Please Stop Saying, “Oh Well, It Won’t Be That Bad.”

Willie: Anyhow Trump struck a pretty moderate tone in his victory speech. I predict he pulls a Sarah Palin anyway.

OK, so he talked like Mussolini + Idi Amin the whole time he was on the campaign trail, but now he gave a “moderate” concession speech, so everything is going to be fine?

I really get tired of this, “Oh he won’t be that bad,” stuff. They said it with Reagan, they said it with Bush, they said it with Romney. They were wrong about Reagan and Bush, and they would have been wrong about Romney.

There’s no sense saying, “Oh he won’t be so bad,” about Trump. No one knows what he is going to do, so there is no point predicting.

A conciliatory tone from the most unconciliatory man who ever ran for President? Dubious.

Look man, when people talk like maniacs all during their whole campaign, I take them seriously. All Republicans talk like screeching, bug-eyed, spitting, foaming at the mouth, dangerously mentally ill types during their whole campaigns. I am always stunned by the lunatic shit they say.

And every single election, the liberals I know say, “Oh don’t worry. He won’t be that bad. He’s not going to do any of the crazy stuff he’s talking about. That’s all just talk.”

Reagan and Bush did do all the crazy stuff they talked about and then some, and Romney would have too. With nothing else to go on, I have to take Mr. Trump at his word, which is a very frightening thing indeed.

Come to think of it, on what grounds are people saying, “Oh well, he just talks like a flat-out lunatic. He doesn’t mean any of that stuff.”? Isn’t it bad enough that someone talks like an escaped mental patient with a list of enemies he’s going to kill? I mean, when an insane person is running for President, I would definitely pay attention to what he has to say. When was the last time you pointed to a lunatic on the street and said, “Oh he just talks crazy. He’s really perfectly sane.”?


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31 responses to “Please Stop Saying, “Oh Well, It Won’t Be That Bad.”

  1. Well the good thing is that we finally got rid of the damned Clintons.

    We got rid of the Bush’s once and for all thanks to george w. CHIMP and now we are rid of the Clintons!

    Good riddance! It’s was the most fuckedest 3 decades thanks to those two klans.

    • Jason Y

      The worst idea of all history was running Hillary. Bernie would have done better, even though he has the George McGovern feel to him.

      • Trump didn’t win: Clinton lost.

        Persons that turned out to vote for Obama simply didn’t turn out for Clinton. Even those that “switched” from voting “D” to vote for Trump is statistically insignificant to have changed the election if the those that had turned out for Obama had done the same for Clinton. It’s the same reason that the Democrats didn’t do better in the Senate races. If there had been a turnout to vote for Clinton had been the same as the turnout for Obama there would have been more Democrat successes in the Senate races.

        I wouldn’t have voted for Clinton anyway as I was extremely opposed to what became an ongoing defacto bush/clinton rotating “monarchy” and was THE reason that I supported Obama so strongly in 08: TO STOP ANOTHER CLINTON AFTER A BUSH.

        Anyway, I haven’t voted in several years now when the reality came to me that the United States is in long term economic decline that will NOT change under a trump or a Sanders or even a Warren.

        In four years the SUPPOSED “white working class” that SUPPOSEDLY supported Trump will find that they’re economic lives have NOT changed one iota and they’ll have to gravitate to the next demagogue

  2. Jason Y

    It depends on whether or not the Republican controlled congress will work with him, and many of them don’t like him. Remember, W. Bush and McCain didn’t even like Trump.

  3. Jason Y

    Perhaps it’s time to leave the nation, if he is what Robert thinks he is. I don’t know how anyone could possibly fight back against such a leader. It’s sort of a Hitler and the Jews scenario.

    Also, looking at the dark side, maybe another terror attack will be what’s needed to mobilize Trump to the next level.

    • You think a terrorist attack that might “mobilize Trump to the next level” (whatever that means) is a good thing? Bush43 “mobilized” all the way into Iraq and Afghanistan after 911, look how that turned out. Or do you think that was a wise move?

      If Trump starts a war in some poor southern country you can bet many of the Dems crapping their oo over Trump now will “stand behind the President” because war gives Americans a boner and makes them feel strong.

