In Praise of Hunter Wallace

Sam J: Robert quoting Hunter Wallace! I’m flabbergasted. I agree with most all of the things Hunter Wallace says except I don’t want to break up the USA; I want the whole country.

I don’t agree with him, but he is a superb writer! Does anyone else notice what a great writer he is? Sometimes I think it takes another good writer to recognize another good writer. Maybe for most people, we all seem the same.

But though it is painful for me to say this, I have always thought that Hunter Wallace is a better writer than I am. And I think I am very good. Thousands of people have been telling me this since I was seven years old, so I figure it’s probably true. I’m a failure at everything else, but I can write. No wait, I can get laid. OK, let me restate it. I’m a failure at almost everything, except I can write and I can get laid. Well, that means I am good at two things at least, and that’s probably better than most humans. Actually, I meet people who write better than I do frequently, and it is very humbling. I don’t mind at all if others can write better than me. I don’t have to be #1 or the best. All I need is good or better. You’re an idiot if you need to be the best at anything.

Anyway, Hunter Wallace is a fine, fine writer. He has an excellent turn of phrase, and I find myself repeating his gem-like perfect sentences over and over in my head because they are so right-there immaculate. For instance, that call-out quote by him above defining Liberal Race Realism is the most perfect description of it yet by anyone by far.

And I think Wallace is also an excellent thinker, which makes sense as good writers and good thinkers tend to be the same thing. Few writers write for mere prettiness. In fact, being a great thinker is probably one of the most important qualities in being a fine writer. Most people probably don’t realize that.

Now I also think he is wrong about a number of things. But what most do not realize is that great thinkers can still be wrong. In fact, they are often wrong. The fact that you are wrong does eliminate the possibility of being a great thinker.

Check out Otto Weininger. Now, I happen to think he is wrong about a number of things, but Weininger is great in part because of exactly how he is wrong in that most perfect, glorious and beautiful way of being-wrong. In fact, figuring out how he is wrong is one of the fantastic things about reading Weininger. His greatness lies in how he is wrong, exactly as Wittgenstein, who acknowledged Weininger as an influence, said, and Wittgenstein was never wrong about anything.

Now, I do not agree with Hunter at all on quite a few things, but I have some respect for him. He calls himself an agrarian socialist. Look up a seminal tract by Southern writers from 1935 called I Take My Stand – I believe Faulkner signed it. He’s about as dubious of the rich and powerful and the corporations as I am, and I’m a Leftist. What Wallace is selling is actually the real deal – true rightwing populism. Not that junk snake oil half-rightwing populism Trump is selling, but I mean the real stuff. His project is not as good as Marie Le Pen’s of course, and he’s wrong on race, but I do have to respect him.

Also his discourse is pretty clean and polite. You don’t hear him calling Black people niggers and whatnot, but Southern Whites have a long tradition of this genteel manner when at least speaking about race. And while we don’t agree about race, I think we agree racially on one thing. I love my people. I actually love White people and White culture. I love being White. I wake up every morning, look up at the ceiling and think, “Thank God for making me White!” I’m sure Hunter agrees with me racially in that sense anyway.


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48 responses to “In Praise of Hunter Wallace

  1. Jason Y

    Also his discourse is pretty clean and polite. You don’t hear him calling Black people niggers and whatnot,

    No, he just calls them negroes and colored people. 😆 He might call them darkies if he’s had too much moonshine.

    • RockT

      Stereotype and assume much? Holy Jason, not all Southerners are continuously imbibing moonshine. If can easily get away from any icky, icky white trash by moving to your nearest ‘hood- since the crime rate is ultra-low there and you can save lots of money due to the cheap rent.

      • Jason Y

        Yeah the white hoods are paradise. No crime, cheap to live etc… Right, no crime toward other poor people, cause there is nothing to gain from them. Oh yeah, one drawback, the poor can still get hooked on meth in these trailer parks.

