Lots of Squeakers

Trump wins:

Trump is winning in Michigan by 12,000 votes. 99% in. Michigan not called yet.

Trump is winning Arizona by 82,000 votes. 98% in. Arizona not called yet.

Trump won Wisconsin by 27,000 votes. 99% in.

Trump won Pennsylvania by 68,000 votes. 99% in.

Hillary wins:

Hillary is winning New Hampshire by 1,000 votes. 100% in. New Hampshire not called yet.

Hillary won Minnesota by 43,000 votes. 100% in.


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48 responses to “Lots of Squeakers

  1. Sam J.

    via Voxday

    The Democrat slave party has been pursuing identity politics for decades now. Well they got it and now they’re complaining about it. Too late.

    • SHI

      Interesting stats on Drumpf’s voting success with minorities.

      The vote count of Latino men stood at a respectable 33% compared to only 26% for Latino women.

      Among Blacks, the contrast between the genders is really sharp. 13% Black men voted for Trump (“That’s my African-American right there!) compared to just 4% for Black women. This means roughly 200,000 Black women voted for Trump in the entire US.

    • Tulio

      The Republicans wrote the book on identity politics. They’ve been appealing to white racial resentment since Barry Goldwater. They’ve never truly stopped. Trump simply doubled down.

  2. Christopher

    Unbelievable that Trump didn’t get 80% or more of the white vote. Any white person, let alone white male who vote Clinton is a cuck.

    • Sam J.

      I think the Republicans are fools. When the slave master Democrats win they push all kinds of odious things on Whites that are against them. When the Republicans win they…do nothing. I would build masses of public housing in all the White areas where they vote for the slave party, end section 8 and move all the the Democrat slaves into their territory. They want diversity. I would give it too them out the ass. Let them deal with all this diversity they so virtuously say they want.

    • Willie

      This is why you are stereotyped as backwards savages, much like the NAMs you claim to hate.

      It’s all about subjective,NAM-ish things like Masculinity while at the same time criticizing your oponents for having a “feminine brain”.
      And before you start chimping out I will tell you I did not vote for Hillary.

    • You cannot support Trump on here like this, Tata. I will ban you if you do. I am cracking down now. I have banned seven Trumpsters in the last few days.

      You have to have a good reason to support Trump. If people are supporting Trump from the Left, I will let them keep posting, but I think it is absurd.

  3. Gay State Girl

    God you’re such a dupe. He’ll throw y’all under the bus and you’ll have tarnished your digital fingerprint on his behalf. I feel sorry for you.

    • Sam J.

      “…I feel sorry for you…”
      I know this is not true because the Jews don’t have empathy.

      • Gay State Girl

        I feel sorry for people who have tarnished their digital fingerprint or built up a criminal record, and jeopardized their own good name on behalf of someone who doesn’t give a fuck about them.

      • Sam J.

        The pool picture is there above but you have to click on it. Here’s another.

        You Jews are always blathering on about Storm Frint so let’s see what they have there..ah a great collection of Revilo P. Oliver’s articles!

        The Revilo P. Oliver Collection


        Great stuff like “By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them” (1985)
        “New Hoaxes For Old” (November 1985)

  4. Gay State Girl

    Donnie Dearest is not going to bail you out.

    • Sam J.

      Probably not but he’s not Hillary. Thanks Hillary for spotlighting the Alt-right. Even the alt-right unfortunately is a lot of Jews spouting nonsense about how we need a King. What stupidity.

  5. Gay State Girl

    Did you know that Donald Trump fought for the inclusion of blacks among the Palm Beach country club sector? He sent a copy of Guess who’s Coming for Dinner to the Palm Beach Civic Society. Do you really think he’s going to do the bidding of white nationalists?

    Obviously you misread my comment about tarnishing your digital fingerprint. I’m actually being quite generous. I’m worried that you folks will miss out on employment opportunities and experience difficulty obtaining bank loans or housing or prejudice in the legal system based on stuff you’ve said on social media and I really do feel sorry for you.

