2016 Elections Thread

OK, go to it everyone. 5:55 PM PST here.

Clinton is ahead.

Kentucky called for Trump.

Indiana called for Trump without one ballot being counted (!).

Trump ahead in Florida.

Clinton projected to win California.

My opinion? Well of course Hitlery is going to win.

Who did I vote for? Well Hitlery of course. Who else would I vote for? I realize there is a danger with Killary, but actually I think I would rather die in a nuclear war under Killary than live under a President Drumpf which would surely be a fate worse than death.


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96 responses to “2016 Elections Thread

  1. TJF

    I’m beginning to wonder – As of 6:34 PST Washington Post early results shows VA, MI, WS, OH and FL going for Trump… I suspect it will be very close. I voted for Jill Stein – it doesn’t matter in Cal – Clinton will get it.


    • TJF

      A low black turnout will hurt Hillary Clinton in Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina.

    • TJF

      If Trump takes the election – someone who is an obviously flawed candidate – a lot of media elite will have to rethink their position of welcoming the disposition of the working class of the US.

      Illegal immigration and sending jobs overseas.. Bill Clinton got it right the first time – it’s the economy stupid – and by that I mean the economy in fly over country.

      It’s articles like this that make me think the elites of this country are really out of touch:


    • Forget it. Madison, Milwaukee in Wisconsin and Detroit and Flint have not even reported in yet. Detroit Free Press is calling Michigan based on exit polls.

      Trump took Ohio.

      Virginia flipped over to Hillary.

      • TJF

        Trump was never expected to win Wisconsin or Michigan… the pollsters must have missed a lot of voters. I suspect whoever wins Florida will win the election – although I haven’t done the math if Clinton takes Michigan and Wisconsin.

        • Forget it. He took Florida but he will not take Wisconsin and Michigan both. She is only down 80,000 votes in Wisconsin and 25,000 in Michigan.

        • TJF

          Looks like it’s going down to the wire.. Trump will likely take Arizona and Alaska putting him at 255 electoral votes… Clinton has to take both Pennsylvania and Michigan….yeah — looked at some other sites.. it’s very close…

        • I think she will win Michigan.

          Not sure about Pennsylvania but he is only up there by 2,000 votes and the cities are counted last.

          It is going to go all the way down to the wire. No one knows who will win now. Toss up.

  2. It looks like its gonna be Trump.

  3. SHI

    Trump is winning as per ABC, The New York Times and even CNN. There is a “needle” pictorial that you must check out. Trump is ahead in all the traditional “Red” Republican stronghold states and a fair number of toss-ups including Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. He’s even making deep inroads in erstwhile Democratic territory leading in Michigan, for example.

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news. Trump will win the 270 electoral seats needed to become President of the United States.

    His supporters are already celebrating at Breitbart, Stormfront, VNNForum, David Duke.com, KKK etc.

    The right wing dystopian dream has finally come true. Welcome to the new reality. Sieg Heil!

    • SHI

      Just came in. Trump takes Ohio, Florida (Source: Breitbart). I guess it should be around 12 AM EST??

      • SHI

        Trump is leading in Nevada, New Mexico, Michigan and New Hampshire (Source: New York Times LIVE map projections.)

        • SHI

          Clinton has just taken Virginia and Colorado, and is ahead in Pennsylvania. Maybe she can still rebound, and make it to the finish line by a hair’s breadth. I’m not holding my breath though.

        • No.

          Hillary already won New Mexico.

          She is down by 25,000 in Michigan and it drops by the minute. The big cities are not in at all yet.

          She will win Nevada I think.

          She is down by only 10,000 in New Hampshire and the big cities are not in yet.

        • She will win Pennsylvania. I still predict she squeaks it out.

        • TJF


          Are you watching TV..? I am looking at the NYT and Washington Post sites….

        • I really do not know.

          She will win the popular vote.

          He COULD win the electoral vote. I also think that she could still win. This thing is going to go all the way down to the wire.

