Rates of STD’s among Gay Men, Straight Men and Straight Women

TRASH: Gays do not get genital warts or herpes simplex as often as men and women do. I’ve no idea why the transmission of these disease is more common with straight people.

This is so not true. I believe that genital warts and Herpes 2 are much higher among gay men that among straight men and women. In fact almost every single STD out there is much higher in gay men than in straight men and women.  The only one that would not be is Trichomonas. I have actually had that before. See I admitted I have had an STD!

And there are a number of STD’s that are quite common among gay men but rare to absent among straights. Some examples are Hepatitis B and especially A and C and various intestinal parasites. Hepatitis B is not commonly transmitted among straights, Hepatitis A rarely if at all, and Hepatitis C is probably never transmitted among straights. There have been only a few recorded cases of straights getting intestinal parasites, while the rate of gay men afflicted with these quite high. Also gays have a very high rate of HIV. 14% of all gay men are HIV positive,  but in large cities, the rate is 20%. Straight men get HIV through straight sex only very rarely.


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3 responses to “Rates of STD’s among Gay Men, Straight Men and Straight Women

  1. Also, 50% of new AIDS infections are where gay men were having anal sex using condoms and the condom broke.

    Condoms are not meant to be used to anal sex and it causes it to break very easily.

  2. Hepatitis can be contracted by men from infected women. And is. I believe this disease is easier to contract from a woman that HIV.

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