Now It’s Miss Finland


Next up to the plate is the gorgeous Miss Finland! Good God, there is not enough newsprint around to print up the stories of all of the accusers that could potentially come forward.

It looks like the Donald never missed an opportunity, eh? Jeez, there must be 2-3,000 women out there like her, just waiting to offer up their stories. Bring em on! Get in line, ladies, and we will get to you in a bit. We may not have time to get to all 3,000 of you, but don’t worry. We will definitely hear your story when the time comes.

PS What is it with Finns anyway? Someone told me they were Finnish before they even started! Is it actually true?


Dang, look at her! Of course he grabbed her ass. You could you be around that and NOT do that?


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93 responses to “Now It’s Miss Finland

  1. Jason Y

    Bill has just as many accusers, and Hillary (along with Bill) had people murdered over the years, starting with two teens in Arkansas who had too much info on a connection between the Clintons and drug runners.

    • Tulio

      Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.

    • Hizzle

      Hey man,

      Bill Clinton has never been convicted of anything. And even though he’s in prison, OJ Simpson is not going to rest until the real killers are found.

      • Bill Clinton had the good fortune to be President when the Japanese bubble burst, Cold War ended and the War on Terror was not yet about to begin.

        It was more good timing then anything else. The guy was not that bright.

    • All of the “claims” of the Clinton’s being part of a murdering machine fall on shaky evidence. Use concrete evidence, other evidence from crappie and biased blogs that they use to fit their preconceived conclusions.

      No I am not voting for Hillary. I’m not even going to waste the time voting. I’ll be at a competition at that time.

      • Clinton worked with a great many drug burnouts and drunks, one or two of whom ended up committing suicide.

        It is not an indication that Clinton was a killer but that he was something of a lowlife and druggie himself.

        I never bought “slick Willie” as an evil genius: he was basically a semi-moron who had the good fortune to be president during a nice decade between The Wall Falling and the War on Terror when the economy was really good.

        Despite this, he got caught with an ugly woman and nearly impeached.

        Hillary had 20 more years after her husband’s second election to polish her skills but still made mistakes.

    • Clinton turned his own brother into the police who then informed on a Mexican smuggler.

      By all accounts Bill Clinton was a casual cocaine snorter in the 1980’s and that is the extent of his direct involvement with drugs.

  2. Donald is an alpha male and he has the best taste in women. Although quite frankly I’d prefer brown women to all these white chicks. White women are too skinny but brown women got a big ass and big jugs.

    • Tulio

      Berlusconi was an alpha male billionaire with an insatiable taste for partying with pretty young women as well. But he was a disaster for Italy. Well, Trump is just an American Berlusconi. Might be fun to be invited to one of their sex parties, but neither of these men have any business running a major country.

      • Hizzle

        Some other misogynistic alpha males:

        Thomas Jefferson
        Lyndon Johnson

        And naturally none of these men could have ever been president.

        • Homer Simpson

          Thomas Jefferson? Yeah right. Sure if you happen to count having hundreds of slaves literally @ your disposable for whatever pleasures you may seek. Maybe more true for the likes of LBJ & JFK, the latter sure knew how to enjoy life to the fullest.

      • Drumpf only gets women because of his $$$. Without that he’s nothing. Obviously.

  3. iffen

    “Dang, look at her! Of course he grabbed her ass. You could you be around that and NOT do that?”

    Well, we can’t see her ass in this picture, so I don’t believe we can be sure of what we would do.

  4. Terry

    ahem, this was how many years ago? how hot was she back then??!!!!??

  5. Sam J.

    I don’t like the look of girls like this. Not that they’re ugly it’s just they’ve plasticized themselves too much. Not that these girls don’t look good but a lot of the beauty pageant girls add so much cramp they whittle off that which makes them unique. I like much more next door look. Lindsay Lohan used to be cute before she smoked, drank and drugged herself so much,

    Jennifer Aniston (yes I know she’s a Jew. Maybe she baths in aborted fetuses to remain looking so young)

    Courteney Cox too. (She’s not Jewish so I guess she has to skip the aborted fetus baths).