      • SHI

        I would love to be proven wrong but we need to get real. Trump already has 244 over Clinton’s 219 (Source: New York Times LIVE update). The NYT is also giving Trump a >95% chance of an eventual victory. This race looks over.

    • There is no reason to believe this is true. She didn’t need North Carolina, Florida and Ohio. She is probably going to win Michigan. I still predict she squeaks this out.

  4. Optimus Prime

    And Michigan as well

  5. Willie

    12:45 EST it looks like the rural areas are having precincts counted later on in both Michigan and PA.

    Most likely trump wins electoral college but maybe not popular vote idk.

    I am cautiously optimistic about a trump presidency I just wish they’d ‘take away the nukes’ or something like that.

    I think the growth rate increasing will “level the playing field” so to speak, it will compel the elites to take risk; and that can be done without ‘easy money’ from the Fed. But we’ll have to wait until trump appoints some bad goy chair of the Fed in 2018.

    And hat tip to commenter Mugabe for predicting this.

    • Bernardista

      Bottom line: against all reason and judgement the DNC chose to nominate an un-electable candidate with ziltch charisma and enough baggage to topple a horse long before the primary even began.

      They have no one to blame but themselves.

      BTW, I live in a safe state too and I voted for Jill Stein.

  6. SHI

    Trump is already at 254 over Clinton’s 215 (Fox News Live Update). His victories include Nevada, and Wisconsin, a strong Democrat stronghold.

    At this stage, even when Clinton retains Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minneosta and Maine, she’ll top at the most, 265 votes (215 + 20 + 16 + 10 + 4).

    Arizona’s 11 votes will go Trump’s way. He’s already leading 49.4% over Hillary’s 45.6% with 1054 of 1469 precincts already taken into account. He’s leading in Phoenix area but did lose Tucson. Still, Arizona is leaning Republican. With Arizona, Trump’s tally goes to 265.

    Then we have Alaska’s 3 votes which will definitely go Republican. With that, Trump’s tally jumps to 268.

    Oh yes, now we’re down to New Hampshire. Hillary must win these 4 votes but that will take her count to only 269. If Trump wins, he’s at 272, neatly crossing the finish line. Somewhere the Math doesn’t add up though.

  7. Optimus Prime

    A staggering 58000 plus comments in Breitbart.. OOps

  8. Optimus Prime

    Just 6 more seats and then You have President Trump

  9. Gay State Girl

    I knew it would happen all along. I just didn’t want to say it for fear it would come true. But the shame I now feel as an Anerican is far surpassed by the shame I felt about the ziocon s so I guess that’s somewhere. 😀

  10. Tony Swagger

    Yay!!!! We have President Trump. ((They)) tried to rig with PA but PA stood solidly behind Trump.#MAGA.
    Filthy Kikes can crawl back to their Israhell and bemoan over their loss and keeping begging their Satan gods.

    • Gay State Girl

      Dream on. The guy is drowning in Jews.

      • Tony Swagger

        GSG, you keep parroting this same line again and again. There might be jews in his family, so what? Stalin was an ethnic Georgian as well. Did that stop him anyway? Trump is not the one to forgive all the shenanigans these Satan worshiping kike fags pulled to stop him. The best way to give them their taste of their own medicine (outkike the kike). Squeal, squirm and keep denying the obvious. This mandate is the proof that Americans have started to realize who is controlling what. All their tricks to kike the goyim have proved to be counterproductive. This election will go down in history as a game changer. Never seen a rebellion against an establishment become so successful. Now its time to Build a wall, seal all the borders, stop funding hebes #MAGA

      • His daughter is married to one!

    • TJF

      To Tony Swagger:

      Filthy Kikes can crawl back to their Israhell

      Umm you do realize that the majority of Trump’s grandchildren are Jews, two thirds of his children are married to Jews (one converted to Judaism), and his one remaining unmarried child has been dating a Jew for over a year…? And this guy is going to be chasing Jews to Israel..?

      • Tony Swagger

        No he is not going to chase them. no need to chase them. He will simply render them powerless. Federal reserve and all other jew controlled establishments will rebound to normalcy.

