“Retarded Indians Refuse to Evacuate Crashed Airplane,” by Magneto

Retarded Indians Refuse to Evacuate Crashed Airplane

by Magneto

I just watched this video and was absolutely amazed by how stupid the Indians are in the video:

Okay, your airplane has just crash-landed, and yet you are all just calmly collecting your luggage and bags. Never mind that the airplane could explode or catch fire at any second, and it did actually catch fire about a minute after the video stopped.

There was a bit of an online backlash against an airline steward who posted on the video on her Facebook page and she called the Indians “fucking rats” and idiots. Of course the typical anti-racist idiots jumped in and started making it go viral and calling the airline steward a “racist”. Many other airline stewards agreed with the post though and said that working on Indian flights is an absolute Hell because of how rude, ignorant, and arrogant most Indians are. Others claimed that their planes are completely trashed and dirty every time after an Indian flight.

Sorry but it is not racism to call out bad behavior. Most Indians act like rude, insensitive, brain-dead retards, and they trash up wherever they go. Anyway it really makes me happy to see that more and more people are waking up and realizing how disgusting most Indians are. Then again, if you have ever had any real contact with an Indian before, you can’t help but come to that conclusion- Indians are stupid, rude, self-righteous, dirty, and just plain nasty people to be around, and this is the real reason why Indians remain so isolated in Western culture. No White,  Black, Mexican, or Asian wants anything to do with Indians.

In Thailand, they have a saying, “If you are trapped in a room with an Indian and a snake, kill the Indian first.” That’s one great thing about Asian cultures, they don’t have so much Political Correctness as the West and are free to speak their mind. I’ve talked to many people in China, Thailand, Malaysia, and other Asian countries, and they all regard Indians with extreme disgust, distaste, and distrust. Is it because Asians are racist? No, it is because Indians misbehave wherever they go in this world, and their horrible behavior and reputation is really starting to spread now.

If you take a look at some of the comments on that YouTube video, people with Western names are also commenting about how stupid Indians are and how disgusted they are with them. It’s also hilarious to read through some of the comments written by Indians who are trying to defend the retarded behavior of their fellow countrymen. Their grammar is total crap, as usual.

There are a few Indians who are also expressing disgust too and saying how they think many of their own countrymen are completely stupid. And the usual response by other Indians is to call them “anti-national”. How can you feel pride in your country when over 50% of your population still takes a crap outdoors in the 21st century? I remember telling that to an Indian once, and I asked her, “How can you feel proud to be an Indian when over 50% of your population still shits outdoors in the 21st century?” and she got really silent like she was trying to hold back her anger.

This is how stupid Indians are. Suggest to them that they should use indoor plumbing, and they get angry at you. Not just mildly angry but flying into a rage angry. Indians are deeply sick people, and Westerners need to wake up and deport all of these disgusting dirty savages and cut off all trade with India.


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3 responses to ““Retarded Indians Refuse to Evacuate Crashed Airplane,” by Magneto

  1. Sam J.

    I’m…I’m…speechless for how stupid these people are.

  2. Jason Y

    So what ??? isn’t that what WNs want in their dream world? Don’t they jerk off to the idea where the can bodly be arrogant pigs without criticism? Where women have to satify their every desire like at some strip club, and where they can be as racist, rude, and unhealthy as the so desire ??

    • what most normal, sane, healthy white people dream of is a world where uncivilized pigs from 3rd world countries aren’t invading our countries, stealing our jobs, raping our women, and trashing our once-clean cities.

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