Liberal Race Realism, Precursor to the Alt Left

This was actually the precursor to the Alt Left. I started this ill-fated movement in 2009, seven years ago. I must say it was a complete flop. Virtually nobody signed on. And the few who called themselves Liberal Race Realists on here generally spent all their time engaging in the worst racist abuse and race-baiting of each other. Disgusting.

LRR ran into all of the same problems that the Alt Left is running into except more so. The Race Realist Alt Left and the Left Wing of the Alt Right (sort of the same thing) are both running into the same problems that LRR ran into. A good part of the Alt Left is already chucking the race realist part, which was actually one of the founding tenets of the Alt Left, but whatever. If people want to make some Alt Left minus the race realist part, I could care less.

There’s nothing to be gained for the Left in talking about race realism anyway. There’s nothing to be done about it, and all talking about it does is create more rightwingers and turn more liberals rightwing. What’s the point? Why feed the enemy and starve ourselves? Are we masochists? Are we bent on losing as part of some “beautiful loser” Romanticism?

I can see why a lot of the Alt Left wants to chuck the race realist part. It stands to tar our movement, which is already going to be called racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc., with the racist moniker in a bad way by painting a target right on our heads and calling it “Racist – Come Hit Me Please.”

At some point, I said that LRR had flopped, and I folded it up, only to turn it much more expansively into the Alt Left later on. The Alt Left has a Helluva lot more potential than LRR did, and let’s hope it grows!

What was LRR all about? The best definitions of it so far is from Hunter Wallace, the fine writer of Occidental Dissent:

A dash of race realism, positive White racial identity, the Leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism.

Well, that is exactly what it was. And that is probably not a bad definition of my version of the Alt Left too. I could not write a more perfect summation.

More Wallace, summing up the problems inherent in the movement and predicting, accurately, that the movement would go nowhere, which is exactly where it went:

Robert Lindsay is still trying to bake his political cake out of incompatible ingredients: a dash of race realism, positive white racial identity, the leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism. Needless to say, this unusual combination is almost never found on sale. His brand of race realism rules out about “95% of the pro-White crowd.” It’s probably more than that, really.

Which is odd. Lindsay has attracted many racialist readers (myself included) with his incisive observations. His blog entries have been featured on Amren. He is very fascinated with the pro-White scene and writes about it quite regularly. We agree on many points and matters of fact but tend to draw different conclusions. I don’t sense any duplicity in his writings that wafts off the likes of Lawrence Auster (Jew) or Ian Jobling.

In this post, Lindsay again talks about his anecdotal experience with the liberal stratum of White Californians and reiterates his often-stated view that White Nationalism is simply impossible in America. I don’t believe his sweeping conclusions are warranted by the sample size he is using.

Here in the South, I find most people around my age to be either “casual racists” or otherwise receptive to racialism. These people have never heard of White Nationalism. They tend to be uninterested in politics. Most are thinly Protestant Christians (rarely attend church). None are haunted by any sense of guilt over the Holocaust, Jim Crow, slavery, extermination of the Indians, oppression of women, etc. Most hold at least negative views about Negroes, illegal immigration, and affirmative action.

There is no organization on the ground trying to recruit them to White Nationalism. Instead, the movement is bottled up in cyberspace. Perhaps it will remain there indefinitely. Maybe that will change.

I would wager that White Nationalism has a better chance of breaking out into the mainstream (in the South) than Lindsay’s version of race realism. These days liberalism and racialism are mutually exclusive. Racialists don’t have much use for the Left and tend to jettison its neurotic obsessions with racism, feminism, homophobia, political correctness, all its talk about “freedom” and “equality,” and so on. Liberals don’t have any use for White racial consciousness (except in the negative sense), immigration restriction, opposition to affirmative action and multiculturalism, or any of ideas that animate White Nationalists.

After 1965, there is no longer any middle ground between the two. Whether it be neocon race realism (Jobling) or Liberal Race Realism (Lindsay), I don’t see much of an audience for a third way.

And here:

Robert Lindsay, the most interesting liberal in cyberspace, has done two interviews with Voice of Reason. He used to be a regular commentator on OD in 2009.

Lindsay is notable for his attempt to integrate communism, anti-racism, race realism, and White Advocacy. He is a critic of Zionist Jews and White Nationalism. His rhetorical scatter shot hits targets on both the Right and Left.

LRR remains in part of the Alt Left – for the most part in the Left Wing of the Alt Left. I was thinking that Rabbit’s movement was sort of the stepchild of LRR. In fact, Rabbit is LRR with some modifications, but he’s taking it a lot further than I did. Indeed, Rabbit has said that he read my site for many years while I was writing pre-Alt Left stuff, and he links back to a report of an early interview with me that was discussed on Occidental Dissent.

