Anti-Communist and Anti-Socialist Lies about Venezuela, Cuba and the USSR

Actually Pretty Funny: People from some island chased off Maduro perhaps because they had been better off before Chavismo:

Can’t expect islanders to act and think the same as people from the inland.

I caught you in another lie. Those people are not protesting saying that things were better before Chavez. Objectively they weren’t. Of course not. And we have mountains of facts to prove that. In fact, before Chavez came in, they were probably starving. Right before Chavez came in 1990, I was listening to the radio and they reported that 91% of Venezuelans lived in poverty and could afford only one meal a day.

There is a full-blown economic crisis that is going on now for a variety of reasons. However, all of those food products in short supply are made or imported by capitalist firms. So the capitalist firms are refusing to make or import things to give to stores to sell. Instead, most of the stuff they are making or importing goes straight out of the country to Colombia or gets diverted immediately to the black market. The black market sprung up because the capitalists sabotaged the economy on purpose like they did in Chile in 1970-173.

The protesters are even out in the streets as housewives banging kitchen pans together. This is exactly what they did in Chile under Allende when the private sector and US sabotaged the economy. So if there are not enough goods in the store, blame the capitalists who import or make those products. The government does make any of that food or any of those items. PS the Venezuelan business opposition has admitted that they sabotaged the economy. A spokesman recently said that the business sector “refused to participate” in the economy. In other words, they sabotaged it.

The crisis is caused by a lot of things, but one of the main things is that the government will not float its currency. Instead it is relying on a fixed exchange rate. This is currency politics. It is outside of Left-Right views. Floating the currency could well be very unpopular, and it will probably cause all sorts of problems, so the government is scared to do it. So yes, the government making some bad policy decisions, but it has nothing to do with capitalism or socialism or any of that.

Actually Pretty Funny: Well, let me tell you this: last time I see, the Cubans still use typewriters.

I caught you in more lies too. You said in Cuba they still have typewriters, not computers. So I Googled “typewriters Cuba” and I got nothing at all. You would think if this was a problem, the exiles were all over it. It seems like having to use a typewriter since there is no computer is not much of a problem in Cuba.

Then I Googled some more about computers in Cuba. I got stuff about computers and Internet. The Net is not very good in part because of the US embargo which killed a project to build an undersea data pipe between Florida and Cuba. Instead they built one to Venezuela. Turns out 30% of Cubans have Internet access. I have seen articles about cellphones in Cuba. Almost everyone has a cellphone now and they hang around hotspots texting all day. Turns out that 25% of Cuban households have computers. There are 971,000 computers in Cuba. There are definitely problems with Net access there but they do have wi-fi and satellite. You lied again.

Actually Pretty Funny: Of course one would come up with some pretty innovations on his own, like the Russians did Sputnik, but Vietnamese students in Soviet Russia used to buy Russian girls with Chinese made jeans. What’s the point of launching satellites into space without being able to make your own jeans? You can live a secluded life, totally on your own, but you can’t force it down everyone else throat.

Make your own jeans, for your own people.

You said they never made jeans in the USSR. This is just untrue. I have seen many photos of the USSR and East Bloc and one thing that always struck me was that everyone seemed to be wearing nice, decent clothes. Not really fancy but decent. I never expected that. I have seen a lot of video of Cuba and everyone appears to be pretty well dressed. Looks like they are wearing fairly new clothes and they are all sorts of different styles and colors are around. This shocked me again as I thought they would be dressed in rags. The truth was that of course they made jeans, even blue jeans, in the USSR, but I suppose people craved those designer jeans from the US or wherever. So it’s not true that they didn’t make jeans. You lied again.


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2 responses to “Anti-Communist and Anti-Socialist Lies about Venezuela, Cuba and the USSR

  1. AngryRussian

    It is a fact that the USSR did not produce jeans, because jeans were regarded as a symbol of the “decaying” capitalist West. If people wanted them they bought jeans in the Soviet black market. Half of the jeans in the black market was smuggled, usually by Western tourists, or Soviet citizens who could go outside the USSR (sailors, pilots, diplomats and so on). Another half was sewn by underground illegal factories (so called “fartsovshchiks”).

    Of course, the absence of jeans did not mean the Soviet people had nothing to wear. They simply had no easy access to fashionable and trendy clothes and things made in the West. But the black market was always at their service, so millions of Soviet young people wore jeans.

    P.S. But obviously the way, that guy “APF” said, is ugly and disgusting. It is nothing but a wicked slander. I wonder where this idiot comes from.

  2. Jason Y

    Castro died today at age 90.

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