“Pollution and Overpopulation in India,” by Magneto

Pollution and Overpopulation in India

by Magneto

Recently there was a huge festival in India called Diwali, and Indians celebrate it by popping off a bunch of firecrackers and fireworks. These fireworks are built with cheap, toxic ingredients, and you may think, “Oh well, shooting off a few fireworks won’t do much damage to air quality,” but when a nation of 1.3 billion people are all shooting off toxic fireworks, well yes, it has an effect.

Indians woke up to a massive pollution smog cloud the day after Diwali, and the visibility was so bad that you could barely see a few meters ahead of you. Many Indians complained about their eyes and lungs burning from the air. Official air quality tests showed that the pollution levels were 10 times higher than safe levels. This is how dumb Indians are. For the sake of shooting off a few fireworks, their cities are covered in toxic smog that is literally killing them slowly. Indians are clearly such selfish, heartless people that they could care less even about their own children because everyone is breathing in this air, including their own children.

And Indians make the problem worse by their uncontrolled reproduction habits. Already India is massively overpopulated, and Indians just keep breeding like cockroaches. Although I am not a fan of Big Government, in this case, it would be a very good thing if India had a strong government like China’s and enforced a one-child population control policy. The pollution in India is caused by overpopulation because the more people that are born, the greater the environmental impact is going to be.

Unless India deals with its overpopulation crisis immediately, there will be zero hope for the country. And it’s probably already too late. Even worse is the fact that many Hindus murder their female babies or abort them in the womb once they find out it’s a girl. Sociologists have shown that when men outnumber women in society by a large enough margin, society itself becomes ultra-violent. Think about that. When a man realizes that he has no hope of ever having a normal life, getting married, and having children, there is a much higher chance that he will turn to anti-social activities and crime because such men basically have nothing to lose.

This is the future that India has to look forward to. A society with an extremely high crime rate and very low living standards because there are simply not enough resources to go around for the massive numbers of population being produced. There really is no solution to this problem and even implementing a one-child policy is not enough to stop it at this stage.

India is the toilet bowl of the world, and the bacteria is spreading at an uncontrollable rate. South Asians, consisting of India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh, are simply having too many children, and the rest of the world needs to isolate South Asia and let it rot in its own filth. There is nothing we can do to help South Asians. They have created their own mess by their uncontrolled breeding habits, corruption, inhumanity and selfishness.

The only thing we can do is isolate them and do not let them immigrate to the rest of the world. Let them live in the toilet bowl they have created. Wherever they go in the world, they will spread the same cancer they have created in their home countries. So unless the rest of the world wants to be turned into a 3rd world shithole with 3rd world living standards, the only thing we can do is to isolate these barbarians in their own countries and refuse to have any trade or connection with them. Isolate them completely and don’t let these parasites feed off of the West anymore.

I’m sure some of you may think this is extreme, but unless you have actually been to India or  South Asia in general and have seen the utter horror of reality here, you can’t truly understand. We cannot let Indians and South Asians spread their horrific lifestyles and culture to the rest of the world.


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38 responses to ““Pollution and Overpopulation in India,” by Magneto

  1. ksytriakhalsa

    How do you write so much liberal bs together in one post?

    The pollution is always high in the cities. Why not criticise christmas or new year? Pagans need 2 b converted that’s why.



    ^ So Yes Germany, Italy, Portugal are overpopulated shit-holes.

    Cry more liberal

    • You animals need to stop breeding. This clearly isn’t going to happen so it is up to us white people to FORCE you to stop breeding. You are cockroaches and we are the bug spray man.

      • You seem pretty angry. Nothing in that guy’s post hinted at him being Indian and he just gave you some data.

        • I’m sick of subhumans outbreeding the civilized races. If you had any common sense, you’d be angry too. Oh wait, are you even white? If not, then take your passive aggressive comment and stick it up your indian ass, faggot.

        • I’m Italian buddy. Angry for people living? I believe everyone should be able to live in their own lands. “Anyone who disagrees is an Indian.” great logic!

          It wasn’t passive aggressive, it was a fact. You seem to be emotionally driven. That’s not good for untangling facts.

          I believe that everyone should have their own lands.

          Do you not realize that birth rates are largely genetic? R and K selection. CLASH. Do some reading on this and get back to me.

          That’s nature, my friend.

    • SLUMDOG CANNIBAL Muslim Indians and lower-caste Hindus pop children out in the road that run around like stray dogs in Delhi or Mumbai streets.

      That is why these people wish to leave India and go to the West because their corrupt country cannot formulate social services or economic policies to adequately support them.

      Now if India were nothing but Brahmin and Parsi people it would be a developed country because they have one to two children.