    • Sam J.

      Unfortunately for you and your Jew banker friends I not in any way going to need loans from them. I like many others are becoming self sufficient from your parasitic system.

      As for feeling sorry. You know that’s a lie. Jews don’t have empathy.

      Digital fingerprint works both ways. What if the Jewish attack on the US 9-11 becomes widespread knowledge? You threatening people with their “digital fingerprint” could easily be construed as you having access to this group that controls the “…bank loans or housing or prejudice in the legal system…”. Maybe you do maybe you don’t but I believe that after many hours of torture the truth of this could be ascertained.

      Most all of you are involved in some kind of pathology. All they have do is watch Jews and the majority of organized crime would be solved. Maybe you’re involved in the Israeli organ stealing business? Watch out.


      • TJF

        To Sam J:

        Maybe you do maybe you don’t but I believe that after many hours of torture the truth of this could be ascertained.

        Sam J did you just threaten a partially disabled young woman just because she’s Jewish..? I mean WTF dude… over the fucking top batshit crazy. White gentiles in the US are so pathetically weak that they are controlled by 1% of the population..? I mean come fucking on ..white Europeans gentiles controlled 7/8s of the planet for 200 years and now less than .5% of the world’s population through Svengali methods is making gentile whites do their bidding..? Really you guys come across as a bunch of keyboard pussies.. you can’t even do anything to people who conceivably are bad actors of the Jewish persuasion (Soros comes to mind..) but continue to whine about the big bad Hebrews.

        And Trump is potential salvation even though his son in law and oldest daughter are Jewish? The alt-right has been pushed into the mainstream by breitbart.com which was founded.. yup ((Breitbart)). And Libertarians..? The big freedom of association guys.. .let’s see (((Ludwig Von Mises))) (((Ayn Rand))) (((Murray Rothbard))).

        • Gay State Girl

          I was attempting to appeal to them. They’re doing more damage to their own reputation and future with spewing obscenities throughout a medium that is largely owned and operated by jews, which only evokes sympathy toward those whom they attack.

        • Poor old Sam is getting out of control. I had to put a stop to this. This is all just going way too far.

          I wish Sam well, and I hope maybe he comes to his senses one day.

        • Tarabas

          Oh really… sad to see him gone. He was quite an interesting chap.

      • ‘(all or a majority of) Jews don’t have empathy’.

        if you really believe this, you must be stupid or crazy. Its an extremely stupid thing to believe. I wonder how people can really believe things like this…what’s wrong with them?

        • Jonathan

          Unfortunately Steve that’s the norm in certain alt right sites like daily stormer, vnn. They don’t know the cancer they are housing. It is all going to be comeback to haunt them after a period of time. Sam was treading on the thin line far too long here. Any other leftist blog, he would have been thrown off instantly. There is no point of engaging in any debate with him. He will derail the thread with his Jew obsession. He just circles around jews, NAMS like a rat in a tin shithouse. He was so very obsessed with Jews and conspiracy theories that probably need a therapy of sorts. Discounting that I guess he is an extremely intelligent man. I pray he doesn’t end up like Glenn Miller of VNN and recovers soon.

    • Jason Y

      I agree with Gay State Girl. Trump is not going to reinstitute Jim Crow or other such stupid nonsense. However, he did supress the voting of NAMS in order to get elected. Possibly that’s all he will do.

      Trump is not about changing society, but more about just economic and political power.

  6. TJF

    To Sam J:

    (Yes I know the Cramps are Jews. I still like them).

    What..? No.. pretty sure that none of the core members of the Cramps were Jews. I know someone that knew Lux and Ivy pretty well, as I remember Lux had some German heritage and was from Ohio. Ivy had a Scottish name. The most ethnically exotic member of the Cramps was a guitarist who played with them off and on – Kid Congo Powers aka Brian Tristan who is a Mexican American. Sadly both Lux Interior and my favorite guitarist Bryan Gregory (the Cramps had several) are deceased.