  2. iffen

    RE: White Nationalism, race realism and an Alt-Left. White Nationalism belongs on the Right; at its worst it is Nazism. It is impossible for a White Nationalism to occupy space on the Left. The political spectrum has been set since the early 20th Century. You can’t re-arrange it.

  3. Jason Y

    Well, of course, he isn’t going to call black people the n word, just like he isn’t going to call liberals pussies. 😆 It isn’t professional and lowers the quality of his blog. But what does he say in private?

    • EPGAH

      Why are you so interested in his private life? Don’t you have one of your own? Would you like everyone knowing what you do/say in your private life?

      • Jason Y

        The personal life moonshine drinking peckerwoods is funny. 😆 That’s why. There’s no real logic behind it.

        • EPGAH

          Where do you get that he drinks moonshine?

          Stereotype much? And what stereotype do you want to be?
          The idiot who thinks he’s Black, so he defends the Black crime, until he becomes a victim himself?

        • Jason Y

          Not trying to be anti-poor people here or anti-white, but some whites do as much criminal damage as some NAMS. Iv’e said it a million times.

  4. Sam J.

    Hunters good. If you go back in his archives you can see he’s done a vast amount of sifting through economic data that shows fairly conclusively that the South alone could make a fairly prosperous nation.

    Hunter is my people. I live relatively near him. The way he dresses, walks, talks. I know vast amounts of people just like him.

    • If the South had remained a British colony-which it wanted to be-it would resemble Australia or Canada.

      Cherokee like the Aboriginal would still be a little angry but would sit on their reservations quietly drinking themselves to death.

      • EPGAH

        Do you consider “Resemble Australia or Canada” a good thing or a bad thing?

        That’s also of course, ignoring that the British all but abandoned their colonies after WWII.

        • Australia has a better standard of living and lower crime rate and better public education than the Southern U.S. Canada’s French-Canadian regions have some very poor aboriginals and Inuit. Recent Indian Sikh immigration and Chinese drug cartels battling it out in West Vancouver have made crime rates over 10 square blocks in those places as high as East LA.

          In general however, Australia and New Zealand and British Colombia have a higher standard of living and lower crime and better public education.

  5. Jason Y

    His name is Hunter cause he uses coonhounds to hunt down escaped slaves and lynching candidates. 😆

    • Jason Y


      • I would have to believe the South would resemble Australia or New Zealand if NAMS had not been imported and it never received Independence from Great Britain.

        • Jason Y

          The influence of blacks on music was the great positive legacy of slavery. The south would just be some bluegrass area, minus the banjo which is African imported, if not for the NAMS.

  6. Why do Southern Whites spend concern themselves with NAMS to such a degree?

    If you see dogshit in the street you walk around it.

    • EPGAH

      Dogshit doesn’t follow you. You walk around it, it stays there, rather than follow you when you try to avoid it.

      • EPGAH

        In the Northern cities outside downtown Detroit or South Chicago NAMS will not actually follow a white male who has said nothing and offers no money down a public sidewalk for no purpose at all.

        I’m talking about mixed public districts where there are enough whites and East Asians on the street to blend in and not an empty sidewalk in the dead of night.

        NAMS who want something out of a white in the North are usually hijackers who strike in parking lots or burglars but in broad daylight on public sidewalks they will not follow a white who has not spoken to them for no immediate gain because plain-view robbery is too risky.

    • EPGAH

      If you’re being stalked, chased, hounded, and even defeated in a war because of something, you tend to obsess about that thing.

      Also, NAMS turning Atlanta and New Orleans and even parts of North Carolina into Somalia might have something to do with it?

      • Jason Y

        It could be one theory, but I don’t want to sound anti-white, or anti-poor white.

        There does seem to be an obsession among southern racist types which involves hating NAMS, but wanting to keep them around for sadistic reasons

        As for Hunter Wallace, I was just joking, lol. He could be a decent or great fellow with good ideas. But is he just another one of these southern WNs who longs to own slaves and excercise his dominion over the third world savages ??? All the while, of course, being under a divine sanction from the judeo-Christian God.