    You get the idea. I bet some of the beauty Queens would look better with less work.

    • Barack Thatcher

      “Jennifer Aniston (yes I know she’s a Jew. Maybe she baths in aborted fetuses to remain looking so young)”

      You’re a troll…it’s just not possible.

      • Gay State Girl

        LOVE IT. Can I borrow it sometime?

        • Sam J.

          I got the idea from a scientific study where they ran the blood of young mice into older mice and it caused remarkable rejuvenation. I assume they will eventually find out what’s in the blood that does such miracles. Until then the Jews will just have to bath in fetus blood of gentiles.

        • Gay State Girl

          I look ten years younger. I’m pushing 30, I still have people mistake me for a high school student. I was not a late bloomer either.

        • Gay State Girl


          I thought this.

          Do you think she was a secret Jew? Hungary was teeming with them.

        • Sam J.

          “…Do you think she was a secret Jew? Hungary was teeming with them…”

          Hmm..maybe, there’s the theory that the Jews are Neanderthals. Notice the Neanderthals were in Europe for 200,000 years or so and never did shit. Cro-Magnon man came in and things started happening. The theory states that the Neanderthals being a fiercely violent sort attacked the Cro-Mags and the Cro-Mags being sick of their shit and the “Hitler” and “six million Jews” excuse not being invented yet attacked them so fiercely that they drove them into the mountainous portions of Europe. Especially the Caucasus. Transylvania being in the general area, maybe she was. There’s also the simple fact that there’s a good possibility that ALL or most of the European Kings were psychopaths. They all got to be kings by hacking people up and convincing others to hack people up for them. Psychopaths being the greatest salesmen ever they would be good at this.

          As an aside there seems to be NO mtDNA from Neanderthals in existence. The general idea being that it was the Neanderthal Men raping Cro-Mag Women that caused all genetic mixing of the two races.

      • Gay State Girl

        I look at least ten years younger and I’ve never had an abortion, worked for planned parenthood, or volunteered for a sex education program. I just rail about how motherhood is the ultimate form of Stockholm Syndrome.

        • iffen

          What do you mean. All of us had a mother.

        • Motherhood is tough. It’s so hard being a mother. They give up so much for us and get little in return except one measly day out of the year.

          You know what’s even tougher than motherhood? Motherfuckerhood. Damn that’s a hard road man, lemme tell you. I’ve been a motherfucker most of my life, and I swear it’s about to break me man. Tough road to hoe, but at least you get to die with your boots on.

        • Gay State Girl

          The fuckers hold us hostage in our bodies, cause us excruciating pain during childbirth. They drool, spit up, bite us and they grow up to treat us like shit yet they satisfy some emotional imperative. I call that Stockholm Syndrome.

        • iffen

          I take it that you are not a fan of pay it forward.

        • Gay State Girl

          “You know what’s even tougher than motherhood? Motherfuckerhood. Damn that’s a hard road man, lemme tell you. I’ve been a motherfucker most of my life, and I swear it’s about to break me man. Tough road to hoe, but at least you get to die with your boots on.”

          They come with er…baggage?

        • Gay State Girl

          “I take it that you are not a fan of pay it forward.”

          Was that directed at me? No, I don’t expect to be repaid exactly in dollars and cents, but it’s a tall order to expect them to put you in a good nursing home for christ sake.

        • iffen

          Yes, it was directed at you.

          You have already been repaid. Someone or ones went to the trouble of getting you to this point. You pay it forward by getting someone else to the same point.

        • Gay State Girl

          I don’t understand why people have such strong opinions.

        • iffen

          “I don’t understand why people have such strong opinions.”

