“I Am a Cuck”

Great Alt Right song, set to the tune of Paul Simon’s great, “I Am a Rock.”


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52 responses to ““I Am a Cuck”

  1. Jason Y

    Hey, I’m a Rock is a killer song, one of my favorites. No, for real..

    Anyhow, “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” so the football players may be laughing now, but just wait….:lol:

    • Jason Y

      What about these wussy lyrics?

      Hello, darkness my old friend. Iv’e come to talk to you again.

      What kind of Jew-boy nerds would think up this stuff ??

    • KsytriaKhalsa

      Man who believes in ‘women’s liberation’

      First decreed by catholic church.

    • Jason Y

      Isn’t this whole idea a rip-off the Woody Allen character on Bananas?

      But, the real sight of Stalin, Mao, or Kim Ill Sung is quite the opposite.

    • Stary Wylk

      Short for “cuckold” = a man who lets someone else fuck his wife.

      • Jason Y

        Which of course, all liberals let viral young black studs screw their wife. 😆 Of course. Assuming the liberal isn’t a homo, which a lot are. In that case, the black is screwing the homo.

        • Jason Y

          These WNs use such childish appeals to male insecurity, cause we all know these erectile dysfunction plagued, small penis size, white blowhards are insecure all right.

        • Latest CUCK PORN depicts white males sucking a huge black penis while their wife spreads her legs in anticipation beside him.

        • Tony Swagger

          Jason, can’t you say anything without invoking WNs. You seem obsessed with WNs more than WNs are obsessed with white nationalism. Is the average WN in Tennessee pissing on your moonshine?

        • NAMS usually cannot scrape together the gas money to break into the house of a white liberal and have sex with his semi-frigid wife.

          Only white girls who are complete drug addicts are down in the hood letting blacks “run a train” on her mouth in order to get some cocaine mixed with baking soda or Mexican black tar.

        • JASON By the time a white girl is down being screwed by NAMS in some barrio or hood she is far into addiction to crack cocaine or heroin.

          White males usually will not trade drugs for sex because they do not sell drugs so there is no point in having sex with them.

          Generally, these white girls are from white, blue-collar backgrounds and are rebelling against the racist grandparents who raised them.

          White educated liberal women usually will not masturbate with a big black dildo-many of them are frigid.

          And if some tattooed white waste-case feminazi wants to have an odd-looking baby that she has to feed on stamps that is her business.

          I would not be married to her anyhow.

          NAMS themselves do not care about any of this.

        • Jason Y

          And if some tattooed white waste-case feminazi wants to have an odd-looking baby that she has to feed on stamps that is her business.

          They’re not odd looking. They just look like what most blacks look like nowadays, just ebony or chocolate They’re not mutants.

          So if you screw a black, you just get another black really. Normally they don’t come out white. However, I have seen some that are generally white looking.

        • TRASH CUCK RAP:

          I’m at the adoption agency….

          I asked my NAM boyfriend to buy diapers and he said NOT ME!!

          He makes his living off crack…

          His sister feeds her addiction on her knees or on her back….

        • Jason Y

          I was made fun of in the 7th grade with a rap song, and it was even on my birthday… Boo hoo…. They were making fun of my afro saying I was a wuss cause I was uptight…

  2. Stalin Tonks

    That was pretty good Robert. Uncuck the Right has some good songs. My favorites are “Love is a Giant Wall” and “Dildoween”

    • All this for NAMS with low IQ’s who spend their lives pimping their women to sell crack and live off food stamps and stolen shoes.

      They do not obsess about Black Dildos or anything but Gold Chains and KFC and watching Sports TV.

      Who gives a shit about them?

  3. Jason Y

    And we cannot forget the “Greatest Cuck of Them All”:

  4. Jason Y

    However, remember, the other side is equal on the dildo scale:

    • Jason Y

      More from the right wing (semi-alt-right)
      Facebook dildo hall of fame

      • Jason Y

        Of course, that’s the typical redneck blue collar lie that college students are wusses who don’t have to work hard.. But a lot of them are working hard even without military service.