      • nebbie ollpimd

        I wish you had been posting comments on the countless Jewish social media accounts/media (Tablet Magazine, Forward), who have done their best to spread this mindset:

        “I have never wished the international Jewish conspiracy was real more than today.
        — (((Yair Rosenberg))) (@Yair_Rosenberg) November 9, 2016

        Text from a sibling: “Are we going to make aliyah?” I’m betting we’re far from the only Jewish family having that conversation.
        — (((Yair Rosenberg))) (@Yair_Rosenberg) November 9, 2016″

        “Tony Swagger” may have been following Jewish media and Twitter accounts.

        They even said last Trump’s video ad was anti-Semitic because it featured Yellen Blankfein and Soros.

        They have pushed the Hitler = Trump Trump supporters = Nazi narrative.

        It comes natural to use “filthy” for people who angrily spread filthy deceptive lies.
        If Tony meant all the Jews, Tony is worthy our pity, but maybe he just meant who hates this nation’s majority and heritage while willing to stay here forever.

        There people shouldn’t stay here. They ethnicity/race doesn’t matter.
        Even whites who hate the White identity shouldn’t stay here.

        Spread sanity, TJF, as I am confident it’s the best thing

        Balanced Jews and balanced non-Jewish whites are natural allies me thinks, and I wish they could work together, without the former still fearing the latter.
        There’s nothing to fear, and there’s much to fix, and we should do it together.

      • Willie

        ALL his grandkids are at least 1/4 Jewish by blood and Jewish by faith.
        Anyhow trump struck a pretty moderate tone in his victory speech.
        I predict he pulls a Sarah Palin anyway

  11. Jason Y

    Protest vote for me: Gary Johnson

  12. Jason Y

    OK, now it is apparent: Trump Won by a Landslide.

  13. Mike

    Only reason a egomaniac like trump won is because of Hillary and her toxic followers. And because also the shameless celebrties who had no business being in a political campaign running their mouth wildly. Had Hilary stepped aside leaving way for Bernie sanders things would have been totally different. Hilary screwed sanders pissed off berniebros and she’s paid a heavy price. Also email scandals further dented her chance. Had Bernie been a democratic nominee this clown would have been easily thrashed.

    • Mike

      This guy hardly has any political experience nor does he seem as a effective administrator. People are worried that we shouldn’t become a complete anarchy nor a police state. God save this country

    • 100% Wingnuts and racists and both elected this guy. They would have made mincemeat out of Sanders. How were the majority Wingnuts/racists who voted Trump going to vote for Sanders, an open fascist? Doesn’t make any sense. Bernie would have gotten massacred I think.

      There are no email scandals. There’s nothing there, zero, zip, nada, zilch. And there never has been.

      • Gay State Girl

        He would have been the 2nd coming of George McGovern.

        • Bernardista

          I live in New York, not Massachusetts. I went into the booth with a guilty sort of feeling that I really should vote for Hildebeast but I couldn’t do it.
          I had promised my aunt and uncle in Pennsylvania that I would but nah.*

          I can’t at this point even try to accurately predict what a Sanders candidacy would have resulted in. I can however state with confidence that his supporters included a lot of non-white and non-millennial people.

          Remember, no one even thought Trump would win the nomination let alone the presidency.

          *Have you watched the show called ‘The Good Place’? I’m thinking of changing my handle to Bad Eleanor.

        • Gay State Girl

          Are you a female millennial?

      • Tulio

        I’m so sick of all these Bernie people claiming she stole the election from him and would have won if he were the nominee. This was all based on some early polling during the primaries of a hypothetical matchup between Sanders and Trump that showed Sanders ahead.

        These people forget that:

        1) Sanders had not gone through the wringer that Hillary did. The right did not attack him because having him in there as long as possible was opening fissures between mainstream/centrist Democrats and the left wing of the party. This was a god-sent for Republicans.

        2) It’s not likely he’d have won the election. Or at least not much more likely. His support was most enthusiastic among white millenials, but Hillary was much strong among women and minorities. On paper, Hillary made sense.

