One of the Worst Accusations So Far Is Leveled at Drumpf


Multiple sources too. Multiple people who attended these parties said that Trump regularly had sex with 14-17 year old girls (jailbaits or JB’s) there. It’s not common to have witnesses in a statutory rape case. More like he said, she said.

What I love about this is that these rightwing morons have been some of the worst at abusing the pedophile label for men having sex with JB’s.

Of course it isn’t pedophilia. It’s perfectly normal behavior for a human male. It’s not pathological in the slightest, unlike true pedophilia. Human males have been doing this since the beginning of our race, and no one cared up until now.

However, society hates it and has made it illegal, and honestly seeing how easy it is for these rich men to manipulate these JB’s, I would not mind seeing these girls protected in some way myself. A JB is simply going to be overwhelmed by some rich guy throwing money and a plate of cocaine in her face. It’s a classic case of an adult man abusing his power differential over a JB.

There is a clause making such manipulation illegal in most European states that have lowered the age of consent. None of these countries are having serious problems with men in droves screwing JB’s.

JB’s mostly screw teenage boys and very young men. JB’s screwing older men is a lot less common. The fact that everyone thinks this behavior is as common as weeds is the result of a moral panic about this behavior.

So now all these rightwing morons who have been self-righteously throwing the book at guys screwing JB’s and tarring them with the pedophile label are going to have to look in the mirror at their Fuhrer Drumpf being a what they call a pedophile. I wonder how they will rationalize this? I am hoping they might develop a saner definition of adult-JB sex, but I have not gotten my hopes up.

Spin away, Trumpers, spin away!


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26 responses to “One of the Worst Accusations So Far Is Leveled at Drumpf

  1. Nebulous Maximus

    Not only rightwing nutjobs but feminists as well, particularly the rabid ones you refer to as “gender feminists”. For them it’s an easy excuse to pathologize heterosexual male sexuality. Adult males having sex with JB is like the lowest hanging fruit they can go after. With the rightwing nutjobs, the JB moral panic is typically based on religion and the fact parents want their sweet little angel daughters to remain pristine and innocent up until marriage.

    • Natz

      If parents want their daughters to be virgin until marriage, I would say that they should get them married early.
      But I guess it does make sense to an extent today to be upset about it from this perspective, more normalization of promiscuous sex hardly helps with virgin brides, so thus it makes sense to scream. But again this is also counter-productive at the same time, because I think the only reasonable way of achieving lots of virgin brides is to have them marry very early. It’s a mess.

  2. Sam J.

    It’s hard to know whether this is true or not. It looks as if several of the recent Women coming forward are lying but at the same time I don’t think there’s any doubt he has been in the presence of this kind of behavior. Trump has said that he saw models being openly screwed at Studio 54 nightclub in the basement. Now if you or any other Man is around a bunch of screwing young models on coke would you say,”Well I will just watch”? It’s hard to believe that he never got in on the action himself. Trump is a pussy hound and a scum bag who’s rich enough to scoop up lots of girls. I’m not saying this is good but I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same in his position. Most Men would. Lots of young beautiful pussy is just completely addicting.

    The other side of the coin is with Trump and even the Jew Jeffrey Epstein is these girls went with these guys for money. They wanted that money. They wanted to fly around in jets and have a good time. They made these choices. True they were underage but it was not like they were dragged off the street in white vans and chained up. They wanted the money and good times. Girls will do some freaky shit for cocaine.

    Trump also talked about the Jew Jeffrey Epstein’s loving the young girls and having a lot of fun.

    On the good side at least he’s not fucking young boys in the ass like so many Congressmen.

    I think this is just one symptom of our decline. No one can even run and be supported financially unless TBTB have blackmail info on you. They refuse to support some decent fellow who’s married to his high school sweetheart. That guy will never get a dime from the money men to run for office.

    The only good thing about Trump is he’s opened discussion on currency manipulation of our trading partners, trade abuse by our trade partners, illegal immigration and the wall (symbolic to build a wall but needed), the US carrying a huge defense burden for our allies, tariffs if needed, the need to use our own energy including coal, to many regulations (I’m actually for regulations but many of them are just stupid and bothersome), corruption in voting, the ruin of our infrastructure and many other things. This is not nothing and not giving him credit for this is just stupid evil thinking. All of these are good and seeing as how Hillary is a evil psychopath who no matter what she says will do the bidding of the 1% guaranteed and maybe even get us in a nuclear war it’s tough to see the downside of Trump. He may be lying about what he’ll do but we know 100% Hillary is lying.

