Blink 182, “Adam’s Song,” Plus Parody

Boy, that is some damn cool music. I never heard any of their songs before, and I had no idea if they were any good or not. I think this came out in ~1998, so good music was being made up until 20 years ago at least. But the 90’s were not a lost musical decade. I happen to like a lot of late 80’s-90’s bands. Grunge was great, and Nirvana were brilliant. This Blink 182 seems to be either a Nirvana ripoff or they are heavily influenced by the band, depending on whether you want to be kind or not. Even if they are Nirvana ripoffs though, they sure do a damn good job of it.

This song is controversial, as it is in part about suicide. The inspiration was a newspaper article about 17 year old boy who committed suicide that the songwriter read. The suicidal theme inspired at least one suicide by a 17 year old boy. He put this single on endless repeat and then killed himself. He went to Columbine high school and was a survivor of the massacre, but he lost a good friend to the shooters. The thing about homicide is that there are often quite a few more victims of this crime than just the dead victims. The loved ones of the victims are often victims themselves and commonly suffer for years or even decades after the homicide.

Blink 1488, “Saddam’s Song”

Here is a brilliant Alt Right parody of the song. This is off an album of songs by this “band,” which is really just one guy taking song tracks, pulling out the vocals and then putting his own parody vocals in. It’s legal to use parts of songs for parody purposes. The name of the outfit is Right Wing Death Squad, and Blink 1488 is one of his side projects. He does a good job on the videos too.

I never knew Nazis could be so entertaining. Such fun-loving fellows. Oh you crazy Nazis! Playing practical jokes again! Oh you big sillies!


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17 responses to “Blink 182, “Adam’s Song,” Plus Parody

  1. Stalin Tonks

    Seventh Son from does some awesome song parodies…

    His parody of Metallica’s one is particularly good if you know about Stefan Molyneux

    This one is really good too

    • (((Molyneux))) is a moronic shill. He’s Jewish. Look it up.

      “Goyz in the Hood”- That’s pretty damn funny, I will grant you that.

      • Stalin Tonks

        Chiune you stupid cunt. Molyneux is not jewish unless you consider someone who has any jewish background to be jewish. He does excellent videos which of course you wouldn’t like because you’re a retard.

  2. Sam J.

    Shiksa Goddess has some great videos. She redoes female pop stars. Her account has been suspended but if you search for goyim goddess and Shiksa Goddess her you can still find some of her videos.

  3. Stalin Tonks

    Sam, She has her own version of “Shake It Off” which I really like.

    • Sam J.

      Here’s a good one. You have to hunt for them they’re deleting them.

      Here’s a good video on the FED. This is why the Jews own so much they own ALL money creation on the planet. If you can print money from nothing no wonder they’re rich.

      Talking about the moral destruction.

      • Stalin Tonks


        That was real brilliant of Wilson giving the kikes control of America’s monetary system. Thanks a lot Wilson you fucking idiot.

        • Sam J.

          During the housing crisis the FED gave fortunes to the bankers at zero interest. I’m betting they own just about everything now. We know they gave them $16 trillion and I’ve read analyst that say the amount was closer to $29 Trillion. At $29 Trillion and 300 million Americans we could have given a zero interest loan for every family of four of $386,666. Housing crisis solved and the economy would have roared with all that cash going into people’s pockets.

          They’re all scratching each others back while looting us. Selling off public assets for pennies then charging us a fortune to get back what we had already.

          The whole FED system is a rip off. They create money from nothing and we owe them the principle and interest. A minutes thought would tell you that we can never pay off the debt as all money is created with debt. So if we had no debt we would have no money. Next they’re going to move the scheme up to a global level with SDR’s. Same game, same defects, same rip off.

          Look this link where I talk about Scott Smith’s ideas about banking. I don’t think all of them will work but it’s still an improvement over what we have.

  4. Stalin Tonks

    You mean Milo. She does not get along with other well.

  5. Stalin Tonks


    Oh yeah, she attacks a lot of WN people for whatever reasons, she is not a team player.

    • Sam J.

      Yeah I don’t know for sure if she’s not another plant. What triggers me is she’s a flat earth person. I mean WTF, flat earth? It shows how paranoid I am. They have all the bases covered. It really sucks. My attitude is that you just have to look at even the shills because the shills have tons of good info. Just ignore the 10% or 20% that’s nonsense. Her videos are great though.

      Yes the guys name was Milo. I agree with her WTF are White nationalist doing following a gay Jew??? The only good thing I can say about gays WN is that since they know they will not be having children in a lot of cases I think they can be super passionate WN because it’s the way to protect their gene line best. There were a lot of gays in the NAZI party. Gays also may be into WN because they’re generally outsiders and like to cause trouble. That’s one problem with WN id they tend to be troublesome people. They’re going against most of what polite society says is good so people who have that attitude tend to be the kind of folks that will tell you to fuck off. Organizing WN is like herding cats. Shiksa Goddess was like this. Her parents put her into a controlled living home (institution) because she was defiant and caused a lot of trouble.

  6. “Bad Goys, Bad Goys, what ya gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you? Bad Goys, Bad Goys, what ya gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you?”

  7. Nebulous Maximus

    This one takes the cake.

  8. James

    Forgot this one:

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