Not Everyone Who Voted Trump Is a Fascist

Trump himself is absolutely a fascist, all the way. And I would say that quite a few of his followers are headed in that direction also.

But Trump has a lot of other supporters who do not appear to be fascists. Jason discussed many young male Libertarians at his college who support Trump on economic grounds.

  1. Non-fascist wingnuts. I think a lot of wingnuts are actually appalled by seeing fascism real and in the flesh here. These are all of the Republicans speaking out against him during the campaign. These are just corporate and rich types who want their money and nothing else. They see real fascism in Trump and they do not like it.
  2. Non-fascist racists. Trump has a helluva lot of racist supporters, but it’s important to note that not all racists are fascists. Not at all.
  3. Libertarians, often young men.
  4. MRA’s, but with a lot of overlap above.
  5. A few very confused Leftists who need to have their heads examined. On looking into them, most of them are “leftwing racists” and yes there are such a thing.
  6. 1%’ers. Tulio pointed out that a lot of the rich just voted for him to get their tax cut.
  7. Corporate types. As corporatist as Hillary is, I think many corporate types thought Trump would be good for business, and in fact, he will.
  8. Middle class suburban types in flyover country and in the South. They always vote Republican, especially in the South.
  9. Christian fundamentalists. They just want to ban abortion and get their other judicial stuff done. Purely utilitarian. There are indeed quite a few Christofash out there, but many rightwing evangelicals are not fascists at all, and I am convinced that many are not even racist.
  10. Muslim haters. These are the types who go into the voting booth and vote muh fuck Islam. Lot of overlap with a lot of the above, but a lot of people just pull the lever on screw the Muslims.
  11. Aggrieved workers. Many working class people may well have felt that Trump was their only hope as the Democrats for the 1% like Hillary wrote them off long ago. Trump won’t help them either, but at least he’s addressing their concerns. These people are voting against these horrible trade deals.
  12. Opponents of mass immigration and illegal immigration. Of course,  most of these folks are racist as Hell, and there’s a lot of overlap above, but I could see a guy like me going in there and pulling the lever for Trump because I am sick and tired of mass immigration, want to throw out all the illegals and want to slash 95% of the fake guest worker scabs. It’s possible to be against all of these things and not be particularly racist. I don’t think I am all that racist, and I oppose all of this.
  13. American nationalists. Although there is huge overlap above, and the fash component is all these types, I suppose it is possible to be a US nationalist without being a fash or a racist. I get called America hater all the time, but the truth is that I am an American nationalist. I love my country, so it really pisses me off when I see my country acting evil. It’s like love for a wayward son. As a man who loves his country, I want to see my country doing good, not evil. The main reason  I oppose all this mass, illegal and guest worker immigration is it’s bad for country. That’s why I oppose the trade deals too.


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73 responses to “Not Everyone Who Voted Trump Is a Fascist

  1. I just talked to a few guys on /pol/ and it is true, they are fucking fascists and they voted against legalizing marijuana in Arizona.

    They are a bunch of losers who are rebelling against society by becoming fascists and so they automatically reject anything associated with liberalism.

    I tried to explain to them that legalizing marijuana is not a liberal or conservative issue but is a common sense issue.

    Younger generation really worries me if they are heading towards the direction of fascism.

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog. I nod my head with enough of your ideas, that when I disagree I have to stop and think about why I do.


    Hmm. It occurs to me you may want a more concrete expression of gratitude. You got a paypal setup?

  3. Nebulous Maximus

    I’m neither fash, conservative nor economically libertarian and I voted Trump. I live in a solid blue state where my vote was meaningless anyway. Thus my vote was symbolic and came about for three main reasons:

    A resolute “FUCK YOU” to the cultural left and their authoritarian PC overreach; their nauseating moral policing of everything under the sun. Puritans of all stripes fucking suck and need to be kept in check. That also goes for evangelical Christians, Islamists, ect. if it takes a fashy shitlord to keep the the PC authoritarians at bay, then so be it. I see a vote for Hitlery as both enabling and emboldening SJWs and the cultural left.
    A stand against Hitlery’s urge to ignite WWIII and her general advocacy of hawkish neocon foreign interventionism on steroids.

    and most importantly…..