        • Jason Y

          On top of this, I really think a lot of the southern racists, might not even mind Mexicans. They just see them as African Slaves Part II, so they want them around again for sadistic reasons. In other words, we don’t mind NAMS, in fact we welcome them, just as long as we are on top and being the absolute boss..

          Note the Mexicans, in contrast to the African slaves, in the mind of Confederate revivalists, are hardworking, not taking welfare, just out picking beans and whatnot like good NAMS are supposed to do, lol

        • Jason Y

          Is this thinking off the wall? OK, check out this real article by a southerner who is concerned about NAMS and wants to help::

      • EPGAH NAMS in Atlanta will actually chase you in vehicles or find your house to stalk around it or “hound” a white stranger? They have that sort of time and inclination.

        In the North they are so preoccupied with immediate gratification that they would never follow a particular white in their car (Unless he has verbally interacted with them) because gasoline is expensive and the money can be spent on booze or crack cocaine.

        Find your address for a stake-out? I can see an East Asian or an Italian mobster doing this but NAMS lack the technical skills to even decode your home address off the internet or at the country courthouse.

        Please bear in mind that in the North, NAMS and whites have never lived in the same neighborhoods and most crimes occur where these places overlap.

        If you do not own a car and walk everywhere then of course they have the physical capacity to follow you on foot. But why? What is the gain of following a strange white man on foot when their time can be better spent drinking a 40 Ounce, smoking a blunt or offering some crack to a NAM female for a quick blowjob in an alley way?

  7. JASON Y Several Factors.

    For juveniles BAD BOY like Sean Penn’s do not exist anymore anyhow. Prison is not as bad as it was in the INNOCENT MAN or OZ era of 20 Nazis raping a new white male in the laundry room. New facilities have security cameras, more prison guards, a harsher attitude towards prison crime itself and prisoners who commit rape/murder are now tried in courts. It still goes on of course, but only lifers with nothing to lose want to do 20 years over a man’s anal shaft when they are doing a 5 year stretch for burglary.

    So more criminals do not care if they go to a new prison. Its not like chain gang South years ago.

    Meth and Oxy hit America. It turned Lower-class whites (Not NAMS) who would have toked blunts and drank Mickey’s Malt Liquor into total shit bag petty criminals and raised the rates of property theft, burglary, stolen cars, domestic abuse, disruptive behavior and prostitution 400%.

    NB I’m 43. Eighty percent of the 43 year old convicts doing hard bullets will tell the same story: up until 1994 they were normal, working-class whites when Meth became popular. After that, they were gone. Dealing, stealing, home invasion, burglary, homelessness, meth manufacture…all this is a result of the meth/oxy epidemic.

    NAMS in industrial cities used to begin work for $20 an hour at an auto plant. Who is going to risk going to jail for selling crack cocaine on the street when they can make more in a legitimate job. This was the case in Detroit, Flint, Chicago.
    In 1985-1995 there was a HUGE RISE in out-of-wedlock births for all races except East Asians among the working poor. Presumably you are my age (Early 40’s) so you can remember this well. These kids who were raised with no fathers in total poverty and came of age in about 2005-2010 DURING A RECESSION.

    In the 1990’s meth came in along with oxy and more female addicts arose along with girls behaving badly which resulted in many more becoming impregnated by males. Their kids came of age in 2005-2010 after a lifetime of neglect, being raised by weary grandparents, welfare etc.

    NB Middle-class and upper-class White females became alternative and feminist lesbians in the 1990’s when it became acceptable in the Clinton era: less children from these white women. Also, white males discovered porn in a huge way and mail-order brides or went gay themselves. Birthrates Generation XY (1970-1980) just dropped to nothing in the 90’s.


    In OUR DAY (Late eighties, early nineties) even the idiots and thugs graduated high school and could do basic algebra. Then GED became a short-cut which meant many more high school dropouts.
    Internet and cable points out to the working-class person what they do not have: travel, fashion accessories, a lifestyle like Ivanka Trump, whatever. Prior to cable and the internet in the 1990’s lower-class people had a better attitude and were happier about working at WAL-MART for $4.00 an hour in Kansas because LA and New York were so far away and communication so poor. Media was not free-you had to buy a magazine to know how bad you had it.

