Please Stop Comparing Indian Caste to Class Systems around the World

Jason Y writes:

Actually caste systems exist in other parts of the world, including the US. If you don’t have the money to live in at least a decent middle class neighborhood like my brother lives in, then tough luck !!!

No, nobody in the US is rubbing it in, calling lower castes trashy people. Instead, it’s just a subliminal message thing, assuming the middle class ever comes into contact with the lower class which is rare.

All or almost all countries have class systems. You simply cannot get away from it. And by the way, this country Jason is defending here, India, not only has one of the worst social systems on Earth called caste, but it also has one of the greediest and most viciously classist systems on Earth. Indians are 10 times more classist than Americans.

Jason, although caste does have some correlates in some other societies who have equally vile systems, in general, you cannot compare caste with any other system on Earth. Caste is placed you at birth like race, and there is no escape. Economic class theoretically is a result of decisions someone has made in life, and hence in a lot of ways, the classes made their own bed. Yes, there are places with zero social mobility, but that’s not common in the West.

Poor people were not born poor! They were not born with a poor label with no way to climb out of it no matter how hard they try.

I live in a city full of low income and poor Hispanic people. Before that, I lived in a city full of low income and poor White people. Trust me, almost no one treated anyone poorly due to class. In both places, everyone of all classes was more or less treated equally in the public space. This was true in both White and Hispanic towns. Yes, there is class in the US, but it is somewhat invisible and it’s often hard to find it. I have a low income, but I almost never hear anything about it. A few rightwing shits on the Net attack me over it, but they’re not in Meatspace. No one in Meatspace ever treats me like crap for having a low income. It doesn’t happen.

Now for Jason or these malignant Hindutvas to compare caste to class systems all over the world is just flat out wrong. Class systems are a step up from caste systems, let’s face it. At one time, the world was much more heavily caste-based than it is now. Many ancient societies were caste-based. It was almost normal. Same for most ancient religions – also caste-based. Hinduism has caste because it is a throwback to a pre-Abrahamic caste-based world. Hinduism is literally stuck about 3,000 years back in time. And they love it that way!

One more thing I would like to point out is that what Jason always does is typical of what can be called the Regressive Left. I dislike that word, but in this case, it makes sense. According to the Regressive Left, we Whites and Westerners can’t criticize any other culture on Earth because of muh White racism, muh Western superiority, muh White Supremacism, etc.

Every time we in the West or anywhere else in the civilized world criticize any of these primitive, backwards, barbaric, savage or uncivilized cultures and peoples, Regressive Leftists like Jason stand up and yell that we have no right to criticize them because White people do it too, or Westerners do it too. This mindset is unbelievably illiberal because the Regressive Left ends up defending the most utterly barbaric and backwards cultures and peoples on Earth. The Left in other words is defending the worst people on Earth.

What makes it worse is that with cultural relativism, cultural equivalence and insane antiracism, the Cultural Left ends up defending the most reactionary, savage and brutal crap that goes against everything that the Left and they themselves stand for. All because if we allow Westerners and Whites to criticize backwards or barbaric non-Whites, that’s muh White racism and muh Western superiority, so it needs to be shot down. So the worst cultures and the worst people on Earth get off scot-free or I suppose get a pat on the back by the Cultural Left in the name of some crazy antiracist ideal. When antiracism demands that I defend or support the worst people and cultures on Earth, I am off this antiracism train. I will move over to the Right and call myself nonracist instead. Antiracism has become sheer poison.


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84 responses to “Please Stop Comparing Indian Caste to Class Systems around the World

  1. ksytriakhalsa

    I wonder why you continue to use caste instead of Varna. & u never study how iit was historically or how it has changed.

    You’ve admitted you’re a christian, so how much of your hatred is due to christianity? Indian christians also follow it

    The discrimination will fade w/ industrialization. U forget that Spain, France, Japan etc all had untouchability.

    Uve been told counter-examples for years but you obsess with who Indians marry.

    U can ban me but, you’re not correct. Varna is THE best way to organize a society but an India brutalized for 1k+ years by Abrahamics will be unbalanced.

    We will re-group, we will destroy u & your Anti-Dharmas & the World will join , united in self-realization. Able to have Diversity on a global scale without having to give up their local, fundamental, nature & geographic based BLOOD identity.

    Jai Hind

    • “The discrimination will fade w/ industrialization. ”

      Implying India is even capable of industrialization. LOL.

