Why I Call Trump Supporters Fascists

Jaby Gamer: Hmm. I often find your essays insightful. This is not one of those. “Everyone who disagrees with me is Hitler.” I get that you’re upset, but that’s not a way to learn new things.

I never said that. Of course it’s not true that everyone who disagrees with me is Hitler.

I am reporting to you on everyone I know who voted for Trump. That is all I am doing. Now, my sample may very well be biased or selected in some way. I have no idea. I gather most Trump supporters are not overt fascists, but let’s get real. The man ran on an openly fascist platform. So even if Trumpsters were not overtly or self-identifyingly fascist (and most are probably not), nevertheless, these “non-fascists just voted for an out and out fascist. So what is there to say about that?

The people I know who voted for Trump:

They were all rightwingers, 100%. I know one leftwinger who voted Trump, but he calls himself a “leftwing fascist,” and he’s a White nationalist. Ok? I gather that’s as left as they get.

They were all serious racists, except one, but he is an MRA, so he’s sexist as Hell.

Most people I know who supported Trump were either White nationalists or something along those lines. At the very least, they were highly racist White people. Most of them were Alt Right supporters. And yes, most of them were fascists of one sort of another, and quite a few of them seemed way too Nazi-leaning for comfort.

Now look, I have no idea if that is most of his supporters. I gather it’s not. I’m just reporting to you on the people I know who voted for him.

  1. Wingnuts
  2. Racists or sexists.
  3. Mostly fash or one sort or another and quite a few Nazi types.

If any of the rest of you know people who voted Trump, I urge to report in so we can get some variability with these reports.


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  1. I am a Chinese and I support Marine Le Pen.

  2. yo

    your choice was either domestic “fascism” or real foreign fascism which wants to drown you in fascist muslims and throw you into jail if you say anything about it, you moron.

    • Why put fascism in quote, brownshirt? You afraid to admit you voted for a fash?

      So….you voted for Mussolini because muh Muslims…? Ok.

      Look, get lost fash. Socialist board here. We don’t take too kindly to fash here. I am banning your goosestepping ass.

      • SHI

        Talk about a can of worms. I do see a lot of common ground between Trumpsters and the Hindutvadis of India, including:

        Sky-high fanaticism and crony nationalism
        2 Intolerance towards Muslims (and/or Jews/non-Whites in case of the Alt-Right faction of the Trump movement) bordering on mass-genocidal fantasies. Just read some of the comments on Breitbart.
        Hatred and suspicion towards moneyed foreigners/globalists/multinationals (The Hindutvadis of India sometimes vent their xenophobic rage on McDonald’s/KFC outlets and Pakistani artistes).
        The normalization of patriarchy and sexism (“Grab her by the pussy” vs. the rape epidemic of India, honor killings, and slut-shaming of rape victims).
        Open hatred of gays and wussified males. Putting Alpha males on the pedestal is encouraged.
        Support for militarization in the name of national defense; no hands off the table including nuclear weapons; death and destruction is cool. (Compare the gun lobby in the US versus the RSS/VHP military hawks of India that are calling for the complete annihilation of Pakistan. One of the extreme Muslim-hating Hindutvadi political parties of India, called Hindu Sena, went to the extent of holding a religious havan, a fire ceremony, calling on Hindu gods to elect Trump as President.

        LOL. There’s no such thing called subtlety in their overall disposition. The irony is not lost that many of the Breitbart crowd would see them as untermenschen deserving to be exterminated.

        I miss your classic HAND bans.

  3. Jason Y

    Also a lot of college Republican libertarian pricks. The types who browse YouTube for the latest trendy libertarian video. The clean cut type who don’t have tattoes, and would get raped in prison by real WNs.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t know if ALL of them are necessarily pricks. But there is a growing group of young adults who are favorable to Trump’s message.

      • SHI

        You’re from North Carolina, right? Or is it West Virginia/Kentucky?

        Is it true that the Duck Dynasty has gone off the air now? The Hillbillies in your neck of the woods must pretty excited at the Jan 20 coronation (I mean, inauguration) of President Trump. Care to comment on how they plan to celebrate?

  4. Jason Y

    Trump is definitely a libertarian, like Ron Paul, but NOT a fascist. He’s a useful idiot for fascists though.

