Have Communist Parties Ever Won a Democratic Election?

Ed: The myth of Hitler being elected is important to debunk because it helps justify a corrosive anti-populism among left-identifying bien pensants. In fact, voters have never elected a (real) fascist, or for that matter a communist, party to office ever.

Allende, a Marxist, was elected in 1970. Marxist and Communist parties have been winning elections in various Indian states for a long time. Just recently that started happening in Nepal too. Moldovan Communists have been voted into power for a couple of decades and I think recently a Communist Party was voted into power in Malta. Communist Parties have been winning local elections and governing much of Northern Italy for decades.


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3 responses to “Have Communist Parties Ever Won a Democratic Election?

  1. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    Allende won the presidential election in 1970 with a plurality of 36%. His election was confirmed by Congress, but right from the start, he was confronted with a hostile majority in Congress, which made it very hard for him to govern effectively.

    Regards. James

  2. Italian Communism is rather fascinating. They may have been severely crippled first by Mussolini, then by CIA interference, but they have been able to be significant players on the Italian political scene.

  3. Histórico

    Finland, 1958.

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