steve who run some boutique or hair-dressing salon because their “ass wombs” cannot yield babies which eat up their savings.

    2) ETHNICITY: Social progressives are Northern/West whites of Italian, Polish, Jewish (Always Jewish are liberals), Irish-Catholic, German grandchildren of immigrants. Southern and Flyover whites who are Republican claim to colonial interpretations of the constitution that have no bearing to modern reality.

    3) Republicans have STUPID ideas about dominating/controlling minorities like it was still an English colony and Black Africans in the ghetto would want to be dressed up like British butlers on a Zimbabwe plantation serving some redneck with bad teeth and a meth habit.

    4) Republicans usually are less-educated so they cannot run an economy as well as liberals. Examples include California vs. Oklahoma.

    5) Republicans vote presidents who spend trillions on stupid wars. Who got the oil from Iraq? The veteran in Jerkwater, Wyoming who was 20 years old when on September 2001 who actually BELIEVED some ALCOHOLIC BUM who said a tinpot Iraq dictator like Hussein was involved so they signed up.

    NB Trillions of dollars later they have a lousy infrastructure in their town and Dubai is top-of-the-line.

  11. JAMES

    If a man is desperate to get his penis wet will he spend $1,000 on a white Anglo-Saxon female college girl Escort or will he drive into the barrio/ghetto and have sex with NAM prostitute for $30?

    This is how globalists feel about where they put their factories.

    You’ll see more and more liberal progressives both rich and poor simply leaving the United States as they have left Flyover Land.

    As for rich plutocracies, they’ll always live in Manhattan or maybe Beverly Hills so none of their money is going to trickle-down to Oklahoma.

  12. Erik

    I think you have it skewed Robert. The Right/Left dichotomy is dead. It’s more like Europe now. Globalism and Internationlism vs Sovereignty and Nationalism.

    • You do not think Trump is a reactionary or conservative?! Look at his Cabinet. They’re the most extreme rightwingers in the whole Republican Party! The guy ran as a moderate, but he’s basically the John Birch Society.

      All Trump is about is sovereignty and nationalism? You’re crazy.

      And where does economic conservatism fit into this? Look at Trump. He’s like Ayn Rand on acid. You don’t this Libertarian economics is conservative? If it’s not, then what the Hell is it?

      • Seems that there is no real alternative and USA are controlled by Jews and banksters.

        • One can point to (((they))) who are overrepresented in the media and politics. Buy who’s buying it?

          Yeah, isn’t the point of a Free Market that people are rational enough to choose the product best for them? That if people put out bad products they don’t sell and go out of business? How do these people reconcile this view with the fact that White Gentiles keep buying the same bad Jewish products, again and again and again.

          The one thing about anti-semitism I really dislike, enough to almost agree with Nietzsche on the issue, is that it puts all moral agency on Jews and exonerates non-Jews. If that Anglo-Saxon businessman is selling his country out, its not his fault, the Jews made him do it. Those SJWs yelling there? Thats the Jews work. That petty landlord? The Jews. A shonky Real Estate industry. Bankers. This logic implies that these people should not be held liable for what they do. You can’t really hold them accountable, because ultimately its the Jew and he’s just a victim. Thats where this thinking leads, and it’s got to go.

          It’s just “The bad kids made me do it” for grown ups.

      • Trump is more of the same old same old. Putting more ‘rich guys’ (Jews) into high places. Trump won’t change anything and he will add to the pond instead of drain it.

      • Erik

        Well we are talking about right and left wing labels. I wouldn’t call him an economic conservative. Isn’t being against free trade a left wing worker thing? Either which way I’m not so much making an argument for or against Trump, but I’ll say just as I said before; he’s a nationalist, yes? (Wall, immigration, America first blah blah blah) and he supports increasing national sovereignty by not being part of insidious trade agreements like TPP or NAFTA. It’s not necessarily “conservative” but a mixture now, hence the need for new labels? I mention this because these were the two big policies he ran on in opposition to Obama to get elected. Meanwhile I would label Obama a globalist internationalist because of his support of open borders and immigration along with supporting TPP and other multilateral trade and defence initiatives. Guess workers don’t like that right now as they all flocked to Trump.

    • It comes down to people who have never travel or live overseas because they have a baby after high school, never attend college or get any sort of expensive trade because their parents are poor, were probably single-parent children themselves, took hard drugs like meth early and often, do not have the money even for a small business.

      Then you have liberals whose parents funded them to travel all over the world after high school on a “gap year”, attend colleges, might have worked in white-collar jobs overseas, had one child at 35 who can receive their resources (Or they are gay, no dependents), live on the coasts where foreigners are always coming into America to trade, only use powder cocaine and wine and pot.

      Republican average IQ will be about 95-105. They can be trained to some degree but writing computer code, analyzing stocks, getting a med degree (Even if they had money) are far beyond them.

      Democrat IQ will be 110 to a gazillion. They are also better communicators. These are GROSS GENERALIZATIONS, of course.

  13. Barack Thatcher

    ^^^^Real talk^^^^
    Middle American proles (the republican base) certainly have only a few economic reasons to vote for trump, and the Isis thing (Isis will attack them or take over the United states) is a cruel fucking joke, although I can’t speak for Europe.

