America Is Israel Once Again

I’ve always said this country is USreal. Israel and America are one country. That’s the reason for the overwhelming US support for that shitty little country festering over there in the Middle Eastern desert. It’s not due to any Jewish conspiracy. That would mean that the US media and political class secretly hate Israel and only support them because the Jew-Nazis are forcing them to. But that’s not what’s going on. America and Israel are joined at the hip. This nation has a profound, deep, wild love for Israel.

Israel was created by Jewish fascists. It’s fascism for Jews. It always has been. Ethnic nationalism is fascism. Ultranationalism is fascism. There no other way to slice the cake. For a while there, they were electing some weird “Labor Party” leftwingers who were sort of Strasserites or leftwing Jew-Nazis. That’s all done and over with now. For decades now, the Jews have been electing very much openly fascist candidates for President. The Likud Party is a fascist political party. Its philosophy is Revisionist Zionism. Revisionist Zionism is open fascism. The founder of this  movement was named Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky was regarded by everyone as a fascist. His seminal tract was called “The Iron Wall.” Jabotinsky was an open admirer of fascist movements in Europe at the time.

Since all US Jews love Israel, this means that all US Jews are either fascists or support fascism. But they’re hypocrites like Jews always are. Jews love Jewish fascism. Jewish fascism is just fine and dandy for Jews. They wouldn’t have it any other way. According to US Jews, Jewish fascism is the best political system for the Jews. Now we can argue why we feel that way, but that’s the truth.

However, being Jewish hypocrites, they hate everyone else’s fascism. Except the US Jews are supporting ISIS, Al Qaeda and all rest of the arguably Islamic fascists. The US Jews are also supporting the openly Nazi government in Ukraine. I guess you can argue they are doing this because this fascist movements are fighting the enemies of the Jews. So the Jews love fascism for Jews, and they will openly support any fascists who attack their enemies.

On the other hand, they have a wild paranoia of all other types of fascism and even the fascism they support above is very dangerous to Jews to say the least. The Jews correctly believe that most if not all other types of fascism will eventually turn on the Jews sometime or another.

Once again, as I have said endlessly, America is a Jewish country. Trump is just Sharon and Netanyahu rolled into one. The Jews have been electing open fascists for 20 years now in Israel, and now Jewish America is following the lead and doing the exact same thing.

But did we just elect an antisemitic fascist? It’s hard to say. Americans still overwhelmingly support Israel, even as they elected Mr. Trump. Go to websites of Trump supporters and the support for Israel is over the top. Mr. Trump himself is an extremely strong supporter of Israel.


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9 responses to “America Is Israel Once Again

  1. Please don’t complain about that : you may like or dislike Israel, the problem is that without Israel, and without its Jewish sub-culture, America has no soul, it never had a soul of its own. Long before the was a geographical Israel on the map, America was betrothed to mythical, mystical Old Testament or better put Masonic Israel in replacement for its former loyalty to the British Crown it had to jettison to become a new nation. As long as Israel’s soul was rather optimistic, humanistic, and cheerful, as it was about up to Yom Kippur War, that didn’t pose any problem at all. Israel present-day soul is glowing dark and browning out to say the least, but the only alternative to acknowledging Israel as one’s national soul for an American, the only alternative to enjoying the urbane Aufklärung Jewish-German culture as its own best culture, is no soul at all. Get over it : it’s present day Israel’s dark soul or the black hole. If you want to put a remedy to the way America is a Jewish fascist cultural dictatorship, the only way to do that is to be a good Jew in America yourself as an alternate model to the ones now in vogue, it is by converting in some way (that may stay purely allegorical) to some form of other of Judaism or other typically Jewish way of thinking, feeling and doing (like 20th century style marxism or romanticism).

    • “you may like or dislike Israel, the problem is that without Israel, and without its Jewish sub-culture, America has no soul, it never had a soul of its own.”

      This is a joke right?

      • P O


        Somebody whose name is “Judith” will be indoctrinated to sayeth such Jsupremacist things since they are toddlers.
        So even as grown-ups they really tell their supremacist jokes like serious things.

        And the fault is of the too many people that, for too many years, have failed at laughing hard enough at their jokes.

    • Optimus Prime

      RR, She’s already mentioned this many times in this blog.

  2. Gay State Girl

    Fuck Israel.

  3. United States of Israeli slaves

    While American childish sheeps love and support Israel unconditionally their master in Israel laughs at Americans as can be seen from this video. I hope I don’t offend sane Americans.

    ” know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in our way.” – Netanyahu Benjamin

    Americans have become what Ovadia Yosef said of gentiles and what talmud says:

    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel.”

  4. United states of Israeli slave plantation

    How can you love someone who has only exploited you by trillions of dollars over the course of years.

    They did 9/11
    They did USS Liberty
    and probably all the “terror attacks by radicals muslims” with the help of absolute traitors in the governments of western countries.

    They truly are the center of evil in this world and every sane human should learn about them, since the western holohoax propaganda has given a completely different image of what these embodiment of satans truly are.

    Here is video that shows Israeli links to 9/11

    Also check other works by Christopher Bollyn

  5. Only about 50% of Americans support Israel which is actually very low, considering Israel’s had fawning coverage from the media & AIPAC pandering politicians for decades.

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