New Comments Rule: No Anti-Communist Fanatics

I don’t allow anti-Communist rightwing fanatics on this board. If you attack Communism, you have to do so from somewhere on the Left of Center, in other words, you have to at the very least support social liberalism like we have in the Democratic Party in the US or the Labor Party in Canada. You can’t attack Communism from a rightwing position.

Now granted there were a lot of lousy things about Communism. You’re free to discuss that, preferably in some sort of a balanced manner.

In fact, I don’t think I will allow anti-Communist fanatics from anywhere on the spectrum. I have know liberal Democrats and social democrats in Europe who were anti-Communist fanatics. So no anti-Communist fanatics period. You commenters know what an anti-Communist fanatic is, and you know what sort of talk constitutes one, so I will just leave it at that.

And I won’t allow people to post endless lies about Communism. Anticommunist fanatics almost always lie like crazy about Communism. Communism has all sorts of problems, so you would think they would have enough ammo even just using the facts, but no, they still have to lie like crazy like all fanatics. Also, anti-Communist fanatics will never admit to one good thing  about Communism. And of course the were some good things about it. That is because they are fanatics.

Almost all of them also hate socialism or social democracy or anything that smells like that. Most of them even hate social liberalism and the Democratic Party.


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3 responses to “New Comments Rule: No Anti-Communist Fanatics

  1. KsytriaKhalsa

    Pro Dharmic Monarchy as it benefits common man more than any garbage abrahamic nonsense.


  2. Jason Y

    Communism isn’t totally bad, just like a Jehovah’s Witness life isn’t totally bad. In both cases, it’s just a different way to live. On the bright side, in either a Jehovah’s Witness life or Communist life, you don’t see as much competition and idolatry. You don’t see as much racism.

  3. Nebulous Maximus

    How about criticizing (((Communism)))?

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