      Sadly Muslims and Lower-caste Hindus from primitive non-Aryan genetic ancestral clusters are unable to behave like Europeans.

      Catholicism has not really helped the lower-caste Hindu Tamils in the South telling them to breed more.

      So at any rate overpopulation screws your country.

      • S26

        TRASH Sahib,

        Aber das ist witziger Scheiss.

        Two of the most major sources of pollution in India are plastics and outdated tech vehicles, both imports of the West put into India by Bania / Parsi businesses. Most of the plastic burning initiatives were enforced by Brahmin city officers. Before the Dalits – poor Muslims even had contact with plastic – private vehicles, jain businesses had dumped them en masse onto the ground in India.

        Im not saying only Brahmins are filthy, but to convert untidiness into a culture, it takes a Brahmin. Heck, last week I was talking to a Brahmin explaining his plastic filled backyard, as the house of Goddess Laxmi. She brings him luck, or whatever else he hopes to find. And you mean to say more of them would make India developed? Christ! You arent are the brightest idiot around, are you TRASH?

        • S26

          Are you so low-caste you collect recyclables for a living in India?

          Somebody as busy as I was in India hardly had time to watch what Brahmin do with their garbage-they don’t collect as a job like low-caste people do in Mumbai.

          No, I did not bother to watch what Brahmin did with my plastic bottle the few times I visited them.

          Most Brahmin I knew in JoJo and Andheri lived in apartments, not a house. I never worked or desired to visit anywhere outside the cities except for Goa a few times.

          Brahmin will not stick to you like shit on your shoe and are enjoying life enough in India unlike low-caste Tamil Catholics to be pleasant to be around (They are LESS HAPPY WHEN THEY LEAVE INDIA).

          You can tell a North Brahmin as being slightly lighter-skinned and Caucasoid of appearance than non Baniya castes (Maybe 10% Eastern European).

        • GulliverFredrich

          No North Indian upper castes may have WHITE EURASIAN ADMIXTURE and not EUROPEAN ADMIXTURE, but Brahmins in others parts seem to genetically cluster close with the other people of the South Asia region. Also it’s pretty much the upper castes that are creating this situation in India in the first place, because they created the backwards and regressive social institutions and belief systems of South Asia and have been in power there for quite some time now; and now everyone is paying the price for it there. So everyone is equally to blame, but it’s the upper castes that are responsible for this mess.

    • S26


      This isn’t liberal bs, this is pure bs. This is low iq garbage trying to pass as reasoned racism. The same Magnetoretard had elsewhere written that feminism in the west is pretty fucked up. Anyone can draw the link between feminism and falling western birth rates, while criticising the reason for it. And here the same guy is hailing the west as a fine example of underbreeding. The bug spray ought to aim at itself .

      Overbreeding is largely a UP / Bihar and to a larger extent a Muslim problem. There’s no collective guilt for 2 children parents all over India to have.

      • The only two races that ever acheived technological advancement is the white race and east asian race.

        The main problem in this world is the useless races (blacks, mexicans, indians, arabs) are reproducing like cockroaches, while the useful races like whites and east asians are not breeding much at all.

        Doesn’t your own Vedic scripture predict the future of the Kali yuga, and it says that everyone will become black and brown and there will be no white people left? And it also says that once society reaches this stage, it will be pure chaos, people will literally be running around killing and eating each other. That’s the words of the Vedas, not my own.

        • “The main problem in this world is the useless races (blacks, mexicans, indians, arabs) are reproducing like cockroaches, while the useful races like whites and east asians are not breeding much at all.”

          Define useful? What is the word useful in this context? Would it be production or reproduction? Evolution is about reproduction, not production (van den Berghe, 1981).

          Eurasians have a 1 percent decrease in fitness due to the population bottleneck coming out of Africa and another 1 percent fitness hit due to introgression of deleterious Neanderthal alleles. So Eurasians have a 2 percent decrease in historic fitness compared to African populations.


          So looking at it from an evolutionary perspective, it’s actually the equatorial races that are “useful” (whatever that means in whatever context you used it in).

        • GulliverFredrich

          Careful about East Asians, mongoloids are not a civilized people and they have the capacity to be just as filthy and backwards as Indians in many cases; and yes I know this from having to deal with them for a long time now. Mongoloids were also the last to have a functional literacy system and come upon sophisticated metallurgy, out of all the Ancient civilizations of the old world civilizations (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, Babylon/Sumeria, Elam etc etc). Mongoloids are a subhuman backwards regressive race in their own way, and they exhibit tendencies toward it.

          Who is civilized and who is not, has always been dependent on the wheel of time and the historical context and has always differed from place to place and region to region.

