Proposal for an American Paleo-Left Party: The American People’s Party

From Facebook, from a Russian Communist. OK guys, what do you think?

Idea for uniquely American Paleo-Left Party:

The American People’s Party

– Opposition to mass immigration calling for a 10 year moratorium on all immigration except self-produced, self funded immigration.

– Opposition to gun control.

– Opposition to all free trade deals that are bad for the worker.

– Nationalizing health care, oil, Walmart, McDonald’s, car industry, all large industries.

– End to foreign wars and opposition to imperialism, solidarity with other oppressed peoples.

– Raise minimum wage to 20 usd per hour.

– Introduction of death sentences for corruption, Ponzi schemes, and other wall Street machinations.

– Women given 3 years maternity leave with stipends for children as long as they are married to the same man during issue of stipends.

– Veterans, families and elderly get free health care and special mortgage rates.

– Police to be judged by civil jury chosen by the public when accused of excessive force.

– Opposition to modern art funded by government, opposition to LGBT culture but not homophobic or anti gay, drugs.

– Neutral on abortion and women’s rights.

– Secular party neutral on religion.

– Antiracist, welcoming all people, but strongly implied as a White working class party.

– Pro Russian, Vietnamese, Venezuelan relations.

– Support Green energy policies but only if affordable for working people.

– Moderate environmentalism.

– State-sponsored gymnasiums where people can exercise for free.

– Push for metric system.

– Opposition to the NSA data collection techniques.

– Shift burden of taxation to the rich including the state confiscating funds if need be.

– Anti-NATO.

– Neutral on Israel and Palestine conflict.


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48 responses to “Proposal for an American Paleo-Left Party: The American People’s Party

  1. baloocartoons

    I could get behind 90% of that, easily. Much better than the Dem/Rep usual platforms.

  2. Jason Y

    Why would you be opposed to drug legalization or modern art? In what ways is LGBT culture harmful?

  3. Jason Y

    Actually a lot of things are already free because of the net. High quality music lessons, computer software, math lessons, Do it Yourself things, are now not the domain of publishers. However, then again, even before the net, you had the public library.

    The internet has sparked some sort of socialism in a way. Nonetheless, some things which seem free on the net are actually promotional or ad supported.

    • Gay State Girl

      They’re not accredited programs though. Textbook manufactures make you pay $95 to get a special code so you can use software, which is often required for courses.

    • When the internet first came out Bill Gates called it Socialism and thought there was no money in it.

      • Jason Y

        Possibly it could have been socialism. The problem lies in the fact that people won’t work for nothing, normally.

        • Jason Y

          Well, generally it is socialism, but you employers don’t respect credits from online learning, only from a university. Now, if your just wanting to say, learn to play the guitar, and are not interested in credits, then yeah, it’s socialism now, you can can learn the basics and even some intermediate for practically nothing.

      • Jason Y

        It’s not socialism for the people who run internet companies, webhosting companies, or sell computers, they always make money no matter what free stuff you get online.

  4. That used to be the exact programme of the former French Communist Party, from foundation to the day it died when Mitterrand’s globalist pro-market multicultural left took the lead. It was called “social realism” (like the artistic movement from USSR that condemned decadent modern art). They were most opposed to massive immigration for evident reasons (immigration from the colonies to crush the local salaries and destroy the “red’ neighbourhoods as well as forcible exportation of manpower to the colonies at the employers’ behest so as to pay them less had never been anything new in France), except self-chosen and self-paid (or by French families acting as relatives by adoption. They were for personal guns and vigilantes under some supervision. They were against free trade deals except those needed to make cheaper and better food, and other goods of impossible local production, available to the commoners. They were for nationalization of all public utilities and large industries that could only be made more profitable from central planning. They were against fast food chains of all sorts (at that time the main world scourge of fast food was French : hot dogs, then called “haute d’Auge” — from the company’s name — are a French invention among others to provide the working masses with meats of substandard quality that was to be adopted in NYC in the wake of WWI) and militated for the right of workers to true midday meals in real restaurants. They were opposed to all colonial wars and in solidarity with colonial peoples. They were for a high minimum wage as the main tool to foster general rising of the standard of living. They did call for condemning to the guillotine all speculators on commodities vital for the workers on the same ranks as murderers, as well as the authors of corruption schemes, which they called “economic crimes”. They had no patience with immorality and out of wedlock natality and called for cessation of all social benefits to families living from gangsterism or shady life. They had no patience with homosexuals neither. They wanted the best social stipends to be given to veterans. They wanted the police officers to be elected and judged by people through juries at municipal level so as to prevent fascist thugs to cram the profession. They were not against abortion if need be but considered it as a tragedy for the poor women compelled by misery to resort to it, and something never to encourage. They were against organized religion though they also considered certain religious cultures as more reactionary than others and also considered the occult as far more dangerous than the most backward religion, they militated to exclude all astrologers from the nation (the French occultists used to be ALL royalists, racists, and part of a spiritual current considering the workers as inferior beings because of their genes).