    I really don’t know what Trump will do. He’s really a mystery. If he exposes the Jews and 9-11, makes our trade more even, deport the illegal aliens and brings back manufacturing then that’s a lot. Way more than anyone else will do. I do worry, really worry that he’s a total Jew Shabbat goy and will put large numbers of people in concentration camps. Unfortunately for us Hillary would do exactly the same. It not hard to convince yourself that Hillary has had murdered many people who were in her way.

    Hillary is the worse choice of the two bad choices because she will definitely do all the bad things that Trump “might” do. Of Trump does half of what he says he’ll do it could greatly benefit the country. I would like to kill the Empire and Trump saying they must pay for the Empire or we rid ourselves of all these onerous security treaties is really good in my opinion.

    Trump is supposedly part of the alt-Right. The most important part of the alt-Right is what the Goyim Goddess thinks about the alt-Right.

  3. Natz

    It never made sense to me that large age gaps between male-female or simply having sex with early-mid teen females is frowned upon meanwhile society (where I live in Sweden anyway) is the most egalitarian and tolerant and whatever else. “Age doesn’t matter, race doesn’t matter, promiscuity is great”
    I guess society is to a large extent just a mish-mash of things no one really planned out.

    What annoys me about certain Christians and conservatives, is that their disdain for age gaps and teen females having sex in my estimation undermines traditional marriage. If people are encouraged to wait until they are 25 to have sex, sex outside of marriage will be very hard to avoid (and this will undermine the idea of marriage, chastity, and undermine people’s ability to be in life-long marriage).

    • NATZ When I went to Lund after visiting my relatives in Germany I noticed the following:

      A) People who have kids young in Sweden are usually promiscuous and female.

      B) Males with a great many children in Sweden are junkies or drunks who get high, stick their penis into any female of any color and share a different be every week…they have no intention of paying anything or could because they cannot hold a job anyhow..

      C) Turks who marry their daughter at 13.

      Most of the results of this sex are:

      Kids in Stockholm foster homes.

      • Natz

        I have noticed something similar in reg. to who tends to have children here more often and earlier, but I don’t have the widest social circles. They often strike me as having some sort of problems as you say. I don’t think having children in e.g. mid-teens actually necessarily causes most of these less desirable traits and behaviors, but perhaps being low-IQ or whatever else by nature causes you to have kids this early.

        But with that said I do think young people would need quite a bit of guidance from parents and society as a whole in order for them to have children in their teens. But then I do think that would be good for everyone instead of simply saying to them “do whatever you want”.

        If there was norms and laws against promiscuity and marriage was the only acceptable way to get a sex-partner and have children, no divorces, then I do think people would be more incentivized to think about who they pick (do they have a job? do they have good genes? responsible? etc) especially if welfare was restricted or had severe obligations attached. Of course some people simply do stupid things no matter what.

        I imagine optimal age for a female to have kids would be close to 18, which in my estimation corresponds to peak attractiveness in the eyes of most men. Several years younger than that is probably not biologically optimal to get pregnant, but marriage and sexual relations doesn’t necessitate immediate impregnation.

        Personally my neighborhood is becoming quickly culturally enriched. Quick change from just a few years ago. ME and black kids do seem to behave significantly different here. With the lack of school choice and weak self-defense laws in Sweden (AFAIK) I will try to make it out of here within 10 years before I then hopefully replicate my genes many times.

        • I would say a small percentage of white males produce a large percentage of children with the young unintelligent females who fit a pattern:

          They are drunks or junkies who do not care who they screw for 20 minutes of fun.

          They do not care how many children are born as a result of this fun.

          They cannot support them anyhow because they have a lousy job or no job and spend all their money on booze.

        • Religion was/is a huge thing in Minnesota for the Swedish people who were born in the U.S. and if you notice Swedish-Americans are quite successful (Though some are hard drinkers of course).

          Swedish families and communities in the Midwest evolved over 100 years to be responsible for one another.

          As a result in small Minnesota town of Swedish-Americans you actually see less pathology than in Lund.

        • Lapplander people have always been a social problem in Sweden. Maybe they are Asian or Russian or Finno-Uralic.

          When the Turks entered and started forming ghettos that was the beginning of a new lovely chapter in the history of Sweden.

    • NATZ

      White children born to young and poor parents in Sweden are really screwed because the social services are geared towards Turks.

      In poor neighborhoods Turkish kids will prey upon them as teenagers.

      Generally their father was a drunk and their mother was just not too bright.

  4. SHI

    However, society hates it and has made it illegal, and honestly seeing how easy it is for these rich men to manipulate these JB’s, I would not mind seeing these girls protected in some way myself. A JB is simply going to be overwhelmed by some rich guy throwing money and a plate of cocaine in her face. It’s a classic case of an adult man abusing his power differential over a JB.

