“Creepy Indian Men on the Internet,” by Magneto

Creepy Indian Men on the Internet

By Magneto

I’m sure we’ve all gotten creepy and weird messages from random Indian men on the Internet before, especially if you’re a White woman too. Anyway, I get 100s of messages a month on Facebook from random Indian men, and it’s obvious that the only reason they want to be my “friend” is because I’m a White guy living in India, so if they were to become friends with me, it would boost their own social standing and popularity mecause they’d be able to brag to their friends “Look at me, I am friends with a foreigner!”

Naturally I am unable to reply to 100’s of messages a month since I am pretty busy with different things, so every once in a while, one of the Indian guys will write a very nasty message saying something like, “Fuck you man! Why don’t you reply! You fucking asshole!”

Whenever this happens, I fucking lose my cool and explode at them. I ask them, “You think my life revolves around answering Facebook messages from random weird Indian stalkers?” Then they always go into their basic defense, “Fuck you man! You need to leave my country! You’re a foreigner!”

To this I reply, “I have more of a right to be here than you since I am a real follower of Hindu culture and religion, and therefore I am a true Indian. You are just a subhuman who happened to be born on this land.”

Then the creepy Indian man will usually say something like, “My father/uncle/brother is … (in some high position in society)” and then I reply “Oh really? So I guess it won’t matter then if I report this conversation to the police and to my two different lawyers who work for me then?”

At this point the creepy Indian guy will freak out and say some last-ditch insult in an effort to regain his pathetic ego which has by now been shattered to pieces before he blocks me. And this exact incident has happened probably at least 10 different times with 10 different Indian men. It always follows the basic same pattern, which I have outlined above.

So yes, the whole “creepy Indian stalker” stereotype is indeed very much real. I can’t even imagine how bad White women must have it. I’ve seen conversations where an Indian man will send a White woman a message, and then when she doesn’t reply within an hour, he will send another message, then another message, going days and weeks on end, sometimes sending 100’s of messages. And not only are the messages creepy, but they are also pathetic as Hell. I remember reading one message where an Indian man had written to some random White woman “Hello my little tulip rose.” LOL! What a pick up line!

Is there something wrong with Indian men? Has the pollution in India or the culture just made them completely retarded? There was actually a TV show on Indian television a few years ago called “What’s Wrong with Indian Men?” It was meant to be a comedy show, and it was mainly a bunch of Indian women complaining about how creepy and weird Indian men are and sharing their own stories about bad experiences they’ve had with creepy Indian men who tried to stalk them.

That’s the difference between feminism in India and feminism in the West. In the West, feminism has turned into a man-hating movement. Whereas in India, feminism is just trying to achieve basic equal rights for women and to also get Indian men to start treating Indian women with respect. So I actually support feminism in India. Hopefully feminism will force many Indian men to evolve and start behaving like a decent human being instead of a creepy stalker.

This is why I do not even reply to these guy’s messages because if I reply once, they will send 50 messages in return. Do Indian men lack all self-awareness or capacity for introspection? Do they honestly not realize how creepy their behavior is? Indian men have massive egos, and they cannot handle the slightest hint of rejection. Indians are probably the most insecure people on earth, and that is why they get offended so easily.

Let’s end this article with a true story. I was at a bar with a couple of Indian guys, and there was a table of five Indian girls sitting across from us. I was just sitting there at our table calmly drinking a beer, and I noticed my two Indian male friends were staring at the Indian girls. A long, sustained stare which made me literally cringe with embarrassment. I tried starting a conversation so they would focus on our own table again and it worked for a minute or so, but then they both turned around and started giving the death stare to the Indian girls again. At this point I was thinking “Holy shit, what the fuck?” but there wasn’t a whole lot I could do.

I just told them, “Let’s get out of here,” and we all left and as they walked past the ladies table, they gave the same intense stare the whole time. And both of these guys were pretty educated. One of them was a very intelligent, cultured Indian guy who was familiar with Western Classical Literature and had no trouble picking up White tourist women and having one night stands with them. I was just freaked out by this behavior and didn’t really know what to make of it. So if even highly cultured and educated Indian men behave this way, then you can’t even imagine how sick, backwards, and misogynistic the uneducated and rural village Indian men behave.

Uneducated rural village Indian men are literally living in the 12th century, and yet these people are flooding into the Western world as “refugees”. These people are incapable of integrating into 21st century modern European culture. Why? Because they are 10 centuries behind Europe, so how can we ever expect such a bunch of savage barbarians to even be capable of integration?

The average White European or American has not yet consciously understood how savage and barbaric most of these 3rd World immigrants are, because if they did there would be a civil war by tomorrow morning. If White Europeans and Americans actually understood the danger that these 3rd World barbarians pose to the West, I believe White people would fight back and send them all back to their own countries, and would have no hesitation in using force to accomplish this.

