The Democratic Party Is the Suicide Left and It Deserves to Lose

The Israeli Right calls the Israeli Left “the Suicide Left.” Now I happen to like the Israeli Left a lot, but they may have a point. Their point is that the Israeli Left is trying to get us killed. So if the option is vote Left and get killed or vote for some fash like Sharon or Netanyahu and stay alive, a lot of basically decent people will vote fash. This is how a lot of non-fascists vote for fascist-type parties and leaders. Hell, if voting fash meant saving my life, I might just vote fascist myself, and I hate fascists!

I now believe that the US Democratic Party is the “Suicide Left” of America. They just don’t get it. I think what is going on here is that the party has been taken over by wealthy and upper middle class professionals on both coasts. The Republican Party is also represented by these types, among others. The Left and Right upper middle class professionals on the coast claim to hate each other, but they share the same class interests. Both are utterly out of touch with the working classes. These Democrats are well-to-do suit and tie types who only talk to others of their class and ilk. Incredibly, when a well-known liberal columnist interviewed a White working class Trump voter to see how he felt, he had to make up an imaginary person because apparently he didn’t know any actual working class people!

In other words, the Democratic Party is completely out of touch. Sure, the TPP was going to royally screw 90% of the country, but 10% were going to make out great. Guess who those 10% were? Those well to do upper middle class professionals on the coasts, including the entire leadership of the Democratic Party! Of course they push these crappy trade deals. They’re making lots of money off of them. What about the other 90% of Americans? Well, the Hell with them. If it’s not your ox getting gored, most people could care less what happens to you.

The entire Democratic Party has been sold on free trade madness. Go over to Daily Kos, the home of the left wing of the Democratic Party (the base). There’s article after article about how this election proves how racist and sexist and homophobic and transphobic and awful White people, oops I mean Americans, are. That’s what this whole election was all about. White Supremacy. White folks bein’ raciss again. Were there any other issues at play? Of course not.

Please understand that Kos is 100% free trader as far as I can tell. The left wing of the Democratic Party is hardcore freetrader! They never met a trade deal they didn’t love. There’s not one single article on trade over there right now, and I’m not sure when or if you will see another one. It is just not discussed. Occasionally in the comments someone will remark about these lousy trade deals, and “liberal Democrats” will rush over and bombard this person with attacks. According to them, the trade deals had nothing to do with working class job losses in Middle America. It was all automation! This is a complete lie, and actually, that is a very neoliberal, freemarketeer line. So the left wing of the Democratic Party is made up of neoliberals, freemarketeers and freetraders.

Every now and then you see tiny bits about trade. All they say is that Trump’s anti-free trade plans are going to be horrible for US workers. Like those Carrier Air Conditioning folks. Trump’s anti-free trade policies are going to throw millions of people like that out of work. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like crap to me. In other words, we cannot go back on free trade. Not one step back. In another article, it said that US trade policy definitely needed some tweaks (Like what?), but we cannot succumb to protectionism.

It ought to be clear now that Americans have had it up to here with mass immigration in all forms, legal, illegal, and all of the myriad fake guest worker programs. On Daily Kos, if you criticize illegal immigration even one time, you are banned forever. We cannot criticize those Holy illegal aliens, Gods among men!

The other day I saw a comment that said something like, “Hey look, don’t you think we need to do something about mass immigration, illegal immigration and especially these fake guest workers like H-1B’s?” They piled all over him, beating the crap out of him. On Daily Kos, apparently even attacking guest worker scab programs is verboten. Sure, they throw Americans out of high paying jobs and give them to job-stealing 3rd World scabs, but so what? Don’t you realize that these guest workers are those wonderful people called immigrants? All immigrants are Holy People! They are Godlike! We must worship at their feet!

The Democratic Party just doesn’t get it. They are dead-set on free trade crap and neoliberal economics. They’re free-trading freemarketeers. And they will not budge one inch on the insane immigration issue because muh racism. What they offer in place of any pro-worker project is endless Identity Politics screeds. Go to Daily Kos and scroll down the page. It’s: Racism! Sexism! Homophobia! Transphobia! Stop White Supremacy! Black Lives Matter! Up with Black People! Up with Mexicans! Down with Whites! White People Suck!

The Democratic Party is the goddamned Suicide Left. The reactionaries under Trump will completely destroy the country, but it will in part be the fault of the Suicide Left who handed it over to them. The same thing happened in the 1920’s and 1930’s when the German Communist Party attacked the German Social Democratic Party, calling them “social fascists,” sort of like how the SJW’s attack everyone not Cultural Left enough, calling them reactionaries and fascists. This idiotic infighting played a strong role in handing the country to the Nazis. And once again, we see an insane, tone-deaf, suicidal Left playing a a major role in handing the country over to a fascist movement.

The Democratic Party is the Suicide Left. They deserve to lose!


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16 responses to “The Democratic Party Is the Suicide Left and It Deserves to Lose

  1. Jason Y

    Some extreme racism, like hating mixed raced people is wrong. However, some racism, like say resenting Mexicans taking your jobs, can be understandable. Definitely The Daily Stormer is vile, but the racist comments of certain ordinary Americans is not. It’s all about extremes.

