Game/PUA: Get Alpha and Improve Your Life

I also noticed that since I put on the more masculine act and consciously tried to act more Alpha in my relationships with women, my female relationships have gotten a lot better.

Women fall hard in love with me now, a lot harder and more often than they used to. They get wildly jealous and threaten to beat up, stab or even kill other women. They also get raving furious hot hatred mad at me sometimes, but that’s good because hate and love are very close and the woman who loves you deeply is also going to feel some of the strongest red-hot hatred towards you.

Good-looking women actually fight over me now. I can date more than one woman at once, tell one woman about the other one, and she doesn’t even care, although she will try to pry my away from her. Dueling girlfriends even to compete to be a better girlfriend to beat out their rival. And I’m having better sex than I’ve ever had. And women are falling harder in love with me than they used to, wild, Hollywood romance love affair of the century type head over heels in love stuff that I did not used to experience much of.

I don’t get called gay much either. Maybe once a year. I’m sure a lot of people still don’t like me but not for that reason anyway.

There literally is no downside to acting masculine. I do not see how you can act too masculine or too Alpha, or at least I can’t. I have not noticed any ill effects from this behavior except for maybe a bit of coldness which I don’t mind because now the most vicious attacks from women roll right off of me and don’t devastate me like they used to. Now I look up them and laugh right in their face when they insult me as bad as any man has ever been insulted. And it works. The less sensitive you are too their insults, the more they love you. The more you get devastated and ruined by their attacks, I think the more it just eggs them on and further I don’t think they respect you a lot.

I would say that there is a serious downside to not acting masculine enough though. There is a good side too it. You are much more sensitive and emotional and vulnerable this way and you don’t feel so dangerous or scary. Even the devastating lows have a sort of power to them that I don’t feel too often now anymore that everything has sort of blurred into this not too emotional flat-line. If you value sensitivity, strong emotions, ups and downs, emotional flavor and color to your life, by all means go ahead and be a sensitive man. But there sure are a Hell of a lot of downsides to that life.


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15 responses to “Game/PUA: Get Alpha and Improve Your Life

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  2. Jason Y

    I depends on the environment. The military and even a university environment is full of backstabbers. You cannot open up to these people.

    It’s not that a man doesn’t want to be sensitive, but that it’s ground for time consuming drama from other men. Most guys don’t have time for it, as they have too many projects going on, studying, working, hobbies.

    Plus, the sensitivity in the military looks goofy and out of place, so that’s out. Possibly that’s why so many military people didn’t want gays in the service period.

    • Jason Y

      A typical university, grade school, workplace is full of at least some guys like commentator StalinTonks. They’re on the prowl, looking to make fun of people.

      • Stalin Tonks

        IRL I don’t go around looking for people to make fun of. On the internet I will make fun of you for being a giant cuck faggot.

        • Proud squaw

          You can always do that at Jared Taylors septic tank with other faggots. Nobody is going to bother you ugly skanks there.

        • Jason Y

          Libertarian blowhards on Facebook and on Stormfront are no different. Flip sides of the same coin, if your referring to SJW college activists or something.

        • Jason Y

          Believe me. Libertarian activists running thier mouth 24/7 are just as or more stupid then so called SJWs or anti-racists. Just check out their Facebook updates. 😆

        • Jason Y

          It’s definitely the pot calling the kettle black. You know what I’m sayin, nigga ???


          Is this a man who begs other males to come over and have sex with his wife or girlfriend?

          A 6’10 one?

  3. Stalin Tonks

    Proud Skank,

    I’d rather dish about abuse to white liberal cuck faggots like Jewson Yid where he and the other cucks are more likely to read it.

    • Jason Y

      You confuse cuck SJWs with run-of-the-mill anti-racists. There’s big difference. That’s like confusing Nazis with Republicans.

      Case in point, the doctor on the movie “Last King of Scotland” was drifting toward SJW thinking when, out of sheer hatred for the English, let judgement go out of the way in favor of working for Amin. That’s way different than some guy who simply believes in peace, harmony, all of that goody goody crap…

  4. I discovered the PUA “scene” a few years before it blew up all over the media. It was a Usenet newsgroup called and it completely changed how I relate to women. I had just started a telemarketing job (i.e. lots of hot girls in the 16-30 age range) and decided to try out some of the stuff talked about in the group.

    It worked as advertised. Just knowing the basics and incorporating it into a masculine personality is all that it really takes. I am not a handsome guy but I fall on the masculine side of ugly (rather than on the 90lb pipsqueak side) so that helped a bit but it really is mostly about attitude. Good clothes and a trim physique help too and even the poorest, ugliest dude can obtain these.

    Girls just don’t have the fixation on looks that males have…it’s a fact. So many guys let their perceived ugliness stop them from projecting confidence and self-respect. Given the choice between a milquetoast prettyboy eunuch or a confident alpha projecting fat guy…girls will take the latter. Many guys also think they need to be rich to pull desirable girls. Lots of money doesn’t hurt but it’s not a necessity and can be compensated for fairly easily.

    Anyway, if SJW fags reject all the basics of heterosexual attraction that’s good as it takes out a lot of the competition with one fell swoop.

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