    The overthrow of the Bush-Clinton political dynasty that’s been in power and control of the deep state for the last 35 years or so. This faction has been the supreme vessel of Global Capitalist control over the US government. I have no idea if what replaces this dynasty will be much better, but I figured it’s worth the gamble. There’s absolutely nothing Leftist about enabling Globalist feudalism. A vote for Hitlery would be an endorsement for continuing the rule of this incumbent dynasty.

    • That’s OK.

      You can support Trump here on the basis of anti-SJW stuff and Hitlery/Killary the warmongering neocon kook.

      I do think that people have had it up to here with the Clintons. To many people are just done with her and her husband. They are both just way too toxic for whatever reason. They both just need to retire and go away and not bother us anymore. They also need to get away from the Democratic Party.

      • Clinton got less votes than Obama did in 2004 and 2008. Trump got less voters than both Mitt Romney and John McCain.

        Both candidates were unpopular. Trump won partly because lots of people dislike Clinton, even on the left. Sanders might have beat Trump.

        Sanders was great on some things but unfortunately he was very liberal on social issues, including identity politics and sjw stuff.

    • Tulio

      A resolute “FUCK YOU” to the cultural left and their authoritarian PC overreach; their nauseating moral policing of everything under the sun. Puritans of all stripes fucking suck and need to be kept in check

      I see this point frequently thrown out there but what exactly is Trump going to do in any realistic way to silence SJWs that wouldn’t involve repealing the first amendment? If anything the SJWs have gone into DEFCON5 and will be louder than ever. Despite the cries from the alt-right, these people have never had any power anyway other than tweeting hashtags or showing up at protests. They don’t have any effect on anyone’s life for the most part.So I don’t see why a justifiable response is electing the most unqualified person to ever become president in American history. And one with one of the worst personal characters and greatest lack of intellect I have ever seen in any president. What disgusts me is that Republicans would gamble our nations future with this man when they could’ve chosen a more principles and sane candidate in the primary. My disgust with Republican voters has never been higher.

      A stand against Hitlery’s urge to ignite WWIII and her general advocacy of hawkish neocon foreign interventionism on steroids.

      No WWIII was coming under Hillary. This is more nonsense I’m seeing all over comments online. That Hillary was going to start a nuclear war with Russian. Hillary and Putin may be many things, but neither is suicidal. A nuclear war between the USA and Russia would be mutually assured self destruction. They aren’t suicidal Muslims. Under the heated rhetoric they are both stone cold pragmatists. You might want to be taking a closer look at some of the Bush era hawks and neocons that are lining up as Trump’s foreign policy advisors. I’m talking neocons like John Bolton, Newt Gingrich and Guiliani. These people who thought Trump would bring in an era of outsiders are going to be sorely disappointed. Trump is completely inexperienced and will basically be nothing but a figure head with the government run by a coalition of neocons, religious wackjobs, fascists and wall street oligarchs.

      The overthrow of the Bush-Clinton political dynasty that’s been in power and control of the deep state for the last 35 years or so. This faction has been the supreme vessel of Global Capitalist control over the US government. I have no idea if what replaces this dynasty will be much better, but I figured it’s worth the gamble. There’s absolutely nothing Leftist about enabling Globalist feudalism. A vote for Hitlery would be an endorsement for continuing the rule of this incumbent dynasty.

      Hillary wouldn’t be my first pick. But hey, the country did well under Bill Clinton. I recall that being an era of relative peace, optimism and economic expansion where real gains were made by the middle class. If Hillary could’ve brought any of that back, she’d get my vote for that alone.

      I think all this conspiratorial globalist stuff you keep hearing about Hillary is mostly overblown Alex Jones crap.

      • Tulio

        My above post I tagged the quotes wrong in my reply.

      • “Despite the cries from the alt-right, these people have never had any power anyway other than tweeting hashtags or showing up at protests”

        Tell that to Tim Hunt.

        Its not just sjws on twitter. Its a liberal ideology that’s dominant in the media, government, schools, universities.

        you can easily lose your job or be made a pariah for expressing the hbd views, even if what you say is true.