    Today these folks no they have nothing to lose.

    • Jason Y

      OK I agree, but I hope your not violating Robert’s “No anti-white, or anti-poor” comment rule.

      In OUR DAY (Late eighties, early nineties) even the idiots and thugs graduated high school and could do basic algebra. Then GED became a short-cut which meant many more high school dropouts.
      Internet and cable points out to the working-class person what they do not have: travel, fashion accessories, a lifestyle like Ivanka Trump, whatever. Prior to cable and the internet in the 1990’s lower-class people had a better attitude and were happier about working at WAL-MART for $4.00 an hour in Kansas because LA and New York were so far away and communication so poor. Media was not free-you had to buy a magazine to know how bad you had it.

      Nice story, but will Phil hound you for sources? Probably not. I think he’s afraid of Trash, as he’s the alpha male around here. That explains it.

      • Jason Y

        NB Middle-class and upper-class White females became alternative and feminist lesbians in the 1990’s when it became acceptable in the Clinton era: less children from these white women. Also, white males discovered porn in a huge way and mail-order brides or went gay themselves. Birthrates Generation XY (1970-1980) just dropped to nothing in the 90’s.

        There are so many generalizations and stereotypes that I cannot begin to count.

        OK, so white male middle guys are wussy fags who are into chink women etc.. ?? It’s just a repeat of the typical alt-right attack on anti-racists.

        And of course, yes, middle class women automatically became lesbians in the 90s era 😆 More candy for the alt-right and Rush Limbaugh to play with.

        • Jason Y

          Sorry meant to say “white middle class guys”

        • Jason Y

          Why would porn make guys gay? Robert looks at porn, as well as millions of other straight guys.

        • JASON Broad strokes, of course. But P.C. along with Kurt Cobain hit the generation of whites in the 1990’s whose kids would be coming of age now and less of these folks had kids, or as many of them, or as young.

          Middle-class women did not all become Lesbians but many saw their own parents divorce and decided they would not be housewives.

          White males had reproductive alternatives explode in the 1990’s: they did not have to visit peep/shows or sex shops to beat off to porn so porn became a more viable alternative to sex with a woman resulting in pregnancy so birth rates decreased somewhat.

          White males also began to travel outside their own communities and no longer had to get a white woman pregnant in order to get a steady supply of sex through marriage. Or once-a-month semi-steady supply. So birthrates decreased.

          You said your one brother was a druggie. You know the score with lower-class white males. They are high and make babies with women, often addicts or stupid, whom they lose interest in.

          20 years later we see the result. The kid can have an IQ of 120 but his whole life has been against him: he attended lousy public schools, was possibly molested by a step-father or adult because of lack of supervision and is hyper-sexed, has a lousy view of women as a 6 inch cervical canal for 20 minutes of entertainment, maybe has a GED and probably no college. ETC.

      • TRASH is a Beta Cuck who was so disaffected that he transferred to a Canadian university, graduated and got residency there, took off overseas and managed to scrape up enough money to buy a TINY house in Asia.

        TRASH is the ultimate tail-between-his-legs expat who spent some time living in NAM neighborhoods when he was young.

        TRASH knows NAMS have nothing to lose and do not care if they will have sex with one another in jail because of a fight with a white male, so direct conflict is pointless.

        TRASH is the ALPHA BETA CUCK who knows NAMS never have the money or skills to physically move so the best strategy for victory is to abandon their neighborhoods like France did to Haiti and let them turn into a garbage bin.

        TRASH also cannot IMAGINE why any white concerns himself with how a NAM feels about him, whether a NAM has white friends or if a NAM takes it up the butt twice a day from a Hebrew for his maximum satisfaction. None of this can profit a white Christian male.