  5. Bernardista

    Hmmmm….This is interesting but I think it would have to be adjusted a bit, as we have a less homogeneous culture than Russia.

    #2– “Opposition to gun control.”
    Methinks some form of gun control is in order, such as prohibiting the sale of assault rifles.

    Unless there is some sort of regulation to control the sales of guns that can kill a whole lot of people at once, you can expect the police to become an even more militarized presence.

    The nation is already armed to the teeth and includes an ever-growing number of mentally ill and neglected people who are off their meds. (See #4)

    The end result is both the police and the citizens are terrified of each other.

    #4- – “Nationalizing health care, oil, Walmart, McDonald’s, car industry, all large industries.”
    Absolutely. We should also abandon the fantasy that all mentally ill patients can be released into the community with only out patient care.

  6. Bernardista

    They can have their guns. Just not military style weapons.

    • Jason Y

      The NRA doesn’t care. The alt-right and Republicans are convinced the movement to take away guns is about their freedom, white preservation, and a sly attempt to chop off their balls.

    • Jason Y

      But they don’t trust the government. That’s why they want military style weapons They’re also not convinced banning military weapons stops criminals, who can just buy such weapons illegally.

      • Bernardista

        I’m not even slightly convinced banning military style weapons will stop criminals either. The whole zeitgeist is in the dumpster and gun control can’t fix that.
        It may save a few lives though.
        NRA wants to make $$. Alt Right Republicans and Teabaggers are their tools.

  7. Bernardista

    If the Faux-Libs had won, Smith and Wesson’s stock would have put a hole in the sky.😂

  8. Bernardista

    Nah. Except for the time you compared muh man to McGovern. But I forgive you.

    • Gay State Girl

      I wasn’t comparing their personalities or ideals, I was referring strictly to how his candidacy might have played out in the general election.

      From a Trump supporter:

      “I’m sad that Trump did not run against Sanders, he would have turned Bernie into a little Jewish girl faster than his own daughter.”

      • Bernardista

        He let a little old Methodist lady with a cough shake him up in their first debate. He can get upset much too easily. He may have fared better in the second two, but I didn’t watch those.

        I think one of the biggest reasons for Clinton’s loss along with her lack of sincerity, was her ill-health. Things never really turned around for her after the 9/11 fiasco when her team had to literally dump her inside the van.

        Bernie has great health and vitality. What might have hindered him in the General election would have been the red scare tactics and joophobia (not by Trump himself but carefully cultivated by his Brietbart following.)

        • Gay State Girl

          That’s what I think this commenter was referring to.

          There was a quote expressing his admiration the Rosenbergs even though he did not agree with what they did. Trump would have jumped all over that.

        • Gay State Girl

          Trump would have attacked him for being a self hating Jew and openly embracing Muslims.

        • Bernardista

          Yeah, I think that we can both agree that Bern would have had to scratch off Florida as a potential win.

  9. fra

    You know, for years I thought I was a right-winger, but now that I read this I realize I’m a paleo-leftist like you!

    I’m not American however.

  10. AngryRussian

    From Facebook, from a Russian Communist. OK guys, what do you think?

    A Russian Communist creates an American party? Very very strange. What is his name? Where is the original post?

    • Jason Y

      Wasn’t there one Russian who proposed dividing up the US into smaller nations? It was around the 2008 crash.

      • AngryRussian

        I don’t know and don’t care. I only want to know the name of that above Russian guy. And Robert is reluctant to give an answer. Why?

        • I can go find it for you easily, but I am having a hard time getting motivated to write for you guys when you don’t buy subscriptions to this online journal.

          Maybe if you bought a subscription or copy of the journal here, I might be motivated to chase it down for you. Any amount is acceptable. If you are totally broke, even a few bucks is fine. A lot of regular commenters donate or buy subscriptions.

  11. AngryRussian

    Robert, I ask nothing extraordinary but a link to the Facebook page of that guy and/or the original post you have cited. Or at least his name. Is it SO difficult, hm? I’m simply curious. It is just a basic rule of internet etiquette to provide a link when you cite something.

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