A Simple Theory for the Development of Homosexuality in Males and Females



“According to the findings of the Savic-Lindström study, the number of neural connections also varied between hetero- and homosexual subjects. For instance, gay men and straight women showed greater neural connectivity in the cingulate cortex and contralateral amygdala regions than straight men and lesbians respectively. ”

The contralateral amygdala seems to be related with sexual drive, though in terms of volume not really in “connectivity”.


In terms basics functions it’s emotions, thus it would imply that the higher connectivity relates to the higher “emotionality” seen in women and gay men as “femininity” compared to straight men and lesbians. The cingulate cortex is responsible for processing emotions.

“According to the study, lesbians and straight men have similar brain structures and functionalities while gay men and straight women share neural characteristics. For instance, MRI findings prove that the right hemispheres of the brains of the lesbians and heterosexual men have slightly greater volumes than their left hemispheres. But the left and right hemispheres of gay men and heterosexual women are symmetrical.”

My guess this occurs in childhood as I have hypothesize referring to the study on developmental sex steroids, possibly specific forms of E and T or different ones entirely.

No, the masculinization of the brains of straight men and lesbians occurs in utero. “True lesbians” are women whose brains were masculinized in utero due to developmental aberrations.

The feminization of the brains of gay men and women also occurs in utero. Gay men are men whose brains got feminized in utero due to developmental aberrations.

Homosexuality is simply a developmental disorder. Look how many gay men are left-handed. You would be blown away.


Robert –

Another commenter brought up 2D:4D (fingers) ratio, as an indicator of testosterone levels, which is linked to gayness?

Have you heard of this?

Yes, I believe that is indicative of the developmental disorder in gay men.


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14 responses to “A Simple Theory for the Development of Homosexuality in Males and Females

  1. Well what I mean “occurring during childhood” I meant to say that this would be a development that is observable during childhood, not that this is where the change actually happens.

  2. Masculinization in uterus does not say much because brain develops in uterus like everything. Homosexuality is the conflict of brain and body. There must be some special physical brain parts or connections for each gender.

    And for information, gay men are not any different in testosterone levels than straight men. It is not about hormones, it is much more complicated, therefore only a brain issue.

    • Well if you read the links in my comment they do use hormone tests in the form of Pheromones in smell tests and found similar responses in brain activity between gay males and straight females for example.

      So it’s sort of hard to say “it’s only a brain issue” yet it is regarding gender and say it’s not about hormones.

  3. I’m thinking about this, but find myself puzzled as to why this development disorder hasn’t been selected away. Well, if the cause is recent, then there hasn’t been time, but if it’s ancient ….

    Gay men have substantially lower fertility than heterosexual men, and reproduction is, of course, the sharp, pointy end of selection.

  4. It’s also very much due to cultural influences. When you are living in a feminist society that has caused a lot of hostility between the two genders, naturally some are going to simply give up. I’ve talked to a few gay men and they all shared what could be called “misogyny”. That is, they did not trust women and thought modern women were all dumb bitches.

  5. Sam J.

    “… I’ve talked to a few gay men and they all shared what could be called “misogyny”. That is, they did not trust women and thought modern women were all dumb bitches…”

    That has nothing to do with gay. A lot of modern Women are dumb bitches.

    There’s a simple explanation for this. When Women are young Men constantly want to get in their pants so they tell them all kinds of lies like,”You’re so smart and your opinions are so interesting and etc.” when really they just want to fuck them. I can’t say it’s all their fault that they get a big head. It happens to celebrities also. People like their movies and all of a sudden we’re supposed to listen to their views on National Security or some other such nonsense.

    After a decade or so of Men treating Women’s opinions as so relevant, because they want to fuck them, they hit a older age and no one wants to hear their stupid opinions which they’ve really not worked at intellectually to support. It could tend to make someone a little bitter.

    Women tend to not be as intellectually rigorous as Men because, THEY DON’T HAVE TO. It’s the same with wastrel children of the super rich. If you could be cut a check for a million a year why work?

  6. Jason Y

    The theory presented in this post doesn’t explain bi-sexuality.

  7. Optimus Prime

    Guys come on it’s a big day in jewmerica. Have you guys casted your vote?. Post update pls.

  8. OPTIMUS Trump is a brave new world and Hillary is 90’s nostalgia. Just as we had a massive 70’s nostalgia in the 1990’s we now have nineties nostalgia because it was a prosperous and peaceful decade.

  9. The heritability of homosexuality is between .11 and .22. See Whitehead 2011.

  10. Ultra Cool

    2D:4D ratio has nothing to do with sexuality, I have a female finger ratio and I’m not even 1% gay, though a lot of people thought I was because I always found gays and women much easier to socialize with, specially in childhood when all the boys were at war against each other and I never took part in that.

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