        • S26


          MY Vedas don’t say anything about Kaliyuga. THE Vedas don’t either, but THE Puranas do talk about Kaliyug and it has nothing to do with White, Brown or Black people.

        • Hey you fucking animal. You say “my vedas”, but guess what? White people are the real brahmins or decendents of brahmins. If anyone has the right to claim the Vedas, it is whites, not you subhuman savages who are the children of sudras and untouchables.

          “but THE Puranas do talk about Kaliyug and it has nothing to do with White, Brown or Black people.”

          The Puranas definitely say that towards the end of the Kali Yuga, humans will be black colored, two feet tall, and will basically be dogs. They will run around in packs and just kill each other. The average life span will be like 15 years.

          The faster whites are killed off by browns and blacks, the faster we will reach the end of the Kali yuga.

        • White people are the real brahmins or decendents of brahmins. If anyone has the right to claim the Vedas, it is whites, not you subhuman savages who are the children of sudras and untouchables.

          Academic Citation needed.

  2. Lin

    The firecrackers, at most a few lbs/person, I suspect added little to the pollution.Most of the PM2.5 and Pm10(mico particles)pollution is caused by burning of ‘bio-mass’ cooking fuels like grass and cow dung(undigested grass) which are very smokey. Mind you India has 350-400 million holy cows.
    Case in point, the last time I checked,if I remember right, china burned 6 times as much coal as India did but has lower and improving air pollution level

    • S26


      Interestingly, I read that the major PM2.5 source in cities like Delhi was road dust. So the problem may not lie simply with the usual suspect “coal”. I’ve never been to China to be able to look at road quality or construction quality first hand, but they’re terrible in urban India for sure.

    • Sam J.

      “…The firecrackers, at most a few lbs/person, I suspect added little to the pollution…”

      You’re wrong and Robert’s description is correct. How do I know? I’ve seen it before. I lived in Las Vegas and Las Vegas in in a Mountain valley. One New Years me and some folks decided to go to, I think it was “Sunrise” mountain, the one to the east of Nellis Air Force base and watch the fire works. Oh My God! At 12:00 the whole entire valley erupted. Fireworks, firearms…a mighty blast. Huge! The people plus the hotels just all blasted away at one time and the whole valley became covered in smoke. It was quite a sight.

      I decided to look it up. I believe this is a picture of the mountain. If you look at this picture you see a mountain on the left. Look at the exact middle of the picture and you can see a slope going up to the left. That’s a road. It goes all the way over the mountain to Lake Mead. We were way up on that road.

      Where those houses are in the bottom of the picture used to be desert. I saw a F-16 crash there once.

  3. S26

    Hopefully New Jersey opens abortion clinics before it has the problems Brampton does with every little Sikh or Gujarati or Tamil joining a street gang and wanting to be a gangster. Brampton, Ontario reflects how fast population explosions can turn a clean white region into a slum.

    SLUMDOG CANNIBAL got away with his crimes because low-caste people were having children in the street and unable to look after them because Muslims and low-caste Hindus are stupid parents with no brain.

    Sikhs and Brahmin possibly because of the Iranian or Arab blood only produce 2 children-usually Dad has a decent job and can look after the little assholes.

    If you subtracted Muslims and poor low-caste Hindus from India and all you had left was Baniya caste Indians you’d probably have a society as wealthy as Singapore.

    Tamils are a different matter because of their Asberger stupidity and Catholicism among the lower-caste converts. They will always be dragging India down as a result of being anti-North because they are of course a different earlier race. Usually they have 3 children.

    • We need to open more and more “reproductive health clinics” in 3rd world countries, which in reality are actually sterilization clinics that pay women money to get sterilized.

      Women are the ones who produce children and so if you want to reduce population, you have to target women first.

    • GulliverFredrich

      Not sure why you include Arabs, Arabs have always been and are illiterate backwards idiotic camel jockeys with a stupid idiotic regressive cognitively retarding religion and way of life. Arabs are not “advanced” and never were at all in the first place. They never created any real advanced civilizations of their own and have always been illiterate backwards barbaric regressive morons. Also there is no such thing as an :”Iranian” race…..

      • Punjabis in India are basically Persians or Arabs. They look like Arabs, especially the ones with long beards. They look nothing like indians.

        Punjabis are barbarians and it’s no wonder that normal indians hate them. The normal indian really isn’t that bad a person, they may be stupid and ignorant but most of them aren’t bad at heart. But Punjabis are truly evil people. Indians hate punjabis and consider them as very rude and aggressive people. I also agree with that.

        Punjabis need to be kicked out of India and sent back to Pakistan or Persia or whatever middle east shithole they originated from.

        • I can’t take you seriously since you write from such hate and bias. If you were more objective it’d be easier to take you seriously but you are no where near objective and write with such a clear bias.