          Because some of us believe that opinions matter. I am not condemning your opinion, just giving mine. You can reject mine as I reject yours, I am not offended. I just have a very good opinion of motherhood, apple pie, etc. and speak in its defense sometimes.

        • Gay State Girl

          That’s allright. Are you a mother by any chance?

        • iffen

          “That’s allright. Are you a mother by any chance?”
          No, but I had the best one of all time and place.

        • Sam J.

          I think motherhood will disappear within 30 years. It could happen way faster if some unhuman experimentation were allowed. I bet it could be done in less than ten years with adequate funding and no oversight. English scientist have raised mice by taking skin cells and turning them into stem cells. They then fertilize these cells with sperm. Oops feminist, turns out it’s sperm that is the trigger for turning cells into zygotes. The success rate is up to 24 percent. Those mice have in turn been breed with regular mice and there seems to be no problem with them. Normal mice. They said there is no problem doing the same with humans.

          So the path would be first to create eggs from skin cells, fertilize then raise in surrogates. The next step would to be finding a large animal suitable in size to carry human babies. Cows??? The animal is then given a human uterus or the correct hormones to raise humans and immune system. This is not some far fetched idea. There’s a new genetic technology call CRISPR that makes it super easy to genetically modify animals, plants, whatever. Genetic engineering is about to move into serious wharp drive. They’ve even found new ways related to CRISPER so there will also be competition keeping prices down. They’re already working on adding human immune system genes to pigs so we can use their kidneys and hearts.

          How many women you think would sell some cells, say a swab in the cheek, for $1,000? A lot. A whole lot.

          A lot of the excesses of feminism comes from the fact that only women can have children. That’s going to change and when it does men and women will truly be equal. Men will most likely have children on their own. I believe they would still get married but their children would stay with them.

          You can bet the feminist will do everything in their power to stop this. I’m betting the technique will be perfected in some third world country or Island nation. Maybe in secret. It will not be able to stopped then as people could travel to get their children.

          Morally I think this is a bad idea as it’s much better for a man and a women to get married and raise children the old fashioned way but women just refuse to do so. In Japan I think it’s 40% of all the population is virgins. That’s just astounding. Women just refuse to produce children as it’s too much of a burden on their fun, fun, fun, lifestyle.

          Just as Gay State Girl says,”The fuckers hold us hostage in our bodies, cause us excruciating pain during childbirth. They drool, spit up, bite us and they grow up to treat us like shit yet they satisfy some emotional imperative. I call that Stockholm Syndrome.”.

          So women refuse to produce children and if they do the odds that they will be taken away from men are extremely high. It’s a raw deal. If we can’t get them to do it we’ll just take care of it ourselves.

        • iffen

          Feminism exists by the grace of Western men imbued with the ideals of the Enlightenment and Western Civilization. Most of us were raised by Mothers, whenever we are gone, feminism will be gone.

        • Gay State Girl

          I hope they can perfect virtual reality sex. I wouldn’t even mind fashioning sexbots to look like prepubescent girls if that’s what keeps men satisfied.

        • Gay State Girl


          I don’t buy that. My grandmother was a full time home maker, and my dad and my uncle still treated her like dirt.

        • iffen

          “My grandmother was a full time home maker, and my dad and my uncle still treated her like dirt.”

          I feel for her and for you having to witness it. Situations like that is why support for equity feminism is the right way to go. Liberal democracy wasn’t perfect, but it got us to this point. What comes next won’t be pretty.

          Only a very small % of men are pedophiles and they should be destroyed.

        • Gay State Girl

          My grandmother was not capable of extricating herself either. She kept inviting my uncle back into her life and it always resulted in a repeat performance. That’s what scares me the most.

        • iffen

          “She kept inviting my uncle back into her life”

          We are all prisoners of our emotions. Some of the situations that spring from family ties and emotions are completely baffling. I don’t begin to claim that I understand it all. It’s like a lot of things in life, when it works it can be wonderful, but when it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I wish that it could have been better for her and for you.

