Carrier Air Conditioning Video: Why Trump Won


Trump didn’t win, but this is why it was as close as it was. And if you want to frame it as Hillary lost, Trump won, which is fine with me because Hillary deserved to lose, then this is why Trump won. Right here, in Indiana, Ground Zero.

Note: The Democratic Party has nothing, I mean nothing, to say to these people. Of course they voted Trump. Do I blame them? Hell no.


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24 responses to “Carrier Air Conditioning Video: Why Trump Won

  1. note: he went on to say Trump would not deliver and they’d regret voting for him. He was for Clinton. But this is a good exercise in empathy.

    • Tulio

      It was pretty good. These people voting for him will still be broke in 4 years. I’ll be surprised if even one factory opens up because of Trump’s policies.

      • Jason Y

        In most of Robert Kiyosaki’s writings, the guy whose views mirror Trump, and whom he co-authored a book with, we see just constant praise for free markets.

        A big quote to remember from Rich Dad Poor Dad books is

        We now live in the information age, not the industrial age

        So basically Trump is lying out his ass. You see that his type of people, real estate gurus, are not saying the new age is bad, or that we need to bring jobs back to America. It’s just more the “Adapt or die” thing.

        Note, in his books he wants everyone to be rich. He didn’t say he wanted people to get their industrial age jobs back. He said people should try to depend on themselves, cause basically, “We are all fucked, because the nation is trillions of dollars in debt.”

        So wha the hell is that saying ??? Don’t believe me research Robert Kiyosaki, a mirror of Trump. Go on his Facebook page and again more comments that the US is trillons in debt,. There is no calls for jobs to come back to America, or even a method to get us out of debt, only that you have to fend for yourself

        • Jason Y

          The industrial age is being quoted in Kiyosaki and Trump books as beng gone with the dinosaurs. Nothing but praise for the information age<./b> which is basically also globalism. Well, maybe not praise, but just an acceptance that we cannot go back in time.

          This is not what Trump was saying in his speeches. We need to beware.

        • Jason Y

          Sorry, repost- mistake in HTML

          The industrial age is being quoted in Kiyosaki and Trump books as beng gone with the dinosaurs. Nothing but praise for the information age<./b> which is basically also globalism. Well, maybe not praise, but just an acceptance that we cannot go back in time.

          This is not what Trump was saying in his speeches. We need to beware. Trump and Kiyosaki in their books have always stated that investments and/or getting rich, or in other words, building an ark, is the only way to get around the disaster, which will come no matter who is president

          Building Noah’s Ark is not the same as bringing jobs back to America, which is just a BS scheme to get voters along the line of the Joker on Batman..

        • Jason Y

          It’s also interestng to note WNs are naive and stupid for liking Trump as he will betray them, as Gay State girl suggested, like everyone else.

          or maybe WNs are just happy to see someone get their message across, even if it turns out to be lying.

        • Gay State Girl

          I feel sorry for the ones who are establishing criminal records on his behalf, even if they do wish me dead.

  2. TJF

    One of the articles I posted a few days ago had a few salient points, Indiana a rather conservative and white state (over 90% of the electorate at the time) went for a black man Barack Obama in 2008:

    In the Indiana primaries this year – the Democratic winner was Bernie Sanders (A Jewish man who describes himself as a democratic socialist).

    Distilling the Trump’s support down to racism, bigotry, and sexism (while most certainly not a small factor) is I think missing a bigger picture.

  3. Tulio

    Minorities in inner cities have it far worse than rust belt whites and I don’t see them running to Trump.

    • Jason Y

      That’s because they’re more content with welfare than the Rust Belt crowd. Possibly the NAMS don’t really care as it’s part of the culture. Not trying to sound disrespectful or insulting.

      Possibly though I may be exxagerating. I think the NAMS would possibly have voted for Bernie Sanders if he had the same money Trump had, so that he could broadcast above Hillary’s bought off media.

      • Tulio

        No, Sanders was less popular among minorities. Blacks and Hispanics backed Hillary. It was young, white millenials that were Sander’s base.

        And you can’t be on welfare forever. There are limits to how long you can get benefits.

  4. Barack Thatcher

    Free trade is not inherently bad, it can create greater productivity of goods all around the world (if they can be manufactured at less of a cost, etc).

    There are benefits; but the benefits are very lopsided. It’s basically translated into just helping the very rich, while royally fucking the poor.

    From an Utilitarian or Liberal standpoint it’s pretty shitty.

  5. Barack Thatcher

    The DIMocrats nominated Mr. NAFTA’s wife…………

    what is to be expected?
    How are these people supposed to vote?

    It would be interesting how they would’ve voted if it was Bernie vs. Trump

    • Gay State Girl

      He would have been the second coming of McGovern.

      • Barack Thatcher

        What did Jason’s redneck facebook friends think of Bernie I wonder…?

        I can recall there was an interview of some braindead Dago in NY, on some completely irrelevant subject (reality TV), where the interviewer suddenly asks “Will you vote for Trump?”. He says without hesitation “absolutely”….
        Machismo IS a big thing.

        • Barack Thatcher

          I am allowed to say that word because I AM a Dago myself (34%, actually), so no offense to anyone.

        • Jason Y

          Oh yeah, that’s funny you brought that up. In my hometown, the local FM radio station a few months back would always make fun of Bernie Sanders. On this nationwide morning radio show, mostly broadcast on classic rock stations, they would say Bernie was the mad professor on Back to the Future. 😆 They also said that he went panty shopping with Yoko Ono 😆

          Yeah, definitely blue collar working class whites think Bernie is a senile idiot and also very effeminate. An old lady, I guess, lol

        • Gay State Girl


  6. Jason Y

    I liked Trump’s commercial about globalization, even though I’m not a racist or asshole, lol

    Basically the commercial said the things people have been afraid to say for 50 years. OK, he said our jobs have been shipped overseas. Yes.. Well, he said Wall Street bankers have given us the finger. Yes… Of course, this all sounds like some Henry Ford anti-Jewish pamphlet, but you cannot deny the truth.

    Anyhow though, somebody could have these views without being a racist. I think Bernie Sanders was saying the same thing. But Bernie isn’t a billionare who can advertise above the media like Trump can.

    Note I think the commercial I speak of wasn’t this one. It was airing on election night on Fox News.

  7. Jason Y

    Ok, the US is trillions of dollars in debt. people’s futures are fucked no matter what, people should try hair-brained schemes to invest or get rich to build an ark to avoid the disaster, rather than be dependent on Social Security for retirement, the industrial age cannot be brought back no more than Fred Flintstone.

    So the message of Trump from his and Kiyosaki’s books is very clear and has zip to do with bringing jobs back to the USA. OK, go to Kiyosaki’s Facebook page and see he doesn’t even mention support for Trump, but only more of what he said in his books, and which Trump parroted, and think Trump was sincere.

    Think about it….

  8. Jason Y

    Too bad there are so many uncontrolled wildfires in the south. It must be from all the cross-burnings for Trump’s victory 😆 They need to keep those things under control. Keep a fire extingisher handy…


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