        It must have an influence on law and policy as well as the curriculum and public discourse.

  4. Trumpster, you need to just get out.

    I am going to start banning some of you Trumpsters, I am serious.

    Now go goosestep over to one Your Dear Leader’s sites.


  5. Bernardista

    While SJWs were tearing out their hair and clutching their pearls over Brexit, here is what Bernie Sanders said about Brexit:

    “What this vote is about is an indication that the global economy is not working for everybody,” he said. “It’s not working in the United States for everybody and it’s not working in the U.K. for everybody. When you see investors going to China and shutting down factories in this country and laying off, over a period of many years, millions of people, people are saying you know what, global economy may be great for some people but not for me.”

    • Tulio

      But if we’re honest, was Brexit really about factories and trade? Or was it about fear of Muslims asylum seekers? So why did Brexit coincide with the migrant wave? Where were all the Brexiters before that? Now I’m not saying I support or oppose Brexit, it’s not my country so none of my business. I just think we need to be honest about the true reasons and I think that had to do with fear of migrants. The economic stuff is just for plausible deniability.

      The pattern is the same with Trump. I just read a study that showed that most Trump voters basically view blacks as subhuman. Trump’s presidency was a whitelash against 8 years of humiliation by living under a black president.

      • Sami

        Free trade and “globalization” destroyed Detroit. Not “niggers”. Detroit had the most prosperous black communities in history when it was an industrial power, with a relatively low crime rate. As far as I’m concerned, there are niggers in all races, and, right now, I am wondering if you are one of them.

      • xoinosuilleabhain

        Sami is right.

  6. Bernardista

    I do think that Brexit was as much about Muslim immigrants as it was about factories and trade.

    Some of this can definitely be chalked up to nationalism from people who don’t want their country to lose it’s English identity. This is understandable especially when the size of the country is roughly the same as Oregon.

    A significant part of nationalism is made up of xenophobia which is an instinctive impulse. Problem is, it only takes a nudge to turn a xenophobe into a Fascist and with some people, it only takes a very small nudge!

    If immigration had been kept at a reasonable pace in England, Brexit may have been avoided. I’m not sure, though because there still would be the issues of factories and trade.

    As for the research done on the attitudes of many of the Trump supporters,
    this was apparent from the very first days of the Obama presidency. The man could have discovered the cure for cancer, brought peace to the Middle East and walked over the Potomac River, and they still would have
    hated him.

    • Sam J.

      Just when are all the people who cry RACISM at just about every breath going to demand that all the other countries on the planet get “diversity” in equivalent numbers to White countries? Give me a time line where they need diversity. If they don’t need diversity then why do we?

      The answer is this is just a huge “gas light” to attack White people and a weapon used by the Democrat slave party to drive working people into poverty.

      • Willie

        Preaching to the choir, genius.

        If someone had warm and fuzzy feelings about the Diversity, why would they be Alt-Left?
        You guys should go to the Huffington post or something and start taking your rants out on people who actually have vast differences from you.

  7. SHI

    LOL, shit has hit the fan. This is just the beginning. Sieg, Hell. Motherfuckers.

    @ Sam J

    Would you care to enlighten us on is this what you really wanted?

    Campuses Confront Hostile Acts Against Minorities After Donald Trump’s Election

    The fliers depicting men in camouflage, wielding guns and an American flag, appeared in men’s restrooms throughout Texas State University: “Now that our man Trump is elected,” they said. “Time to organize tar and feather vigilante squads and go arrest and torture those deviant university leaders spouting off that diversity garbage.”

    A year after students at campuses nationwide pushed for greater sensitivity toward cultural differences, the distribution of the Texas State fliers was just one of several episodes this week suggesting that the surprise election of Donald J. Trump is provoking a round of backlash on campuses.

    At the same time, universities are trying to address more generalized fears about the country’s future, organizing campus meetings and counseling sessions and sending messages to students urging calm.

    “A lot of Muslim students are scared,” said Abdalla Husain, 21, a linguistics major at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, who is of Palestinian ancestry. He said some Muslim students on campus were afraid to go outside. “They’re scared that Trump has empowered people who have hate and would be hostile to them.”

