Rejoinders to Some Critiques of Obamacare

Shooter: I disagree. Obama had to cheat in order to get it passed.

That was the only way to get it through.

Shooter:  That sounds like a form of cronyism and crony capitalism to me.

All capitalism is crony capitalism, always and forever. That’s the nature of capitalism, and the capitalists love it that way. Read Marx, or read anyone, even Adam Smith. The Libertarian dream can never happen because it’s not possible.

Shooter: But Obama also forced people to buy it or else they’d be fined or jailed. Not really a solution, and the blame game to Republicans kinda dismisses the matter.

Had to be done. That was the only way to make it work. Otherwise you remove all the young healthy people, and any insurance program crashes if you remove the good actors.

What do you suggest instead?


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8 responses to “Rejoinders to Some Critiques of Obamacare

  1. Wtf are you talking about? There is no modern day equivalent of capitalism.

    If all individuals are self-interested, then only the utilization of coercion is possible to cause corruption or cronyism. I want you to pay for my ‘X,Y,Z disease, alcohol habits, housing … outlaw my competitors, give me more advertising/media power, make more companies vouch for me.’

    If you can’t influence people to act involuntarily, like induce taxes, seize property, hoard food, re-distribute your own “work” or any other form of coercion, then no matter how much money you have – you can’t cause any harm to other people.

    Sure you can buy out all the neighbours around ‘X’ person, but you can’t force ‘Y’ person to move out to build your land development if they don’t agree to it. Sure you can buy out all the eggs in the world, but then someone else would quickly know that you’re buying eggs at a premium and start breeding more eggs, so you can’t have a monopoly.

    Cronyism exists because people want to benefit from force. That is all there is to it. Whether it be student loans, house subsidizing, business capital or 99 other things or enforcing 592 laws that make it hard to enter the industry. Someone else is paying for these luxuries.

    If you can choose to work at a job at risk A, or A+1, school B or school B+1, live in C or C+1 – then I find it really hard to believe your stupid arguement that capitalism is inherently corruption-causing.

    Suppose I made computer tech and am now super rich $$. The restrictions of usage of my money means involuntary transactions. Explain to me how exactly I can ‘seize’ property or cause ‘tax’ hikes or force redistribution of income or tell people to ‘move’. Don’t bullshit me with higher income tax – Canada chinese immigration in Vancouver – can’t afford property thing because those taxes wouldn’t be levied in the first place. I can’t start raising a military or start wars in other countries because force was only enforcible in protecting personal and property rights. I can buy more ‘media ads’ to tell people we should go to war with blah, blah, – but they can’t be forced to pay ‘taxes’ to do so…

    • All right look idiot, I am banning your Libertardian ass. Violation of Comments Rules, Insulting the blog owner.

      One by one I will get rid of these Libertardian fucks. We are taking them out, one by one! Who is the next Libertardian who would like to come forward to be banned? Step right up!

      Of course capitalism causes corruption. Not only that, but the more capitalism in a country, the more corruption in general. Eastern Europe, the former USSR and China all saw corruption go completely through the roof after they went to capitalism. There was not much corruption under Communism, despite popular lie.

      • Sam J.

        “…There was not much corruption under Communism, despite popular lie…”

        Every book I’ve ever read written by and about the average Russian person they all said that you had to have connections to get good stuff. I think both Jewish capitalism and Jewish communism are corrupt. The problem is complete control of the State.

        • SAM J The Jews came to America when Communism became the political system of the Soviet Union.

          None of the people that administered it were Jews.

          That is a fact.

      • Welfare capitalism minimizes corruption (Socialism).

        Both raw Capitalism and raw Communism are going to have some degree of corruption because they involve a great deal of money in the hands the few in Capitalism and a great deal of power in the hands of a few in Communism.

  2. Shooter

    “Had to be done. That was the only way to make it work. Otherwise you remove all the young healthy people, and any insurance program crashes if you remove the good actors.”

    By…forcing them to pay for high premiums and healthcare that isn’t adequate? Not only did it not work, but it made those young healthy people go broke just to try to afford the premiums. Forcing them to pay fines and getting insurance companies to ditch their customers because prices are too high is a self-defeating concept.

    “All capitalism is crony capitalism, always and forever.” – Well, did wordpress come about because of socialism? Aren’t most of the things you talk about, even the medium you’re on, came about from capitalism?

    All civilizations have to have some form of economies to raise capital. No matter how socialist you get, there’ll still be capitalism in there. USSR was not fully Communist but was socialism with state capitalism. Making money is just what nations do. I don’t see how GDP and other forms of wealth are inherently crony capitalism. Sorry, but you don’t get me on this one.

  3. Obama has screwed me. I’m a mid 20s man in the prime of my life. I don’t need insurance. I’ve paid that fine… 4 times? I think I’ve sunk around 2000+ dollars into the fine. It’s cheaper than actually paying for the Healthcare that I won’t be using, that’s for sure.

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