      Until India stops following a barbaric, racist, oppressive culture/religion, there is no chance of India ever industrializing.

      You can’t bullshit me, man. I am here on the ground in India and I see things which would make Robert puke his guts out.

      The first and most important thing you Indians need to do is to CONTROL YOUR POPULATION.

      • ksytriakhalsa

        Or, just reforms its labour code. U know, normal stuff NORMAL ppl think of. Lol,

        A Hindu SJW, is not really a Hindu just a liar.

        • Lin

          Yes, go ahead and multiply as long as bharat doesn’t import food grain(ie, disrupt commodities prices)and perfect their breatharian technology:
          Bharat can support 7 billion hindus,no problem

          (Brief excerpts):

          3 Banish Two Negative Ideas: Over-Population and Poverty

          Indians are fiercely nationalistic. They think a lot on how to improve conditions in India. Indians do have a lot of difference of opinion-I have met Indians who are crooks and others who are saints-but I am yet to meet an Indian who does not desire the progress of India from the bottom of their hearts. Indians debate endlessly, with others and in their own minds, about the root cause of all the national problems. They don’t lack sincerity, their intellect is strong, and their reasoning perfect. With all these positives what do we conclude?

          3.1 Over-Population

          We invariably conclude that India’s main problem is its population. But I contend population is India’s strength and not a problem. We shall see why it’s our strength a bit later but first let’s note practical consequences of accepting population as a problem.

          3.1.1 Terrible Consequences of Misplaced Belief

          Firstly, population problem has no well-defined solution. The ones who argue this is a problem will not say how much population is over-population. They claim the current population of 100 crores is too much, but three decades ago it was 50 crores and even then that was too much! Since over-population cannot be quantified, it’s an ill-defined problem. Secondly, when we say we are overpoulated, we begin to fear each other. …..

          3.1.2 Is it a Problem?

          We need to analyse if population really is a problem. Japan has a higher population density than India, it is almost totally bereft of natural resources, and yet it’s a very prosperous nation. So population is not a problem as such. …..Next, using typical figures from the developed countries for per capita living area, agriculture, roads, industry, etc., India can support an astonishing 700 crore(7 billion) people. …..

          3.1.3 Practically Infinite Resources

          ….India has infinite resources of coal, gas, petroleum, iron ore, and whatever else is needed for survival. No other country has as many perennial rivers as India. It is only a question of efficient utilisation of these resources to meet our needs……Indian voters should banish from their minds the thought that population is a problem. Any politician or bureaucrat who says it is should be bluntly told not to make excuses but to get on with providing an efficient government….

          3.3 Are We Poor?

          The second pernicious idea retarding our progress is that we are poor. The penultimate argument (the final being over-population) justifying India’s present state is always, “But we don’t have money.”…..

    • Lin

      What is the need to defend present hindu caste system by stretching 1000s of years back? It makes as much sense as explaining the present state of indian sci&tech by studying the degradion after ancient hindus invented flying saucers 7000 years ago:
      Not to mention that ancient hindus seldom kept proper chronological/historical record

  2. ksytriakhalsa

    projectjoshua has identified Tribal Identity as the largest barrier to conversion.

    You are on the same side as people who will change the bible & tell an illiterate forest tribe that they killed jesus & should repent.

    You want to destroy Hinduism, We are not so easy to destroy.

    You will be dead soon,

    Sikhs & Rajputs will not be.


    • Ah so you’re a Sikh? I am a Hindu, actually. And probably a far more serious Hindu than you will ever be. I focus also on the SPIRITUAL aspect of Hinduism, not just the nationalistic aspect.

      Anyway, Punjabis and Sikhs are mostly a bunch of assholes. I’ve had 10 negative incidents so far in India and ALL of them involved a punjabi. Punjabi people are quite arrogant and extremely rude. In a way, I kind of understand how the bad behavior of Punjabis led to the anti-Punjabi, anti-Sikh riots in 1984.

      The positive side is that Punjabi women are the biggest sluts in India and super easy for a white guy to get into bed. Unfortunately I don’t like them much nor do I like their lighter skin tone. I’ve got the jungle fever.

      • ksytriakhalsa

        Majority of Punjabis are in Villages & you’ll get killed stepping into them. The refugees in Delhi are not counted,

      • ksytriakhalsa

        You’re in Bharat, learn 2 bow to BharatVansh or be taught how to.