          Your Stockholm Syndrome analogy is clever and is actually very funny.

        • Sam J.

          “…My grandmother was a full time home maker, and my dad and my uncle still treated her like dirt…”

          Maybe that says more about Jew Men than it does all Men.

        • Sam J.

          “…I hope they can perfect virtual reality sex…”

          Speak of the devil.

    • Courteney Cox is looking very nice in that picture. Skinny chicks with curves, a pretty face and a perky butt are delectable.

  6. Barack Thatcher

    The Alt-Right must admit that in terms of impulse control Trump is just a NAM.
    Dear God.

    • LOL Trump is such a nigga I swear. Straight up wigger, that dude.


      Neener neener.

      • Gay State Girl

        You’re still going to marry me at the end of the day.

      • Barack Thatcher

        I’m serious.

        It’s amazing that the most unrefined crazy guy who would’ve done better as a ‘jungle savage’ is the savior of the White race.

        The irony reveals itself to triple digit IQs; not common in the Alt-Right.

        • EPGAH

          It’s Black thugs committing violence, not Trump supporters, though the thugs are quick to cry foul or just cry when Trump supporters (Or cops, or any law-abiding entity) hit back, aren’t they?

          O’Keefe got the Democrats to admit ON-CAMERA that voter fraud and fights are being done intentionally, not spontaneously.

          How would Trump have done better as a savage? No money, inherited or otherwise, means he would’ve had to resort to violence rather than seduction to get these women, and probably wouldn’t have had access to this quality of women. (I HOPE women are at least that discriminating?)

        • EPGAH

          Isn’t the problem with whites that we’re TOO self-controlled, TOO responsible, TOO easy, so everyone else takes advantage of us, our countries, etc.?

          How long do you think Black Lies Matter or any other violent dissident organization would last in a nonwhite country?

      • EPGAH

        Not really, they were willing until they found there was monetary gain in being “Unwilling Ex Post Facto”.
        This is the Mattress Girl bullshit taken to the Next Level.

    • Tulio

      Please don’t insult us NAMs by comparing us to Heir Drumph.

    • He definitely is. He immediately says what pops in his head. But altrighters say “muh Overton window!!!” He speaks his mind and that’s what has gotten him so far!!

      Ha. Haha. OK. Not too “Presidential” now is it?

  7. The Wiener leaks?

    I have those sometimes. But that’s because I have BPH. Live long enough on this insufferable planet and you will get this wonderful condition yourself.

    Educate yourselves, men!

    • Gay State Girl

      Maybe it got internalized during his childhood. Similar to someone named Berger is destined to grow up to be obese.

    • Barack Thatcher

      Hillary didn’t want to shake Trump’s hand at the second debate because she had just learned where that hand had been 🙂

  8. Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

    gross. she looks like meghan mccain.

  9. Joey Junger

    I don’t even like Hillary, but at this point I understand her hatred for men: between Bill’s phallus and Weiner’s…well..weiner…men and their sexual indiscretions have been the bane of her existence. And now she’s in a contest to rule the ruins of the American empire against…a horny old orange toad. Sorry Hillary!

    Hillary 2016: To Hate and Castrate

    • EPGAH

      If she doesn’t like it, she could always divorce Bill, recuse herself from public life, and get away from Men. If she’s in politics, she’s going to be exposed to even MORE Men, not the least of which being the misogynistic Moslem Cult which considers rape a sacrament!

      And yet, she thinks we’re “stronger together” with these animals?

      • Barack Thatcher

        Muslim treatment of women yet Democratic Muslim defense have pointed as ironic even by the mainstream right’s (((Ben Shapiro)))

        • EPGAH

          Yes, which makes the War on Women a Democrat doing, not Republican.
          Even mainstream Republicans are anti-Moslem to a smaller degree.

