Persistent Comments Policy Violations

A number of commenters lately have been violating Rule #7 of the Comments Policy. The attacks on poor and working class Whites are getting quite extreme in the Comments Section. Someone needs to tell me how it is progressive, leftwing or socialist to attack people for being poor or working class. That’s classism of the worst sort and there is no room for any classism whatsoever on the Left.

In particular, we are seeing all sorts of attacks on Whites who are the victims of criminals, particularly criminal NAM’s. This is called “blame the victim.” This sort of “blame the victim” has very strong roots in American thinking. In fact, it is a particularly American way of thinking. I fail to see what is so progressive, leftwing or socialist about blaming victims.

The idea that any White person who does not wish to live around NAM’s can simply up and move away from them is crazy. In many parts of the country now, if you do not have a lot of money, you simply will end up living around NAM’s. I pointed out that in my city of 60,000 people, there are 18,200 White people who are living around NAM’s. If you want to live in this city at all, you are going to live around NAM’s. If you wish to live in any large city of the US, you are going to end up being around NAM’s quite a bit of the time, if not in where you live than for sure in where you work or play.

I don’t see why we should tolerate this anymore. No more attacks on poor and working class Whites!

7. Support for the dropout lifestyle. I dropped out of society and the world of materialism, money, status and all that crap a very long time ago. Most of my friends are proletarians who live paycheck to paycheck. Many people I know cannot even afford a car, so they walk, ride bikes or take buses. No one I know has any money saved up in a bank account. Most are renting apartments or rooms in homes. You may not attack poor, low income, working class or proletarian people on this site. You may not attack people who are homeless, jobless or without vehicles. This whole line of talk is objectively reactionary and will result in an immediate ban.


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100 responses to “Persistent Comments Policy Violations

  1. Gay State Girl


    Am I guilty of attacking poor and working class whites?

    • EPGAH

      I think this was mostly about Jason Y, but not sure.

    • Barack Thatcher

      TRASH and I talk about them but no longer in a derogatory way.

      I would assume it still must be Jewson.

      • Barack Thatcher

        Robert would never ban Jason.

        He (and Phil) need him as this blog’s punching bag.

        • “He (and Phil) need him as this blog’s punching bag.

          By no means would I wish to argue with Jason any longer, and if he were banned for insulting poor whites then fine.

        • Jason Y

          Why is there so much personal venom and hate against me on here?


          Phil insists I’m a retarded debater, but Trash brings up zero sources for his stuff. Phil just likes to torment me cause he thinks overall I’m stupid.

        • “Phil insists I’m a retarded debater, but Trash brings up zero sources for his stuff. Phil just likes to torment me cause he thinks overall I’m stupid.”

          Well there’s is a difference. Basically, he has a leg up in structure.

          He uses qualitative info in the form of anecdotes and sticks with such, while you take qualitative data and try to use that against more representative statistics.

          And on occasion I actually do respond to him, but I don’t do it as often as you because of said mistakes.

      • TRASH and Jason are the worst violators here.

        • Optimus Prime

          Come on Robert, you need to cut some slack for them. You must welcome alternate opinions. They both comment on lot of other topics as well and are civil for most patt. Though they might be wrong I and few others find them entertaining. Unlike people like xera, huax, coward and Swedish shit who were derailing every thread with gutter filth vulgar rants and non-sequitur ramblings, I kinda find them entertaining

        • I’m not banning either of them. I like both of them way too much to do that. They are both far too frequent and skillful of commenters to get banned. I doubt if either one would get banned unless they get really disobedient. I am just telling them to knock it off is all.

        • ROBERT I’m establishing the difficulties for White South Africans in building a new life (If they wish) because of rather unsympathetic immigration policies and a realistic definition of what is required to actually immigrate to a new country ($20,000 for visa processes alone). It is not just a matter of: don’t like it so leave.

          Presumably non-elderly people live in NAM neighborhoods out of choice. They groove on it. Also, most of these young whites have enough muscle mass to fight off home invasions.

          Also non-elderly rent and probably their own middle-class parents (Most hippies and hipsters had middle-class parents and are educated) live in the suburbs. If they want to leave, the simply stop paying rent.

          It is the elderly who paid their mortgaged 30 years earlier who have nowhere to go and end up at the tender mercies of a declining neighborhood.

          The people who are victimized the worst are those for whom leaving is effectively impossible: white older retirees on a modest budget in South Africa farmland. In a perfect world they would be re-located to Australia or Britain and strapping young White engineer rugby players with enough muscle mass to be a match for any home invader would stay.