To any Indian men reading this? Please stop it with the death stare. It makes the person you are staring at very uncomfortable, and it makes you look like a very creepy stalker. Learn some manners, don’t harass women, and especially don’t harass tourists. Because you guys harass tourists and make them feel very uncomfortable, this is why India has such a bad reputation worldwide. And please stop stalking White women on the Internet. It makes you look pathetic and makes your country look like a country full of rapists.

But then again maybe that really is what India truly is- a country full of men who abuse women, rape women, and treat women like crap. If you guys ever want to evolve and join the rest of the world in the 21st century? A good place to start would be to change the way you behave towards women and learn how to behave with women in a normal, non-creepy manner.


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24 responses to ““Creepy Indian Men on the Internet,” by Magneto

  1. Jason Y

    A few of the Indians I know, one is a math professor, and the other one owns a gas station strike me as highly creepy men. Not in a bad way, but in a more “Hey Buddy (as Indians talk)” kind of way 😆

    • they just don’t know how to interact with westerners or non-indians because India is probably the most isolated country and culture in the world. And there’s very few tourists in India or expats, due to the hostile culture there which is constantly trying to scam them.

      • MAGNETO Cochin’s Anglo-Indian population is quite large because quite a few English soldiers (I’ve met a few) married black Nair Dravidian women and bought property. So Kerala folks are used to whites or mixed-bloods. Syrian Christians and some Yemeni Jews are also around down there.

        In urban India nobody gives two shits about a Gora, particularly Baniya castes or Anglo-Indians or Parsi.

        Low-caste scumbags and Muslims who sell drugs will hang around Goa or other tourist destinations trying to live off dealing to backpacking college kids. This is why you hear about an occasional rape on a beach.

        In Mumbai, absolutely no Indian with any kind of business or job or income gives a solitary shit about a GORA.

        Hustlers and cons are good at spotting tourists vs. foreigners who work in India. They know that foreigners are not going to buy their dope or take a tour so they ignore them.

  2. Varun


    This is just hilarious. But there is one big error. Indians want to be friends with you not because you are white, but because you are Westerners. Certainly, there is big overlap between the two, but I have always wondered about this behavior of Indians too.

    I also get unwanted attention on Facebook from both males and females from India. Now I am not white from any measure. So at the end, it is the glamorous West that is the booster of social esteem or standing for Indians, and whiteness, if anything, is secondary.

    • well I try to use it to my advantage too. A lot of indian girls want to be my friend too but once I realized how clingy they are, I gave up hope of having casual sex with them. It would require taking them on like 3 or 4 dates minimum, and then after having sex with them, they will get extremely clingy and call me 20 times a day. Indian women don’t know how to have casual sex, it’s just beyond their comprehension.

      So to be fair, indian women are also stalkers. The couple times I did make the mistake of banging an indian woman, she was calling me like 20 times a day afterwards. Freaked me the fuck out!

      • Varun

        Are you sure it is Indian women only who are clingy? In my experience, all women are clingy more or less, although, I have never experienced someone calling me 20 times. But women, in general, do call or talk more after getting banged. Biology.

      • You can sometimes get a seasoned Punjabi barfly totally drunk and have sex with a passed out pudgy Sikh woman of 25-35 if that is your thing.

        If having sex with Indian women is really so important to a Gora it is better to seek out the professionals.

    • VARUN I’ve lived in houses owned by Anglo-Indians in Cochin and Andheri and I find that nobody in India gives a single shit about whites because so many English soldiers hung around running business after Independence with a Nair wife in the South or Khatris wife in the North.

      Those Indians that do hang around tourist centers are dirt bag Kashmiris trying to sell dope or local losers with no job who hope to get a backpacker drunk so they can rape her. YOU’LL NEVER SEE a Parsi, Baniya or Gujji businessman trying to befriend whites. In general they regard us as chilly and reserved barbarians with slutty women who reek of beef.


      Sikhs are rednecks from Russia and it is possible that they are Caucasian enough to relate to Americans. Same interests in booze, mechanics and girls. But I do not know.

    • S26


      The “be-my-friend cool guy” ladies and gentlemen on Facebook, represent less than one percent of the Indian population. Most wouldn’t even have heard of Germany or Norway, let alone locate it on a map and label it the “glamorous West”. You see “Westerners” at Indian weddings and parties, but they are never part of the inner circle. No one really takes them in.

      Talk to any woman who’s been on a video chat site, and she’ll tell you how many white dicks were shagging there, and most over 50. Middle aged men in Germany get together on a specific day, just to drink and try to grab the attention of younger women. European exchange semester studs, look out for opportunities to go to Latin America or East Asia hoping there’s an easy chance to get a bit of party and an easy one-nighter. And this clear expression of horniness isn’t frowned upon. The fact that in the West, there’s an actual sub-culture of pick-up and several media to get close to women, look out for foreign people, search for a quick-fuck, goes to show that even the glamorous West isn’t all glam and smooth when it comes to social interaction.

