Another Theory Bites the Dust: Stereotypical Masculine and Feminine Behaviors Are Caused by Hormones

People in the comments section are insisting that masculine behaviors are caused by testosterone and nothing else. I dislike these theories because they all deprive humans of agency. Why do I do anything I do in life? Muh genes. Do I have any sort of agency to decide to go against the way my genes are forcing me to behave? Of course not. I am a gene-programmed automaton with no free will or agency. I’m incapable of defying my genes! To do that would mean I have free will and agency, and of course I lack both of those.

This same sort of deterministic bull is at play with Masculinity Theory. Who do I and so many other men act masculine? Muh high testosterone and muh low estrogen. You mean it’s not because I was programmed and molded that way hundreds of thousands of times since boyhood all the way through adulthood? Haven’t I acted anywhere from soft to masculine at various times in my life through sheer will and agency, as in I just decided to act that way? Of course not! When I was soft, it was muh low testosterone. When I act more masculine, obviously it’s muh high testosterone.

According to this theory, testosterone declines from the 20’s on and reaches low levels in the 50’s on. So one would expect men to become less and less masculine in their stereotypical behaviors as they age. We should have a bunch of pussy middle aged and older men walking around. But wait. Those older guys are the most masculine men of all nowadays. How could that be with muh low testosterone? And I get continuous reports of how young men, especially college-aged men, today are severely wussed out and hardly act like men at all anymore. Not to mention the metrosexual explosion. But how could this be as young men have muh high testosterone?

Whoa! Theory in danger!

Let’s try some more. Let’s look at gay men. Clearly the most unmasculine men of all in their stereotypical behaviors as is obvious to anyone. 75% of gay men more or less act like women. That’s the polar opposite of masculinity. Why do gay men act so feminine? Obviously muh low testosterone and muh high estrogen, right?

Gong! Wrong answer!

Gay men’s testosterone and estrogen levels are exactly the same as straight men’s.

Whoa. Theory in danger!

Well, why do women act feminine? Obviously muh high estrogen and muh low testosterone, right? Are we sure about that?

Let’s take a look at lesbians, 75% of whom act like men, some almost to the point of almost being truck drivers or construction workers. Bull dykes are as masculine as a macho guy. Well obviously lesbians have muh low estrogen and muh high testosterone, just like men, right? I mean that’s logical, no?

Gong! Wrong answer!

Lesbians hormone levels of testosterone and estrogen are exactly the same as straight women’s.

Whoa! Theory in danger!


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42 responses to “Another Theory Bites the Dust: Stereotypical Masculine and Feminine Behaviors Are Caused by Hormones

  1. All I said is that men have deep voices compared to women and boys because of biology, which is 100% true. And anyone putting on a deep voice is a bit of a dick.

    And men walk differently to women at least in part due to biology. Even if its not hormones, having wide hips lends itself to walking with more swinging hips and being top bulky with a thin waist lends itself to moving in away that’s more hulky and straight. The shape of the body changes the biomechanics. Maybe some people also purposely exaggerate this.

    Most people just walk in a fairly natural uncontrived way….one foot in front of the other and the arms swing for a reason. Anyone who is putting on an unnatural walk like certain black guys or maybe some gay guys, lets see if they are still walking that way after hiking for three weeks.

    And men are emotional but women maybe be more emotional.

    I’ve never once said that masculine behaviours are caused by testosterone and nothing else.

    • Men’s voices are deep. So why to gay men have faggoty, high pitched, feminine voices? They are choosing to act that way? But wait, you said everything was muh testosterone! According to you, men have no agency. We pop out of the womb programmed to act like John Fucking Wayne.

      Women are way more emotional than men of course, and this is down to brain structures. It has nothing to do with testosterone or estrogen or any of that.

      Yes men are less emotional, but they way I see it around here anyway is that most men have extremely controlled emotions that go far beyond what you see in say a teenage boy. Why is a teenage boy way more emotional than an adult man? Muh biology? WTF. And I personally more or less shut down a lot of my emotions around age 26 for a variety of reasons, one of which was that society seemed to be demanding it. But wait, that’s agency.

      If masculine behaviors are caused by things other than muh testosterone, what are those things?

      Most all men around here walk and move in an exaggeratedly masculine way. You must understand that this is the HOOD. This is all Mexicans, some Blacks and a few Arabs, all lower class.

      Why do Mexicans, Arabs and Blacks act so much more masculine than White men? Muh high testosterone?

      It’s absolutely normal around here to walk, move, etc. in an exaggerated masculine way. That’s how you are supposed to walk around here. If you walk and move too pussy, YOU WILL GET HIT. Got it?

      And around here, I think most men have exaggerated the deepness of their voices. Especially the Arabs and Mexicans, who have a lot deeper voices than is typical in White men. Why are their voices deeper? Muh high testosterone?