        Any advantage Sanders had in the polls during primaries would’ve evaporated as the main contest began. He was simply too far left for most of America, and America that is full of rednecks.

  14. Lin

    Lo and Behold !!
    One hundred years ago on Dec 31st 1916 , Jesus on His Second Coming in the human form of Rasputin died failing his mission to save the world from a world war. Why? Well Jesus and Rasputin had many similar attributes:
    1)Both were called Messiah by some.
    2)Both were hard to kill.
    Jesus in his First Coming triumphed over Satan’s temptation of worldly power reward in his 40 days and 40 nights of wandering. Unfortunately Rasputin the Jesus of Siberia succumbed to His Unholiness’s offer of sexual lust and prodigious phallic power and failed His mission.
    Some Yankie evangelists believe Trump is Jesus on a renewed mission to save USrael. I suggest he should tune down his rhetorics and put on a head to toe Kevlar body armour whenever in public functions

  15. Give us some sports betting tips. I am gonna bet on the other team.

  16. Jason Y

    I don’t think Trump’s a racist, homophobe, disability-phobe etc… His just simply has anti-global policies which David Duke types like.

    Possibly the main thing Robert would be worried about is the fact Trump WILL take try to cut government programs. However, will his cutting of programs, while creating jobs building a wall or some other public project, actually work theoretically ??

    • Jason Y

      OK will Trump bulldoze the inner city and start creating jobs there ?? He said he was going to rebuild US inner cities.

      So either the welfare model of liberals works or Trump’s way works. Which works?

    • WTF sort of “liberal” are you, Jason?

      You are liberal who thinks it would be fine and dandy to zero out the safety net as long as some bullshit public works project was put in.

      How does zeroing out the safety net and putting in some public works project “work” other than in the minds of some 3rd World freak? People don’t do this in the 1st World. That’s 3rd world banana republic bullshit, minus the public works.

      • Jason Y

        I don’t think Trump’s views would work, but of course, all the WNs on this blog do. I wonder people like Sam. J. will explain how this is supposed to work.

    • Whether or not he is personally racist, I have no idea. But he spent this whole campaign blasting off one racist crap comment after another. When was the last time we had a President this openly racist? When was the last time we had a President this openly sexist and misogynistic? Do we have to go back 100 years?

      So if he’s not personally racist, but he shoots off his mouth saying the most offensive racist shit every time he turns around, that is a distinction without a difference, right. I mean, if you talk like a racist, you’re a racist.

      Trump made dog whistles to these White nationalists all during the whole campaign. So he’s sucking up to the Duke types, whether he really is one or not. Which is fucked up.

      Why is it that only I would worry about safety net cuts? How can you call yourself a liberal when you are ok with zeroing out the safety net?

      • Jason Y

        Possibly his shit could have been some sort of a campaign strategy. You know, feed on the angry white male resentment.

        No, I don’t want any safety net stuff cut.

      • Jason Y

        Oh yeah, Trump likes Israel, so he’s not a true white nationalists as David Duke is. Also, he’s written books with Robert Kiyosaki, a Japanese businessman. He’s appeared on Howard Stern, I think. He has Jewish relatives. He mentioned Ben Carson at his acceptance speech, he made a commercial going out to African Americans

        No, he’s not a racist, but maybe a useful idiot for racists. 😆

        • Jason Y

          Robert Kiyosaki, A Japanese-American businessman from Hawaii, I mean.

        • Why is he saying all this racist shit all the time? Is he just trying to get the racist vote? I don’t get it. If you are not personally a racist, why say racist stuff.

          I mean it would be like if Tulio was my best friend and when he was not around I went out in the street and yelled, “Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger!” and all the rednecks cheered.

          Then I went back and hung out with Tulio some more and we got on great. Why would I do that?

          Is he sucking up to racist dicks to get the racist vote?

        • Jason Y

          I don’t know. Human nature is tricky. People are two-faced and some people put on a show to make some gain.

        • Willie

          Indeed, Jason.
          Apparently he also offered Sussana Martinez the Vice Presidency before Christie and Mike Scheckel.

