Who Voted Trump? 100% Rightwingers and Racists, 0% Anyone Else

Every American I know who is voted Trump is either:

A conservative, reactionary, rightwing extremist or fascist.

Those who do not claim they do not fit into those categories (which are very few) are all racists. These are all White people, White men, and they are all voting for Trump on race. They either hate Blacks or Hispanics or both. And furthermore, all of these people identify themselves as rightwing even when they say they are not.

Who did not vote for Trump:

  • I do not know one single person who does not identify as rightwing, conservative, reactionary, rightwing extremist or fascist who voted for Trump. Not one.
  • Almost everyone I know who voted for Trump is White, and almost all of them are men.
  • I do not know any moderate non-racists who voted for Trump.
  • I do not know any non-rightwingers who voted for Trump.
  • I do not know any self-described moderates or leftwingers who voted for Trump.
  • I do not know any Blacks who voted for Trump.
  • I do not know any women who voted for Trump.

So Trump was elected by:

  • Conservatives. I do not know one single non-conservative who voted for him. Right-wingers elected Trump. Everyone who voted for him was rightwing, even if they said they were not. In fact, those who said they are not have been identifying as rightwing for a long time now.
  • Racists. On the off-chance that anyone I knew denied being conservative, then they were absolutely racist. The only possible non-racists who voted for Trump were hardcore conservative Republicans, and that’s a wildly racist position right there. Note that a number of these horrifically racist Whites virulently denied that they were racist to me. All of these people who denied being racist to me were overt Alt Right supporters, and all were more or less Nazis.
  • Whites. Whites elected Trump, mostly White men. Almost everyone I know who voted for him is a White man. I only know one non-White who voted for Trump, and he is Alt Right Hispanic.
  • Men. I do not know one single woman who voted for Trump.
  • Muslims. I do know some Muslims who probably voted for Trump, and it would be nice if Trump would do them a favor and throw them out of the country. I have no idea why they did this, but Muslims are profoundly conservative, even reactionary people.
  • MRA’s. I do know some men who voted for Trump on sexism (MRA types), but almost all of them are also very racist, so it’s a wash. I only know one nonracist MRA who voted Trump.


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44 responses to “Who Voted Trump? 100% Rightwingers and Racists, 0% Anyone Else

  1. Jason Y

    Then how come he massively won ?? There cannot be that many racists out there. Possibly just because racists like him, doesn’t mean everyone supporting him is racist.

  2. Tony Swagger

    How Trump was able to win Florida and other swing states without nonwhite votes? Are you aware there are many latino groups who were rooting for Trump? Trump is on track to win in Michigan as well, without black votes hows that possible? agreed that blacks and latinos might vote with some nefarious agenda but it still discount the fact that they preferred Trump over Hillary, right?

    • Trump won both Michigan and Florida with a massive outpouring of support from rural Whites. This was the case everywhere in the land. And also I believe that a lot of Hillary’s may not have come out.

      Trump had the lowest Latino support that any US Presidential candidate has ever had. 75% voted against him. Rural White Florida poured out to vote Trump.

      Trump had very little Black support. Black support was low as usual. I am not sure of the numbers, but it was low. I believe Blacks voted 85% Hillary. Rural White Michigan poured out to vote for him.

      He won it all with Whites. Blacks and Hispanics voted 75-85% against him.

    • Willie

      Cubans are counted as non-White, but they were big Trumpies.

      In the polls he had a 7 point lead so he may have won by 10.

      Guisanos like trump apparently. I’m sure Lindsay is thrilled about a trump presidency.

      • That does not count. Gusanos always vote Republican EVERY SINGLE YEAR. This is the only Hispanic group that votes Republican.

        • Willie

          They were trending blue prior to this.
          In fact I believe Obama won a plurality of them in 2012…

        • 82% of Hispanics voted against Trump.
          92% of Blacks voted against Trump.

        • Willie

          Lindsay according to Amy Walter on PBS last night and wikipedia the numbers are 71% and 87% respectively.

        • Willie

          I’ve been speculating the Obama “rainbow coalition” was not held together because Hillary is lily White…..
          Mugabe/Epstein shouldn’t count his chickens before they hatch. The democratic party may not nominate a “clone of Bernie” in 2020, but will rather just nominate a POC to win. The latter is preferable to neolibs.

          and if you use Burlesconi as a predictor of Trump he may very well win reelection.

        • I remember hearing on the night of the election that Trump won because of black and Hispanic voters. That true?

        • No, 13% of Black males voted Trump. 4% of Black females. Hispanic figure is supposed to go down to 18%. Millions of votes in California, Oregon and Arizona not counted.

        • He won because of Blacks and Hispanics because they didn’t come out to vote. Blacks were particularly bad. Blacks in Detroit and Madison lost those states for Hillary.

        • Willie

          (4+13)/2= 8.5% ?

          I actually heard 7%.

  3. SHI

    Maybe it’s time for the West Coast and the mid-Atlantic states to secede and form a brand new nation, Liberal States of America (LSA).

  4. China and Chinese support Trump. Me as a Singaporean Chinese support Trump.

    I spoken to some Muslim and they told me Trump fault is only his big mouth.While Hillary is wicked witch that promotes Islamofascism.

    I am not too sure if Muslims support Trump but in China forum I gather Chinese support Trump.