      So you say that boys pop out of the womb walking like John Wayne due to muh biology. So straight men do not walk in an exaggerted masculine way, they just got programmed by muh biology to do that.

      How bout gay men? Well according to you, gay men are going against the natural John Wayne biological walk and movements of men, which are naturally masculine. But wait, you said all this movement stuff was muh biology. So you can change the way you walk due to agency then! So gay men are changing the normal way men walk on purpose, but straight men are acting as programmed. But wait. If gay men can change the way they walk in an exaggerated feminine way, why can’t straight men change the way that they walk? Your theory is in trouble.

      My voice varies from very soft and almost pussy to a low, deep, raspy growl. Those are my natural voices and there are many variations in between. I assure you that if I used my lower to lowest voice around here, no one would give two flying fucks. Because that’s what all men around here seem to be doing. You claim he would be ridiculed. Not around here. Here he would be normal.

      If women naturally flow when they walk, why to lesbians walk like men? They are deliberately changing the way they walk to act in an abnormally masculine way? But wait, now they have agency. You said women’s walking was muh biology. And if lesbians can change the way they walk to act more masculine, why can’t straight women change the way they walk to act more feminine?

      Your theory is so full of holes.

      • You can learn to talk at the top of your range or the bottom of your range but men and women universally differ in both range and average pitch. And strength of voice. If a man talks in a relaxed way in the middle of his range, he has a deeper voice than a women. Its very hard to confuse the voice of a man and woman.

        You can tell gay guys are guys most of the time.

        Black guys also on average have deeper voices than white guys, universally.

        Everything above is 100% true and you know it.


        I never said anyone pops out walking like John Wayne. In certain hostile environments, men obviously exaggerate their masculinity but that’s because there is a such thing as masculinity to exaggerate.

        To act more masculine is to act more dominant, to walk and talk in a way that is more dominant… the least that’s a natural inclination or potential of men. And plenty of women find it attractive deep down for that reason.

        Just as women’s walks are designed to advertise their sexual assets, show off their ass and hips. There’s something inherently feminine about that and the way they flow. When women flirt they often make their voice higher or act more girly; they instinctively understand this is deep down attractive to men.

        On some level, these things are natural or inherent differences.

  2. “According to this theory, testosterone declines from the 20’s on and reaches low levels in the 50’s on. ”

    Correct, basically when people reach the physical prime of their life.

    ” But wait. Those older guys are the most masculine men of all nowadays. How could that be with muh low testosterone? ”

    Well one average T specifically contributes with the competitiveness of males at the prime of their youth, and on average older men are less competitive than those in their 20s. Another thing that’s associated with “masculinity” that does correlates with age roughly is basically being emotional in terms of thinking relative to youth compared to adulthood due to frontal lobe development. Still basically biology.

    Also, define “old men”.

    And as far as I know regarding Hormones and sexual orientation steroid exposure is indeed consistent with the hormone hypothesis.

    But again, if you are asserting that “culture” contributes to phenotypically masculinity then technically yes.

    I believed you phrased it as some kids who didn’t have a “tough” disposition learning how to by others. Well, it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that was triggers it is imitation of someone who was indeed naturally more masculine.

    Still, at some point, you would find someone who could not adapt due to innate qualities and will likely face abuse.

    So if be “agency” you mean a more or less decent capacity to imitate behavior then yes but even this has it’s limits and could be routed in Biology.

    • Well you mean teenage boys and young men act more masculine due to more risk taking, and this is biological? Ok, I agree. And I agree that testosterone may well be associated with competitiveness in men.

      But I was talking about stereotypical behaviors like the way you sit, stand, move, drink a cup of coffee, walk, make hand and arm movements, talk, and degree of emotionality. From my point of view it seems like most of that stuff was constructed at least in my case because I seem to remember more or less constructing it for many years! And it was molded through year of modeling, imitation and endless lessons in what was a masculine way to respond and what was an unmasculine way to respond to every imaginable behavior. I do all this stuff because I learned it. That’s how I see it anyway.

      • Well in that case most of that stuff is indeed etiquette, though emotionality is one that is biological through development.

        Naturally, definitely in teen years, your frontal lobe has less connections at youth than as an adult, thus they are more emotional and impulsive relative to their later years.

        • I agree with that last paragraph Phil. When I was a teen, I still felt part child. I definitely cried more easily and wanted to get comfort from my mum more. And it was more so at 13 than 16 or 19.

        • Overall it seems to peak around middle school, pretty much everyone I know who talked about it found that time miserable.

  3. Jason Y

    Not sure about this idea. I mean, how can one get horny for women (masculine behavior) from T, but not also get the other side effects?