          It is interesting that he did you that considering his antI free trade and anti immigrant appeal. Maybe he felt his supporters would never leave him while shed win him Hispanics.

          She turned him down anyway

      • Jason Y

        He seems to be calming down on the un-PC stuff now he won. So again, I think it was just a strategy, a trick.

        I don’t necessarily like Trump, and especially those who vote for him even more. Again, feelings aside, I don’t think his policies will work theoretically.

        I don’t think such policies even worked with Hitler. As with Roosevelt, the only thing actually spurring the economy was preperation for war or war.

        • They said this about ALL of them, Reagan, Bush, Romney. “He will be a moderate when he gets in. He’s really a moderate. Just you wait and see.”

          What happened?

          Yeah friction with the Congress. OK, rightwing Congress is going to pass a whole bunch of totally insane rightwing batshit bills, the craziest shit you have ever seen. Assuming it gets through the Congress, do you honestly think Trump is going to say, “Whoa, this stuff is way too rightwing for me. I can’t sign this! Send me something way more liberal please!”

          Are you serious?

          He is going to sign every single batshit wingnut nutcase bit of legislation they send his way. He won’t veto even one single thing. Trump is going to VETO the stuff his own party sends him cuz it’s too rightwing? Get real.

          The guy is an empty shell. He has no core values at all except I guess greed. He doesn’t give a fuck how he governs because he doesn’t believe in much of anything. If they send him a bunch of wingnut shit, he’ll just sign it all govern as a wingnut. Why not? He ran as one.

        • Jason Y

          I guess in that case, time to GTFO of the country, if you know what I mean??? We might have Nero on our hands here.

      • Gay State Girl

        I don’t feel threatened disempowered as a woman or anything. I realized that he ran a more effective campaign, seized on important economic issues in the rust belt. I hope the democrats can learn from their mistakes, realize the rainbow coalition is not so unified and provide a more substantial candidate next time.

        I’d love to see him humiliated when he can’t deliver (inevitably he will lose momentum when he doesn’t reinstate segregation) and be plagued by low approval ratings.

        • Jason Y

          Reinstate segregaton? Are you FUCKING CRAZY. He’s not a real white nationalist like David Duke. He just has an anti-global libertarian agenda.

          Nobody in their fucking mind, aside from WNs would reinstall segregation.

          Oh yeah, I just saw the “‘White only’ water fountain signs installed, just moments after his acceptance speech.” 😆

        • Jason Y

          Did he say he was going to reinstate segregation? I seemed to miss that one. Probably at the most, he made fun of some handicapped guy.

        • Gay State Girl

          A lot of his supporters are under that delusion yes.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t think even David Duke supporters really believe that.

        • Justin, you realize that attacking the handicapped is classical fascist stuff? All fascists and all fascist societies attack the handicapped and disabled. That’s one of the hallmarks of a fascist or a fascist type society. Any society with extreme hatred for disabled people is very fascist-like.

          You have been defending this fascist shit for attacking that handicapped reporter. But that shows you how he’s a fash right there. That’s what they do.

          PS There was a disabled young man in a wheelchair at a Trump rally in Manhattan two nights ago yelling against Trump. The people in the crowd assaulted him, beat the shit out of him and threw him out of the rally. Trump cheered them on all the way.

          Didn’t you say you had some disability? Why are you supporting this fash Trump who hates disabled people like all fash do?

        • Mike

          I understand what GSG is saying . If I was a Jew like gay state girl, I would be extremely worried living under president trump. The biggest worry for people is whether trump will allow a free hand for white nationalists. A lot of hate, racial languagrle, stereotypes, name calling which remained under the carpet will come to normalcy as she said wns would even press for segregation and deportation. Any minority would live with fear especially as he has stirred the hornet’s nest of racists. As robert mentioned he is giving a shout out to white nationalists. There is a chance for neo nazis like Andrew Anglin and others to rise to prominence and even make anti-Semitism and anti black racism as normative.