      Sometimes I think a war fought on US soil with lots of civilian casualties would be a benefit. It would show Americans that the clean, bloodless wars presented on CNN and Fox are a fiction. People are too stupid to really think for themselves and a good hard reality check might be just the thing to jump start long dormant sections of the American mind.

      • That should read *crapping their pants

      • “Dems crapping their oo over Trump now will “stand behind the President”

        Well I WAS a quasi-Democrat (only because the republicans have become a seriously deranged party – nothing at all like the party my father was a adherent of) and I completely broke with the Democrats and Obama when Obama OKd taking out Gaddafi and now is STILL working to take out Assad.

        Those actions told me how deeply the naziraelis have infiltrated the State Dept. It simply boggles the mind that the U.S. would WANT A Gaddafi and/or an Assad gone with the so many islamic extremist SCUM floating around. Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi and Assad were/are enemy #1 for the islamic terrorists VERMIN so why in the world would the West be wanting those 3 SECULARIST leaders out? SIMPLE: NAZIRAEL.

        The fucking naziraelis win with those 3 gone because they are removed as existential threats to the naziraelis. And the naziraelis also win because Iraq and Libya and Syria are left destroyed and divided and ESPECIALLY neutured militarily.

        THAT is what owns the State Dept of the United States and THAT is why I’ve been writing/stating that even a trump or a Sanders taking over the presidency won’t change shit in our foreign policy.

        As far as economic policy that has been “ECONOMIC NEO-LIBERALISM” for the United States – known as “The Washington Consensus” – since little ronnie reagan and after Bill Clinton shoved NAFTA downs our throats and attached the Democratic Party to the capitalists and Wall Street it was blaringly clear there was no more political power around to fight for the working class…….. and yet the “white working class” that SUPPOSEDLY supported trump have somehow deluded themselves that the republicans are the “working MANS party”.

        GO FIGURE.

  4. Tulio

    I hold out a small bit of hope that the Trump we saw during the campaign was just for show in order to throw red meat to the ignorant, low-information white voters he needed to carry him to victory. Maybe this was all just strategic.

    Maybe, just maybe that’s not who Trump actually is. When you see him in this video from a few years ago, he’s much more genteel. Maybe now that he won, this is the Trump that will come back. That would be the best case scenario at this point:

    • Jason Y

      Right, pretty sure the un-PC clowning was just a campaign strategy. Nonetheless, the problem isn’t with his Archie Bunker persona, but rather his actual policies, which Robert says are massively dangerous and reactionary.

    • Tony Swagger


      Trump will be more kinder to blacks than Obama/bush. I do not recall him making any racial comments against blacks in the course of his while campaign.

      • Tulio

        What? Are you fucking kidding me? He was the father of the birther movement.

        • Willie

          I presume you have an American name like “John Jones”.

          If Obama was not with recent roots to Kenya Trump wouldn’t have said this.
          If you became President he wouldn’t have done it because AAs are quintessentially American.

          In the quest to remove Dagoes and Sp!cs from running for President birthers targeted Cruz, Rubio, Santorum, and Jindal but not Carson.

        • Sam J.

          Picture of the insert

          Read it. This is his stuff. If it’s a mistake then it’s on him.

        • Look Sam I am going to have to throw you off of here.I am going to throw a lot of you Trumpsters off of her. Go look in the Comments Rules under conservatives and reactionaries. It says I can throw you off anytime for any reason or for no reason.

          So that’s what I am doing here. I kept you on here for a long time, but now you are getting way too Republican partisan. Go look in the Comments Rules under that. See where it says no supporting the Republican Party over the Democratic Party? That’s not a hard and fast rule, and you can always support the Republicans or oppose the Democrats from the center or the Left, but you are flat out breaking the rule. And I have been letting you get away with it for way too long.

          I really enjoyed having you on here believe it or not and even your racism and anti-Semitism doesn’t bother me that much because I am pretty indifferent to that stuff. You’re a really smart guy and especially when you get off the politics, you have some great and even brilliant insights. I still don’t think you are a reactionary or even that much of a conservative really. I agree with a lot of your politics! Nice little fancy cake you baked there! You’re not really a rightwinger. You’re just a racist! Which is not really ok, but sadly I understand why you feel that way. Not everybody acts like a model citizen to put it mildly.