    As for homophobia, I think it to a degree it’s understandable. Transphobia is something pretty bad, but we can’t really do anything about it, so why be an asshole and pick on them?

  2. Jason Y

    A lot of liberal elite are out of touch, cause money has blinded them to to harshness of working class reality.

    Take Miley Cryus, for instance, she hates Trump, which I can understand up to a point. Nonetheless, this woman has lived her whole life in a Hollywood world where she hasn’t had to do real work, and she can afford massive drug habits that would train-wreck the life of a poor woman, possibly leading them to be a hooker or stripper.

    • Jason Y

      I think Miley has a good heart, like a lot of SJWs and feel for her. But like I was saying, so much of her worldview comes from sheltering and isolation from our really harsh world.

      • Gay State Girl

        She’s from Tennessee though, so she might understand the southern mentality. I have only spent significant time in New England, NYC, and Palm Beach and base all my knowledge on “deplorables” from what I read on the Internet.

  3. Great analogy. I used to like Daily Kos, but I realized their true colors this election cycle. Calling them Socialist (which they do) is like calling Nickelback a rock band. Do you like Jacobin?

  4. Joe S

    Thomas Frank had the Democrats pegged in his book Listen, Liberal, which I highly recommend by the way. Frank correctly notes that the Democrats are responsible for Trump’s victory by alienating a lot of working people.


    Even blacks and Hispanics are sick of the Democrats and their upper middle-class identity politics nonsense. Trump did better than expected with minorities. The Democrats better wake up and smell the coffee or they will be a permanent minority party that is only relevant on the coasts. They have already lost the majority of governorships and state legislatures because they ignored state and local races and let the Koch Brothers-backed Republicans sweep in and take over. The Democrats were too concerned with their elitist bubbles in New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. to notice what was happening in the rest of the country.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, government programs are good and I’m all for them, but even NAMS are starting to say, “Where are the jobs?”.

    • Stary Wylk

      ” They have already lost the majority of governorships and state legislatures because they ignored state and local races …”

      Going by my inbox, the Left were not ignoring the governorships and state legislatures as a means of raising money. By late October, I was getting ten to twenty emails a day for some fed rep or senator on the other side of the country, five to ten for state reps in places like Ohio and Florida and one for a state senator or governor.

      Rare was the message that didn’t ask for money. I think one area they got wrong was forgetting that votes, not dollars, win elections.

  5. Alpha Unit

    Mudcat Saunders is a Democratic strategist who has been trying to tell the Party for years about where they’re going wrong with blue-collar voters. Back in April he predicted that Trump would beat Hillary Clinton “like a baby seal.”

  6. Nebulous Maximus

    The Democrat party is done. The scumfucks in charge, in addition to the arrogant coastal bougie base, have their heads jammed so far up their own asses they’ve forgotten what sunlight looks like. They will not see the error in their own ways, instead they will keep externalizing blame on everyone but themselves. We’re already seeing this happening. The retarded infighting will only intensify.

    The only thing that could possibly save the D-party would be the emergence of a sensible Civic Nationalist wing that can offer an economically left and socially responsible alternative to the creeping Fash that will slowly ooze out of the Right’s attempt at economic populism. This wing would have to big league muzzle all the IdPol garbage gushing out of the legions of narcissistic techno-brats who grew up on being awarded participation trophies for having a pulse. But I’m not holding my breath for anything like this to actually emerge. There would need to be a serious grassroots effort to purge the corporatist moneywhores from the party. It would also have to extinguish the fake grassroots cultural left cuckery that has George Soros’ jizz stains all over it.

    • Barack Thatcher

      They know, they just don’t care.

      They’ll try to say the POC coalition failed because Hillary was Lilly White.

      They’ll run a “Hispanic Obama” in 2020, and win, presumably. More of the same stuff, I’d bet.

    • TJF

      To Nebulous Maximus:

      The Democrat party is done.

      That I seriously doubt, a lukewarm candidate won the popular vote and lost the electoral college by less than 400,000 votes. Demographics are squarely on the side of the Dems and the US is over due for a recession (which would penalize the party in power). I suspect the House and Senate could go Dem in 2018 and the Presidency in 2020.

      The scumfucks in charge, in addition to the arrogant coastal bougie base, have their heads jammed so far up their own asses they’ve forgotten what sunlight looks like.

      True – but the Republicans are worse.

  7. terrence

    I like the article but here’s a bit of history about Weimar Germany.
    Before WWI, the Reichstag was led by various brands of conservative parties.
    But after 1919, the new Republik elected its Parliment through proportional representation. As a result, the fringe parties that didn’t get through the first round, got lots of seats.
    So during 15 years, the only coalition there really was, was between Social-Democrats, the Zentrum catholics and the liberal “Democrats”. A center-left anti-State coalition.
    Of course communists were right to attack them. For they were TRUE communists. Not hippie porn-addict cultural marxists. They were not revolutionaries at all.

  8. terrence

    *I mean, the Social-democrats handed power to the fascists, because they weren’t revolutionaries at all, but the core of the establishment.

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