Jon Stewart, Popular TV Host on the Daily Show

Apparently his real name is (((Jonathan Leibowitz))). He changed it to Jon Stewart. Damn, I had no idea. Good God man, they’re everywhere.



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31 responses to “Jon Stewart, Popular TV Host on the Daily Show

  1. Gay State Girl

    Are you serious? He talks about it all the time.

  2. I thought his name was Jon Stewart, and that was somehow some sort of a Jewish name. I had no idea he had such a Jewy real name and then he changed it to a Gentile name.


    • Gay State Girl

      Trump called him on that. Jewart baited Trump on his show. And Trump then referred to him as Jon Leibowitz in a tweet, and when Leibowitz accused him of racism, Trump promptly answered “You were the one who changed your name.”

      • Barack Thatcher

        Leibowitz responded by asking why Trump ran away from his real name;
        “Fuckface Von Clownstick”…
        he said “why ditch the Von Clownstick”.

        Gotta love the Joos.

  3. Joey Junger

    Stewart’s brother is Larry Liebowitz:

  4. James Schipper

    Acording to Wikipedia, the name on his birth certificate was Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz. He dropped the Leibowitz because he became estranged from his father. I don’t watch the man, but I start with the assumption that Jewishness, however it should be defined, is not hereditary. A person is not Jewish simply because he/she has Jewish parents, let alone because he/she has Jewish grandparents. Karl Marx was not Jewish. How could he be since he had no religion, was German in national terms, and never expressed any sympathy for or loyalty to Jews.

    Only race is hereditary since race is a biological category. There is no such thing as Jewish blood, just as there is no French, Greek, Russian, Catholic, Muslim or Sikh blood. What matters is where a person’s loyalty lies. If a person with Jewish ancestry is not only fully assimilated but also completely loyal to a collectivity other than Jews, then we have no business calling him Jewish.

    • Barack Thatcher

      It is a topic of debate whether Ashkenazis can be defined genetically in their own right. Otherwise, they are about 60% European (Aegean and Slavic), and 40% Levantine.

      Very few groups, except perhaps the Greeks, would have anything even remotely similar to this admixture, hence making them very distinct regardless;

      Iraqi father, Ukrainian mother (European women had financial benefits to marrying Jewish men, since they were the only ones allowed to charge interest). Hence she is ‘your average Jew’, except not Jewish.

    • Norman

      You should do more research before you make such assertions as above. There may not be Jewish blood, but there are certainly Jewish genes. You can Google this and learn that Jewish people can trace themselves back to Aaron and Moses. There is much written about genetic memory, although this area is still open to debate.

      • James Schipper

        Dear Norman.

        Well, yes, the genetic pool of Jews is likely to be different from the genetic pool of Presbyterians, which in turn is different from the genetic pool of Mormons. The genetic pool of the Swedes is not the same as that of the Portuguese, However, genes do not determine religion or nationality. Two full siblings should share a lot of genes, but one could be Catholic and the other Jewish, or one could be Polish and the other German.

        We should not confuse what is biological with what is cultural, what is hereditary with what is acquired. There are black and white babies, but there are no Jewish or Catholic babies, or Russian or Polish babies. What makes a person Jewish is determined by the ideas in his head, not by the genes in his cell. To call an American Hungarian solely because he has Hungarian ancestors is wrong. Similarly, it is wrong to call a person Jewish only because he has Jewish ancestry.

        Let’s say that in an Argentinian hospital 2 male babies are born at the same time, one to a Jewish mother and the other to a Catholic mother. The 2 mothers look rather similar. The nurse makes a mistake and assigns the 2 babies to the wrong mother. Neither the parents nor anybody else ever finds out. The baby given to the Catholic mother is called Pedro, and the other Jorge. When both are men, is Pedro going to feel Jewish Jorge going to feel Gentile? I don’t think so.

        Regards. James

      • Barack Thatcher

        Re-read what I wrote please.

        Jews can be traced back to people like Moses and Aaron, but through their Levantine ancestry.

        Nothing I said contradicted that.
        Apparently Ashkenazi ancestry can be distinguished in it’s own right, but that may be because if John Sanders from Jew Jersey comes back 60% Slavic and 35% Levantine they’ll just say “95% Ashkenazi”. I’m just not sure.

      • Nebulous Maximus

        While there are certainly genes that show up a ton in Jewish populations, the assertion that “Jewish people can trace themselves back to Aaron and Moses,” is patently absurd, as there’s no tangible evidence that Aaron and Moses were anything more than mythological characters. Perhaps what you meant to say is that Jewish genes can be traced back to the Iron Age Levant; that itself would be an historically valid statement, given the genetic connection was proven to be correct.

