Open Democracy: The Voice of the Suicide Left


This man is from Open Democracy, a very crappy organization that is a symptom of everything wrong with the Democratic Party in the US. This group is all about “rights.” That’s all they care about: rights. They don’t care about anything else. Of course this boils down to Identity Politics. The group is run by George Soros.

Apparently what’s needed is to double down on Identity Politics X 10!

The struggle is now about democracy, democratic organization, reaching out, building coalitions of support that weaken the fascist base and getting into, in a serious way, class, race and identity.

Apparently, the “Left” position is “Assad must go!” What?

And foreign policy: Assad and Putin know that they can crush Aleppo with impunity because President Trump is only interested in something they also want, a massive air attack on ISIS.

Apparently the “Left” position is full throttle support for the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization!

This isn’t even to start on Trump’s repudiation of generations of US foreign policy consensus on NATO…

The “Left” position is free trade uber alles! more trade agreements, please, on the double!

The seismic economic shifts are impossible to reverse without cutting off trade and growth, in which case greater fairness will come at the cost of huge economic contraction.

The “Left” position is the usual fake lie of education and retraining which has never worked anywhere yet.

What’s needed is a long-term plan of retraining, strategic investment in education and a great deal of research and development work for the new economy.

The “Left” position is bipartisanship and working hand in hand with the Republican Party!

All of which requires coordination, rather than endless bipartisan confrontation in both political and legal systems.

The Left position is that those stupid redneck Whites are so evil for hating the foreigners who took their jobs or are doing them in China. How evil and racist of those White Supremacists! Why can’t they just lose their jobs quietly and go homeless so an illegal alien or a Chinaman can enjoy a meal tonight? You know, sometimes you have to give a little.

You just have to take back power from the government and throw out the foreigners who have stolen your jobs or are doing them in China.



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45 responses to “Open Democracy: The Voice of the Suicide Left

  1. Jason Y

    Well, the question is, “Retrained for what?” I need more info. i don’t think factory workers are incapable of being educated. There must be some other third force working here.

  2. Bert

    Reading this, I must wonder, Robert, would you have voted for Trump if he’d run for the Democrats?

    • Absolutely not. I oppose him in so many ways. Yes he is good on a few things but he is bad on so many more. Trump is a catastrophe. He’s not just pushing good trade policies you know. He’s pushing a ton of other things, most of which are extremely bad.

  3. For every possibly good idea the Orange Dildo has there are like twenty absolutely bad ideas.

    • TJF

      To djgarcia94:

      For every possibly good idea the Orange Dildo has there are like twenty absolutely bad ideas.

      I know some women who would take offense to that as they are fond of their dildos.

      That said – I don’t think the ratio of Trump’s good ideas to bad is that skewed – however I bet few (if any) of the good ideas will be implemented.

      • I have a post like this in drafts maybe I will publish it now. Goes through scores of Trump’s position and rates them YES NO or NEUTRAL

      • I suppose that is unfair to call him a dildo, your point is well taken.

        He’s so inconsistent there is no way of predicting what ideas will even be attempted, good or bad. From the beginning it seemed clear he would say anything to get elected, a strategy that worked. Just like any of the “establishment” politicians his voters rail against.

        His promise to “Drain the Swamp” has already proven bullshit.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m really sad about that. I was hoping to be proven wrong. The well being of the country is more important to me then being able to gloat to his supporters and say I told you so.

        • I am too. I have no desire to gloat to his supporters either. My hope is that they will see him for what he is on their own, in time not to vote for him again.

        • Gay State Girl

          Have any of them expressed disillusionment yet?

          I know his supporters were quick to come to his defense when he pledged to put his children in charge of his “blind trust” and tried to get them security clearances, but how do they feel that he is setiously considering Jewliani for Secretary of State or lining his economic team with good old boys.

        • I’m not in regular contact with any Trump voters. All I know is the ones I’m friends with on FB don’t seem to be disappointed at all. They’re far too busy complaining about the protests.

        • Gay State Girl

          It’s sad really the protesters are doing their cause more harm. Already, someone has died because his ambulance was being blocked by protestors.

        • Yeah that’s disturbing. There have been tons of assholes on both sides.

  4. Bernardista

    “Apparently what’s needed is to double down on Identity Politics X 10!”
    One of the stupidest things I’ve ever read was posted on Twitter and retweeted about 100 times.
    A woman wrote that she wanted to go out and get herself pregnant just so that she could have an abortion to support women’s rights.

  5. I agree with this criticism of the pro ‘neoliberal globalization’ left. It leaves a lot to be desired.

    tbh I’m only just learning about how the trade deals like NAFTA led to factories closing all over the rust belt and its impact on whole towns. I think a lot of people are learning about this because of this election.

    I could say the same thing about mass immigration of manual labourers. I’ve got nothing against Mexicans- I actually like them. But there’s no point denying reality if it has an impact on America workers. There doesn’t have to be so many at once, does there?

    I think American businesses should employ Americans as much as possible as a service to the country and governments such incentivise keeping the businesses there.

    If you remove trade barriers and migration barriers and make two countries like a single market, if those countries are at very different levels of development, it will bring one up and the other down and equalize the two, like how the temperature will equalize between and hotter and colder room if you open the door. I guess.

    Developing countries should be able to protect their own burgeoning industries too. Make things in the country where possible. There can still be a lot of trade. And similar countries can form trade blocks if they wish.

    There should be more pragmatism and less ideology.

    This who neoliberal globalization agenda seems to be driven by what’s best for corporations and the few rich people.

    I’m not advocating nationalism but there should be a sensible balance and a sensible and practical approach.

  6. Stary Wylk

    Does not the stance of “Open Democracy” seem, in a word, reactionary?
    Opposition to the USSR. Fucking with Arabs. Free trade to the max.

    And the following sentence seems contradictory to itself. “All of which requires coordination, rather than endless bipartisan confrontation in both political and legal systems.”

  7. Optimus Prime

    Surprising that they banned Richard Spencers account. Of all alt-right groups, only Spencer uses least incendiary rhetoric. It boggles my mind how ((they)) get away from all this. If the situation was the other way imagine how hostile ((their)) response would be.

  8. Bernardista

    The times probably wouldn’t let him publish anything like this before the election. He’s a professor at Columbia? Wow! He’ll have to go into hiding!

  9. I’m trying to see the silver lining here… not looking good!! These cantankerous hillbillies in my area are feeling extra-emboldened now, and then you have regressive, liberal SHEEP… and you start to wonder who isn’t sipping the kool-aid! Grrr…People can’t see the forest for the trees.Soros is a highly nefarious individual with no intention of helping any interests but the corporate elite’s! Bernie’s wife was physically threatened; the Kremlin has documents regarding this, which are being sealed by the Clinton Foundation. Not okay…

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