    • Yes Trump is a Libertarian of course, like all Republicans nowadays.

      You say he’s not a fascist. You don’t understand the definition of fascism very well, do you? I’ve been studying fascism intensively for over a decade now. Mr. Trump has fascist tendencies, is fascist-like, etc. Whether he is out and out fash is hard to say, but people predicted such things, like Upton Sinclair, said that when fascism comes to America, it will look exactly like Mr. Trump.

      “When fascism comes to America, it will carry an American flag in one hand and a Bible in the other.”

      Sinclair wrote a novel about a fascist takeover of the US, and the fascist President looked a lot like Mr. Trump.

      We’ve always known it was going to be like this.

  5. Tulio

    There are also 1%ers who aren’t wrapped up in his ideology per se but want that Trump tax cut.

    • I would agree that weenie young Libertarian men in their 20’s and 1% ruling class definitely supported Mr. Trump and neither of them are fash. They may not even be all that racist either.

      • Jason Y

        Make those libertarian sissies join the Marines, that will MAN THEM up. 😆 Then they will be bearded, hard drinking, libertarian assholes.

    • Have you studied Political Science? Trump bears many of the classical hallmarks of a fascist movement down to the T. I would say that this is the first major fascist movement in the US in a very long time, maybe since the 1930’s.

      Rightwing populism is dangerous stuff. It is almost always fascist or fascist-like. That’s just the way it works out. The thing about fascism is that it pretends to address of the concerns of the workers and the poor but then when it comes down to actual proposals, it does little if anything to help them. It looks like that is exactly what he is going to do.

      Trump is no friend of the working man or the poor. He’s just another rich free-marketeer fucktard like all the rest of them.

      Good luck getting that tax plan through Congress too.

      I don’t think you ever studied Political Science. I’ve been studying fascism intensively for 10-15 years now. It’s one of my pet projects.

      • Optimus Prime

        Robert, I guess you are still angry. Cmon dude cool down. Whatever happened, happened. If the previous administrations weren’t that bad then america wouldn’t have to endure this. guess you wouldn’t have been this angrier when Reagan and bush were elected. I understand minorities have a lot to fear given the way some of fascists who are coming out of the woods and passing racial inflammatory remarks very casually. We can predict whats gonna be normative in a few years time. If I were a Jew or black then I would even consider moving out after giving a few days time to see how it goes.

      • You don’t get it Optimus.MANY of the last administrations were VERY VERY VERY BAD. And this looks much worse.


        You have no idea that “it’s all going to be ok,” You have no idea if we are going to muddle through this. You have no idea if tomorrow is just another day and we will wake up and be fine.

        Think of how many elections there were all over the world resulted in an Administration where it was DEFINITELY NOT OK AT ALL.

        I do not know if I am going to make it through the next four years.

        Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the next four years. But all indications are that it will be very bad indeed


      • I HATED Reagan! I HATED Bush! They are the scum who led us to this point in the first place. And I HATE this motherfucker way way more than either of them. It just keeps getting worse and worse and more and more insane every four years. They never let up and you wonder if they can get any more extreme.

        I HATE Republicans! I generally refuse to speak with them. If I find out a friend is a Republican, I end the friendship. I refuse to date Republican women. I am not sure if I will have another
        Republican friend in my whole life.

      • Optimus Prime

        Sorry Robert, feeling for you brother. I perfectly Understand that the situation is nightmarish for a guy like you. Hope you come out of this soonn and get well.

      • Thank you Optimus. We are just going to have to wait this out and wait and see what happens. It’s going to really suck, maybe we will muddle though, maybe not, who knows? Just have to wait and see.

      • SHI

        I HATED Reagan! I HATED Bush! They are the scum who led us to this point in the first place. And I HATE this motherfucker way way more than either of them. It just keeps getting worse and worse and more and more insane every four years.

        I do not know if I am going to make it through the next four years.

        Exactly the way I felt when Narendra Modi became India’s Prime Minister in 2014. I always used to look down on him, saw him as nothing but a no-good, fascist douchebag. All the Hindutvadis were suddenly emboldened with his rise and I felt so, so betrayed by my own countrymen. That is why no longer discuss politics in real life, because almost every Indian I meet turns out to be an unapologetic Hindutvadi, a staunch supporter of Fuhrer Narendra Modi.