        • Gay State Girl

          He’s an equal opportunity exploiter. He knew how drive up the vote. But he’ll throw his racist supporters under the bus you’ll see. He already bailed on paying the legal fees for his supporters disrupting rallies even though he had promised to.

          I understand the political necessity to exploit certain demographics, even though I find the prevalence of racism amongst his supporters devastating to say the least.

        • Willie

          They’d have to repeal the 1964 civil rights act and stack the judiciary. That’s a very tall task, and even if they succeeded, it wouldn’t quite be the same as the ‘good old days’; people don’t have the same mindsets they used to and wouldn’t exercise the ability to segregate.

        • Gay State Girl

          Was “Justin” addressed to me?

          Yeah I have massive coordination problems due to inhaling and ingesting meconium at birth and I’ve been full of it ever since.

          I don’t believe he genuinely hates people with disabilities, he’s just an equal opportunity offender and an equal opportunity exploiter.

  17. Tulio

    I’m literally grieving right now. I feel like the world has caved in around me. The last time I felt this way was on September, 11th.

    • Jason Y

      NAMS vs white nationalists and libertarian types. They are literally on different planets.

      • Tulio

        I’m wondering what will happen. It’s a big unknown. I recognize the problems with Hillary. She was basically a moderate Republican. She’s be considered center right if she ran in a European country. But she was not a big unknown. With Trump, I fear we may be on a path to civil war. Not a ideological civil war, but a blood in the streets civil war. There was already rioting last night in California. I think we can expect massive demonstrations to come and these are going to be ugly. I’m afraid the red blue divide may be an unbridgeable chasm. We have two groups of people with completely different ideas of what a nation should be. I have much more in common with a Canadian, a French or a Dane, than I do a random person in a red state.

        • Bernardista

          Because of the red/blue divide you speak of, I think we would have had blood in the streets results if Hillary had won, only the backlash would have been against NAMs, LGBTQs and women.

          Please bear with me for mentioning Bernie again, but I have to do it as a reference point. Hillary simply didn’t understand the temperature of the electorate and how deep the chasm really is.

          Do you remember when Ta-Nehisi Coates asked Bernie if he was in favor of reparations and he said no? The reason he gave was that it would be ‘divisive’ and boy was that ever an understatement! I’m pretty sure that by ‘divisive’ he meant bloody mayhem of the type you describe.

          Robert: Remember how the mastermind of Bush’s most batshit insane policies came from Dick Cheney? Who will be Trumps most trusted associates and how will they advise him? That’s what worries me the most now.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m worried about stocks dropping in response to Trump victory.

    • Mike

      I’m worried that Blatant racism, misogyny and bigotry are going to become normative. PC inspite of all it’s flaws was helpful in curtailing all these in our society. racist supporters are gonna destroy it and bring back like how it was before 1965

  18. Tulio

    And Hillary actually won the popular vote too, btw.

    • Tulio

      Let’s not forget this fact. Most people voted for Hillary, not Trump. But we got Trump.

      • Jason Y

        That’s always been argued in close elections. Note in 2000 all sorts of liberals were up in arms about the Florida recount. Who’s to say who is right?

      • Yep America voted for Hillary, not Trump. Not that it matters.

        Supposedly losing the popular vote means he has no mandate at all, but when Bush lost the popular vote by 500,000 votes, he said, “I’ve got a mandate!” That sick little slimy piece of shit.

      • Of course the winner of the Electoral College is President, but for sure, he doesn’t have much of a mandate if he loses the popular vote. But he will act like he has one.

        • Mike

          Robert you seem very angry today if I am right.

        • Yes but I felt that way after the two Reagan wins and the two Bush wins and the Contract on America. I thought they world was going to end every time. And every time. I assume I will survive this maniac too, but there is a part of me who worries that I will not.

  19. Alpha Unit

    “Sun’s up, mm-hm, looks okay,
    The world survives into another day…”

    This line has been playing in my head today. Seeing all those young ones that were so upset last night makes me want to say: Take some deep breaths. You’re going to get your focus back. You will.

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