          I’m surprised there hasn’t been a commercial “Who supports FGM as a ‘Cultural Right’, and who opposes it based on Rule of Law?”

      • Hillary Clinton had affairs with several male colleagues as early as 1983 by accounts from Arkansas State Troopers and political aids. One was with a businessman that continued for two years beginning in the late 70’s.

        It is doubtful that she was a full-fledged Lesbian and more likely a switch-hitter but of course in older age as the sex drive decreases this makes less difference.

  10. Shawn

    Man, I couldn’t give a fuck, I’m #MAGA till the death of me, nigga.

  11. Natz

    Most women look great when you are me.
    But I much prefer the more gracile and sharper face-shapes.


    What is the average Japanese or White male going to offer a woman whose IQ is triple digit and has some money or a job?

    Please throw away the fun and the travel and the job simply to raise my children even as wages purchase less and standard of living falls.

    Might have worked in the 18th century.

    • EPGAH

      And of course, the women feel no responsibility to continue the species or lineage or whatever?

      What happened to the “Biological Clock” that used to drive women to badger Men to settle down and have kids?

    • EPGAH

      In Europe and especially America, women prefer to take lower-paying jobs and/or not make the sacrifices necessary to get the promotions, then bitch about an imaginary Wage Gap.

    • EPGAH

      The Right keeps missing even the opportunity to point out, “Who pays their female staffers less while bitching about the imaginary Wage Gap and Glass Ceilings?”

  13. An enormous number of Japanese women are entering the porn industry from the middle-class-bankers and nurses and secretaries.


    Japan’s economy is bad that young men cannot even afford hookers much less a wife so they must sit at home masturbating to images of Bukkake.

    • EPGAH

      If you have E-cup or better breasts in Japan, your parents will kinda push you into porn to get money!

      • A lot of Japanese guys are resigned to masturbating their life away to porn or hiring 1 E-Cup woman + 40 guys to produce porn to make a quick buck on males who are resigned to masturbating their lives away because they cannot ever get married.

        You see a great deal of anger directed towards women in Japanese porn, by the way. It’s the most disgusting stuff ever put on film-women used as human toilet bowls, animal perversions.

        • EPGAH

          But the fact remains, the women are still doing it. Presumably for money.

          If the economy’s that bad, why don’t we have a lot of illegals from Japan, like we do from China?

          In fact, it seems Japan is attracting illegals from North Korea–and even China itself!!

        • EPGAH

          Also, don’t forget that globalism pushes the immediate thrill rather than Delayed Gratification, so a lot of Japanese women–particularly in Yokohama–are choosing Blacks over their own Men.

          What is the parentage of their Olympic runners, again?
          Hint: Miss Japan has a black father, and their Olympic runners are the result of Japanese women rejecting “inferior” Japanese Men and having kids with Blacks.

          No wonder Japanese Men are giving up on sex and going to porn and videogames. The richest of them can import Mail-Order Brides, but that comes with its own set of risks, doesn’t it? Namely, once she gets settled in, she might dump his ass.

  14. Fat feminist mixed-bloods like the Florida female on FOX feel an instinctive jealousy that high status Alpha Males do not seek to penetrate or impregnate them or support the children of this reproduction.

    Therefore they channel their feelings of envy and inadequacy at being unable to reproduce with High Status Alpha Males who would support their children.

    These feeling of envy and inadequacy are not only directed at the Alpha Male but the desirable Females with whom he chooses to instead.

  15. Gay State Girl

    That’s BS. The bitches were flocking to Billy Boy before he was a big name. Trump has relied on his status from day one.

  16. Because he has money. He wouldn’t get the women without the money. That much is clear. Not to mention his ultra-plastic-looking wife. My hatred for Drumpfstein has nothing to do with the women he gets (which, again is due to money), he’s an idiot who will not do thing he says. Be real bro, if you’re saying he doesn’t get these women due to his money you’re fooling yourself.

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