        I always wanted to emigrate to America, the land of the free. But I guess I’m gonna have to sit it out till Trump’s reign ends. I would have tried the political asylum route but being Hindu, no foreign countries will take me seriously now that a Hindu nationalist is in power.

        In India, the tenures of elected governments last five years compared to the four years of yours. The world is not going to end soon, so relax.

        You might as well consider emigration. Believe me, it’s never too late. You’ll do well in France or Spain. They happen to be socialist paradises.

      • SHI

        And I HATE this motherfucker way way more than either of them. It just keeps getting worse and worse and more and more insane every four years.

        Every four years? Let’s assess it objectively.


        John McCain/Sarah Palin < George W. Bush/Dick Cheney

        McCain is a crazy, angry old man. Say what you want about George W., but he was a funny person, didn’t have those anger issues. Dick Cheney was a douchebag but Sarah Palin would have been a major disaster.


        Mitt Romney < John McCain

        Compared to McCain who wasn’t really right of the political spectrum, just a crazy old man, Mitt Romney would have been a severe danger for poor Americans as well as foreign nations. He would have slashed welfare at every opportunity, including food security. On the foreign policy front, he would have started another war on a Middle-Eastern country, most probably Iran. Romney was a smug, self-assured libertarian douchebag with almost no redeeming qualities. Thank God, Obama managed to edge him out.


        Donald Trump < Mitt Romney

        One would have thought that with Mitt Romney, the Republican party had really hit rock bottom. It couldn’t be any worse. At least, he wasn’t a narcissistic, egotistical blowhard with pyromaniacal tendencies.

        Now, we’ve reached the true layers of rock bottom.


        What’s left now? What could be more extreme to Donald Trump? David Duke, maybe.

        CONCLUSION: You do have a valid point. The US Republican party is getting worse every four years.

  6. Robert I love your blog. It will be more important in the days to come.
    My feeling is that whether Trump fits the classic definition of fascism ( his rhetoric does) is not the most important point. The real issue is that his groundswell is a mass movement ( though thankfully not nearly as organized as it could be) of disenfranchised white working class people, FASCIST middle class layers all United by a national mythology, scapegoats, and a belief in the Strongman executive. Not all of them HAVE to be fascist for it to still apply to the movement as a whole. Also, we haven’t really seen them emboldened yet so wait.

    Splitting hairs with Robert over this is missing the forest for the trees. Read Smedley Butlers account of what fascism would look like when it comes to America.

    One last point. I watched Hillary’s concession. She never mentioned the two words that they desperate need to learn and repeat as often as they can : working class. She mentioned every small patchwork in her coalition of trannies, yuppie Kardashian acolytes, and identity politic baiters. Never once did she utter the obvious reason she lost. Couldn’t even mention their name The corporate controlled DNC turned it’s back on white working class people. They had their scary revenge. Socialism or Barbarism anyone?

    It WILL be bad but we are tough socialists. We are not going to cry with the man pillows at her headquarters. Yeah trump voters may be pretty out there but also 46 million people didn’t vote and Hillary won the popular vote. Enough can be won to make a difference. Hugo Chavez didn’t sit around crying into his girlfriend. John Brown didn’t weep into his soy drink. Thanks for doing your part, Robert.

    • Tulio

      Keep in mind though that Trump voters are as likely to be middle class as any other voters. Yes, his absolute diehards are white working class males. But keep in mind many people voted for him that I wouldn’t call diehards. They are just people who vote along partisan lines and would’ve voted for anyone who had the R behind their name. These are suburban voters. They are not working class or struggling.

      • That’s a good point. Of course that is a component, and Trump is no working man’s hero but he got their votes and it WAS the difference. Its funny when feminists and trannies play identity politics but when white people get hip it’s fuckin scary. but it was somewhat expected that the middle class would fall in line on election day. I agree it’s a huge component of his base, but any republican is going to get a lot of suburban votes and a lot of corporate votes. They love those tax cuts. But what few saw coming was the surge of white working class people who probably otherwise wouldn’t have even voted at all. That’s what sent him over the top. The folks didn’t take a shine to all that elite coastal “deplorable” talk.