      • Jason Y

        Ahem…. Trash doesn’t talk in a derogatory way about whites now? Yeah right. He is always saying they are trailer living “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” freaks.

        And also, where is the harsh condemnation from Phil for Trash’s remarks. Phil handles Trash with kid gloves for sure.

        • Jason Y

          Phil should be on Trash like a fly on shit, but he’s soft with him.

        • JASON I’m not sure about Texas Chainsaw Massacre but if somebody has the time to care about the fact that you posted a picture of yourself with a NAM female on FACEBOOK or spoke to one…there is something seriously wrong with the community you live in.

        • Jason Y

          Yep, well, it was enough to get me driven from a local church, unofficially.

        • “And also, where is the harsh condemnation from Phil for Trash’s remarks. Phil handles Trash with kid gloves for sure.”

          Okay, so an actual complaint, specifically opinions on a subgroup? You misunderstand why I dislike your use of poor whites in arguments. Have any opinion that you want about them alone, what I have issue with is your comparison of them and SES matching blacks despite such arguments not supported by Data.

          Trash, whatever his opinions, when he compares the two at least doesn;t confused the nature of the two so there.

      • Optimus Prime

        Must be trash or Jason, but I find most of them entertaining though they might be wrong a few times. Come on Jason and trash you have lot of other interesting things to say, don’t rub it in with poor working class

      • Gay State Girl

        I’ve said some disdainful things on this blog about construction workers screaming obscene sexual comments at me. I told you about the time that my dad’s cousin was run over by a drunk irish cop and the police department covered it up because they were all irish. Would that be enough to get me banned?

        • Jason Y

          It’s probably though to avoid saying bad things about the Irish which technically are anti-white remarks. Often the Irish macho behavior and tribalism matches what we see with NAMS.

        • GAY STATE GIRL

          Irish-Catholics seem to rule over working-poor Jews in the Northeast to some degree. Or did at one time.

          Two elements are at play. The Jewish are working-poor and do not have a great deal of money and secondly the Irish-Catholics influential in local service sector.

          Their source of influence is actually government bureaucracy-they are the police, firefighters, local politicians, councilman. But this is only in New York or Boston or parts of Chicago.

        • Gay State Girl


          This was in 1952 and my family was solidly middle class by then.

  2. Of course not.

    These guys are blaming White victims of Black and NAM crime saying that they are losers who are getting what they deserve!

    This argument is being made in the name of antiracism!

    • Barack Thatcher

      Well I think it’s a fact.
      BUT “they had it coming” is against a leftist spirit (that of this blog)

      There is a reason racialists, despite having some high-IQ characteristics like ‘thinking outside the box’ average significantly lower in IQ than non-racialists (and it shows); it has to do with contact with NAMs.

  3. Barack Thatcher

    Lindstein the evil Jew pretends like he objects to his fellow Jews hating Whites!
    (((False opposition)))!

  4. Jason Y

    Sorry about bashing whites. I think it’s taken the wrong way. But note Trash bashes them as harshly as I do.

    My main points I am trying to get across, but usually it makes me come across as a dick are:

    Whites are not all brothers, and I am not just speaking of so called white liberal pansies and poor white people, but rather run of the mill middle class whites and poor white people. They should be brothers, in a non-racist hateful way, but they are not.

    A common WN trick is they try to pit ALL whites against ALL of another race.

    Some white nationalists want pity parties because supposedly they cannot leave an area when they can. However, some of them, like white South Africans, or perhaps certain American children have a legit excuse.
    Again all whites are not brothers. Certain whites, and all of them are not effeminate cocksuckers as Rock T was saying, look down on poor whites, just as they would ghetto blacks.

  5. Jason Y

    Actually believe it or not, I hate cultural liberal assholes too and met one in South Korea, right off the plane. He was one of those radical athiests and wanted me for a punching bag, due to his frustration about religious people (I was religous at the time) and for W. Bush.

    However, a big difference lies between that smartass that I met, and normal liberals.

    • Jason Y

      Even average cultural lefties aren’t really bad people. I gave a freak extremists example above.

    • Jason Y

      Plus he was a Canadian, so he got big time off that, but of course, I could not be proud of who I was at all. 😆

      • White Canadians are fairly openly contemptuous of Aboriginals and have not exactly elevated them to developed world standards. You’d be surprised how incredibly open they are about this.

        Canada also has the highest AIDS rate in the Americas in Vancouver where Chinese and white bikers and Indians battle it out over heroin territory.

        Any Canadian who boasts of the great North Utopia is talking nonsense.