But people might want to read about LRR to see a movement that laid the groundwork for the Alt Left and was in fact the Alt Left in its initial limited manifestation. So LRR is interesting for historical reasons if for no other.

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29 responses to “Liberal Race Realism, Precursor to the Alt Left

  1. “If people want to make some Alt Left minus the race realist part, I could really care less. There’s nothing really to be gained for the Left in talking about race realism anyway. There’s nothing to be done about it, and all talking about it does is create more rightwingers and turn more liberals rightwing. What’s the point? Why feed the enemy and starve ourselves? Are we masochists? Are we bent on losing as part of some “beautiful loser” Romanticism? I can see why a lot of the Alt Left wants to chuck the race realist part. It stands to tar our movement, which is already going to be called racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc., with the racist moniker in a bad way by painting a target right on our heads and calling it “Racist – Come Hit Me Please.””

    I see your point, though if people would be at least Blunt with the idiocy of modern identity politics just for now then that would be just fine.

    The thing is that whatever the Alt Left Stand by with race, as long as it deviates from the cultural left stance then that good enough.

    And from my analysis, with the point of leftists trying to help of other races, then basically race realist ideas such as changes in sentences and other forms of compulsion I’ve been researching with blacks can easily be viewed as more or less cultural policies that would help situations without going too deep in the thinking of it all.

  2. Sami

    Robert, we need the Old Left, or the Roosevelt coalition (or, even, the Lincoln coalition) if you prefer, to take back control of the contemporary abominable caricature that is the present Democratic party, which has, somehow, in the 53 years since Kennedy’s assassination, become a freak show of SJW insanity, neoliberalism, and Likud Zionist neoconservatism (which is another form of “Identity Politics” run amok) … and then to take back control of the country. Could anything possibly be better than this? THAT is what the Alt Left needs to be about. This movement needs to outgrow, and flush down the toilet, the likes of Rabbit — this is absolutely essential, and there is no getting around this crucial necessity — in order to build this up into a movement which can truely become mass-based, and able to reshape this country, maximizing the healthy potential of the nation and people that we, presently, for better or worse, have.

    So far, I have read only the first couple of paragraphs of this latest post of yours, but I just had to spit out the above.

    • Rabbit ain’t going away. I suppose the other wings could say that they disassociate themselves from him, but that’s about it. The Left Wing of the Alt Right is one of the wings whether we like it or not. The only solution is for other wings to renounce that wing.

    • I like the idea of a revived old left myself. I’m not so much opposed to the concept of race realism as I am indifferent to it. What we need is class realism and economic realism. I don’t care which race has the higher IQ, I want Wall Street back on a leash.

  3. Ultra Cool

    Some knowledge is so dangerous it must be hidden at all costs for the good of mankind, reducing conflict is infinitely more important than the truth.

    Race realism is evil and disturbing regardless of intention or context, it’s one of those subjects that must never be brought up because it oftenturns people evil, I hope it remains taboo for all eternity.

    • Jason Y

      Generally speaking, it leads to unreasonable hate on the part of the superior and resentment from the inferior. Note, it was even Robert E Lee who said slavery had an evil effect on masters as well as slaves. His thinking is somewhat similar here.

      Well, for one thing, race realism will never be handled by people like Robert, who are somewhat humane. Instead, it’s usually the alt-right who are attracted to, and practice race realism.

    • Tulio

      This is the reason why political correctness exists. As annoying as it can be, it is so vociferously defended by cultural liberals because it is the glue that holds together an extremely heterogeneous society. Political correctness is the act of suppressing behaviors and actions that could be interpreted as offensive to designated disadvantaged groups. If we didn’t try to avoid offending one another, this country could explode into race war. Some moderate level of political correctness may be a necessary evil. The problem though becomes the slippery slope. Those that approved of gay marriage probably didn’t think that in a few years you’d have to accept that Bruce Jenner is a woman that deserves to be on the cover of Vanity Fair in a dress.

      • Jason Y

        Right some places, like college campuses for instance, would turn into a war zone without it. Imagine if everyone spoke their mind without any sensitivity at all.

      • iffen

        Race realism can be, and is, avidly and readily “used” by WNs because of its felicitous nature vis-à-vis the core ideologies of white nationalism. Of course, 99% of them don’t “need” race realism to support what they already believe. Just icing on the cake, so to speak.

        Race realism is an unpleasant fact that knocks a major plank out of the left platform. Whether a political left can grow that is informed by race realism is, as it used to be said in the old days, problematic.

        • Tulio

          Being a liberal is about much more than believing in racial blank slatism. One’s views on race should not effect the way we view climate change, abortion rights, universal healthcare as a right, the military industrial complex, Wall street banksters, gun control, etc.