        And they are rabid. I’m in Pittsburgh. I was in town for both candidates. There was no comparison between the energy levels for the two. You could see sure there were a lot of middle class racist types, tea baggers, etc. But also a TON of people that came in from the small mill towns awash in unemployment.

  7. Willie

    I was hoping Trump would play this song at his victory rally;

  8. Tulio

    What bothers me more than anything is to think of the victory that was just handed to the alt-right, some of the nastiest people out there. I can’t even fathom to look at any of their blogs or youtube channels or comments.

    • I feel ya. I’ve ventured to look as I always do. A lot of optimism as they believe this signifies a cultural shift. But mostly a lot of delusional hubris one May expect on the morning after being drunk on the political spoils they captured from a disenchanted and unenthusiastic opposition. They may be forgetting that he lost the poular vote and 1/3 of the electorate didnt vote at all. Pride cometh before the fall….

  9. Erik Sieven

    as far as I know the only leading german politician who reacted at least mildly positive towards the victory of Trump is Wagenknecht, who belongs to the “Linkspartei” which is left of the social democrats. They are more or less communists. She sees Trump as the better alternative that neoliberal Clinton.

  10. terrence

    Just to know, do you Robert classify Stalin as a fascist? or Chavez? or the Ayatollah Khomeini, who had a very interesting way to frame the Israeli issue? To me, it is because this brand of revolutionary leftism is dead or structurally anti-Anglo-Americano-Israeli [Oceania], that the only way to oppose neoliberalism in America is neo-fascism.
    What I don’t get is why you buy the new left, trotskyte, post-modern stuff. I mean, third wave feminism is a Wall Street thing from the onstart. It’s got nothing to do with happier women. More like a competition between the patriarchy and the capitalist system, to get women’s workforce. And the capitalist system wins it, thanks to WallStreet’s HuffPo and the other media they fund. Same for mass immigration. It’s never happened within the 3rd internationale. You can’t fight the big money without an authoritarian state.

    • Stalin was not a fascist. You do not understand Political Science. Chavez is not a fascist at all. You didn’t take Political Science I see.

      There are a lot of arguments about whether the Iranian religious state are “clerical fascists.” Really they are not. On economics, they are just about socialists, far the Left of the Democratic Party and like any typical Social Democratic Party. When we start talking about Islamic movements, notions like fascism tend to go out the window. Not all nasty movements are fash you know. If you study the typical ideological components of fascism, you will see that the Iranian clerical regime lacks the general consistency of a fascist movement.

      Fascism is a “popular dictatorship against the Left.” Sound like the Iranians? I do not think so. Does the Iranian regime promote some national myth and attack minorities. They do not attack ethnic minorities at all, they are overturn national myths instead of resurrecting them. They do not declare war on the poor or workers, quite the opposite. It is not a class government of the rich. So much missing stuff there.

      The Arab nationalist states in the Arab World did have some fascist elements, but in other ways, they lacked them. The only real fascism in the Arab World has been the Christian Maronite Falange in Lebanon.

      Turkey has ALWAYS been a fascist country though, since 1924.The basic ideological underpinnings of the entire Turkish state are fascist through and through. The Right and the Left are both fascist in Turkey. Israel is much the same. I recently met an out and out Israeli Leftist and the guy sounded like a wild, ranting fascist. In Israel, EVEN THE LEFTISTS ARE FASH. That’s how fucked up that place is.

      • Sam J.

        “…You didn’t take Political Science I see…”

        Call to authority as evidence to win an argument. I’m not buying it. There’s plenty of people who have studied political science who are idiots. Studying is not understanding.

  11. Sam J.

    I should be more precise it’s hatred for working White people. The salaried class feel it’s perfectly ok to hate poorer Whites and people like Robert fell the same. Robert only likes the working class as an abstract idea he doesn’t actually want them to decide anything for themselves.

    • Gay State Girl

      Those of us who have had negative experiences have as much reason to be contemptuous towards white working as you do toward NAMs.

      • Sam J.