    At San Jose State University in California, a Muslim woman complained that she had been grabbed by her hijab and choked. The police are investigating.

    At Wellesley College in Massachusetts, alma mater of Hillary Clinton, two male students from nearby Babson College drove through campus in a pickup truck adorned with a large Trump flag, parked outside a meeting house for black students, and spat at a black female student, according to campus black student organizations.

    After being ejected by the campus police, the two students bragged in a video that was widely viewed over social media.

    Reports of hostility toward minorities were not limited to university campuses. In Durham, N.C., walls facing a busy intersection were painted with graffiti Tuesday night with the message, “Black lives don’t matter and neither does your votes,” according to local news reports.

    Also according to local news reports, a baseball dugout in Wellsville, N.Y., was spray painted with a swastika and the message “Make America white again.” Another swastika, replacing the “T” in Trump, appeared on a storefront in Philadelphia, along with “Sieg heil 2016.”

    Incidents were also reported at several high schools. At York County School of Technology in York, Pa., a video circulated of students carrying a Trump sign and yelling “white power” as they walked through the hall on Wednesday. “The whole situation is absolutely horrible,” someone posted on the PTA’s Facebook page.

    Students at Royal Oak Middle School in Royal Oak, Mich., chanted “build the wall” in the cafeteria on Wednesday, according to a statement by Shawn Lewis-Lakin, the superintendent, who said a video was shared on social media.

    Throughout the week, threatening messages on social media against racial and religious minorities and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have spiked.

    Racist episodes occur regularly at places throughout the United States, including college campuses. Mr. Trump’s election, though, seems to have worked as an accelerant.

    But the police said that at least some reported incidents on campuses were fake. A Muslim student at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette who said she was attacked Wednesday by two men — one wearing a Trump hat — recanted her story on Thursday, admitting she had made it up, the police said.

    At Canisius College in Buffalo, in what officials said began as a prank, a black doll was photographed hanging from a curtain rod in a dorm room on Tuesday night. “One student created a meme with language about ‘Trump fans’ and sent it to friends,” a university statement said.

    “It’s evident that what may have started as a thoughtless, insensitive prank earlier in the evening in the elevator degraded into a very offensive, inappropriate act later that night,” said the statement by John J. Hurley, the college president.

    Just last year, a wave of anti-racism protests broke out on campuses across the country. In response, many universities cracked down on students’ insensitivity, and some fired school administrators. But this week, students began to worry that all their work was fruitless with Mr. Trump’s election success. To many, Mr. Trump is the champion of anti-political correctness and embodies the opposition to “safe spaces.”

    Gay, lesbian and transgender students were also concerned, said Patrick R. Grzanka, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Tennessee. “Our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students are deeply concerned about Trump,” he said. “After enduring months of homophobic and transphobic rhetoric during the campaign, many of us — sexual minorities and gender nonconforming individuals — are asking ourselves, What happens next?”

    Liberal-leaning college students around the country, in a state of shock over the election’s outcome, gathered in spontaneous protest marches at some campuses and, at others, asked university leaders to schedule meetings across the campus to reflect on the results.

    Tennessee was among a large array of universities — public, private, liberal and conservative — that held meetings for concerned students.

    “Join us for a moment of reflection and gathering of solidarity,” the Office of Multicultural Students wrote in an invitation on Wednesday. “Counseling center staff will be available.”

    The University of Southern California invited students who had concerns about the election to attend a meeting on Wednesday. About 100 showed up, said Michael Quick, the provost.

    “We’re hearing a lot from our students, particularly our Muslim students, given the rhetoric of the campaign,” he said.

    “Given the feeling of many students from last year who expressed concerns about diversity and inclusion, now they’re feeling tremendously marginalized,” he added.

    Stanford University, in a note signed by its president, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, said it would offer “supportive resources and opportunities to gather together” in the wake of the divisive election season.

    Columbia University scheduled what it called a “post-election conversation and reflection” for its students Wednesday afternoon. Earlier in the day, graduate journalism students at Columbia requested a meeting with faculty members.