          Anyway Sam my friend I wish you all of the very best in life and all that comes forward and I am sorry it came to this. Maybe if the politics changes in the future we can even reconnect.

          At any rate, signing off, good look and Godspeed to you sir.

      • Optimus Prime

        What??? Sam is banned? I am shell-shocked! I thought you loved him. Just kidding. But in-spite of Sam’s virulent over-the-top antisemitism, anti-black racism, he had lot of other interesting things to say. Just like swedish shit, who has a very interesting mind but swings around wildly with anti-islamic stuff, Sam was obsessed with jews. I pray he gets well soon.
        I don’t think he was a Trumpster. From my knowledge he was skeptical about Trump as well. Isn’t this blog supposed to attract all sort of cranks? I’m going to miss Sam badly.
        I understand you are so very pissed off Robert after the election results. I also understand you gave him several chances. May be you want to reconsider your decision, Robert.

        • It says right there in the Comments Rules that you can’t support the Republican Party over the Democratic Party as a rule, no attacking the Left and liberalism, if you want to attack Democrats you have to do so from the Left or Center and if you want to support Republicans, you have to do so from the Left. This is fucking socialist blog, I’m a Leftist, and from Day One this Goddman site has been overrun by conservatives and reactionaries, WHO I HATE. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. Got it.

          I’ve been putting up with this crazy rightwing reactionary insanity ever since Reagan and I am really sick of it. I am ending most of my friendships with rightwingers. It’s over. If you’re rightwing, you’re my enemy. Period. Every time they came in, I said, well, this is going to be horrible, but this time we will tough it and we will probably survive. But now this is life or death stuff. If you are for Trump, you are for MY ENEMY. Got it? MY PERSONAL FUCKING ENEMY. You don’t get to befriend me and my enemies both. It’s one or the other. You’re with me or you’re with them. You gotta make up your mind.

          I have been wanting to throw Sam off in a way for a very long time because he makes us look so bad, but I try to be very conservative about the banning policy and all he ever did was spout racist and anti-Semitic stuff, which I don’t care about. Now he’s gone fullblown partisan and he’s supporting my personal deadly fucking enemies, and I will not accept that.

          I should have thrown the rightwingers off this site a long time ago. This is ridiculous. I’m a Leftist and all my commenters are reactionaries! What? This is just absurd. You are going to have to agree to some basic principles if you want to stay here and that means the Alt Left.

          I am going to keep on as many of these Trumpsters as I can though. Anyone supporting Trump from the Left or attacking Hillary from the Left or saying they are both pieces of shit but I like piece of shit Trump better than piece of shit Hillary can stay.

          But you cannot support the enemy. You cannot attack liberals, liberalism, the Left or Leftists. You ever hear me do that? I AM the Left. When you attack the Left, you attack me. Sure I give you a ton of leeway or cultural bullshit, but you gotta be down with some basic principles. I fail to understand why my socialist website should be a platform for fascism.

        • Gay State Girl

          Lindsay banned him because I was trying to appeal to him rationally and he attacked me.

        • GSG, Sam is giving this site a bad reputation. The comments are full of these racist maniacs, mostly because I support free speech for them, but they do not reflect my views.

          We need to get a new breed of commenters on here somehow. I realize this blog appeals to 0% of the population, but still we need to find new people. I find it hard to believe that I am the only person who thinks like I do.

          Sam got banned for violating the Comments Rules, though he has been violating them for a very long time and I kept him on anyway. Look at the part where it talks about Conservatives/Reactionaries. It says you cannot support the Republican Party against the Democratic Party in a partisan way. He was doing that, to say the least. And just now he started spouting birther nonsense.

          No pasaran!

  5. Willie

    Trump doesn’t seem to be a neocon per se although he has allowed himself to become their puppet.
    I think he could end Thatchersitic monetary policies and raise growth; which hurts people with assets making a more equal economy. Maybe. And electing this guy now instead of a real, polished fascist 4 years from now is good.

    But his temperament is really bad.
    This is bad but it could be much worse

    • Tulio

      “He” isn’t doing shit. As if Trump knows the first thing about economics. His policies will be written for him by right wing nut jobs and he’ll just sign off without even reading them.

      • Sam J.