        No you do not. As a part of the class of people, Jews, who killed 60 million Russians, destroyed the Germans, committed mass horrible depredations against the Spanish in the civil war and helped the Muslims overthrow the Spanish with it taking 900 years to get their country back and that being just a few of you depredations, you do not. You who roam the earth predating on people have no right to complain when people cast you off as you are sucking the life out of them.

        You and your ilk are directly responsible for the mass immigration which has turned the US into the Balkans. Your response is just more of,”the Jew cries out as he strikes you”.

      • Gay State Girl


        I won’t respond to your direct allegations against me. I have already told you I believe it is criminal to be sending $38 billion a year to Israel when million Americans are living in poverty as well as sending US soldiers to fight in wars that are beneficial toward Israel, and I wish WNs would make a refined and rational argument on this basis instead of trolling social media and tarnishing their digital fingerprint in the process, which only evokes sympathy toward . I will tell you though that my dad became the hardcore ziocon/super jew that he is as a result of being attacked by underclass and working class Irish Catholics, and he’s hardly unique in that regard. My dad’s cousin was run over and killed by a drunk Irish cop in the 1950’s and the police department because they were all Irish and my family’s factory was also arsoned by a local entirely white gang (the ADL refused to help us recover any costs so I have no loyalty towards them either.)

        However, I do not like the fact that liberals make blanket generalizations or redneck jokes. I understand this to be the reason for the current culture wars we are currently embroiled in.

    • Jason Y

      The white working class is only cynical about globalism when it doesn’t buy them off For instance, in the antebellum south and Jim Crow days, the whites were bought off with power over blacks.

      Whites also glady served in the Confederate army and not just over states rights. The southern economy was booming and these working class southern whites got thier piece of the gold, much like how US military (at least a few ranks up) live good lives serving globalism.

      • Actually that’s were you’re wrong Jason. A working class white in the south likely would have owned slaves. Most who supported slavery in the confederate army I believe were from Households that did own slaves if the soldiers themselves didn’t, and they weren’t of working class either.


        Also slavery made it worst for working class whites due to investments into the slave industry rather than Industry.

        • Jason Y

          The working class white more than likely owned 5 or less slaves, but it was enough to put his interests with the major slaveholders.

          However, only 10 percent or so of all southerners owned any slaves, so that means that the planter class, did indeed recruit mostly working class whites who did not own slaves

          Am I off the mark here?

        • Jason Y

          One retarded argument the Confederate flag wavers ( out of the back of their trucks) make is that, “My ancestors didn’t own slaves, so I don’t owe them nothing.”

          Well, if they didn’t own slaves, then either they had no interest in fighting for the south, and did not, or they were bought off by the generally booming southern planter economy.

          But then again we are dealing with (the flag wavers) dip-shits who want to look bad-ass and know zip about history.

        • Tulio

          Jason, I was recently in the Knoxville and Gatlinburg area to visit. I was just sickened by the amount of Trump and ammosexual and “Hillary for prison” signs/bumper stickers everywhere. I really felt like being behind enemy lines. It’s a shame. That is such a gorgeous part of the country, the natural scenery. But the politics are so ugly.

        • To Jason, I aqctually mispoke in that I meant to say that few were able to afford black slaves due to their prices.

          Second, your point doesn’t refute the bigger picture regarding investments.

        • To Jason,

          I misread your comment as we are both in agreement. Never mind.

    • I will support them on economics of course. One should never support an economic classses’ ideology. Working classes can get infected with all sorts of ugly, nasty and fucked up ideologies.Some rich people have a good ideology.

      Of course I support democracy.

      The working classes of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Whites voted very differently here.

      In politics you support an IDEOLOGY, no matter who will support it. You take your support from any class you can get it from. In most of the world, regular working class people vote pretty well, and they tend to always vote Left, because that’s the only position that’s for the workers. It is only in bizarro freaked out countries like the US that the working class Whites for far right, reactionary and for the parties of the rich. They do not tend to do this anywhere else on Earth. It’s usually very troubling when a working class votes Hard Right because it’s unnatural. The Hard Right usually only supports the rich. So when the workers march off and vote for the parties of the rich, something has gone terribly wrong. Whenever the working class votes rightwing, you tend to have some sort of a fascist movement.