    • Stalin Tonks


      Ridiculous. A jew is a jew regardless if they are religious or not. How else could you have half jews or athiest jews?

    • Sam J.

      “…A person is not Jewish simply because he/she has Jewish parents, let alone because he/she has Jewish grandparents…
      Only race is hereditary since race is a biological category. There is no such thing as Jewish blood, just as there is no French, Greek, Russian, Catholic, Muslim or Sikh blood…”

      This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. There is a such a thing as a Jewish mind. Mental states can be passed on genetically. Certain proof of this comes from animal studies. Specifically tame foxes. In four generations they took wild foxes and made them tame. They acquired a lot of attributes of dogs. Quote,”… By 2005-2006, almost all the foxes were playful, friendly and behaving like domestic dogs. The foxes could “read” human cues and respond correctly to gestures or glances. The vocalisations they made were different to wild foxes…”.

      There’s also plenty of evidence from dobs. Some dogs breed to herd animals will try to herd children or anything else they can find to herd. It’s built into their mental map. Herd dogs herd. Retrievers retrieve. Pit bulls fight. Jews rip people off and are a tribe of psychopaths.

  5. Jason Y

    A lot of talented actors in media are Jewish: Adam Sandler and Jon Stewart are just some. Well, we know they are talented, but did they get ahead because they were Jewish?

    • Jason Y

      On the other hand though, normally the US likes anglo or Irish looking faces like John Wayne or Johnny Knoxville, Matt Damon, Leo Di Caprio. However, the media still has a strong Jewish influence.

      • Barack Thatcher

        Hans Solo, the ‘cowboy’ of the galaxy, in essence, with his transport and what not, was played by Harrison Ford, who is half Jewish.

        It’s the same reason Italians and a lot of the time Spaniards don’t get these roles.
        Semitic features are not seen as ‘all American’.

        • Jason Y

          Han Solo is part Jewish, but his main look is all American Irish. If he had inherited Jewish features, then I doubt he would be cast as a superhero as due to cultural stereotypes it would look silly. But maybe not, Adam Sandler comes across as a cool man’s man guy.

        • Jason Y

          Possibly Jews don’t get cast as macho types cause they don’t look macho. They look nerdy, most of them. However, they can look macho and cool by just changing the look.

        • EPGAH

          Adam Sandler, in all but ONE of his movies, plays the same character: A little boy in an adult body who never grew up, and in about half of his movies, apparently doesn’t have to, because the Universe Accommodates! The other half shows him being forced to grow up, sometimes teaching others Important Life Lessons along the way!

  6. matt

    I don’t think his ethnicity was ever a secret. Maybe he just wanted a shorter, snappier name.BTW, I think Jewishness can definitely be viewed as an ethnicity in a sense that Presbyterianism is not. Mormons may be a distinct ethnic group if they last hundreds or thousands of years more, and continue to marry and breed endogamously. Something similar may be why Ashkenazi Jews are an ethnic group today.

    By the way, a lot of people who accept the Khazar hypothesis of Jewish origins seem to think that equals some sort of Evil Gene. Just out of curiosity, does that also apply to related people in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe, or was it just the Khazars who inherited the propensity?

    • Bio indicates one grandfather was born in Mongolia! Russian Jews are probably more genetically similar to a Native American than to a Polish-Catholic.

      American Jews admired Scots/Irish business acumen and adopted their names-Murray, Stewart, Garret.

      As it happened they moved into their neighborhoods.

      • Gay State Girl

        My grandmother’s family lived in Manchuria and she looked like Ingrid Bergman.

        • GAY STATE GIRL Born there?

        • GAY STATE GIRL If your family was involved in the Silk Route trade historically this is not uncommon.

          Armenian Jews had a community in Calcutta at one time.

          Alas, economics have led many of these folks to throw it over and migrate to Israel.

        • Gay State Girl

          No this was on my dad’s side. Her father was originally from the Kiev region and her mother was originally from Belarus. None of them looked asiatic in the slightest. My grandmother’s siblings were born in Harbin, Manchuria and she was born in Shanghai. My paternal grandfather (also Ukrainian parentage, his father from the Crimea region) looked like a 1/4 mulatto. Maybe this was due to Crimea’s proximity to the Ottoman Empire. He had a wide nose, thick lips, and tan skin and so did my father. None of them looked remotely asiatic.

          My mother was the one with ancestry from Bukhara. She appears as though she has East Asian admixture.

    • Gay State Girl


      There’s an old post on Wake up from your Slumber that alleges that Uighurs, who are apparently close relatives of the Khazars will infiltrate the Chinese government once they become a super power.

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