Obligatory Anti-White Male Comment of the Day

The fact is that White males are the pinata of the whole country right now and it’s ok for everyone to beat the Hell out of them. Therefore, I thought I should speak up. I am an appropriately self-hating White male who now calls himself a transnigger androgyne in a feeble attempt to do what can never be done – atone for the limitless sins and evils of my pathetic race and by lowly, debased gender. Yet even I cannot stand by and lets these – our – my – transgressions go forth unpaid. I must shed my endless layers of privilege, cast them aside in the breeze, and take part of the well-deserved flagellation of myself and my people. I humbly present my bare naked White ass to you non-White non-male exalted ones for your pummeling pleasure.

I am in gratitude to SJW Central. As an organization, they are doing their best to doing their best to give us the beating we so well earned until we repent our ways and present ourselves to the non-Albinos and vagina’d ones for our overdue punishment. In order to help with the cause, SJW Central is offering $10 for every White male bashing post published for the next three weeks. Long overdue!

As a White male of course and I am not only evil racially but I am also inept genderwise. As such, of course I am too lame to work. Anyway, I should remove myself from the workforce to allow non-Whites and breasted ones to please partake of my earnings instead of me. I don’t even ask you to share. I’m worthy of being shared with. Please enjoy it yourself and leave me to my justified solitude, poverty, and penance. What I am trying to say is that as an evil incompetent White male, of course I am too malign and lame to work, so I will gladly jump at the chance to earn $10, especially by pounding my ill-begotten kind:

Found on the Net:

The fact that Trump will win among White men while so many other groups find him so odious should tell you something about why white men have such a bad reputation among so many people.

Ouch! That hurt! No matter how much you love us palefaced penised ones, you have to admit that is painfully true. As noted above, that we are deplorable should go without saying.

There, I did it. OK, you happy now?

Now give me my ten bucks, you freaks!


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16 responses to “Obligatory Anti-White Male Comment of the Day

  1. Shit white men do:

    -create the internet
    -own all social media
    -become billionaires
    -create electricity and computers
    -create air conditioning
    -create modern democracy and equal rights
    -build entire civilization
    -go to the moon
    -colonize almost half the world while other cultures hadn’t even invented the wheel

    Yea, we white men are just so evil. I guess that’s why brown women all want to fuck us and marry us and have our children?

    • Varun

      Shit white men do: (But only with the help of non-white men)

      -create the internet (No internet without Arithmetic that comes from non-white men)
      -own all social media (Oldest socialist literature comes from non-white men)
      -become billionaires (No counting of money without numbers that come from non-white men)
      -create electricity and computers
      -create air conditioning
      -create modern democracy and equal rights
      -build entire civilization (Oldest Civilizations are non-white)
      -go to the moon
      -colonize almost half the world while other cultures hadn’t even invented the wheel (First colonies outside Africa were non-white)

      Now half of the credit that you claim is reclaimed by me.

      • VARUN We can argue whether Dravidian blacks or Arabs or Mayans invented certain aspects of math or what it did for them.

        Indians certainly sailed around Southeast Asian countries on the Indian Ocean.

        To what extent did they actually create the framework for the 21st century?

        That’s debatable.

        • Varun

          Most Indian mathematicians are Dravidians or mixture (and they are close to Semites, not Blacks or Mayans).

          Take a look at Indian Arithmetic.

          From 4th century onwards, we have Aryabhatta, Brahmgupta who are associated with the invention of zero, plus modern proofs of arithmetical operations.

          Then we have Bhaskaras, in 10-11th century, associated with Factorials and possibly, Fibonacci numbers.

          Furthermore, we have Math-Play mathematicians, like Kaprekar, who came up with playful mathematics. Google Kaprekar constant used in teaching simple programming.

          Between 13-15th century, we have Kerala school of mathematics, focused on pre-Newtonian Calculus.

          India’s sudden surge in IT only in last 20 years.

          So what is one of the biggest issue today in routine life? Forecasting and Automation.

          Have you ever felt frustrated when a store or an office is not open on time and you have to wait? Sometimes, your parcel took few days longer than expected? These are typical examples of inherent chaos in the natural world.

          All Indian math is directly relavent here. As the Astrology Brahmins (Jyotish) often claim, We’ll never understand the universe or planets, but we do understand the numbers that we assign to various objects. So more clever use of numbers itself is part of any solution in the 21st century.