      It would probably work better for Indians if they had a chance to practice any social interaction with other genders / classes, rather than having to put up with constant effeminate shaming from trash like Magneto, and tortured attempts at saying nothing from low IQ garbage like TRASH.

      • S26 People walking through fire rings together at a Hindu wedding was the most boring thing I sat through in India but the Mutton Korma was alright.

        Most Indians only know London slums or Brampton, Ontario because those are the places that unwisely allow low-caste Indians in to devalue the property of the district.

        Unless you visit Punjab and then every Sikh knows somebody in Canada.

        “Low IQ garbage?” Gee, you don’t like the opinion of a Gora whose actually had to live in India and tells you how stupid low-caste Hindus really are?

      • Nobody ever attempted to say nothing in a post as long as yours S26. I cannot even decipher what your point is.

        Watching people walk through rings of fire at an Indian wedding is alright, Mutton Korma is decent if the family have any money but the booze will all be Johnnie Walker because Indians only like to drink watered-down whiskey.

      • Optimus Prime

        I agree with S26. There have many great pieces on India by several posters dota, atheist indian have been far more insightful in their analysis. Comments by magento are just recycled racist blatherings void of any substance. He is certainly not a highbrow writer as you have mentioned. Sorry about it though.

  3. Varun

    Uneducated rural village Indian men are literally living in the 12th century, and yet these people are flooding into the Western world as “refugees”

    Really? On what basis? Other than Muslims, there are no victims in India who could flee to West on : refugee status:.

    • why should they flee to the west? If they are too ignorant or stupid to develop their own country, they deserve to live in such conditions. Fleeing to the West is an artificial impermanent solution.

      Trying to elevate a certain race beyond what they could naturally achieve is what is causing a lot of the problems anyway. Without the British, India would be even more backwards than it is today. It would have been better if the British occupied India because India never would have developed to the point to even be capable of being a threat.

      • Varun

        But why and how would backward Indian villagers go to West? They are #not# allowed as refugees in &any& Western country. Hindus can’t be refugees because no one is persecuting them. The lines below from your article are irrelevant ramblings.

        Uneducated rural village Indian men are literally living in the 12th century, and yet these people are flooding into the Western world as “refugees”. These people are incapable of integrating into 21st century modern European culture.

        Excepting a sizable Indians, those who go to West are either urban or educated, more often, both. This is even truer in cases of Indians entering US in the 21st century.

        Are you sure you are in India, MAGNETO? Or, are you sure you are in India, but away from any illicit substance?

      • Varun

        TRASH, What do you mean Baniya Caste? Are Baniya Caste living in 12th century and going to West as refugees?

        • Opposite. Baniya caste immigrates to the U.S. and a few Tamil Christians who are good at math.

          I think very few people in Hyderbad or Orissa are going to be immigrating anywhere. They are internal migrants to Mumbai. English whites in India were never in the Interior of the country, I should remind Indian posters. They were on the ports of entry (Mumbai, Calcutta, Cochin) and English people liked the weather of Kashmir. Not the center of India.

          Some Gujjis and high-caste Punjabi (Like Bobby Jindal or the woman married to that New York senator who keeps showing his penis in public).

          This is why the U.S. has not imported a class of slum-dwelling gangsters and prostitutes and drug-dealers like Canada or London have.

    • Nobody in Orissa is fleeing to the West. They could not afford the train fare to Mumbai.

  4. Some Guy

    The average White European or American has not yet consciously understood how savage and barbaric most of these 3rd World immigrants are

    I’m German and there are stories in the news daily about savage acts commited by them from raping little boys in waterparks (that is apparently totally ok in Afghanistan and other muslim shitholes) to trying to force some 70 year old retired guy to have sex with them. They roam in packs of 5-10 guys and only the most deluded guys aren’t scared of them.

    The whole refugee situation was engineered by George Soros and decades of brainwashing by a jewish elite that runs the media, think tanks and lobbying groups. It’s not like the average western person suddenly thought: Hey lets let savage low IQ people from war torn countries no sane person would even want to visit in our country in the millions.


    • Donatello

      Soros, seems like it’s always that jew. Let’s see how he fares against a pack of rapefugees who haven’t been given acess to women, elderly, and children.

  5. Tulio

    I’m friends with this white Mexican chic in Guadalajara. She has a guy in India she’s never even met trying to get her to move to India and marry him. She records his messages and sent some to me for a laugh. One of the most hilarious things I’ve ever heard. Never even met her and things she’d be the perfect wife. She’s become hip to the fact that Indian men want her because of her skin color. They have even told her that she could marry a wealthy man in India easily because her skin is white.

  6. Tulio

    I also feel like I’m seeing the population of E. Indians in the USA exploding. They are EVERYWHERE I look now. Even way in the heartland.

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