    Jews are over represented in one form of popular music:

    • Sam J.

      Lux and Ivy have got to be Jews. Their names and their weird taste in music. That being said the Cramps are one of my very most favorite bands. I really, really like them. Bryan Gregory was really never a guitarist at all. Ivy showed him what to play and in a sort of autodidactical way he made it work.

  7. Gay State Girl

    I take you are well familiar with the idea that social media is an arm of the judeosphere, much like the MSM, FED, ZOG, the Hollycost etc. They are currently building a database and individual profiles for individuals and your movement.

    And you attack me for suggesting this and warning you about it. Now I’ve truly seen it all.

  8. Hillary Clinton now leads Trump by almost 700,000 popular votes.

    She will probably end up “winning” by 2.5 million popular votes. More than Gore. Almost as many votes as Obama got in 2008.

    There are 7 million more votes to be counted- 5 million in California alone. Hillary is winning CA by almost 2 to 1 margin. The other 2 million votes are from Oregon, Washington and New York.


  9. Willie

    The banning of Sam does show something specifically interesting and scary about the Alt-Sphere (specifically the Alt-Right); that EVERYTHING is a MSM lie.
    Nothing that we’ve been socialized with can be trusted, it’s all a lie.
    Look at some of what Trump says, he insists that he didn’t do stuff he was on tape doing, and it just becomes “Stoopid lieberal medea”.
    Not good, not good at all.

  10. Willie

    I heard that Trump received a lot of money from border security unions, and they’re going to pressure him to amp up border security rather than build a wall.

  11. Natz

    How is this Trump dictatorship going to happen, Robert?

    • Well I never said it would be a dictatorship.

      But there’s a lot of authoritarian bullshit coming down the pike:

      1. First election without the Voting Rights Act: mass voter suppression mostly of Blacks and Hispanics.
      2. Kobach’s Cross Check threw 1.3 million people off the rolls in red governed states. Almost all were Blacks and Hispanics.

      3. The election itself was apparently stolen by computerized counting machines rigging and monkeying.

      4. Ohio changed the software in their voting machines to remove the part that allows you to go back and check the results to make sure they were fair. They removed the anti-fraud device.

      5. Third time in history exit polls did not match results. 2004, 2006, 2016. Also Hillary’s people rigged voting machines in primaries to steal primaries from Bernie.

      6. Trump says he’s going to put his defeated opponent in prison.

      7. Trump to widen libel laws to sue media he doesn’t like.

      8. I mean on and on. If you can’t see how this guy is an authoritarian, you are blind.

      One more thing: Not all fascists institute a dictatorship. Especially the more low end ones like Trump just get elected (MORE OR LESS) democratically, serve their term and then leave. The Israeli fascists and Berlusconi and many Latin Americans are a good example. Fascism-lite is typically not a de jure dictatorship.

      I mean look, if you don’t know what fascism means, why don’t you go do some research.

      • Jason Y

        The voter supression things sounds interesting. However, note right wing forum posters and blog commentators will still insist it was a fair election and the protesters are crybaby wussy SJW types.

  12. Jason Y

    Robert mentioned voter suppression from the Republicans, so perhaps the real scenario is the other way around.

  13. Tulio

    Maybe it’s time for the American right and the American left to divorce each other. We should split America into two nations so we don’t have to bother one another anymore.

  14. Joe S

    Good post. Yeah, the whole “Trump wave” is exaggerated. He is still very unpopular, but so was Hillary Clinton. Way to go Democrats, you put up one of the most unpopular politicians in America as your candidate for president.

    The real story is how dominant the Republicans are at the state level.
    See: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/11/12/these-3-maps-show-just-how-dominant-republicans-are-in-america-after-tuesday/

    The Democrats threw out all the people like me, New Deal liberals who were left-wing on economics but conservative on social and cultural issues like abortion and gay marriage. Now they can’t win elections for dog catcher in much of country. I would be more comfortable feeling schadenfreude over the state of the Democratic Party if the Republican alternative wasn’t so terrible.

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