    • Look man, I could care less about any of that other petty, inconsequential shit, BUT JESUS CHRIST DO WE NEED THAT FUCKIN AIR CONDITIONING.

      • A/C is the only thing separating us from jungle savages. Life without A/C is hell, and I spent 2 or 3 years living in India without A/C before I got smart and started staying in A/C hotels and buying an A/C for my own room.

        • Depends one what part of India. Extreme North India in the winter an A/C is not really necessary but a furnace is.

          Cochin is a different matter.

          You CAN SURVIVE with fans. The British did.

  2. Hiromi

    Interesting insight, maybe white men are evil, maybe they aren’t.

  3. Jason Y

    I am an appropriately self-hating White male who now calls himself a transnigger androgyne in a feeble attempt to do what can never be done – atone for the limitless sins and evils of my pathetic race and by lowly, debased gender.

    Well, I doubt if most women are creating transniggers out of white guilt or for “getting back at people” as Trash suggests. Possibly they just like black people and especially black dick.

    As far as white men feeling guilty for being white I haven’t encountered and especially I haven’t encountered ones who are acting black or acting gay BECAUSE of white guilt. They’re doing it because they like black culture or perhaps they some sort of art student, or feel a need to be a rebel.

    Wiggers, especially, almost nearly always grew up in black neighborhoods. White kids just don’t grow up and act like that when they’ve never been exposed to real, in the flesh, blacks.

    Of course, also, as in the movie


    We see no white guilt or anything going on, just a victim of being between two worlds of black and white thru no fault of her own.

  4. Jason Y

    I really despise preachy SJW types cause I feel their phony, yet I feel equal disgust for persecuted white dill-holes on Facebook.

    I feel like if people just mind their own business, and just display normal compassion toward everyone, then the world would be much better. SJWs mind your bees wax and let’s see the persecuted Facebook loudmouths do the same.

    Possibly as George Washington Carver suggested, real change can come about when people are just left alone. However, it does seem like that without outside government intervention integration in the south USA would have never came about. Also, as Robert noted, in India, we see a demonic system of caste that can only be done away with by force.

  5. Jason Y

    A big problem with the whole anti-white male thing is I haven’t seen any anti-white white males at least not in East Tennesee. It all seems to be a fantasy. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as people who are openly tolerant are called queers, cunts, you name it, in an effort to crush any kind of non-conformity.

    This sound like a joke, but it’s what it’s really like here.

    Note we have some gays, non-whites and nobody bothers them, until they start running their mouth openly.

  6. Common sense dictates that the zero was invented by the first 5 year old who found out he had no fruit. Mayans, Black Dravidian and Egyptians can all lay claim it.

    I’d say Hindus can be credited with excellent seafaring skills that allowed the transmission of math to occur with Arabs and for the Southeast Asians to adopt the Hindu alphabet.

    Who drew the first picture of an erect penis on a cave wall? Sense the thought has crossed ever humanoid who saw a vagina the answer is that it was cross-cultural.

    • Varun


      Who are Black Dravidians that you refer to? Zero was possiblely invented in India as Arabs and Dravidians had long history of exchanges of all kinds. So it doesn’t matter even if Arabs take credit for it. Numerals are called Hindu-Arabic anyhow. Of course, most or all inventions are cross cultural just as all new research is based on previous research work.

      Nevertheless, Mayans are out of pictures as they didn’t go further even if they invented zero. I know of no Mayans playing cards or Mayan programming geeks or anything related to math in last 1000 years.

      India has plenty of continuity in small discoveries in last 1000 years and much more to come in the area of Machine Learning.

  7. Jason Y

    Again it’s good to note most division in the world has always been based on nation, and perhaps in the past religion somewhat. Nowadays, wherever you go, your place of origin is always a big deal more than the skin color.

    Look at all the hate against the USA in the 2000s, though it was sort of a subliminal anti-white movement, generally, it was all about whether or not you were American by nationality, though being a white American was worse.

  8. Salger

    A selection of Caucasoid and Mongoloid populations are responsible for the modern world. Keyword: Selection

    Among Europe, men of select populations in the Italian Peninsula, Germany, and the British Isles have a noticeable amount of significant contribution to the actual sciences and arts from the 1400s onward over other European populations. A factor that I suspect isn’t granted the proper attention among the White Supremacist and other crowds is differences between populations in Europe. You can apply this to the so-called Islamic Golden Age where a significant amount of contributions can actually get traced to Persia, non-Muslim populations, and converts or from convert backgrounds.

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