Is Trump a Fascist? Oh Yes

Nebbie Olpimd: He was openly mocking the #TrumpNazi clown company and making satire. Or so I hope.


Not sure if he’s a Nazi, but he’s definitely a fascist. Or he has fascist tendencies. Or he’s fascist-like. Or however you want to put it. I mean, there’s no argument there at all.

This will be the most fascist President this country has ever had. You guys want to know what fascism looks like? It looks something like this.

This will also be the most openly racist President the country has had in a long time. Way to go, everyone.

He will also be the most openly sexist President this country has had in a long time. This guy is Mr. Misogyny. Way to go, ladies.

And he is the worst President elect this country has ever had by far. I can’t think of anyone worse. Can you?

All you “Hillary is too rightwing” Lefties, you fucked up so bad, man. You have no idea what you just did.


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5 responses to “Is Trump a Fascist? Oh Yes

  1. I don’t agree with you : Trump is no European 1930’s style fascist dictator. Trump is rather to be likened to an early Independence times African-style dictator such as Idi Amin, Mobutu, Bokassa, or to Haiti’s François Duvalier. Just have a look at Trump’s mannerisms, they remind me so much by their utter lack of concern for propriety, untimely bon mots, voluntary sexual code violations, and the general attention deficit they testify of of former Idi Amin’s. By electing Trump America has gone full Third World.

  2. Fascists aren’t made in a cookie cutter. Every age and location will have unique characteristics. There are degrees. Is He more Berlusconi or Franco? At this moment, I say the former. But that could change. He has a lot of those tendencies. I think if he had issued a less conciliatory election speech, people would be saying ” Duh, of course he is a tyrant.” But that’s the power of the news cycle. A year of insane stuff and one speech later and people are saying ” eh he seems like a nice guy. “

  3. Jason Y

    Trump is a fascist oompa-loompa 😆

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