        • iffen

          “Being a liberal is about much more than believing in racial blank slatism.”

          Absolutely. However, the fact that blank slate egalitarianism is not possible as a founding principle or right that has been denied by oppressive power means that the basis for and the meaning of equality under law needs a better (stronger?) philosophical foundation. Whereas, before we could say that in obvious situations of inequality, that there was a presumption that a “natural” right was being abused by oppressive power we will no longer be able to make that appeal.

        • Tulio

          Well the philsophical basis is that we may not all be equal in abilities and behavior, but we are all equally human, equal under the law and capacity to suffer is equal.

          If immigrants were screened for intellect and ability, none of this would be an issue. Blacks of course are a special case as blacks were brought here against their will.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, but were they or were they not given “Limited Time Offer” of 100 years to leave America and go back to Africa if they didn’t like it here? UNDER 9,000 took them up on it.

          But that doesn’t mean they can’t leave if they feel “oppressed” in America, the border OUT is just as porous as the border IN, right? Stay in Mexico for a bit, see if they’re less oppressed.

          So anyone who is still here in America is here by their own choice. But it seems that the fact whites fought to free their ancestors is not allowed to be used as a bludgeon, while whites are constantly extorted new concessions and freebies with “Muh Ancestors Were Slaves”.

          My ancestors did not own any slaves, fought to free the slaves. Does that mean they’re responsible for the riots? I’ve heard that joke so many times it’s not funny anymore. Please remember, if we had kept slavery, we’d not have a “Race Problem”, and we’d have a lot lower crime and violence, wouldn’t we?

        • EPGAH

          We’re not even equal under the law!
          As I reminded Jason, the law forces NAMs into neighborhoods that don’t want them, while whites cannot count on the same support to invade a neighborhood that doesn’t want us for whatever reason.

          And Hate Crime laws make a NAM’s life three times as valuable as a white person’s life.
          Even Holder was forced to admit it–except he seemed kinda proud of it!

      • Sam J.

        Political correctness is really politeness. It started out well enough. Negros decided they didn’t want to be called Negros or Blacks and wanted to be called African Americans. OK fine. But now it’s run amuck. Other than White people use political correctness as a battering ram to attack Whites. They completely forget that to warrant political correctness/politeness for themselves they have to be polite also. They of course will eventually destroy all politeness because only a fool would let them trash you constantly while you have to wear kid gloves and creep around while speaking softly.

        A common problem with Liberals/Leftist/whatever is they latch on to something and completely destroy it. The word liberal is a fine example as it used to be defined as a open minded, rational person with the ability to look at people and situations without preconceived prejudices. Anyone believe Liberals are like that now? No they’re all running around calling all White Men rapist and everyone else some other name as no one can possibly be for all the various warped causes they change every few weeks that if you don’t support them all your a Nazi.

  4. Jason Y

    A big problem as I explained in another recent post is that time hasn’t progressed to justify the hate that eventually racist paranoia leads to. America is not South Africa now, and won’t be for quite some time, probably not in my lifetime (I was born in the 70s).

  5. I would call LRR more of a concept than a movement, maybe a concept that seeded the alt left or was a precursor to it. But I wouldn’t call it a movement because it was really just you.

    There are plenty of socially liberal people on the right these days….there are lots of libertarian and economically right wing people who are socially liberal….legalisation of drugs, abortion, the whole thing, even on foreign policy. You can be a race realist and a social liberal and identify as a Conservative or republican these days.

    The thing that makes you different is your socialism. You are a socialist race realist.

    • Tony Swagger

      It will take a few more years for the Alt left will come into traction. Alt right came in to the mainstream now after years of study, observation and a very strong groundwork. Alt right owes a lot to intellectuals like Kevin MacDonald, dr. William pierce and David dyke. They were the father’s of modern alt right movement. And now phenomenal writers like brad griffin, anglin, Liddell have taken into mainstream.
      Alt left is in its nascent stage and it will take a few years to come into fruition. The onus is on individuals like rabbit, Ryan England and Robert need to lay a strong foundation.

      • Barack Thatcher

        As a non-alt righter I think of the alt-right as being mainly represented by Spencer, Kmac, Abernethy, Taylor, and Coulter.

        Those are the five faces to me, as an outside perspective.
        Anglin’s memes are used against the Alt-Right by neocons.
        Food for thought.

  6. Sam J.

    Robert quoting Hunter Wallace! I’m flabbergasted. I agree with most all of the things Hunter Wallace says except I don’t want to break up the USA I want the whole country.

  7. iffen

    The alt-left has no institutes, no think tanks, no colleges with which it is associated.

  8. iffen

    What is the Claremont Institute?

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