        Sikhs are Hindus, you’re not a Hindu you are a Yvanna Melech||
        Your mind is 2 colonized 2 deal with, and you are at best, cannon fodder.


      • ksytriakhalsa

        You’re not a Hindu, you’re a termite trying to burrow into our foundations.
        the Riots took place in Delhi, where it is all Congress Communists. Why not elsewhere?

        What do you mean spirtual & not nationalistic? You’re just a version of a Gora Buddha

        What is Ksytria Dharma, is it to be a cucked western male dying out in his own homeland?

        You’re just following hedonistic Americanism + ‘meditation’

        You know you’re a melech, I know you’re a melech.
        Btw, you say you’re a Hindu. What do you think about the Cow Protection Brigades?


      • KsytriaKhalsa

        OK, where are you melech?

      • KsytriaKhalsa

        Tfw this pretend Hindu (missionary wearing saffron robes like Abbe Dubois) proly doesn’t even know what BharatVansh is & will never show up 2 fight a Sikh due 2 the Turban & Beard. LOL!

        Have a nice time, you’ll get lynched soon enough & your bad arguing doesn’t target the right sectors nor is it correct enough to be effective.

        I’m a serious Hindu -> Nope, you’re born a low european & will die one. 🙂


      • TRASH

        GORA says that Bengali girls are also rather slutty and decent prostitutes.

  3. Jason Y

    Well, actually, Iv’e been bitching about Koreans 24/7 for years, and they’re a non-white group. Also, Koreans have their white defenders, mainly ESL teachers who get their cock sucked by Koreans, normally due being from Canada, and/or having blonde hair and blue eyes. These teachers will say, “Gosh you such a douchebag for putting down Koreans. Don’t you know Koreans are under an imperalistic American occupation?” They look at me like I’m uncool, like I’m a psycho.

    So I point out, OK Koreans claim they are the victims of imperalism, yet turn right around and treat non-whites like crap, meanwhile giving royal treatment to whites, especially Canadians who look like David Bowie.

    • Koreans and other East Asian groups are not bad. Their women are really hungry for white cock. So if you’re a white man, what do you have to complain about?

      Now Koreans/Asians HATE indians. In Thailand there is a saying “If you are locked in a room with a snake and an indian, kill the indian first”.

      I can’t blame them for hating indians, indians are uncivilized barbaric savages and Asians are quite civilized and polite, so naturally they will hate indians.

      • Varun

        Who are Indians exactly? Those whose nation came into being in 1947? Lets call them 1947s (note the similarities with AK47). Though many of these unclassified 1947s have settled in yellow Asia long ago, and Asians actually loved 1947s and followed their way of life known as Budhhism (note the similarities with buddy-ism), we are yet to see what savagery and Barbarianism you are alluding too. I hope you are not talking about Asians hating savagery of nakedness and sex as described in Kamasutra – the all time favorite of both Asians and 1947s. 2 million yellow Asians and 1.3 millions 1947s. That must be due to buddy-ism and Kamasutra, right?

  4. Jason Y

    However, mind you, what I said on the blog Robert is putting down, is sort of true. Where I live, people are just as racist as Koreans, only that due to the American culture, a lot of it is “undercover” (due to official and enforced political correctness)

    In other words, people are racist, homophobic, all those nasty things, that I find repulsive in Indians, Filipinos, Chinese, South Koreans… So given that fact, I cannot say much about Koreans, though as Robert pointed out, the un-PC stuff that non-white people do, is just as bad as the un-PC whites do.. Yes, that’s true.

    • Jason Y

      When pushed to the edge, and we saw it in my mountain valley where a black man/ white woman couple with mixed kids was driven out via harrasment which included cross burnings etc… we see people, at least here, are as vicous as racist Indians, Koreans etc…

  5. KsytriaKhalsa

    Sucks that you can’t edit comments, a Hindu who pushes Gandharvan Marriage instead of Brahma marriage is a melech.

    His knowledge of it is lacking, he seems to take it from behind in Asharams..

    & yet this melech is not even a Hindu..

  6. SHI

    Now for Jason or these malignant Hindutvas to compare caste to class systems all over the world is just flat out wrong.

