Game/PUA: There Is Literally No Downside to Acting Masculine

There is literally no downside to acting masculine. I doubt if you can act too masculine. I know I can’t.

Sometimes I admit I get a terrible complex about my masculinity where I get convinced that everyone looks at me and sees some mincing faggot. Now I don’t know if people do not (and these days I doubt it), but it’s a very painful and also angry state of mind. I usually deal with it by acting in an exaggeratedly masculine way, for me anyway. Now, to me this behavior seems so masculine it is almost a caricature, but I am so pissed off that I go ahead and act that way anyway.

The thing is, apparently it’s not a caricature at all! It just feels like one! I know this because when I act like this, 0% of the population treats me like an idiotic caricature.

And the funny thing is, while I am walking around doing what to me feels like a complete caricature, a lot of people start acting more friendly. Especially older, sort of redneck White men. They will see me and nod a greeting, whereas usually they won’t even say hello. And some young men will give me a vigorous nod of the head almost as if they are giving me a thumbs up sign. These are also sort of redneck cowboy hat farm-boy types. And when I am doing that caricature is the only time that these Mexican women around here will look at me at all. They like what they see. That’s because the only men they like are strutting hypermasculine he-men.

It was then that I realized that a lot of males put a lot of importance into this masculine act or display. That was why they were greeting me and nodding their heads at me. They were doing it too! I was doing the same He-man act that they were doing, consciously or not. It dawned on me that masculine behavior must be very important to a lot of men, especially the more redneck, working class White men you see around here. This is a big deal for them. They’re doing it for a reason. Some deeply important, powerful mechanism way down inside of themselves is driving them to this behavior, which they place a high value on and no doubt imparts a lot of meaning to their lives.

For a lot of men, masculinity, even hypermasculinity, is a gigantic damn deal. It’s a very important matter, one of the most important things that they do in life.


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3 responses to “Game/PUA: There Is Literally No Downside to Acting Masculine

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  2. RockT

    A very entertaining post. And totally true. People like caricatures.

  3. S26

    I’ve been pondering over the unreasonable effectiveness of hypermasculinity too. I’ve seen few women have problems with it, and with those that do, there’s nothing a guy could do to satisfy them. Heck, no, it’s not even worth the trouble.

    Masculinity is probably the only way for some guys to get taken seriously. Maybe some big city rich betas can get around being themselves, but not otherwise. My workgroup recently had a few women added in, and no matter how much sense I made, it was hard to be heard. That until, I stopped giving a fuck and pushed my weight around, and since then no matter how much bullshit I talk, they listen.

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