        • Jason Y

          Don’t worry, according to Rock T it’s my scrawny appearance getting all the negative vibes, not anything else.

  6. Jason Y

    One time I tried to aplogize on Stormfront. Then they were mocking me saying “Great, now would you leave?” 😆

    HA HA, figures. What else would you expect from those bastards? Those guys are definitely not in touch with thier feminine side for sure.

    • I can’t take Stormfront seriously. So much pseudo-science. So much garbage on genetics. It’s sad. These people pride themselves on being “realists” and whatnot, but they just spew bulls to fit their preconceived notions about muh Aryans (myth of blonde haired blue eyed Aryans). They’re not too bright.

      These guys talk about mesoamericans, for instance the maya, and say that their myth of the bearded white man, Quezacoatl, is true and that whites brought them civilization. They say the same thing about the Inca and the Varicocha. I’m pretty well read on mesoamerican history and these claims are idiotic. Stormfront talks about IQ yet don’t know a thing about it. I saw someone say once “Rushton uses all Caucasians for his data. Without using all the Caucasian populations and only using Europeans, we’d have a much higher IQ.” ….. Are they retarded or do they only read abstracts and Rushton’s graphs from Race, Evolution, and Behavior?

      They don’t want the truth. They want whatever fits their baseless and preconceived notions. I want to get to the bottom of the truth and discover the truth about human nature. Even if it leads to it being majorly environmental (won’t happen). I’d, of course, debate my heart out and if I exhausted all options and had no retort I would concede. Though in my 3 plus years doing this I’ve never even been close to conceding to anyone. The hereditarian argument is too strong.

  7. Barack Thatcher

    Jason is right that TRASH should write professionally.

    iirc, my favorite line was
    ‘Appalachian people have bad teeth because the only dentist was half Joo, and they murdered his ass’

    • Jason Y

      His stuff is funny as hell, but it doesn’t hold water as a real debate. However, Phil is now saying somehow his stuff passes his quality test. Go figure,

      • Debatable. Most of anecdotal and based on statistical facts. I’ve formed composites of worst-case scenarios or extreme examples to validate a point of view.

        • Jason Y

          No offense dude, but it sounds like trolling, yet Phil ignores it and focuses on my so called “bad debating”.

        • “His stuff is funny as hell, but it doesn’t hold water as a real debate. However, Phil is now saying somehow his stuff passes his quality test. Go figure,”

          “No offense dude, but it sounds like trolling, yet Phil ignores it and focuses on my so called “bad debating”.”

          I’ll tell you what Jason, go find the worst thing he has posted recently I’ll tell you why it’s different from yours.

        • Hey TRASH why don’t you donate? You say you don’t have much money, but you own a house in Thailand. Most regular commenters donate at least something, even if it is just a few bucks. I am giving you a forum here to portray your interesting views to the world after all.

      • Optimus Prime

        Jason, why are you trying to single out trash for trolling? Its school kid stuff. If trash seems like trolling so are many in this blog.

        • I’m interested in the opposing point of view. Even if they disagree with me, their opinion is valid.

          Who is to say I am not wrong about everything I’ve stated in posts.

        • OPTIMUS When you are proven wrong you have learned something valuable.

          If I posit, for example, that when a neighborhood goes seriously South it is the elderly, the poor, the uneducated, the disadvantaged who remain and white liberals are the first to flee then an opposing point of view is relevant.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t see Appalachians murdering Joos, cause there are none here anyway. In my valley, as I mentioned before a million times, they drove out a black man / white woman couple with mixed kids — out of a mountain valley for no justifying reason. Several local haters got of on calling me a gook lover for the longest time.

      • Barack Thatcher

        Yeah next to none.
        W.V. is 0.1%.

        I had a half-Joo biology teacher in High School; and he was pretty objectively God awful.

        • Jason Y

          The north is full of jew haters cause there is more of them. Here is full of Mexican, liberal, and black haters, and suprisingly also Asian haters.

          But of course pansies like me should just ignore these people. 😆 It’s just rough-housing, fun and games, boys will be boys

        • The north as in northeast? Am from NJ. I hardly see any antisemitism. Though I’ve heard of some synagogues getting firebombed a few years ago.

        • Jason Y

          I’m talking more as in schoolyard teasing. Where I live there are not comments about Jews among kids, cause they’re arent’ any. Occasionally though, some older KKK type might call someone a Jew if he makes them angry, or if he just feels like making fun of a liberal.

        • Jason Y

          Europeans and Yankees (northern Americans) are incredibly anti-semetic, at least as far, as teasing goes. If I were a Jew, I’d want to live in the south, cause I wouldn’t get hassled as much.