        Finally, I’m always wondering if the work done using 1 percent of your brain running, doing push-ups etc.. is more work than spending hours writing really good papers or doing Calculus. Sorry to sound disrespectful to the troops, but just being honest here.

        • Jason Y

          Here’s another classic:

        • Blue-collar rednecks DO ATTEMPT COLLEGE…Most fail out after 2 semesters of drinking too much beer.

          Then, with the doors closing to them, some join the military. They get out and return to college at the age of 26 to fail out again.


          Age 18 attends college and fails out after 2 semesters for drinking too much beer.

          Age 20 joins the military for shortest hitch.

          Age 24 returns to college and fails out again for drinking too much beer.

        • Jason Y

          Age 18 attends college and fails out after 2 semesters for drinking too much beer.

          Age 20 joins the military for shortest hitch.

          Age 24 returns to college and fails out again for drinking too much beer.

          OK, in that case who is really wasting the money, the cuck liberal REM listening queer, or the redneck shit for brains? Well, unless the redneck is paying out of his own pocket, or the military is paying, then you can be sure he is wasting government cash.

          So what’s up with the memes about ungrateful college mamas boys wasting tax dollars?

        • Jason Y

          Blue-collar rednecks DO ATTEMPT COLLEGE…Most fail out after 2 semesters of drinking too much beer.

          Then, with the doors closing to them, some join the military. They get out and return to college at the age of 26 to fail out again.

          But note Joe Cool redneck will never admit that he failed, cause that would make him look stupid and weak, all in all, un-manly. Possibly he tries to get around the question, and as you say, goes joins the military, perhaps bashes little college fags to distract attention away form his failure.

  5. Stary Wylk

    Free education is worth what you pay for it.

  6. Why do we obsess over Cholos and NAMS who cannot earn a living and spend most of their time in jail or sitting on a stoop high on street drugs?

    None of them give 2 shits about Rome, Greece, Tel Aviv or any other aspect of white culture.

    All they care about are drugs and prostitutes.

  7. Most blue-collar rednecks lack the discipline to work 20 hours a week at some brutal job and attend school full-time for 5 years until they graduate.

    • Jason Y

      I got nothing against blue collar rednecks, but they abuse their power They go on Facebook, some of them, and start these memes bashing all these people that didn’t do nothing to them, and they do it on heavy rotation, 5 posts on the hour.

      They might even bring up their US veterans, but they are disgrace to the group as they think everyone owes them something. Is that a cool way to think. I mean, OK, you got your 10 percent discount at the local diner for serving and in Saigon, now SHUT THE FUCK UP :lol; Sorry, to sound disrespectful…

      • Stalin Tonks

        Jason, I’m going to force you at gunpoint to live with niggers until you crack and get a swastika tattooed on your forehead.

        • STALIN What sort of white “lives” with NAMS? A crack whore transvestite? A mafia “soldier” with interests in heroin racketeering? A homosexual who wants to gentrify the ghetto?

          Please explain to me how somebody “lives” with NAMS? Even they cannot get jobs in their neighborhoods. What’s a white doing there?

        • Stalin Tonks

          I don’t fucking know what sort of white lives with NAMS. All I do know is that if it was up to me Robert and Jason Yid would be forced at gunpoint to live with niggers until they crack and get swastikas tattooed on their foreheads.

        • what part of “spread them out and civilize them” don’t you understand?

          Once again we see that Nationalists of any sort are almost invariably low IQ.

        • Stalin Tonks

          Chiune you stupid cunt, who are you addressing? Most sane white people don’t want niggers around them no matter how few.in number.

        • Proud squaw

          Tonks sick fuck, most peaceful people white and non white, dont want to live around hateful shit eating maggots like you.