    That’s what really matters at the end of the day. It’s absolutely unethical for a rich, older man like Trump to abuse his power differential over a young 16-something. Sure, those li’l whores will fuck any sugar daddy in a heartbeat but a responsible adult male should not abuse his position of authority. Half + Seven/Ten rule, motherfuckers.

    Let’s take a different scenario. If it were a brokeass 60-something homeless tramp getting lucky with some rich, spoiled tart, I’d probably cheer him on, and buy him a beer. No sympathies, however, for Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Cosby etc. I hope they got all the STDs they deserve.

    • Natz

      I can certainly understand that.
      My main gripe would however be that he isn’t able to marry all these women he has fucked, impregnate them many times to enrich the genetic make-up of humanity, and oblige to take care of them forever (not make them millionaires necessarily). However being so close to the death-bed as he is I don’t think it’d be the greatest proposal but a perfectly acceptable proposal to make. (No I am not making the case for mass-polygyny)

      Enjoy the flowers, bear the weight of the fruits.

  5. Tulio

    Well no shit. Who has ever denied that Trump is an alpha male. But so what? Mao was an alpha male too. Would you have wanted him for your leader? Alpha males tend to be terribly corrupt and authoritarian when they are in power.

  6. SHI

    From one of the neo-Nazi websites:

    Filthy porn slut who fucks niggers is 11th woman to allege Trump sexual misconduct.

    Porn star Jessica Drake is 11th woman to allege Trump sexual misconduct

    Sex educator appears with lawyer (((Gloria Allred))) at LA press conference

    Martin Pengelly in New York and (((Ben Jacobs))) in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    Sunday 23 October 2016

    A 11th woman came forward to accuse Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual behavior on Saturday.

    Jessica Drake, 42, a porn star and sex educator, said in a statement released with a picture of her with Trump that during a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe “10 years ago”, the Republican presidential nominee “grabbed” her and two other unnamed women tightly and kissed them on the lips “without asking permission”.

    Love the comments.

    A porn star, who has launched her own line of sex toys and the like, is complaining of sexual harassment. That’s akin to BLM complaining about police brutality. This filthy niggerloving slut, who fucks on film for a living, needs to go back under the rock she came from and die of nigger infested AIDS. – Ironguard1940

    What the fuck do they mean she is a “sex educator?” Do they show hardcore porn in sex ed now? They didn’t when I was in school.

    Why the fuck do they make so many pornos with niggers in them? Especially like porn hub that doesn’t filter nigger shit out for example.

    Brainwashing purpose. Interracial pornography was created with one purpose: to give viewers the idea that niggers are the epytome of masculinity.

    But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Blacks look/act feminine, are ugly, dumb and childish.

    Here we have the great black male being superior without whitey interference:

    I hope Trump does sue all these bitches. He doesn’t need the money of course, but just to make an example of them.

  7. Tulio

    As much as I hate Trump, I’m kinda jealous that I wasn’t invited to these parties where 16 year old models were spreading their legs.

  8. SHI

    It’s funny to note that Trump’s White Nationalist supporters are able to get past the fact that his beautiful Aryan daughter likes to suck Jewish dick. That her daddy made his fortune in Jew York City cozying up to money-grubbing Kikes while learning to apply every dirty trick of NYC Jewry to thicken his wallet through tax evasions, money-laundering and political donations.

    • It is doubtful anyone taught Trump anything. He schools them.

    • Natz

      I’ve heard some people complain about Trump & the Jews several times. But I do think there are large swaths of white people who want ethnic nationalism, their own countries, but either admire Jews or don’t have a problem with them (with a few exceptions) being a part.

      • Trump’s father also associated with Swedish Lutherans in New York and at one point CLAIMED TO BE ONE (He was born in Germany) because Jews did not want to rent from German-born landlords after WWII.

        Read this hilarious fact. It’s true.

  9. Women throw themselves at alpha males, especially rich alpha males. Instead of blaming men for everything, maybe these feminists need to look in the mirror and accept the truth about their own female nature?

    As for young girls? Funny how the old feminists I ever meet are ugly, fat, older women. I’ve never known a hot, attractive, beautiful, YOUNG woman who is a feminist. It’s only the ugly fat women that subscribe to feminism.

  10. Natz

    She’s the female pythagoras



    The low-caste Hindu converts to Islam for power.

    The unattractive woman seeks feminism because her looks do not translate to power or influence in the male world: she has no currency.

    Hot women in the feminist sphere are low on the totem pole. They do not have brains or brawn.

    Visit a Women’s Prison.

  12. Sir Hugh Mungus Watt

    The guy doesn’t even drink coffee (let alone alcohol), yet you expect me to believe he hosts pedophile coke orgies‽ I don’t fucking think so Rob. You’re swallowing CTR disinfo so fast, you’ll be claiming Assange is a pedo next.

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