        You have a mental illness. He went to Wharton business school and got top grades. You think they don’t teach economics at Wharton business school? You have a serious mental deficiency that you can not even recognize facts that don’t fit into your world view. They just don’t exist for you.

        People who support the Democratic slave party are demented. They vote for mass immigration wage slavery and are too mentally fixed to even recognize it.

        • Given how we know NOW of the incredible utter failures that trump has achieved in his businesses it seems that trump didn’t pay very much attention in class while he was at Wharton.

        • Tulio

          Given that most of his businesses have failed, that he’s been blackballed by US banks for loans and relies on Russian oligarchs for funding, that he’s declared bankruptcy 6 times, has defaulted on paying contractors, his business acumen seems to be severely lacking. He the multi millions of dollars in money he got from his daddy had simply been put in a basic index fund he’d have made more money over his lifetime than he has made from his businesses. He’s always been considered a joke among truly wealthy people. A poor man’s caricature of a rich man.

        • Gay State Girl

          He had a 2.7 GPA at Penn. Ivanka was caught lying about her record at Penn as well.

        • 2.7 GPA?? Geezus, I held a 3.8 GPA while in college.

          AND I did it doing 18 units/semester AND working part time.

          I had a simple PERSONAL formula: an “A” meant FOR ME that I had “passed” whereas a “B” MEANT FOR ME that I had COMPLETELY FAILED.

          However I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone as it took a HUGE psychological toll on me and towards the end of my 5+ years in college (I ended up with 3 majors) I had MAJOR “mood/temper problems” because I had put so much stress upon myself.

        • Gay State Girl

          I doubt he was accepted to Penn on his own merit. He is severely dyslexic and one of the writers on SNL said he kept making mistakes during the table reading.

        • If you listen to the guy that wrote “the art of the deal” said Trump had the attention span of a elementary school child.
          How could he of did so well, and have such a poor vocabulary,
          to the degree of making up adjectives. Anyone that talks about themselves in the third person, is a narcissistic, egomaniac. Democrats are going to be the ones saying”we told you so” in a couple of years, as i’m betting he is just going to stay in long enough to make enough deals to make him rich again, and then he’ll come with a medical deferment, just like he did for vietnam. The election was stolen from her, by the FBI director, and paid Russian shill, and fellow molester, Julian Assange. She won the popular vote by 1,000,000 votes. the Electoral college is a joke. At the end of the day, I don’t think he going to make it past president elect, as I highly doubt he is going to be able to wiggle off the hook, on the racketeering charges, and I think obama and clinton know that, and know this child will never become president.

        • Source for Hillary winning by 1 million votes?

  6. Lin

    From another site:’Liberalism’ as a Fashion Industry

    To the ‘liberal’ middle class whites, particularly those who missed the ‘Flower Children’ fun, cultural leftism is sure like a designer apparel brand and it serves as somekind of mental escape from the real social problem like ghetto violence, unemployment… ‘Look, I’m all for gay marriage and I’m progressive’ and what not….not too different from a women with a LV handbag trying to project the image of the models in the flashy ads. Wallstreet sure also likes the branding bcos under under neoliberal economics, they can gamble with your money.

    Mind you that much of the apparel making are made in 3rd world countries to cut the cost and maximise the profit, so you have globalism. The yankie neoliberal economic parallel is to import 3rd world immigrants to suppress the wage, in the name of ‘humanitarianism’ while the elite live in fenced colonies with round the clock security to ward off the undesirable elements of the society. It has worked for a while for the yankie ‘liberal’ democrat elite but the unemployed (apparel and other sectors) white workers complain why they’re off the value chain. Actually the wage depression might hurt the blacks more than the whites;that explain why the democrats are getting less black votes in 2016.

    So Trumpism is likely just another fashion brand trying to widen the appeal ..but it might come too late, as I said, robots will be the working class’s new enemy. Trump will try to shift the anguish towards the arabs, chinese , or even krauts(trade deficit with them is also increasing)… Hold your breathe, polyamory marriage will be ‘marriage equality’

  7. Sam J.’s obama post is another example how brain dead the people are that believe in that nonsense. The fact that Obama’s mother was an American citizen, makes Barrack an American citizen, even if he was born on the friggin’ moon!!!! Just another perfect example, what I like to call “selective reality”, where you select to believe in fictional explanations, or definitions, and embrace it as reality.

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