    • Really Jason? Testosterone makes you act masculine and want to fuck women? Prove it.



      Gay men don’t want to fuck women and they don’t act masculine.

      Where’s your theory?

      • Jason Y

        T makes you want to fuck women a lot more… It also makes a person ore aggressive, a masculine trait. It’s science.

      • Jason Y

        My theory on gays is that it might just be lust overload, sometimes, and other times, well, I don’t really know what’s causing it. If they have the same T as straight guys, then it seems like they would at least be bisexual.

      • ttp://

        Actually Robert they seem to have less childhood sex steroid exposure compared to heterosexuals, Lesbians quite the reverse.

        So hormones are involved in sexual based traits. However, making you attracted to women is different than T’s effect on making you competitive to get sex. There are low T straight guys.

        Plus Robert, how “horny” are gay people anyway compared to straight people from your observation. Because if anything, they don’t seem to shy away from sex less than straight guys.

        • *more than straight guys.

          So in the context of T specifically making you sexually active, gays don’t come off as that deficient. This is important to note because it particular dimorphism in childhood that makes them different when observing bone metrics, not such in puberty which is where you would see actual sexual activity.

        • Sex hormone levels of gay men and lesbians have been measured for decades. They are exactly the same as fro straight people.

          So if High T, low E makes you act masculine, how come gay men are so outrageously feminine?

          So if High E, low T makes you feminine, how come lesbians act like truck drivers?

          I would agree that higher T will just make you want to have sex more. High T in a gay man will mean he wants more sex with men, and High T in a straight man will mean he wants more sex with women.

        • @Robert

          that is definitely really interesting if that is true.

          so you think testosterone has no behavioral effects and has no effect on brain development? I heard guys who took t injections definitely noticed personality changes. But that’s really interesting anyway. so you think testosterone has no effect other than on physical things like muscle growth? why are men way more violent than women? you think the black white violent crime rates has nothing to do with testosterone differences?

        • ..are you sure that is replicated on many studies?

        • maybe gay guys are just as violent as straight guys and it has something to do with t in both.

        • To Robert, it seems that whatever makes you “masculine” is based in childhood and amplified in adulthood.

          Whether it’s biological or not I’m stuck on, though it’ hard to pin point.

          first I think we should pinpoint some things.

          A. what makes attracted to the opposite sex?
          B. what makes us fit “masculine” versus “feminine”.

          “According to the findings of the Savic-Lindström study, the number of neural connections also varied between hetero- and homosexual subjects. For instance, gay men and straight women showed greater neural connectivity in the cingulate cortex and contralateral amygdala regions than straight men and lesbians respectively. ”

          The contralateral amygdala seems to be related with sexual drive, though in terms of volume not really in “connectivity”.

          In terms basics functions it’s emotions, thus it would imply that the higher connectivity relates to the higher “emotionality” seen in women and gay men as “femininity” compared to straight men and lesbians. The cingulate cortex is responsible for processing emotions.

          This basically covers “personality” but what about attraction?

          “According to the study, lesbians and straight men have similar brain structures and functionalities while gay men and straight women share neural characteristics. For instance, MRI findings prove that the right hemispheres of the brains of the lesbians and heterosexual men have slightly greater volumes than their left hemispheres. But the left and right hemispheres of gay men and heterosexual women are symmetrical.”

          My guess this occurs in childhood as I have hypothesize referring to the study on developmental sex steroids, possibly specific forms of E and T or different ones entirely.

          Overall the development is what I thought it would be.

        • It’s only been replicated for decades upon decades. 😉

          Gay men are actually MORE violent than straight men. Gay male relationships have twice as much domestic violence and straight male-female relationships. Violent crime is not unheard of at all in the gay community. I worked in Beverly Hills for a while which is like Gay Central, and you read all the time about robberies, kidnappings, rapes, beatings, murders or even tortures involving gay men. They also engage in quite a bit of theft. Often petty thievery, but still.

      • Willie

        Another commenter brought up 2D:4D (fingers) ratio, as an indicator of testosterone levels, which is linked to gayness?

        Have you heard of this?

  4. If women were as sexually available as gay men are with one another, how much sex would you be having? Free.

    A quick BJ in the Rest Stop ALA George Michael after work (Or maybe before work).

    Then on the weekends a little booze, some weed and some wall-to-wall orgies at some club or private residence.

    Then of course a partner in the house.

    Bear in mind this is male gays while lesbians always pair off into pitiful imitations of a heterosexual couple with a tough dyke and bickering female role-playing partner.

    Lesbians, according to research, have less sex than straight women while male homos have much more than straight guys.

  5. In Southeast Asia where sex is cheap enough to be virtually free to any employed foreigner, males have much more of it. They stop by bars like Dr BJ’s for a quick mind-clearing deep-throat after work or before work for that matter.