    • BARACK

      Remember in the Halloween films when Michael Myers mask was removed and he turned out to look totally completely normal. In one film he simply removed put the costume on a dead body and walked off in street clothes?

      This is a blog where people review the real self they cannot reveal in the office or workplace. It is the true core of what we believe.

  8. Barack Thatcher

    Jason does provide some interesting insight, more than myself, about Appalachian White issues.

    Most of these so-called “realists” like Roger Rabbit or Jew-Wed Taylor are completely happy to keep feeding the “Mexicans and Muslims are to blame for the coal mine closing” to poor coal mining Whites.
    I feel my people are being ripped off.

    Hillbillies are ignorant but IQ wise they’re not stupid.

    My German-American mother grew up in the next county over from this one.

  9. A) Scots were the first group that America complained about immigrating to Appalachia. They hated the English and were political offenders in many cases. Cherokee found them rougher and more dangerous than refined Puritans. Many were loutish young males.

    B) Appalachians have always been internal migrants in the United States themselves, particularly to Canada and Michigan.

    • Barack Thatcher

      TRASH many Scots could not afford to buy more fertile land in VA.

      They were cast aside and treated like garbage, and hence had stuff like Bacon’s rebellion.

      Germans came later, there’s a lot of Swiss influence (and even later; Italian), in North Central W.V.

      • Southern Italians which you presumably got their technology and cultural advancement by way of transmission from Greeks and Arabs, whose civilizations were indeed far more advanced than those of say the Vandals or Goths in Sweden.

        Sicilians will deny having Arab heritage-Phoenician Lebanese, Carthage-but most of you resemble Assad.

        There’s also a fair amount of Greek.

        • Barack Thatcher

          Blogger race realist has debunked many myths about South Italians.
          Read his blog sometime.

        • Optimus Prime

          Trash it helps if you could post your comments along with proper sources. Just hearsay facts and fantasies does not constitute an argument. I like most of your posts, the humour and analogies in your posts are extraordinary. Just remember to use proper facts and figures to make your comments more appealing.

        • Barack, yes I have. I’m working on a nice big post on Italian genetics with another blogger and we are also going to tackle the claim of the North screwing the south. It’s going to be an extremely long article but so much fun!

          Check this out. I’ll be looking for primary claims to really get to the bottom of this.

  10. Barack Thatcher

    and of course…growing up as a Med in W.V. I always had a slight sense of ‘genetic superiority’ or what have you…..

    as one Med in the Alt-Right said; “I detest Nordicism, because without my ancestors, the Nords would still be acting like n***ers”.

    Harsh word choice but still very true regardless.

    • Southern Italians benefited from cultural transmission through the Arabs-whom you will deny are some of your ancestors even though Sicilian girls in a Burka look as Arab as a Saudi princess.

      Arab contributions to Western civilization cannot be discounted either and they came North through Carthage.

      Greeks form the other half of Southern Italian heritage and of course they brought their empire with them.

      • Barack Thatcher

        going further back it WAS Arabs, you are correct.

        Arabs -> Meds -> Nords.

        I don’t have an issue with Arabs.

        Obviously denying their history of civilization, basically far superior to Europeans for 99.999999% of history, is obviously just low IQ prole political opportunist garbage.

        • BARACK Sicily was in the Mediterranean basin at a time when there were 5 great civilizations-Rome, Carthage, Phoenicia (Lebanon), Greece earlier.

          So of course Sicily and Southern Italy (Not the North, I might add) up to Rome has had a tremendous head-start civilization.

        • Worth noting that the dominant Y haplotype for S. Italy is J2 from the Levant. Italians today are the same as the Romans. People bash the ME. But stopping inbreeding can reduce the effects of inbreeding as well as boots IQ. Razib had a post on it a few months the ago. I’ll grab it tomorrow.

          And what Nordicist proles don’t realize is that the Romans cultured the barbarian Nords. Both the Romans and the Greeks didn’t think highly of the Germanics barbarians. But there’s always a convenient excuse for the Nordicist proles.

    • Germans were not exactly living in trees in the days of Germania: they colonized Britain wholesale, for example.

      Vandals and Goths who later overran Rome were actually from Scandinavia and indeed this was a primitive remote place far from the arenas of Rome.

    • Genetically Italians are not really even a race: You’re a composite of Lebanese Phoenicians, Greeks, Spanish, Roman, North African Arab. With this mixed background of course came the benefit of cultural transmission: seafaring from the Lebanese Phoenicians, high culture from the Greeks, math and astronomy from the Arabs as well as the mafia.