    At Wellesley, which was founded as a safe space for its entirely female student body, the supporters of Mr. Trump driving around campus have rattled students, and administrators have sent a flurry of emails to students this week in response to the episode, which is being investigated by the university police.

    Wellesley could be considered ground zero for the culture of political correctness that Mr. Trump has criticized; in recent decades, it has introduced guidelines for appropriate language and other protections for addressing racial and religious minorities and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

    After the election, even colleges that are unaccustomed to clashes over race or religion struggled to address student safety concerns while fostering free speech. When administrators at Texas State University in San Marcos, which has a mostly minority student body of more than 38,000, learned Wednesday that protests in the campus quad were growing tense, the university president, Denise M. Trauth, tried to head off conflict by releasing a statement to students.

    • Sam J.

      As long as people are doing stuff like this then sure, I’m all for it. They don’t show this stuff on TV only when Whites fight back.

      I have no problem at all having White people fight back. The statistics on Blacks or other races attacking Whites are way, way, way, out of proportion to Whites attacking Blacks. So I feel, in the name a of fairness, that the attacks on Blacks by Whites needs to be stepped up by factors equal to present and past attacks. If you believe in “equality” then you must also be for this.

    • Gay State Girl

      At least their tarnishing their digital fingerprint as well as building up a criminal record and Donnie Dearest doesn’t care to bail them out.

      • Sam J.

        Typical Jew response. Everything is criminal except worshiping the psychopathic Jews who have been thrown out of every single country they’ve ever been to in any numbers. This should tell you something about them. Every where they’ve ever gone in all of history.

        I might ask the Jew if your polling and intelligence was so wrong in this case what else is going on that you don’t know about?

        Where are you going to go if you burn your stay in the US like every other country. Israel? Where you’re surrounded with people you’ve attacked constantly? Where you tricked the US into bombing them for you? You think they don’t know this?

        What if it’s you they’re making a list of?

        • Gay State Girl

          Music to my ears.

        • Sam J. Wrote

          Typical Jew response.


          You haven’t been around Jewish folks much, now have you?

          You get two Jews arguing in a room, and you end up with three or four different diametrically opposed opinions. Why? Because each Jewish person thinks he/she is smarter than anyone else in the room, including themselves.

          No offense to my Jewish bro’s out there, but getting you guys to agree on various shit is like herding cats.

          Anyhow, just my response to the antisemitic types, and please don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful.

        • Gay State Girl

          I love you. How come you don’t come to visit me more often.

        • “Typical Jew response”

          Typical moron response.

        • Gay State Girl Wrote:

          I love you. How come you don’t come to visit me more often.

          Believe me, I want to! Robert’s blog is my favorite old hangout! It’s just life’s been working me do death these last few years, so I just read this blog and not interact!

          I am going to graduate school soon, so I fully intend to become active in the political scene once again…I’ll be hitting you guys up for advice on things!

        • Hey Cyrus, WB to the greatest site on the Internets. While you are here, why don’t you consider a donation to keep it going? I’m $125 behind on my bills so far this month. Anything you can do to help would be great!

        • Robert Wrote:

          Hey Cyrus, WB to the greatest site on the Internets. While you are here, why don’t you consider a donation to keep it going? I’m $125 behind on my bills so far this month. Anything you can do to help would be great!

          I’ll drop you a few at the end of the month, when I have the cash flow in. It’s the least I can do, since you’ve managed to piss the man off since as far back as I’ve known you.

          P.S…Robert, you except PayPal?

        • Yes, the PayPal link is right there in the link that I gave you!

          Yep pissing off the Man is something I have been doing since I was a teenager.

    • Gay State Girl

      God you’re such a dupe.

      • Tony Swagger

        How typical of your tribe jewr response are, darling? Jewr kippah is showing dear.

        • Willie

          It’s basically gotten to the point where you guys put ‘brackets around facts’.

          It’s not an evil Jew lie that Trump is reneging, he is. It’s simply true.
          Look at my posts on John Bolton and Trump.

