ManWorld: How Can You Tell If a Man Is Straight? (Core Behaviors of a Straight Man)

Jason: Effeminate? Yeah ok. I can be seen as effeminate.

Jason, you are not effeminate, ok? Actually few straight men are actually effeminate. Effeminate means “acting like a woman.” Straight men get this very confused with being soft, wimpy, wussy, pussy or whatever. Now a lot of straight men are soft, a whole lot are wimpy, and yeah I guess there are some wussy or pussy straight men out there, though I cannot think of any off-hand. But really none of these “soft” straight men are truly effeminate. Perhaps they are “feminine” but only feminine in the sense of maybe being quiet, gentle, and liking to read or write or maybe cook. But that is completely different from being effeminate. Maybe 3% of straight men are effeminate, if that.

Effeminate behavior in a man is the sort of thing you see in a gay man. Probably 70%+ of gay men are effeminate to one degree or another. Some gay men are not so much effeminate as wimpy. But wimpy gay men are often extremely wimpy, so wimpy and pussed-out that it’s ridiculous. Wimpiness takes quite an exaggerated form in gay men.

I have been noticing a lot of straight men who might be seen as wimpy, geeky or soft these days because I have been trying to sharpen my, “Is he gay or is he straight?” skills. Some have these men had very soft voices that had me wondering for a while. But in a way, I finally figured out that a lot of them were still quite masculine.

Look at the way they move their bodies. A straight man will often move his body in these rather sharp, rigid, almost blocky movements. It’s almost like a machine or a robot. It sounds lousy, but that is how masculine men are supposed to act in ManWorld, so most just do it. Women do not usually act like this. Instead, women’s actions are flowing, like a river or an ocean. A woman who is stiff and blocky seems very unfeminine and not sexy at all.

Another thing I noticed with even soft, wimpy or nerdy straight men is that many of them have a deep voice. Even very soft-voiced straight men often have a deep timber to their voice. Most straight men’s voices will be rather deep because that is how a masculine man is supposed to act in ManWorld.

Another thing you will notice about a lot of soft, wimpy or nerdy men is that they are often quite controlled emotionally. Typically this comes across as having few or no emotions, once again almost like a machine or even a robot. Once again this sounds pretty negative, but this is how masculine men are supposed to be. We are supposed to suppress our emotions and act rather unemotional. Emotions in general are seen as pussy in ManWorld.

So the true essence of base masculine behavior that almost all straight men (~97%) will engage in is:

  • Blocky, rigid or sharp movements, almost machine-like.
  • Very controlled emotions that almost seems like few or no emotions at all, once again, rather machine-like.
  • A deep timbered voice, even if it is so soft you can barely hear it.

Really even “straight-acting” gay men probably do not engage in all three of these behaviors in my opinion, though they might engage in one or two. The vast majority of gay men (75%+) are either effeminate to one degree or another or they are wimpy, typically in an exaggerated way. They are often a lot more emotional that straight men too.

For a background on ManWorld, see here.


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34 responses to “ManWorld: How Can You Tell If a Man Is Straight? (Core Behaviors of a Straight Man)

  1. Gay men also seem to adopt behaviors or mannerisms you would see in older women as a result of emulating aunts or grandmothers instead of uncles or other male family members.

    They can be quite shrill.

    Clothes will be important them and even if they are not attractive they will be overly concerned about their personal appearance. They make wonderful interior decorators because this is also important. They will become hair-dressers more often than straight males. Or work in restaurants as they have grown up in kitchens as oppose to underneath a car or building a house.

    They show little facility with tools or manual labor. They lack co-ordination, though of course some like Bruce Jenner defy this general rule. They do not like the outdoors, camping or home improvement because from an early age they gravitated towards the female head of the household.

    Although gays work out in gyms constantly, they will generally not be employed in manual work involving physical exertion.

    Generally they are more right-sided than left-sided thinkers. They can talk forever about humanities or the arts but do not excel in chemistry or physics or math (There will be 1,000 exceptions out of a billion in the world).

    • Jason Y

      I think a lot of this stuff is stereotypes, except the stuff regarding hairdressing and maybe kitchen work. Plenty of musicians, artists out there are not gay.

    • Jason Y

      Oddly enough, manly things don’t have to be learned from dad. A person can easily find books to teach handyman stuff, and it’s not hard to learn. I suppose the problem is that some guys don’t feel it’s worth the time. So it might be discovered that they cannot fix the kitchen sink or something, and that could be some laughter for some alpha asshole, lol.

      Take a car for instance, it’s not difficult to know the basics. Possibly someone could master it in a month or maybe two weeks.

    • matt

      Jenner is not a gay guy. He is a basically straight guy with a fetish for women’s clothing and all things feminine that went too far. It is a totally different thing, in any case. I don’t even think he can be compared to transgendered people who perceive their difference from a young age, and have a sexual orientation toward what they view as the opposite sex. I personally find people like Jenner quite creepy, even while accepting that true transgenderism is a thng, even if rare.

    • Generally they are more right-sided than left-sided thinkers

      This was debunked years ago.