    • Sam J.

      Barack Thatcher,”…I detest Nordicism, because without my ancestors, the Nords would still be acting like n***ers”.

      Harsh word choice but still very true regardless…”

      You don’t know that that is true. Frankly it’s straight psychopathic thinking. I kill more people therefore I’m better is what you are saying. Rome came in with a superior military technology, namely they fought like a machine. A law mower. They murdered everyone and carted off vast quantities of people to use as slaves. Northern Europe was never allowed to “be” anything. It was murdered.

      The so called “culture” of Rome was built on the backs of the slaves and taxes of the Northern Europeans, Greeks and Egyptians. Any damn fool can build nice buildings and temples if they own all the resources of vast numbers of people.

      The Romans were no better than Genghis Khan.

      • Sam J.

        A law mower. Should be a lawn mower.

        The Romans in their early history got the shit kicked out of them fairly frequently. Their eventual success came from their practice at murdering everyone around them constantly, willingness to change tactics and willingness to slaughter vast numbers of their Men in constant genocidal wars. They eventually came up with an efficient system of extermination. They had to or they would have been all dead from their aggressive murderous attacks on everyone around them.

      • Sam J.


        “… Brunt estimates that Rome mobilized 108,000 men for service in the legions between 218BC and 215BC, while at the height of the war effort (214BC to 212BC) [against Hannibal] Rome was able to mobilize approximately 230,000 men. Against these mighty resources Hannibal led from Spain an army of approximately 50,000 infantry and 9,000 cavalry…”

        Rome got the ever loving shit kicked out of them by a small group of Carthaginians. The only way they they prevailed was by mass casualties and blood lust. Throwing the whole entire community into war lust.

        They way they got the troops to attack the Northern Europeans was the other States in Italy were taken over by the Romans. After all they were the most evil bloodthirsty murderous people around. Better to join them than be exterminated by their vicious evil blood sucking. Everyone knew what happened to the Carthaginians.

        By using all of Italy as manpower and rapid attacks they defeated the NE before they were ever able to coalesce into a combined fighting force.

  11. Barack Thatcher

    the problem is that Arabs aren’t that different from Europeans.
    It’s a myth designed to keep the Syrians out of Europe, and to allow Jews like Stefan Molyneux to shill for his ethnic genetic interests.

    • Genetics vs. “Phenotypical behavior”.

      The thing is though is that Arabs, by and large, have experienced a different course of selection pressures compared to Modern Europeans so, why sharing a similar composition, they are behaviorally different and thus wouldn’t culturally adapt especially considering the quality of the immigrants there.

      ALso, why it doesn’t hurt your Syrian logic, Lebanese are different from “Arabs” as in Bedouins.

  12. Mediterranean in North West Virginian would be Italian, wouldn’t it? I never knew the place had many Greeks or Spanish.

    Pray tell what sort of Mediterranean are you?

    • Barack Thatcher

      TRASH my Med Half was not Native to W.V.

      There are mainly Italians in mainland W.V. although there may be some Greeks in the Pittsburgh area.

  13. Chinedu

    So who are these marauding, murderous “Nams”? On what planet are they on? How come I never run into them even though I’m exposed to black people on a daily basis?

    Could it be that most of you sort of live in a warped dreamworld that is disconnected from actual reality?

    • Planet inner-city. Almost anywhere.

      Go there, if you can convince some taxi driver to drive you (Some will refuse). If you are Asian you might fare better, but I doubt it.

      By day you might be alright but sometimes you will be randomly assaulted. At night, you are probably a done deal.

      • Chinedu

        You mean the same inner city that whites go to without any issues? Hell, I’ve even seen European backpackers strolling through inner cities at night and asking residents for directions. The residents are usually more than happy to help. And what about gentrification? How does gentrification occur if inner cities are so hostile to whites?

        USC is located smack dab in the middle of inner-city LA. White students from around the country live and study there. How many incidents of attacks against whites occur there?

        I know that racists and white supremacists want to perpetuate the myth that whites are under siege. But we are obliged to follow the evidence and live in the real world. The same mentality that promotes the fake genocide claims in South Africa is what drives these out-of-control black predator delusions.

        • You live in warped dream-world of your own if you have not taken note of Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit.

          It is not only physical safety issues but quality of life that slip when a city becomes majority NAM.

          Property values decrease. Police activity increases,


  14. Barack Thatcher

    (((TRASH))) is like the Italian hating (((Hollywood))) director in The Godfather;

  15. I don’t dislike Italians.

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