Intellectual Article of the Day (in Singlish)

From Singapore, where they ought to know:

Why Does Indian Woman Also Smell Much? 

The thread is not written in English, but it written in a foreign language that is very close to English which is pretty for an English speaker to understand. The language is whatever the Hell that is they speak in Singapore that sounds a lot like English but is actually a separate language.

I’m not kidding. It’s not English. It’s an English creole, and those ain’t English.


Some Singlish examples from the piece:

Based on personal experience , 7 out of 10 local Indian women has BO. Why ah? Even those early 20s.

Hairy ma of course smelly.

In before lock.

Somethings is a fact, can’t argue fact, and there’s no explanation.

Where got stink?

In before lock and TS lim kopi!

Ask natchfarker lor.

Ask moyocase lor…

Local ones got smell meh? My colleague don’t have leh… It’s those from Indian one due to the spices they eat.

Always looking to stir, haizz.

Your logic is same as chiobu won’t fart.

In before natch.

Why they every time apply coconut oil?? Nice meh.

Food play a part and the coconut lotion they put. Hot weather will become rancid.

Garlic, onion, shallots etc gives power bawu.

Page 2 liao haven’t lick.

Keep in mind that this is a very deep, intellectual article dealing with a lot of complex concepts. I was able to handle it well, but you guys are kinda slow. So if you don’t have a college education, you might not be able to handle it. But it’s always good to exercise your brain a while with Mental Extreme Sports.


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5 responses to “Intellectual Article of the Day (in Singlish)

  1. It’s cause they don’t use deoderant, either under their arms or down there either.

    Out of the 30 indian women I’ve fucked, 5 or 10 smelled bad.

    Then again, I guess that’s a normal percentage anywhere in the world. Women worldwide need to get more serious about using deoderant

  2. Actually Pretty Funny

    Don’t worry, Singapore has no PC policy, so calling Indians smelly is ok, but calling them to get out of Singapore and that guy will get lock up for several months.
    Btw, Indians ARE smelly.
    Do you know, Robert, that the Vietcong secretly kicked several hundred thousand of Indians out of the country because they liked their money but were not in love with them. To be more precise, they just leaked the idea that rich Indians, aka most of Indians, should get out; and the Indians magically understood what “should” meant.
    In fact most Indians even quit before the fall.
    That’s life. Atleast it’s better than Pol Pot.

  3. Malays do not love Chinese either. Indians are poor laborers but the heart of drugs (Meth labs and heroin), human trafficking, gambling epidemic, loan sharking and overall corruption in Southeast Asia is a Chinese pathology that whites in America have contained to a few ghettos in New York or Vancouver.

    Malays would like to see Chinese on a plane back to the Fuji province as fast as a Tamil.

  4. Some Guy

    Given that indians eat shitloads of spices I’d go with spice related unless proven otherwise.

    Cummin makes my sweat smell really rank for example.

  5. Some Guy

    Btw. it’s incredible how people from such a wealthy country that often work in higher level positions can write like semi literate retards even though English is their supposed second native language, but people of Chinese descent lack refinement in general, whether it’s in China, Hong Kong or Singapore. (even though they see themselves as vastly different – never mind that all the difference is colonial related and not to their own race)

    Colonial masters taught us not to shit in the street? Wow we so different from mainlanders leh, we totally cannot accept them lah.

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