Of Course Normative Masculinity Is Constructed!

Steve: Men are like that naturally. We mostly don’t walk in a certain way on purpose or put on a deep voice.

I am sorry, but I do not believe this for one second. If it’s true, then why don’t little boys act like this. Even more importantly, why do gay men not act like this? This is absolutely preposterous. No one bursts out of the womb strutting around like a pimp or a football player in the end zone. Little boys are notoriously pussy.

And if deep voices and rigid mannerisms are simply characteristic of males, then why don’t gay men act like this. Very few gay men have deep voices. The number of gay men with stereotypical masculine body movements is near zero.

And men are naturally quite emotional. Little boys are quite emotional. Men literally get the emotions beaten right out of them verbally, and if they don’t get a clue, then they will get the pussy behavior beaten out of them physically. Ask me about it. I’ve been gay-bashed three times (physically attacked for supposedly being gay) and I’m not even gay! If that’s what they do to straight men, God knows what these poor gay guys have to go through. I shudder at the thought.

Stereotypical masculine behavior is constructed, period. It’s constructed. constructed constructed constructed. Stereotypical feminine behavior is also constructed, period. Why do men strut around rigidly like machines, act cold like robots and growl in deep voices? Because they got taught to act that way, that’s why!

When I was a boy none of us acted this way. Most of us had stupid, high pitched voices, we did not move in masculine manners and we certainly were not cold and unemotional. If I went back and found those boys later, I can assure you that they have changed. In fact, I did go meet some of them later on. I met one at age 24. TM was his name. His brother was CM. They were rather masculine for boys but they were still silly and squirrely. When I met him at age 24 and CM at age 26, they were both extremely masculine, almost like John Wayne types.

Now with me, I assume that over time, I simply learned to act this way. I remember lowering my voice on purpose, I remember moving in those sharp, jutting, blocky movements. I remember all of this quite vividly. And when I am feeling particularly masculine, for instance after I just fucked a beautiful women, these masculine qualities of mine become quite exaggerated.

I am not sure if I am doing it on purpose or if it is an act. At this point, “on purpose or an act” or completely natural and without thinking are so blurred into each other that you cannot tell where one starts and the other one ends.

Some time ago, I forget about when, I decided I was fed with being a soft guy who gets pushed around by women (granted, often hot women who couldn’t stop fucking me, but still), and I decided to consciously act more masculine. It was then that I realized that I had been doing this same thing on and off for a very, very long time, going all the way back to early adulthood. It was an old habit, but so was being a soft pussy. I just locked right into it like a key in an ignition switch.

There are times when I feel like acting more masculine than normal and I just do it. It’s quite conscious. Nevertheless, even when I am doing this, I realize again that I am locking into an old behavior pattern. You practice and practice and practice, and pretty soon, you are stumbling out of bed like Bruce Willis, strutting down the hallway like Errol Flynn and swinging the refrigerator open like a combination of Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty. After a while when it gets normal, it starts to feel pretty good feeling this way. There is a sense of power and especially mastery that comes over a man when he acts more masculine. There is also a sense of invulnerability, insensitivity and fearlessness. And women love it. If you start acting that way, even consciously or so-called putting on an act, a lot more women are going to look at you.


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13 responses to “Of Course Normative Masculinity Is Constructed!

  1. Jason Y

    Iv’e seen pussy behavior literally go on into high school. Case in point, two high school boys I mentioned way back. They go on family vacation to the beach that few families can afford. They bitch the whole time. One even pisses on a car. 😆

    Nonetheless, I can see a little bit why they were like that. The mom is bossy, as it’s one of those All American Yuppie families, a teacher on top of that (never marry a teacher !!!!) So they were fed up with the parent’s health Naziism (forbidding them to drink even soft drinks), being forced to see relatives when they didn’t want to..

    But nonetheless, it’s very sissy ass behavior for boys to act like that, at that age… Some of it comes from a Yuppie background. Growing up in a tougher environment, such behavior would be beaten out of them at a younger age.

    • Jason Y

      One sign of pussies, is exhibited by the boys, in that they felt weddings or even beach vacations, for gosh sakes, were boring !!! 😆 A typical macho boy or man wouldn’t get bitch about those things. At the very least, they’d try to talk to someone to ease the boredom.