      But you are correct. Of course I do not support the particular fucked ideology that any particular working class may have. That would be insane. You don’t support classes, you support ideologies. If White workers have the wrong ideology, you’re damn right they will have to be fought. Wrong ideologies must be fought no matter who has them.

  12. Jason Y

    What Sam J and others don’t understand is human nature The working class demands pity when it’s losing, but when it’s bought off (winning) then it becomes joyful servants of fascism.

  13. A Leftist who voted Trump. Why in God’s name did you vote for an out and out fascist?

  14. Sam J.

    “…They were all serious racists, except one, but he is an MRA, so he’s sexist as Hell…”

    This is the equivalent of the White slave masters calling poor Whites “Niggers” to get them to shut up about their evil slave labor economy. Now the slave masters call poor White people “racist” if they don’t shut up about their mass immigration, genocidal slave economy.

  15. The Alt Right is makes the Tea Party look benign. From what I’ve read from various historians and political scientists is that Trump is either too stupid to actually be a Fascist, or that he is one but is far more like Mussolini than Hitler.

    • Oh he’s not Hitler! Oh Hell no! Of course he is more like Mussolini. Hell, sometimes I think he IS Il Duce! A better comparison though is between Trump and Berlusconi, Erdogan, Modi or Netanyahu. Or maybe Duarte, though Duarte is quite different.

      Erdogan IS a fascist.
      Modi IS a fascist.
      Duarte IS a type of fascist.
      Netanyahu is a head of a FASCIST political party. The whole Israeli politics is fascist to the core. Hell, even the Israeli LEFT is fascist. I spoke to an Israeli “Left” guy the other day and I could have been talking to Jabotinsky himself!

      • I’ve heard the Berlusconi comparison too. I’ve never heard Berlusconi accused of Fascism, but he is definitely a sexist asshole who can’t keep his hands to himself.

        Interesting that you bring up Modi, I’ve read that Trump is quite popular with Hindu Nationalists.

        Mussolini’s death would be rather Karmic for Trump.

        • Berlusconi absolutely was a fascist. Sort of a fascist-lite, Israeli fash or Trump fash type. A lot of the modern fash are more fash lite types. They do not put in a dictatorship, they are elected more or less democratically, and they leave after their term is up. A lot of the rightwing regimes down in Latin America were very much fash. Pinochet is an excellent example. Pinochet is a hero all over the Latin American Right. They all love him to death.

          This Filipino guy looks pretty fash too BTW.

        • Yeah Pinochet, a.k.a. Pinocchio, was one of the most brutal Fascist regimes ever. Then there’s the Perons. Duterte is definitely one. He’s been called the “Trump of the East.”

        • Gay State Girl


    • Gay State Girl

      Hey Lindsay

      Did you know that Duterte was married to a certain Elizabeth Zimmerman?

  16. SHI


    WELCOME to Trump Land.

    It’s like America, with a few important differences. Here, it’s OK to remove a woman’s hijab, or call a black person “n***er” or “cotton picker” and encourage them to “pick a slave number”.

    Forget everything you know about black lives mattering. In fact, Asians, Latinos and Muslims are a subclass, too. It’s important they’re reminded of their place.

    The swastika has re-emerged as an important symbol, but the Confederate flag should not be discounted.

    The LGBT community must be publicly condemned. This note, placed on a car in North Carolina, is one way of going about it. “Gay families = burn in hell!” Perfect.

    It seems unreal, but it’s the reality. In all corners of a frightening and dangerous new America, anecdotes are emerging of hate crimes committed against minorities.

    They have no place in the modern world, but they’ve found one under Donald Trump — a leader whose rhetoric during campaigning was empowering, but whose victory is vindication.

    It didn’t take long for words to become actions. It started one day after Mr Trump swept to a surprising victory to become the 45th President of the United States.

    These are just a handful of stories being reported by news crews around the US. And they’re far from isolated incidents. Warning: confronting language.

    Shaun King, a reporter for the New York Daily News, began sharing reports immediately after Mr Trump took to the stage in the early hours of Wednesday morning. He said he was aware of more than 50 instances of Muslim women having their hijab removed or being attacked for wearing one.