    Overall they might have sex 10 times a week.

    In Western society where women charge more for sexual activity and it involves entering a slum where the chances are 1 in 3 the police will arrest you in the act, such activity is discouraged.

    If you did the math, the average man in his life pays $1,000 per blowjob considering how much he will lose in alimony, child support, community property and the rest of it.

    Now gay men will do all this for free. If you need a quick pipe-cleaning blowjob you stop by the rest stop. Or for an orgy a bath house (Though city ordinance has come down on these establishments).

    So of course gays are promiscuous and diseases spread through homosexual blowjobs and buggery because the barrier of money or investment is removed.

    • Fucking prostitutes is actually much cheaper than getting married in the long run.

      • This is why the Southeast Asian economy is booming. Men used to being married and getting sex 10 times a year are able to pay $15 a throw and have sex 10 times a week.

        • Feminists who speak of Southeast Asia are like autoworkers complaining of globalization. If Asia and the U.S. were in closer proximity than of course half the white males in America would simply leave.

          One would be surprised that even liberal men will enjoy the delights of Asia.

      • The U.S. (More than other developed countries) takes great steps to discourage prostitution for this reason.

        Let’s say you wish to get a quick blowjob on a Friday night.

        A) You have to go into a bad area.

        B) If you are caught your car is impounded and your life a nightmare of court dates, public shaming and mugshots.

        C) There will be court-ordered therapy and probation.

        This is why Southeast Asia booms from foreign sex tourism and sky scrapers are built.

        They build great cities from BJ’s and bar sex in Asia as the sex economy along with all other aspects of American productivity shift Eastwards.

        • Jason Y

          If people at home really think foreigners are pampered like this in Asia, then no wonder they hate such foreigners, attacking them with so much teasing and insults.

          Nonetheless, it’s not really like that. Southeast Asia isn’t free or cheap unless your some guy with military pay, preferably past the GI stage. And Northeast Asia is as expensive as the US, but dummies actually think all of Asia is the same, or that Korea is still a poor nation as it was in 1950.

        • Jason Y

          If people at home really think foreigners are pampered like this in Asia, then no wonder they hate such foreigners, attacking them with so much teasing and insults.

          I mean to say “If Americans back home think westerners in Asia are pampered like this, the no wonder they hate expats, attacking them with so much teasing and insults when they come back home.””

    • Jason Y

      In Southeast Asia where sex is cheap enough to be virtually free to any employed foreigner, males have much more of it. They stop by bars like Dr BJ’s for a quick mind-clearing deep-throat after work or before work for that matter.

      😆 HA HA HA

      • JASON Y himself was nearly married in the Philippines.

      • Southeast Asian skyscrapers are built from sex tourism. It is not the result of great foreign investment but of mass sex-tourism that caused the huge metal erections of steel and glass to leap from the landscape of squatters and crowded markets.

        They can thank the Lord for Western women.

      • Women in Northeast Asia are no less materialistic and half the foreigners married to Southeast Asians are from Japan or Korea or in the case of Philippines, China.

        Chinese-Filipinos have always imported their own women as well.

  6. High testosterone does help though. In Asia you can buy testosterone injections at some pharmacies and they won’t ask for a doctor’s prescription either. So I injected it, or rather I had a doctor inject it into me, once a week for 5 weeks and by the 5th week I was feeling insane. I couldn’t think clearly and all I could think about was finding a woman to bang and was getting angry extremely easily and almost getting into a lot of fights.

  7. Roid rage is documented. We all know about huge bodybuilders going berserk and throwing 5 cops around.

    This happened with Tom Platz on Venice Beach at one point.

  8. 2d to 4d ratio research provides some interesting clues on a subject like this.

  9. Sam J.

    “…testosterone declines from the 20’s on and reaches low levels in the 50’s on. So one would expect men to become less and less masculine in their stereotypical behaviors as they age…”

    You missed something. Men’s brains are neural networks. After spending decades with high T the brain is locked into a Manly way of thinking. Lower T will not reprogram the brain.

    Homosexuals have been theorized to come from adsorption of a female twin in the uterus. Sounds reasonable and has good explanatory value without taking T into account at all.

    • “Homosexuals have been theorized to come from adsorption of a female twin in the uterus. Sounds reasonable and has good explanatory value without taking T into account at all.”

      But it begs to question is that if they absorbed a female embryo, how the hell does most or all of the developmental differences get isolated to the brain and nothing less?

  10. Jason Y

    Possibly, as I was saying, homos could just be perverts. They like sex, like their straight perv counterparts. They express their extreme love of sex via same sex lust.

  11. One of our closest genetic relatives the Bonobo is bisexual.

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