  2. Natz

    I don’t know about masculinity as a whole, but there are specific things that are more biologically determined than others. For example testosterone seems to have an anxiety/fear-lowering effect in some instances (summary of some effects of testosterone: https://www.princeton.edu/~joha/publications/Eisenegger_et_al_TiCS_2011.pdf ).
    And when sitting down due to the construction of the pelvis and genitalia it makes sense for men to spread so as not to fall over or crush their balls.

    But I agree I’ve seen a lot of feminine behavior in young men for example. And one can certainly observe a lot of variation in male/female behavior over time within a society and between them.

    But one could also consider potential evolutionary advantages in younger men acting less masculine for example, altho I wouldn’t know how one would prove such rules. So e.g. younger men have less time to have built up resources and power (which can be used for leverage in any conflict) and thus benefit more from being submissive and avoiding conflict-inducing behavior.

  3. Natz

    The fear-reducing properties of testosterone have been firmly established in animals but not in humans. However, human data on the relation between testosterone, fear, and anxiety have predominantly involved questionnaires that index cortically executed conscious appraisal of anxious mood. Animal studies, on the other hand, indicate that the effects of testosterone on motivation and emotion are of subcortical origin and of unconscious nature. Presently, it was hypothesized that a single testosterone administration to humans would reduce unconscious fear but not consciously experienced anxiety.
    In a placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover design, a single dose of testosterone (.5 mg) or placebo was administered to 16 healthy female volunteers. Afterward, a masked emotional Stroop task measured unconscious emotional responses to fearful faces, while multiple self-reports of mood indexed consciously experienced anxiety.
    As hypothesized, the habitual vigilant emotional response to the masked fearful face observed in the placebo condition was significantly reduced after testosterone was administered, while the self-reported measures of anxiety remained unaffected.
    These data provide the first direct evidence for fear-reducing properties of testosterone in humans. Furthermore, by dissociating specific aspects of fear and anxiety in humans, this outcome highlights that testosterone’s effects on motivation and emotion concern the subcortical affective pathways of the brain.” http://www.biologicalpsychiatryjournal.com/article/S0006-3223(05)00435-X/abstract

  4. Matt

    Some males are probably more naturally masculine from a young age, and do not have to work at it. At the other end are gay and effeminate guys who can’t conform to this image even if they try. In between are the vast majority of males in the middle who have to absorb some aspects of socially approved masculine behavior by learning, experience, and observation. Also, there is the infusion of hormones in puberty which cannot help but have some effects on behavior, transforming relatively androgynous pre pubescents into more or less normative males and females..

  5. ” If it’s true, then why don’t little boys act like this.”

    To be clear, we are talking about walks and voices now.

    ITS CALLED PUBERTY. That’s why little boys are little boys and men are men. Would anybody with any sense doubt that men have deeper voices than little boys for biological reasons or men have deeper voices than women for biological reasons? OF COURSE THEY DO.

    Deep voices are clearly, in significant part, the result of puberty and testosterone.

    “Even more importantly, why do gay men not act like this?”

    There are no biological or hormonal differences between gay and straight men on average? It sure seems like there are.

    “Little boys are notoriously pussy”

    Little boys are little children with the neurological development of little children….with the egocentrism, impulsivity, and sensitivity of little children…. and men are men with adult maturity and lots of testosterone. Totally different. Totally totally different levels of neurological/emotional maturity and physiological masculinity. Little girls cry way more than women too, and don’t deny it- I have a 1 year old niece.

    As for walking, its got something to do with testosterone, something to do with biomechanics of having different shaped body to women, and probably has something to do with copying too. But it definitely has plenty to do with nature.

    Any guy who constantly puts on a deeper voice than is natural for him needs to get a life and realise he is being total plonker (or equivalent American term of gentle derision).

  6. and by the way, I never once in my life had emotions beaten out of me or told to man up. Both parents would comfort me when I cried as a little kid, and my dad is masculine guy. he just understood that’s what kids are like.

    Then I just grew up and stopped crying about petty things and now I very rarely never cry.

  7. Even more importantly, why do gay men not act like this?

    What is testosterone? They didn’t reach puberty yet. Though young boys still have boy interests while young girls have girl interests.

  8. Jason Y

    OK here is my big cuck faggot remark of the day: 😆

    Don’t you think the term pussy is sexist? Perhaps we should use immature. I mean a lot of straight boys and men are wimpy, and a lot of straight women have got it together.

    I don’t think immature behavior is looked upon highly in either sex by society, hence why it is discouraged by peers so much.

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