  2. Jason Y

    I don’t agree with whining, but I see very little difference in bitching about South Korea or bitching about white bullies and the typical WN complaining about NAMS.

    All of this stuff is just a harsh world, one where men are supposed to tough it out. OK, then why aren’t WNs toughing it out?

    It seems like racism is a cover for being effeminate. See, these people cannot openly whine, but they can be racist. Being racist is often very socially acceptable.

    • Jason Y

      Note how pussy manly men (libertarians) get on social media and complain 10 or 20 times on the hour. Saying they are men. But real men don’t have to say they’re men. In fact, lol, many don’t have computers.

      • JASON

        Manly men are the least likely to leave a geographic situation that is in decline.

        Gays will not complain because many will decamp to the West Coast. Their actual employable skills are more fluid and they can find work in San Francisco or Manhattan. If they cannot find work they will latch onto a gay man with money.

        Attractive women who are not impregnated in very young adulthood will also leave and latch onto a man in another more prosperous geographic situation. Hot women will move out.

        It is manly men who will complain, depending on the changes in their particular place, because they are more rooted in the community.

        • Jason Y

          Well, truth be told, perhaps saying “Fuck this place” and moving on could be the right move. But of course, alpha male man’s men resent gays and others who hightail to the west coast or to Asia (for English teaching jobs). They see it as a “cop out”.

          However, then again at one point manly men in say Scotland said “Screw this place” and went to the south USA. Manly men came from Eastern and Southern Europe to go to Chicago.

        • matt

          Jason “many don’t have computers.” This brings up an interesting point. Many ultra masculine men I know view all information technology as a girl thing, best left to wives, kids, and other “losers,” lol.

        • Jason Y

          To Matt:

          Just joking 😆 Yeah the Malboro Man isn’t some sissy who chats about slumber parties on Facebook.”

          No, the Marlboro Man is gay. Aren’t hypermasculine guys always on The Village People, hanging at gay bars ???

        • Jason Y

          Jason “many don’t have computers.” This brings up an interesting point. Many ultra masculine men I know view all information technology as a girl thing, best left to wives, kids, and other “losers,” lol.

          Is that really true? No, seriously,,,, Does Crocodile Dundee use a computer in the outback ???

      • Brian Damage

        Are you sure you got the Libertarians right? Libertarians are realists. The left and right idealists are the ones who whine and complain when the real world does not fit their ideal world.

        • Jason Y

          All your groups have blowhards I suppose. The libertarian ones can be the most funny though with their Yosemite Sam redneck comments.

  3. Jason Y

    Though it may not seem that way on the blog, I’m normally quiet in person, unless I’m around stuff that I find interesting. That could be mistaken among some guy circles as being gay.

  4. Tulio

    Pretty well thought out, Robert. I agree with much of this. I do think it’s idiotic that so many guy who are not hyper-masculine get suspected of being gay.

  5. matt

    It seems that as gays become more accepted, range of acceptable behavior a straight man can engage in without being perceived as gay becomes narrower.

    • I’ve noticed this too. I could get away with so much more back in the 1970’s that it was ridiculous. I wore silk and cotton scarves, velvet pants, four-inch platform shoes, all sorts of crazy stuff. People would see me wearing that stuff and instead of calling me a faggot, they would say something like, “Stylin’ it, eh?” – dressing up like that would be called “stylin’ it” back then.

      The general assumption back then was, “Straight until proven otherwise.” I think it’s a great philosophy, but today it is considered “homophobic” (huh?), and most people just don’t think like this anymore.

      • Jason Y

        The 80s hair bands were the pinnacle of such thinking. Those guys looked like chicks, but many people thought that was cool back then.

        Nowadays, if I just wear my hair just a little long, some asshole will accuse me of being queer.

        • JASON Y

          In the Metrosexual 21st Century after 40 years of Aerosmith or Howard Stern in your community somebody will think you are gay if your hair grows below your collar.

          I’m sorry but disbelief is very difficult to suspend here. I’ve driven down I-95 and from Eastern Ohio through Georgia are a load of males with long hair to compliment their hillbilly beards.

          You’re an impostor, J. But moreover you are laying it on so thick that we cannot buy you.

      • Tulio

        If you were a rocker or hung in those circles you could get away with that look. Plus it was assumed that guys that dressed flamboyantly were slaying pussy like there’s no tomorrow. Think Bowie and Prince.

  6. Jason Y

    I don’t think computers are too sissy or wimpy, but cellphones sure as hell are.. Some dude who texts constantly and is all cellular with all the cellular devices is just,… a flaming metrosexual, no doubt……

    • Jason Y

      And also a huge threat to human life while driving….

      • I count how many people I see on their phones. When I’m walking, I yell to people to get off their phones and they tell back at me and curse at me. Good job buddy. Now 2 things are distracting you from the road.

        Darwin in action. Except innocent people who wouldn’t have been Darwin’d otherwise get caught up in people’s dumb ass mistakes.

  7. Men are like that naturally. We mostly don’t walk in a certain way on purpose or put on a deep voice.

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