        TRASH has also seen how East Asians and South Asians succeed in the U.S. along with Jews: They don’t care. They are disinterested in what Hollywood believes is right or wrong. Porn does not affect their personal relationships even though their groups produce the bulk of it. They do not get addicted to the lousy street drugs of NAMS. Thus, they pull ahead while the descendants of noble Scots Highlanders dwell on the way NAMS act or how they feel about “crackers’.


        He doesn’t post on FACEBOOK. He’s exclusive but who know his business and can contact him.

        NAMS who call him a “white bitch” will return 20 minutes later to their stoop to smoke crack or drink cheap fortified wine and watch their sister exit their cheap single room dressed as a prostitute to stand on the street corner soliciting money from johns in parked cars. The NAMS children will never take a trip to Disney Land or enjoy anything not provided by the government because, well, he forgot about them. The NAM will spend a great deal of his life in an orange jumpsuit on a government issue mattress smelling his cellmates feces…It is not worth reacting to a NAM on the street.

        Alpha Cucks travel as much as possible.

        Alpha Cucks uses a drug or alcohol for recreation purposes but does not use heroin, crack cocaine or opiates. He remains conscious of his health.

        Alpha Cucks have sex with women of as many different cultures and colors as possible-like travel, this broadens the mind.

        Alpha Cucks use protection and do not needlessly impregnate women.

        Alpha Cucks try to have some kind of vehicle if living in a rundown area to limit exposure to NAMS on the street.

        Alpha Cucks are cautious at night.

      • TRASH is not in violation of the policy regarding poor and working class Whites.

        TRASH, no White men “go gay.” It’s not even possible. Male sexual orientation is completely fixed at least by age 15 and after that, cannot be budged at all. There are not very many straight men who have chosen to live a gay lifestyle because they are sick of women or whatever.

        • ROBERT I’ve been one, particularly in my college years (Though the result was thankfully no Student Debt) and post-student time as a hippy out West.

          Lower-class white common sense leads to what some posters might label Elitism but it is common sense:

          1) In NAM neighborhoods 10% of the criminal element represent real danger. The other 50% are easily provoked but a strong self-centered quality prevents them for really noticing a white who does everything not be noticed. Forty percent will hold a job and be reasonably socialized citizens.

          2) In NAM neighborhood you can be robbed by white criminals as well who are cheap pathological thugs or hoodlums. NAMS know they are dangerous and have no money so if they roam outlying areas in search of other whites to victimize it is of little interest to black police officers or NAM pedestrians. You can be robbed or beaten by a white thug in a NAM neighborhood in front of 100 NAMS and he will not be caught. DEATH WISH Series depicting Irish-Americans and Hispanic muggers engaging in crime with blacks IS NOT THAT UNREALISTIC: The scummiest of societies scum are so shunned by their own race they will congregate with other cheap thugs and hoodlums against other citizens of any race.

          3) It’s better to own a car. Public places are usually the location of NAM crimes against whites and not a private residence home invasion.

          4) Careful of the drugs you do. Marijuana can be obtained and used in middle-class settings and sometimes cocaine but if you become a frequent user of crack or heroin you will descend into a NAM underworld. Don’t carry drugs with you on the street or in your vehicle.

          5) Social Media will get unwanted scrutiny-FACEBOOK etc. Anthony Weiner could have been sucked off by 13 year old girls next to his kids but when it is captured on media you are done. If you wish to “share your life with strangers” you might as get paid $300 to do “Bukkake Porn” or Double Anal with women in front of the camera for $1,000. Your violating your own privacy another words.

          6) Don’t get women pregnant when you are under 25-30. This will completely restrict your geographic movement and life choices. Most likely you will wish to penetrate more than one vagina in your life because cervical sensations and oral sex performances differ from female to female so therefor you will not want to be faithful to a woman you meet as a college student. Enjoy blow jobs without condoms as often as possible but always use preventive measures when having recreational sex.

  8. ROBERT I was a working poor white in the United States in the 1990’s and this was a more prosperous time than now. My parents are middle-class but I earned a trivial university degree.