    Anyhow, although of course we can’t condone racism, what the left needs to do is accept that especially for Low IQ people it is normative behavior. And of course stop all prejuidice, even the ocassional anti White stuff (vastly overblown by the alt right )

    • Hey you’re a cutie Betty Boop! How old are you anyway?

    • SHI

      Betty, do you like older men? As good friends, of course. Maybe more than that.

      I would like to introduce to you – Robert Lindsay, though he needs no introduction from me. After all it’s his blog.

      Robert is like Bernie Sanders but 20 years younger and far more chill than him. There are confirmed speculations that he might end up as the Democrat nominee challenging President Trump in 2020

      Robert’s also a self-described feminist who’s likely to treat you well. Go for him, I say.

    • SHI

      Yes, I like him for sure. He’s pretty hot and extremely intelligent.

      Sounds very cute. Robert, what you’re waiting for. This little poppet is all yours now, just take her by the hand and to one of your socialist rallies.

    • Yes, I like him for sure. He’s pretty hot and extremely intelligent.

      What!? An 18 year old girl thinks I’m hot? What?! Jesus Christ man I need to grab this little hottie before time’s up. If I can have one night with this little babe, I swear I can die happy the next day and not even care. I will have gotten all I ever wanted. 😉

      You want to go out with me baby? Muah! You look good enough to eat!

  14. Republicans are stupid and love war because they were a low breed of cattle in Feudal England while Democrat liberals trace their roots to skilled tradesmen and intellectuals.

    We’ll never know why some alcoholic bum like George who never held a job in his life decided to invade a tinpot toilet bowl and we never got oil but the Middle American proles ate it up and voted it through Congress.

    Gee, that was a trillion dollars well-spent. If we’d left the madman alone to rule by fear in Iraq we would not have ISIS today.

    ISIS cannot be bothered to invade the cultural and economic backwater where Middle Americans fear Arabs with scimitars will charge out of the bush….It’s more backward than Syria.

    What does it have that Dubai does not have?

    Dubai does not have potholes in its roads or old wooden houses like much of middle America or people on welfare everywhere. No Arab would trade that for an old shack or clapboard house or trailer in Texarkana.

    Millions of Arabs and Persians live in LA and New York. Few of them want to do anything extremist because they are making a load of money or doing fairly well running.

    Liberals are not fearful of this.

  15. Side track a little. I got this feeling that we are approaching the era of Biblical anti Christ, and all Christians will get shit.

    USA are dominated by Jews who will go after righteous people using tolerant, diversity, and anti-racism.

    Today a Muslim or black criminal will walk free after bashing a white USA middle class. When white hit back, all MSM will cry racism.

    All good people in USA can never go against feminist and gay. The police will persecute good people for that. Feminist and gay, will never go after their natural enemy– Sunni Muslims, because all these perverted NGO activist are paid by Jews to corrupt white man.

    I got a feeling anti Christ is a Jew.

    And at the end of the world, nations will try invade Israel to teach Jews a lesson.

    Newton said end of world after 2060.

    • CREADER I’m part Jewish and you’re crazed, bro. Your delusional thinking is so far out there that I lack the imagination to really respond to it in a logical way.

      Jews do not care about Christians one way or the other, much like Chinese do not care about Malays one way or the other. Jews are generally-but not always-slightly more intelligent than the average poor white. They have a long tradition of hard work and a value of education. Generally they do not as many children out-of-wedlock.

      Poor whites are the “sons of the soil” like Malaysians or Indonesians.

  16. Look, I am changing the rules here. I have been allowing conservatives to post here for way too long. If you are on the Right, get the Hell off my site right now before I throw you out on your ass.´

    this is awesome lol.

  17. Hey welcome to the site, you sexy little thing. Thanks for stopping by. 😀

    • Tulio

      Where is her picture? How does everyone know she’s hot?

      • She sent me an email with a number of photos. Personally, I think she’s a little hottie! 😉 I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

        I will send you a pic of her Tulio if you send me an email ok?

      • Tulio

        It’s okay, you don’t have to send me her pic, I’ll take your word for it. If she likes you man, go for it. Hope you bang the shit out of her!

    • SHI

      I’d be more careful, man. It could turn out to be “To catch a Predator jail-bait stuff. All well and good if this little tart is who she says she but a few months shy of 18, that means serious trouble.

      Just don’t have any lewd conversation or exchange dirty pics until you see a scan copy of her birth certificate, OK? With a Trump Presidency and Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, they aren’t above coming after political rivals. By all means have a good time if the girl is legit but save the sexually explicit talk for adults.

      • Too late for that. I’ve already talked dirty to her. She only turned 18 in the last month or so. Hopefully I can meet her soon. All I need is drivers license. That will be fine with me. I am not worried about talking dirty to a girl who is two weeks shy of 18. It’s barely even illegal anyway. There’s a lot of controversy over whether or not you can talk dirty to jailbaits (JB’s). Hardly anyone ever goes down on charges like that. I am only familiar with one case.

        There’s not even a statute against it so they would have to charge some crap contributing to delinquency or annoying or molesting a child (California anti-grooming law). It is very hard to get convictions on that stupid anti-grooming law because it’s vague so it is probably unconstitutional right there.

        My understanding is that DA’s do not like to file on that law and if they do, it is usually something way worse then why I did. If they do charge you, charges are often dropped later. If it goes to trial, most juries refuse to convict on the law and the Public Defender loves to defend against this law because it is such crap. So if it goes to trial, the jury would probably let you off.

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