          There is no such thing as an Iranian race. Learn some basic population genetics.

  4. S26


    Come on, what’s your point here? You’re a desi fuck. Heck, I’ve started reading all your posts in an UP accent, and it’s stuck in my head. I finally got the Tamil Brahm accent out, that I had taken you for.

    Well, I wasn’t talking about Mumbai, so I don’t know what you’re on about. Now if you’re really interested in the trivialities of why I was discussing plastic accumulation with a Brahmin, it started with a bit of small talk, went on-to Modi, and then he went on to explain, why he’s above the whole Clean India thing, or that’s how it seemed. And well, he wasn’t sticking shit on a shoe, rather like pigeon poop that drops out of nowhere when under some shade. He definitely wanted donations for his Diwali whatever at his house.

    Now, this is getting off topic, so I’ll leave it at that.

    • I’m not Indian and know little about Hinduism as it did not interest me.

      As many years as I lived in your country, off and on, I had no interest in it.

      I was getting paid.

      Now I did use quite a few women in your country and did a few drugs and hung out on the street.

      That is about it.

      • Yeah that’s one of the few things that will keep you sane in India, is the amount of freely or cheaply available brown girls there. As for drugs, it’s not really easy to get at all. Weed and heroin is freely available but not much else, no LSD or MDMA or mushrooms or meth or anything. Actually it’s possible but very difficult to find that stuff. So unless you like weed or heroin, there’s not much option for drugs in India.

    • Uttar Pradesh? No, I’m not from there.

  5. S26 I’m white. I interacted with higher-caste Indians in Dubai (Lower-ones in the Arab Gulf do not of course interact with whites as part of their job description).

    Later I lived in Cochin and Mumbai.

    No further details about myself will forthcoming.

    • S26


      Is that European white? Or a Brahmin / Khatri “I’m also white” white? I’ve heard even Tam Brams to a certain extent consider themselves “White”. All general details not forthcoming is also an acceptable scenario.

  6. rainman

    in the malfuzat i timuri

    “My wazirs informed me that the whole amount of the revenue of India is six arbs; now each arb is a 100 krors, and each kror is a 100 lacs, and each lac is a 100,000 miskals of silver. Some of the nobles said “By the favour of Almighty God we may conquer India, but if we establish ourselves permanently therein, our race will degenerate and our children will become like the natives of those regions, and in a few generations their strength and valour will diminish.”

    “Asian Indians tend to have more abdominal adipose tissue, less lean body mass (LBM) and higher magnitude of insulin resistance (IR) despite falling in the normal range of body mass index (BMI) [1]. The high value of waist hip ratio in Asian Indians may be due to less lean mass of the hips and greater fat at the levels of waist [2]. Another study showed that Asian Indian men have low muscle mass and 30% more total body fat (BF) than other ethnic groups [3]. Low lean mass is also evident in Asian Indian neonates as compared to white Caucasian neonates [4].”
    http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article id=10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0040977

  7. S26


    Brahmins are the real excretion of white people? Make up your mind, are Vedas my scriptures or are they not? You’ve told me they are my scriptures, and now tell me they aren’t. What will it be Fuckneto?

    The Vedas are mainly a praise to the nature and rituals after whoever wrote it, settled in the once glorious nature of Punjab. Now the average Punjabi may have no clue about that, and may be more interested in chest thumping and creating bad rap music. But what do the Vedas have to do with Europe and Europeans? Even brahminical Vishnu worship is about a minor theme in the Vedas.

  8. Lyn

    I don’t care what people do in their own nations. I mostly care about massive, unrelenting immigration into my own nation. I don’t agree with the premise that a nation MUST HAVE a never ending increase in population and that a negative birth rate for a few generations must kill a nation economically. I think business should change/modify to meet the nation’s needs- not constantly stuff people into it’s borders to prop up some Ponzi scheme. If left alone, population that exceeds it’s resources and technology will be taken care of by nature.

  9. Frito Pendejo

    China happens to be a very large country with way too many people that happens to always having a real gender imbalance issue as well, but Chinese men don’t strike me as being real violent, @ least compared to blacks, latinos, or even white males for that matter, & the last time I checked, violent crime doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal over there.

  10. Lin

    From another site

    —- Senior Hindu official blamed rats for causing deadly flood.

    —- Hindu police blamed rats of drinking 900,000 liters of seized (&missing) moonshine. Bihar water resources minister Rajiv Ranjan has blamed rodents for the state’s crumbling embankments and the consequent flooding in 21 districts that has left more than 500 people dead and lakhs homeless.

    “People living on embankments litter food grains, inviting rats, which carve out holes that weaken embankments,” he said during a review meeting on Friday.



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