          Trump’s mentor was Roy Kohn.
          Trump created you guys, and he can destroy you.

          Trump had to broaden his appeal to win, so you can’t really destroy him.But he can destroy you.

        • Will, you get it.

          We have similar opinions as well, buddy. Everything telling the truth about Trump and how he’s for globalism means you’re a Jew and get those idiotic and childish brackets. Along with that stupid green frog, what’s the average age of WNs?

      • Maybe I am not really a Trump supporter, for a start I am not even American, couldn’t even vote there, but was more into him than Hillary, though I don’t consider myself a fascist in no shape or form, but I am outside the U.S.A so his supporters there could be more into fascism than me, right.

        • A LOT of Trump supporters are not objectively fascist people from what I can tell. Usually the movement is one thing and the leadership another. LOTS of people support Trump for all sorts of reasons other than fascistic ones…a lot of them simply for economic reasons. If the fascist says he will put bread and butter on the table, LOTS of people will support him for that alone, and who can blame them?

        • Jason Y

          One thing I saw on Facebook was where some 18 year old Trump supported posted a meme saying, “2 million Hillary supporters are leaving for Canada. Oh cool, that means 2 million more jobs.” 😆

        • Jason Y

          The 18 year old was one of the libertarian weenie types.

    • Tony Swagger bad its Jew York times what can we really expect from that. Where is the concern on niggers running wild involved in anti trump protests. Keep spinning stories Jews. Keep spinning. your glorious days of lying, scheming and manipulating is swiftly coming to an end. White people have woken up from the deep slumber and white identity is here to stay.

      • Hey Nicholas Wade is a science writer for the NYT. Disregard what he writes because it’s in that magazine!!

        I guess we should take right wing, aut right blogs as truth without pointing out biases right?

        Do you not see the hypocrisy there?

  8. Sam J.

    All those whining over slavery and injustice done to the poor “minorities” need to read James LaFond’s work on White slaves kidnapped and brought to America in chains. Here’s a bunch of his articles in the slave nation sub heading.

  9. Sami

    Real busy with work, Robert, so can’t go into detail right now — though I surely will later.

    Three big reasons why I, who favored Sanders early on, was VERY RELUCTANTLY, in favor of a Trump victory over Killary (though I couldn’t bring myself to vote for him):

    1) He is in favor of reimposing Glass Steagal;

    2) He promised a 40% Tariff while campaigning in northern Midwest states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (#’s 1 and 2 are why he won in those basically blue states, btw — AND I hope he doesn’t forget that);

    3) No more support for the Salafist/Nazi Internationale that is waging war against the Syrian nation; he will end the pointless genocidal campaign that we are elbow-deep in, alongside Saudi Barbaria, against the people of north Yemen, and their Houthi movement; and, more broadly, that he would de-escalate tensions with Russia and China.

    I am convinced that these are the biggest reasons why he won. After all, it was those northern Midwest states (apart from Minnesota) that gave him the victory more than anything else (more so than Florida).

    Alt-Reichers are far less numerous, in the population as a whole, than their apparent presence on the web; and if his stance on illegal immigration from Mexico were really the biggest issue that put him over the top, I suspect that it would have been the Southwestern states that would have given him the victory … which, obviously didn’t happen, as the only one of those the won was Arizona (and barely, at that).

    I am willing to give him his First 100 Days … and I am waiting for Glass-Steagal and the roll-backs of “free trade” first of all. Remember, those two issues were also central to Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

    • xoinosuilleabhain

      “Alt-Reichers are far less numerous, in the population as a whole, than their apparent presence on the web”

      I really hope you’re right about this.

      • Sam J.

        The Associated Press reports the latest bad news for the press: “Just 6 Percent of People Say They Trust the Media.”

        Jewproganda falling behind. No one believes the psychopathic Jews anymore. They’re going to start looking elsewhere and there they will find that the Jews attacked us on 9-11. See building #7.

    • Bernardista

      Another issue was not meddling in other countries’ business. We better hope he stays healthy. Pence is a hawk.

      • Jason Y

        Iv’e not seen that either Trump or Pence is unwilling to help out Israel. In fact, Obama, the guy WNs hate so much was the one actually giving them the cold shoulder.

