Anti-Communist Lies about Vietnam, Belarus and Ukraine

Actually Pretty Funny: The problem is the middle of the city was originally designed by Frenchies, and it had never been flooded. I heard your argument too. Let me clarify, since there was no regulation for 30 years, people built, and built and built with permission from their political connections, until there is no more more land left for the water to reach the water-table. Moreover, the water for that is lackluster. And since everyone has political connections, everyone has built, except my family who was kinda…samurai.

People endure, of course, pretending that’s life is beautiful in that wretched condition. Until the infrastructure collapses totally, and then the political chaos comes like in East Europe and Russia of the 1990s. And then depressed and enraged people kill each other heartily, like in Russia.
The middle of the city:

Funds for Water drainage is lackluster

You are quite unreasonable.

In Vietnam, the Vietcong had to scare the Indians, the Chinese to quit the country to somewhat make it work. See photo.

Saigon under the rain.

Of course people live to, Socialists have roads too, but…A large chunk of the money was cut before being pumped into the economy.

Ok so a crappy Communist government that wasn’t even Communist because it was corrupt and didn’t even put any regulations on anyone like a Communist government is supposed to screwed up and left the situation totally unregulated and let people do whatever they wanted to and it fucked up everything.

In other words, a totally free market situation with no government oversight which is typical of 3rd World countries screwed up everything.

You know what 3rd world capitalist countries are like? Even worse. They have no regulations on anything ever because that’s the way capitalism often works in the 3rd World. Everyone gets to do what they want.

Also it quite common in former colonies that the stuff that the colonial power built was very made but the stuff that the newly decolonized independent government made is junk. This is typical, even in 3rd world capitalist countries.

I have known people in the Philippines and those roads flood all the time. So capitalist Philippines is better than Communist Vietnam?

I will tell you one more thing. Capitalists do not believe in flood control or roads or any of that. They always starve the government of money because they don’t want to pay taxes or out of anti-government or small government ideology. The only people who believe in spending lots of money on public works are leftwingers, socialists, Communists and even liberals. They believe in Big Government. The only way to get all those roads and public works done is to have Big Government.

Actually Pretty Funny: I don’t hate Lukashenko, but you need to know that Socialism only works in very, very, rare cases. And you don’t even know what like underneath. Do Belarus have road problems, of course you don’t know. You need photo for it to work.

You lied again. I Googled “roads Belarus.” I found nothing remarkable that said there  were any  road problems in Belarus. I saw photos and videos of roads in Belarus and frankly, they could have been driving in the US. The roads look and feel exactly like our roads.

In the video above, the videographer is apparently going from Russia to Belarus. The road in Russia is completely terrible  –  the worst you can imagine. They go over the border to Belarus and the road suddenly becomes fantastic. So it seems like you are just lying.

Actually Pretty Funny: Since East Ukrainians were quite tired of the own industry, when people of other regions rose up, they didn’t even lift their hands. Being privileged with useless industry is not very fun, people still had to pay for the old (mis)management Soviet class. Of course they would have fought tooth and nail to protect the system 20 years ago, since the industry was still quite new by Soviet standards back then.

I caught you in another lie. You said that Ukraine had not grown like Belarus because it retained Soviet industry. In fact, the place that retained Soviet industry was Belarus! The place that privatization failed was Ukraine. Ukraine failed horribly in privatization because for 25 years they have been electing thieves who have been stealing every nickel in the place. Going from Communism to capitalism was a disaster for Ukraine. That is why the people in the East are so nostalgic for the USSR.

Actually Pretty Funny: But time changes, and people evolve. I mean Poland has evolved and has become a role model. People tend to look around and up.

You are lying again. You are comparing two countries that both did Shock Therapy and completely privatized. In one, Poland, it worked very well. In Ukraine, another, it was a failure. You are trying to say that Poland is capitalist while Ukraine is still Communist, but that’s not true. I don’t know how you make an anti-Communist point by comparing two capitalist countries that privatized.


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11 responses to “Anti-Communist Lies about Vietnam, Belarus and Ukraine

  1. Jason Y

    Well, looking at the system of US highways and US interstates, couldn’t we say though that the builiding of them did massively benefit the private sector. Therefore, how can we say it was totally a public venture?

    Note some things, like say a subway system connecting the small cities of Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol where I live are unfeasable economically though it would be fun as hell to have something like that here. So the public sector would never build it, as it doesn’t benefit the private sector, but it would in Atlanta, NYC, maybe Charlotte.

    • Jason Y

      Subway trains or busses going to Johnson City TN from where I live would massively benefit students as it costs 10 dollars just to travel to the university from where I’m at. Possibly in the long run it could benefit workers.

    • Gay State Girl

      They keep rising the price of subway tickets. It costs $14 to travel from Boston to Providence.

  2. Pranav

    Robert, why don’t you consider doing a live commentary on your blog the day when election results are going to be announced? I am sure your blog will get a lot of traffic in the event you do this. Many of us like your uncanny style of writing and unique takes on certain subjects.

  3. SpamBy

    Obviously you’ve never been to Communist Laos. Some of the worst roads I’ve ever seen in the world..

  4. AngryRussian

    You said: “In the video above, the videographer is apparently going from Russia to Belarus. The road in Russia is completely terrible – the worst you can imagine. They go over the border to Belarus and the road suddenly becomes fantastic. So it seems like you are just lying.”

    Belarusians like to brag very much about their perfect roads and compare them with Russian terrible roads, but in most cases it is distorted deliberate cherry-picking lie. So that video does actually say nothing. The man simply wanted to prove that his country is better, so he deliberately found such a place of contrast. In fact the roads in Russia have been much improved for the past 15 years. I could find you hundreds of videos and photos with perfect Russian roads which are hardly different from the Western ones. But yes, some places might be still ruined. But it is not about Russia vs. Belarus, but rather one Russian region, where the local authorities do their job in building roads, vs. another Russian region, where the local authorities are corrupt. There are as well differences between local roads financed locally and federal roads financed by the federal government. Even in different parts of the same city the roads might be different (better in the good quarters and worse in the outskirts). Etc. You for sure can find terrible roads in Belarus just the same. But Belarusians do not like to show such places as well they will never show good places in Russia. For them there cannot be anything bad in Belarus and anything good in Russia. They simply cannot stand the fact that something in Russia is better (and there are a lot of things where Russia is more advanced), they rather generate lies and distortions. Many Belarusians in fact are overtly patriotic in their own specific way. I’d say it is a nationalism of a small insignificant country which, in addition to that, is a separatist entity (independent Belarus for Russia is like independent Montana for the USA) and it tries to do its best to prove that it’s worth itself and better than its former metropolitan country. In most cases this means Belarusian “patriots” are Russophobes. So they are very prejudiced, when it concerns Russia, and they can never be trusted.
    In short if you want to praise Socialism there is no need to slander Russia at the same time. Russia is not a paradise, but not the hell it was in the 1990s as well.

  5. AngryRussian

    Robert, btw, if you want to see the unpolished and hidden side of Belarus you might see blogs like this: (do not be confused by the first photo, it is from Germany, hehe) (the 1960s)
    It is in Russian, but the photos speak for themselves, or you always can use Google Translate. Note that guy is actually a Belarusian nationalist and he does not like Russia. It is just a small example and more can be found. But their highways are good, I agree. 🙂 But in Russia such good highways have become a norm, if you want to know.

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