    Texas student Taesung Kim wrote on Facebook that a group of boys at Plano East Senior High School removed a girl’s hijab in the school hallway.

    A mother of a student at the same school, Lacee Burton-Rhone, shared a photograph of a chalk drawing on the concrete. Under, were the words: “Build The Wall”.

    “A student also said that Trump was going to get rid of all the n***ers, and a black girl was asked what side of the field she would be picking cotton on,” she wrote. “This is Trump’s America.”

    ABC7News in San Francisco reported sophomore student at San Jose State University, Esra Altun, was “attacked for wearing a hijab”.

    “Someone came behind me, pulled my scarf all the way back,” she told reporter Matt Keller.

    “My scarf is tied around my neck, so when he did it, it choked me. When he was trying to pull me down, my back arched in a very different way. And I was in pain and for that pain to stop, I pulled forward I fell and slammed hard on my knees.”

    President of San Jose State’s Muslim Student Association, Dooa Abdel-Rahman, said many Muslims were concerned a Donald Trump presidency had emboldened supporters to attack them.

    “Some of them actually did decide to take off the scarf,” he said.

    South, in Florida, the Orlando Sentinel confirmed racist messages were written on a bathroom wall at Oviedo High School.

    The message, shared on Twitter, read: “Yall Black ppl better start picking yall slave numbers. KKK. 4Lyfe” and “Go Trump. 2016.”

    Authorities said the message was written on Wednesday or Thursday after Mr Trump’s victory.

    The newspaper reported Oviedo High enrols 2500 students and less than 10 per cent are black. Only 17 per cent are Hispanic and the majority are white.

    In Philadelphia, it was more of the same. Philly.com reported the words “Seig Heil”, which translates to “Victory hail” and was a term originally used by the Nazis, was painted on a shopfront south of the city.

    It was accompanied by a swastika and “2016”. Elsewhere in the city, a black woman’s car was vandalised with the words “Trump Rules” and “Black Bitch”. It was parked outside a repair shop and the owner said detectives were investigating.

    • SHI

      Grab her by the pussy

      • Gay State Girl

        Fuck that I wish Ivanka had to suffer as much as all the women that he talked about in the video.

        • TJF

          To Gay State Girl:

          Fuck that I wish Ivanka had to suffer as much as all the women that he talked about in the video.

          Well Der Gropin’ Führer did call his daughter, Ivanka, a “Piece of Ass” on the Howard Stern show.

        • Gay State Girl


          The woman is responsible for sweet talking and luring investors in the Baja scam, who her father later squeezed for millions, and left some homeless and expressed no sympathy toward the investors when the project fell apart. I have no sympathy for her simply because her father is obsessed with her. She makes no effort to distance herself from him.

        • TJF

          To Gay State Girl:

          The woman is responsible for sweet talking and luring investors in the Baja scam, who her father later squeezed for millions, and left some homeless and expressed no sympathy toward the investors when the project fell apart.

          Not disagreeing – All of The Trumps with Donald in the lead are snake oil sellers.

        • TJF

          To Rob:

          What is the Baja scam?

          As with most of Trump’s endeavor’s in recent decades (outside of The Apprentice and grabbing ass) another example of Donald Trump basically licensing his name (Trump University) to promote a venture that failed. Apparently Donald Jr and Ivanka also promoted the venture.


    • TJF

      To SHI:

      As I have said for months – Trump is a turd — but the drama over this guy winning is over done. Focus on the why and stop it from happening again:


      the Orlando Sentinel confirmed racist messages were written on a bathroom wall at Oviedo High School.

      shared a photograph of a chalk drawing on the concrete. Under, were the words: “Build The Wall”.

      Oh my someone wrote some bad words on a bathroom wall – and someone else wrote on the sidewalk in easily removable chalk “build the wall”. .. this makes it to the press…really..? As for LGBT concerns Trump is the first Republican to publicly accept gay marriage and two of his biggest supporters are gay men.

      That said I would agree trying to rip hijab’s off Muslim women – yeah that’s very wrong and does merit discussion – the reported victim was on the San Jose State campus. I know the San Jose State police and the city of San Jose police would take this seriously – if the guy is caught he would be facing felonious charges.

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