Why the Republican Party Hates Democracy

Sometimes called the father of the modern rightwing movement in the US, Paul Weyrich, the man who co-founded the Moral Majority, ALEC, the Heritage Foundation, the Free Congress Foundation. He is considered to be one of the founders of modern Republican Party election strategy. Jerry Falwell and Ronald Reagan also spoke at this event clearly putting their stamp of support on Weyrich’s stunning statements.

In the video, Paul Weyrich says, “I don’t want everyone to vote.” He also states that US elections are not won  by majority of voters and never have been in the US. He is openly stating that not only is the US a totalitarian dictatorship with a gauzy veneer of democracy, but it’s always been that way. We haven’t been a democracy for one day in this lousy country.

America, the shining city on the Hill, the light unto nations, the chosen people with an ordained duty ordained by God to lead the nations of the world to a better world.

That’s the lie we get drummed into our heads a thousand times a day in this benighted land.

Bull. America’s not a shining example for the rest of the world to emulate. America is a stinking dungheap that is instead a blindingly glaring example of how not to run a country.


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6 responses to “Why the Republican Party Hates Democracy

  1. America, the shining city on the Hill, the light OF LUCIFER unto nations, the chosen people OF LUCIFER with an ordained duty ordained by God (Lucifer) to lead the nations of the world to a better NEW world SATANIC ORDER.

  2. Jason Y

    A theocracy would put the blame on sinful people. If people are sinful, then it cannot possibly be the business owner’s fault that the US economy sucks. Supposedly, if people are good, then blessings from business owners would come, and of course, there is always the hope of the next world. It’s just the same line that Hinduism offers it’s followers.

    • Jason Y

      And it’s the same bullshit you would normally hear from our commentator ep-gah

      Quote ep-gah

      It’s called classic conditioning. You reward good behavior and punish bad behavior

      The bad behavior of course being opposed to hardcore capitalism, unless of course your dealing with illegal immigration. So whether it’s hardcore capitalism or Hinduism, it’s all about

      quote ep-gah again

      People should learn to stay in their place.


  3. There’s a good reason why Finland, the Netherlands and various other nations will explain the different things they have been successful at and remark “basically the opposite of what America does.”

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