        So, possibly, despite the fact middle easterners and Trump share some sort of subliminal hatred of so called “Jewish economic power”, we could very well see war in the Middle East.

        • Jason Y

          As GayStateGirl suggests, could Trump’s Ron Paul message actually be a gigantic lie, just a trick to get votes? It could be, or maybe just somewhat.

        • Gay State Girl

          He’s considering John Bolton as secretary of state. Yeah he’s thrown his supporters under the bus on day one.

        • @Gay State Girl:

          I saw that…John Bolton, I.E if it is “quote” Muslim, it dies!

          Yah, this will be a couple of interesting years. Now, excuse me while I go dig a fallout bunker.

        • Bernardista

          From today’s Daily News:
          “A briefing document prepared by Israel’s Foreign Ministry and sent to its embassies warns that Trump has a “minimal interest” in foreign affairs and may reduce the United States’ involvement in the Middle East, according to the newspaper Haaretz, which obtained portions of the document.

          “Trump doesn’t see the Middle East as a good investment and it’s reasonable to assume he will seek to reduce American involvement in the region, alongside his commitment to maintaining the struggle against Islamic State and the momentum created in the battle for the cities of Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria, which will continue to get his administration’s support,” the document stated.”

          Early days, but Netanyatu must be worried.

        • Gay State Girl


          I do hope you’re right but the Jewish establishment uses the fear factor to keep its people on the plantation.

        • TJF

          To Benardista:

          Trump doesn’t see the Middle East as a good investment and it’s reasonable to assume he will seek to reduce American involvement in the region..

          I expect Trump to be even more of a figurehead than Ronald Reagan, Watch who he appoints, not what he says. Unless you are talking about the new decoration for the oval office.. purple drapes and gold lame anyone..? Wouldn’t be surprised if he resigns in a few years for health reasons.

        • Sami

          Gay State Girl and Bernardista, AIPAC, WINEP, FDD, ADL, et al neocon outfits, are not the “Jewish Lobby” by any stretch of the imagination. They are the Likud lobby. Two very different things, especially where American Jews are concerned.

        • To me Trump is like the Devil, but I actually support him on a number of positions. On a number of variables, he was right and Hillary was wrong.

        • Gay State Girl

          I really really really really wish he gets a taste of his own medicine. I don’t know how that can be accomplished.

        • Jason Y

          Trump has a minimal interest in Middle East affairs until some terror attack, possibly because the US gets soft, and then he goes ballistic, follows the most right wing military people and nukes the hell out of the whole area.

          What will David Nuke say then ??

        • Gay State Girl

          “What will David Nuke say then ??”

          Will you marry me?

        • Jason Y

          Oh I get it !!! Genocide, so that will keep them from EVER coming to Europe FOR SURE.

        • Tulio

          Robert, those positions you might support Trump on will never come to pass. Look at the people in the running for his cabinet. They are all the same Bush-era neocons and neo-liberals we’ve always had. Despite Trump claiming to be an outsider, he’s stuffing his cabinet with insiders like Guiliani and Gingrich. The same people that got us into the mess we had in the Bush era. He’s even floating the possibility of some real screwballs like Ben Carson being secretary of education and maybe even a slot for Sarah Palin. And of course he’s got his own family members and cronies in the running for white house jobs. We’re really looking like a Latin American banana republic run.

          Donald Trump is completely vacuous and unprincipled. He had no compass. He doesn’t know what the fuck he just got himself into. He’s now having stacks of full intelligence briefings dropped on his desk every morning about places he can’t even point out on a map. He’ll need significant on the job training, and it’ll be the same old neocon, wall street insiders that will be doing the real work while he’s just the figurehead signing off on bills he didn’t bother to read because he doesn’t have the attention span.

          At the end of the day, the people that may be the angriest and most hurt could end up being those that voted for him.


        • Willie

          Robert, those positions you might support Trump on will never come to pass. Look at the people in the running for his cabinet. They are all the same Bush-era neocons and neo-liberals we’ve always had. Despite Trump claiming to be an outsider, he’s stuffing his cabinet with insiders like Guiliani and Gingrich. The same people that got us into the mess we had in the Bush era.