        • Stalin Tonks

          Proud Skank you bag of shit. In real life I don’t go around attacking people like niggers do.

        • Proud squaw

          Says the tonks faggot who loves masturbating thinking about non whites while pretending to hate them. Go and jackoff to incogmans lousy website.

        • Proud squaw

          Shit eating faggot tonks, rememberr what you did during the colonisation. Ask ur whore mom, if you dont know. Now you faggots pretend as if your race is under attack just to reinforce white supremacy. So that you can go ahead and abuse people at your will. Truth is you are no different from the Jews and niggers you hate

        • Stalin Tonks

          Proud Skank,

          The difference is that we want separation from jews and blacks, jews and blacks don’t want separation from us.

        • Proud squaw

          Tonks, you Tub of shit. You can have ur fantasies in your own Europe. this is not ur native to pull your discrimination shit. They have as much right to live as you have here, you smarmy ass.

        • Stalin Tonks

          Proud Skank,

          You can have your piece of America to live in poverty in.

        • Jason Y

          OK. well, all blacks aren’t niggers, that’s a racist misconception. In fact, maybe only 5 to 15 percent of them are.

          Of course, there is always some racial antagonism in a black/white relationship, but it gets way worse if your in a black majority area, and I don’t mean a black area in a white majority area like Appalachia. I mean like Detroit, or LA or Atlanta.

          However, even there, the level of hostility would vary based on what neighborhood your in. Surrounded by say, black Christians, you might find the only hate you would encounter is the occasional bonehead racist comment etc..

          Of course, prison would be the worst place to meet blacks or other NAMS, and possibly white racists get their whole view of NAMS biased by a stay behind bars.

  8. Rednecks have no power: that is their core issue.

    The fact that they fear “Big black dildos” in their rear sums up their feelings of inadequacy and humiliation.

    In reality if Rednecks did not work to pay taxes so that NAMS could eat then barrios and ghettos would be full of starving people in one week.

    Additionally, they control the food supply to the cities so in physical terms they are running the show.

    • Jason Y

      OK, you gotta point there.

    • Proud squaw

      This is a Good point. These drunkard rednecks always try to pawn their problems on others.

    • Jason Y

      Well, Trash, you know rednecks don’t pay all taxes. Everyone pays taxes. Rednecks, at least the really dildo-ish loudmouth ones on Facebook, make it seem like NAMS are the personal pets of rednecks. Of course, a pet produces nothing but enjoyment (but rednecks don’t like NAMS). A cat, for instance, and I don’t mean a pussy cuck lol, doesn;t give back to the owner unless they’re killing rats.

      • Jason Y

        Definitely white racists are concerned about blacks, but always in the negative hateful way. However, as I said, they’re not the only ones having to pay for them. Liberals also pay taxes. Blacks who work, which are most of them contrary to white racist thinking, also pay taxes. A lot of NAMS also serve in the military fighting dumb wars like Vietnam or Iraq which don’t benefit their race. So would we call it an even draw ??

  9. You buy a bit of meth from a Hispanic to smooth over the rough spots. His supplier’s wholesale distributor lives in a huge Hacienda down in Juarez and does not drink alcohol, much less use his own destructive product.
    You get on the computer and download images of white “cucks” naked and lovingly admiring a huge black penis in the mouth of a WASP female kneeling beside him.
    Your kid watches “Hills Have Eyes” or “F13 Part 9” or “Wrong Turn 8” in which deformed huge Hillbilly white males kill and eat blacks and liberal college kids who have stopped for gas in West Virginia.
    For a glimpse of his own heritage he watches “Trainspotting” or “Snatch” which depicts London gangsters or Scots heroin addicts ruthlessly running wild.
    No black man wants to go near your small town because the nearest mall that sells lime-green shirts or basketball shoes is 40 miles away.
    You are afraid to commit a crime because you do not want to be the sexual playmate of blacks in prison.

    This is the life of the redneck.

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