    Working poor educated whites from cities like Detroit have two choices: stay and raise a family or remain single to move somewhere else.

    Those who choose to remain are at the mercy of globalization, de-industrialization, rising crime rates and all the rest of it.

    • Jason Y

      However, WNs and the like are forgetting that education, at the very least, some useful vocational skill, not necessarily college, can open their job prospects.

      Could it be some of these white people, perhaps due to a broken spirit from a bad environment, have not explored these options? And I can say the same about broken spirited NAMS.

      • Jason Y

        A big argument against Communists is along the line, “Well, Cuba lifts up the broken spirit of the people and they become doctors, However, why do we need a Communist regime to lift the spirit of the people?”

        Note, mark my word, it’s a broken spirit is why people dwell in poverty even though windows of opportunity do exist.

      • JASON Y


        1) There is MORE incidents of molestation in poor white families for some reason and as a result poor white adults are liable to display sexual pathology more frequently.

        2) NAM environments are more violent.

        3) Poor whites like NAMS are exposed to drugs early in life. ‘

        4) Poor whites will have children as very young and sometimes teenage adults but teen pregnancy is less common.

        5) Poor white poverty is in the rural areas of course.

      • JASON Y

        Poor whites will seriously injure you if provoked and usually without a firearm while NAMS will probably kill you.

        Poor whites generally will not rob you. Some will, but the actual percentage is lower.

        Poor white males possess less access to females resulting in lower incidence of wedlock.

        Poor white males less attractive to NAM females or vice versa which reduces level of interracial rape (If scumbag white males chose to rape NAM females it would be very easy0.

        Poor NAM females lower down on the sex industry pole and usually streetwalkers as oppose to nude dancers or escorts.

        Poor white females more likely to be promiscuous as teenagers or self-harm themselves.

        Poor whites more likely to engage in crimes of property damage or theft.

        Poor white addicts will live longer and do less jail time than NAMS on an average.

        Poor whites with gang tendencies will be bikers unless Italian. Street gangs not common.

  9. Had a bit of a chuckle at the “oh, and I can get laid” line in OPs comment. People who are getting laid regularly don’t think about getting laid regularly…it’s just part of their life, no big deal. A dude dropping hints on his personal blog about how much pussy he’s getting might as well be wearing a flashing neon sign saying “my self-image depends on me believing that you believe I’m banging lots of chicks”.

    • Look one more comment like that and I am banning your ass, ok?

      Read the Comments Rules. You are in violation.

    • This is the stupid old lie, “The guys who are getting it don’t have to talk about it.” And “the guys who aren’t getting any are the ones bragging their asses off.” Problem is that I have lived 59 years and never saw any evidence of this. Sexual braggarts are typically drowning in pussy. Guys not getting any are rarely if ever bragging about being studs. It’s just a great big made up fantasy.

      What the Hell do you think the Manosphere is? What do you think the PUA/Game and Red Pill blogs are all about. It’s all about Pick up artists (PUA’s) using “Game” to get women. And they are all bragging their fool asses about it too. A number of them are writing books about their exploits which sell quite well. The comments section and forums are full of even worse men strutting around, bragging like crazy, insulting and putting other men down, and going on and on about their sexual exploits. There are probably tens of thousands of men bragging their silly asses off every day on these sites going on and on about what studs they are. And yeah, they are studs as a matter of fact. I’ve looked into it.

      Now you might think this whole thing is a massive joke, but I know for a fact that a lot of those guys do very, very well with women. And the stuff they say goes far beyond “and I can get laid.” I mean far far far far far far beyond that.

      PS This is also a PUA/Game blog of its own so we talk about such matters all the time.

  10. In sex tourism destinations I find that foreign males try to deny their level sexual activity.

    • Jason Y

      My guess the older sex tourists are pumped up on vigara.

      • TRASH Yes, but every foreigner in the Philippines will claim he is a sportsfisherman and will take one excursion on a boat and spend the other 99% of the time with his trousers down shafting Filipino women (Who like sex and are not always prostitutes).

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