          Don’t forget John Bolton, and Kelly Ayotte (Lame duck NH Senator who was mentored by none other than Neocon Lindsey Graham), as well.
          It’s also spelled “Jewliani” 😉
          Tulio get’s it.

        • Jason Y

          John Bolton as secretary of State pretty much shows it’s going to be a US. Grant (the general from the Civil War and President) administration. Well, maybe not corrupt, but Trump won’t do nothing. It will just be another Bush administration with BS populism on the cover.

        • Jason Y

          Wasn’t that also the problem with Obama? He came in as this left-wing populist like Bernie Sanders, sort of a Che Guevara hero, but then ended up being controlled by Clinton-esque globalists.

    • Bernardista

      To TJF:

      I agree. We have to wait and see who his Ra-Ra-Rasputin(s) turns out to be.

      All during the campaign I kept thinking that he knew he was in over his head and would drop out. I wasn’t factoring in the narcissist element, though. He doesn’t want to appear weak. So unless he became really incapacitated I’m not sure he’d resign.

      I should point however my only correct prediction so far regarding Trump has been that he would jettison Chris Christie as soon as possible, and he did! He bounced him today.

    • Tulio

      I think you need to take a close look at who is cabinet and advisors will be if you want to have an idea what a Trump administration will be like. None of the things he promised will become policy. Not the wall, not the trade war, nothing. Because he’ll be another Bush. Way in over his head and delegating governance to a cabal of neocons.

      • Bernardista

        Tulio: If the swamp remains undrained, how will his base react to the betrayal? Will it be enough for them when all traces of the previous administration have been removed or will they protest? Thoughts?

      • Jason Y

        Well, actually Trump cannot do his agenda, because while he is populist, the new Republican congress is mostly neo-con and globalist.

  10. Excellent list of the types who support him. I’ve even seen some Ancaps prefer Trump to Johnson. Ancaps are in my opinion not real Anarchists, as far as I’m concerned it’s basically feudalism with no monarchy and industrialists in place of nobility.

  11. Jason Y

    Where is Trash? Did he get murdered, lol ??

  12. Jason Y

    I’m not convinced all Trump supporters are dickheads who make fun of liberals with Jew comments or the n word, though I bet most of the supporters are like that.

    I think a problem with South Park, the TV show. It basically brainwashed a whole generation of small town youth to become libertarian. So we need lynch Trey Parker and that other guy. They’re to blame for Trump. 😆

  13. Jason Y

    Does David Duke have bodyguards? Note, i don’t want to kill him, but I bet a lot of people would. How come presidents get bodyguards, but these loudmouths promoting hate do not ??

  14. Willie

    I’m 94% European and consider myself White but am half Hispanic/Iberian.

    I do not really fear for my safety but do fear for the safety of relations who speak English with an accent.

    I like Trump in that he understands that Thatcherism in terms of monetary policy (low interest rates leading to “safety” on the part of financiers and a lack of risk taking which keeps growth low and hurts the proles)……

    but I am VERY concerned.
    My head has been spinning since Tuesday.

  15. Willie

    This is honestly pretty fucking terrifying………

    Lindstein is right.
    This is bad, bad, bad, bad overall.

  16. Joe S

    I consider myself to be an old school left-winger and I voted for Trump based solely on making sure the TPP doesn’t get passed. I think that trade deal is dead now so I am happy.

    But I am not pleased that the Republicans also won the Congress. I was expecting the Democrats to be in control of the Senate which would produce gridlock and hopefully not allow Trump or the GOP to enact right-wing legislation. Now I am a bit worried that Trump and the GOP might work on legislation that will hurt workers.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to think. Trump said he would protect Medicare and Social Security but Paul Ryan and other Republicans want to privatize those programs. I guess we just have to wait and see.

    II suspect that Trump’s Far Right followers will be disappointed when he governs more like a traditional Republican than they thought. He will never be able to deport all of the illegal immigrants, for example. I just don’t see it happening. The business community wants undocumented labor and they will fight Trump on this hard.

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