    • Mike

      Heyy snake eating slant eyed faggot, trump hates China more than any one else. And you say Chinese support trump. Ive spoken to several Chinese who were repulsed by Donald talk. Just like a typical manipulative Chinese, you lie here shamelessly. Who cares that a Chinese from Singapore supports trump. Go downlow on your own leaders

    • I believe 70% of US Asians voted against Trump. So in the US, Chinese are NOT supporting Trump.

      • USA Chinese not supporting Trump could be true. Anyway people are generally not so informed.

        Comparing Trump and Hillary, Chinese States probably choose Trump. Everyone knows Hillary is a war queen.

        Neocon pivot to Asia has given China lots of problem.

        Chinese state likely support Assad.

      • Tulio

        Why would Chinese be supporting Trump? He is hostile to China and thinks they are ripping off America.

        • Trump bark China for trade. Hillary and neocon may start a shooting war, and are now encircling China via Philippines and Vietnam.

          USA can get all their jobs.

          But China must not loss SE Sea or start a war with neighbhors.

        • Tulio

          A war between two nuclear powers has virtually zero chance of happening. Hillary, Putin and Xi are not suicidal Muslims. They all realize that a nuclear war would be mutual suicide. At most you’d have saber rattling and santions. But China and USA weren’t going to war. Russia and the USA weren’t going to war. This is nonsensical.

        • Lin

          Many aren’t aware that China is becoming a very important consumer nation. Trade war with china means bad business for everyone. My impression is Trump is smarter than many think he is. However the yanks do have their legit concern with china trade deficit. Comrade Xi will just whisper to Prez Trump:” Don’t worry, we’ll buy more Trump steak, Trump ice cream…”

        • China got hell lots of trouble when Obama stir shit with ICJ, Vietnam and Philippines against China.

          Rightly or wrongly China perceives these are the works of Hillary gangs.

          USA protectionalism (Trump Stance) on the other hand is viewed sympathically and some solution could be work on (my opinion)

          Stirring shit in security domain will cause lasting damage to China.

          So I root for Trump.

      • Matt

        I know a lot of Filipinos, and they were virtually 100% behind Trump.

        • Tulio

          Filipino Americans or Filipinos in the Philippines? Duterte seems popular even among Filipino Americans, in they probably see Trump as the American Duterte. So I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

        • Philippines is run by Hispanics who constitute 5% of the population (Some Chinese families as well) so perhaps the poor Malay with nothing in his Barangay knows what a Latino-run society is like with its corruption and machismo.

          What the Chinese did in the Philippines is a good argument for protectionism alright.

          Duterte is killing a load of junkies and that is all he will do is shoot millions of people who “tweak on shabs” because they have no hope, no money, no job, no self-respect.

          Some of the bar-girls will die because they all smoke Shabu which might lower sex tourism.

        • matt

          Filipino Americans with very recent connections to the Old Country. If it matters,most of the ones I know have some measure of Chinese ancestry.

  5. Tulio

    Yeah Robert, you’re spot on here.

  6. Hmm. I often find your essays insightful. This is not one of those. “Everyone who disagrees with me is Hitler”. I get that you’re upset, but that’s not a way to learn new things.

  7. Tulio

    Conservative intellectual explains why white nationalism is the center of gravity in the Republican party:

  8. All right baby that does it. I am banning your hot little French Canadian ass.

    I really don’t mind you though. You’re just being silly and misguided, but you’re probably not evil. But you are a Trumpster, and a whole lot of them are heading right off this website. You really have no idea what you are getting into with this guy.

    It was also nice to have you here as you were intelligent and insightful.

    Anyway, have a good life and I wish you all the best of luck and health in the coming days.

  9. TJF

    Pretty entertaining diatribe on how Trump won (And yeah he hates Trump):

    And while we are at it – before the election:

    Election Post Mortem:


    Some take aways:
    7. Working-Class Whites. “Donald Trump heard a voice no one else heard” is how House Speaker Paul Ryan put it Wednesday. But the alienation of these voters shouldn’t have been a mystery. Between 2007 and 2014, the median incomes of white males without college degrees fell by 14 percent. Trump carried them by nearly 40 points Tuesday.

    Free Trade. Ross Perot warned of “a giant sucking sound” of jobs leaving the U.S. for Mexico if the North American Free Trade Agreement was passed. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George H.W. Bush, Ivy League economists, and most of the media scoffed at Perot. But Bernie Sanders didn’t sound much different than Trump on trade on the 2016 campaign trail and Hillary Clinton reversed field on both NAFTA and the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership. In the general election, working-class Americans flocked to a candidate who blamed the Clintons for NAFTA, which Trump repeatedly called “the single worst trade deal ever.”
    Corporate Greed. In February, a U.S. conglomerate called United Technologies abruptly announced it was closing two Indiana manufacturing plants in its Carrier division and moving them to Mexico. Both factories were profitable, but Carrier can pay workers far less south of the border and import the products at no charge, thanks to NAFTA. United Technologies, which reaps billions from government contracts, recently gave its departing CEO a $184 million severance package. “The greed of United Technologies is unbelievable,” said Sanders. “You really can’t make this stuff up.” Sanders and Trump campaigned hard on that theme, and both won the Indiana primary. Trump carried the state Tuesday by nearly 20 points, only eight years after Barack Obama won it.

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