Nationalists Yes, Patriotards No

My country right or wrong is shit. That’s partriotardism. Nationalism is not partiortardism! A nationalist wants what is best for his country. A patriotard just stands up and waves his flag and cheers his country on no what they do, noble, indifferent, or batshit crazy and stone evil. Anyone who thinks like ought to put a bullet in their head. If they’re short of cash, I’ll even pay for the bullet. Hell, I will even personally deliver it to your house for you!

Patriotards the world over believe that my country is always 100% good and never does anything  bad ever. I believe that almost  all Americans are partiotards like this. If you ask around about foreign policy, almost all Americans support every single thing that the country does, including everything the CIA and Pentagon Satanists do.

Their line is, “100% of what America does in foreign policy is good. 0% of what America does in foreign policy is bad. We are a good country because we are a good people and vice versa. Even when we do something wrong or even bad, it is always because we had good intentions. We always have good intentions because are good people living in a good country. Good people cannot be bad. Good countries cannot be bad. I would say 90% of the population is like this. Anyone else have any estimates? One of the quickest ways to get into a fistfight in the US is to imply that US foreign policy especially anything involving the glorious CIA and even more glorious US military, is anything but pure as the driven snow.

Rightwing idiots always claim that liberals “hate America” and by that they mean they hate our foreign policy. I have known many US “liberal Democrats” and almost 100% are sheer utter flat-out patriotards as described above. That is one reason I have such a low opinion of US liberal Democrats. They’re almost worst than wingnuts because “liberal Democrats” so grotesquely betray their own principles.


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11 responses to “Nationalists Yes, Patriotards No

  1. baloocartoons

    I’ve seen “nationalist” and “patriot” used in the exact opposite senses by others. They say patriots love their countries, but nationalists are the ones who claim their country Me, I use “nationalist” like you do, signifying the belief that the nation is the best organizing unit for people in general, plus, as you say, wanting the best for one’s country.

  2. Well people in India are clearly patriotards. They refuse to acknowledge the very real problems of Indian society and anyone who does raise those issues, they accuse of being “anti-national”. Too many stupid sheep who don’t use their own brain and think for themselves and that is how fascism comes into being.

    • jason voorhees


      I’d agree except that North and South India do not really get along well.

      Plus, upper-caste Hindus do not want things to change that much. This would leave them displaced in the social power-structure.

    • Lin

      Patriotards are people who wave their diapers as national flags. Exist in every country. What’s Hindu nationalism? Hinduism traditionally is racism/casteism to help keeping Brahmins at the top and wrapped under the thin disguise of ‘reincarnation’ and ‘spirituality’.

      Sure after the Mughal and British conquest, it got a new life, but still it can’t shake off the old BS. Compounded by lack of post-independence economical/tech progress, it also display severe pride deficiency. The kind of knee jerk response and bragging you mentioned is precisely a sign of deep malaise and insecurity.

      Case in point, a few days ago, I mentioned at a certain site the Indian population has reached 1.35 billion but a Hindu said NO,it’s only 1.2 billion. That’s beyond rounding up figure or using 1 year old data.

  3. People just won’t think for themselves and so they want to accept pre-defined concepts like liberalism or conservatism, which doesn’t require them to think. Anyone who is intelligent will be “liberal” on some issues and “conservative” on other issues. Unfortunately society everywhere is drifting away from middle ground and becoming very polarized. You’re either far right or far left.

    • Society drifts towards power and the shift in power has changed the last 20 years. It is just a bunch of people that are still clinging on to the past thinking that they are the power. Just like you. No true anymore. That’s why it is so difficult for so many people like you. You can’t just walk around and push your way around just because you are white Magneto. You can for the past 150 years but that’s just an anomaly.

  4. If or when Trump starts lobbing cruise missiles or dropping bombs to take out the latest “enemy” watch the liberals and the media that are currently losing their shit over Drumpf line up to support him. Nothing unites Americans like a good one-sided war against a militarily weak nation of funny talking foreigners.

  5. But not all nationalists are good.

  6. Jason Y

    Massive protests. This would make a good article on the blog.

    Do you think these people are heroes? If they leave the nation will they be cowards? Will big time celebrities like Miley Cyrus or Whoopi Goldberg make good on promises to leave?

  7. Tarabas

    Yes, it’s true. Nationalists > Patriotards. I’ve honestly seen this comparison from the patriotard’s POV one too many times. From my experience, typical patriots are jingoistic assholes spamming crap from the comfort of their keyboards. War is their foreign policy and bombing countries they don’t like the solution to all their problems. While patriots are offensive douchebags, nationalists are reactionary.

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