    Maybe Jason’s thoughts are in the right place. Doesn’t he happen to live somewhere in West Virginia? Trailer Park Central, LOL. If my only exposure to white people on a daily basis was redneck Hillbillies from the Southern United States, or scummy “Chavs” from the UK, I’d be pretty miffed too. I can see the consistency with which Jason attacks the White people living in his region. Maybe they’re so damn unpleasant to be around. I saw this movie “Masterminds” yesterday. It’s based on a real bank robbery in North Carolina, also known as “Hillbilly heist”. I couldn’t help but notice the strain of criminality represented by each character in the movie. No heroes among thieves, quite a bunch of dishonorable low lives they have down there. If it were only stereotypes, but the whole movie is based on factual incidents. Each scene screams “WHITE TRASH” loud and clear, and leaps out to fill you with revulsion and hatred towards these people.

    I could see striking similarities between Owen Wilson’s character, Steve Chambers, and his associates, and some of the criminal thug politicians from India. Ruthless manipulation of their victims concealed under multiple layers of sophistry, representing the absolutely lowest level of humanity. The total disregard for such a thing called conscience. Even the lead character, David, is missing any redeemable traits. His girlfriend is the trashiest person with a criminal bent of mind. Not an ounce of moral uprightness in her entire being.

    • KsytriaKhalsa

      & if democracy was their only exposure 2 Hindus, I can see their hate.

      We support Jaati & Varna because of Ram Chandra Ji, Krishna Ji, Gurus etc.

      Desha, Deva, Dharma not Fkn Lalu Prasad Yadav lol. Biggest criminal v Dalit r Obc & Muslim.

      W/e We’ll get our Dharmic Monarchy & white ppl will get the Death (Moksha) they’re hoping for by becoming hslf-black & a “judeo-christian, Greco-Roman, Nordic-Slavic, Persian-Arabic, Pseudi-Islamic’ Society where everyone is” equal” because everyone is nothing; that they seem hell-bent on creating.


    • Jason Y

      Well, most of them aren’t bad people, but probably 10 to 20 percent, as anywhere, are psychopathic. They’re very rude and always wanting to start a fight. But then again, I said this was the norm everywhere. In a black ghetto, or Korean neighborhood, it’s much the same thing.

      I think though some places might be easier to manage than other places. However, note, anyone who does something different, or goes against the norm starts becoming the object of jealousy and disgust.

      Note, how they were making fun of me, calling me a gook lover, and this was before I even became the “cunt of Facebook” OK. All this simply for just traveling ot South Korea to teach English.

      With people this hot-headed and mean, how can anyone possibly live around them, without killing them?

      • Jason Y

        OK I did post this Facebook post saying “Gosh did you hear of the Douche Dynasty?” 😆

        But, hell, can you blame me?? Yeah, of course, there is repressed hate against people in my area…. That’s damn for sure…

        • SHI

          “Douche dynasty”? I have to Google that one, LOL.

          Avoiding a confrontation with such people, is WORK, man. There’s nothing like they’d like more than bringing you down to their level and beat them with experience.

          Sadly I’m surrounded by my country’s version of your local hillbillies. They don’t leave you alone, and don’t get the message, “Please stop following me around.”

        • Jason Y

          I can see WHY they hate me, but you gotta realize they started it a long time ago. They start it, but they make you public enemy # 1 when you try to finish it. Your at war with these people.

      • TRASH

        “Gook Lover”? Who would chose to live in a small town full o poor whites and one Wal-Mart and an I-Hop if they had an opportunity to leave?

        Asia is cleaner, safer, the women are nice, there are less racial problems…what is not to like?

        • Jason Y

          Well I tried to explain that to my parents and friends. I mean if you had the opportunity, then it’s sort of a no-brainer that most people, assuming they were single etc.. would take it.

        • I feel the same way. I visited Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, and they were all such nice places, very clean, very modern, everyone was polite. It was a hell of a lot better than America. And yea, the women are awesome so if you like Asian women you are in paradise.

      • TRASH

        JASON Y

        Those kind of posters “Need the jobs to come back” because they are STUCK in the same 40 square mile radius of their birth place ALL OF THEIR LIVES WITH NO HOPE OF LEAVING.

        They are TRAPPED by their various kids from failed relationships and lack of job skills so ALL THEY CAN DO IS COMPLAIN THAT THEIR PARTICULAR GEOGRAPHY SUCKS.

        When THE PLANT CLOSES DOWN they cannot even move across the street.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah you gotta point. It mostly haters, This place is full of em. Fucking losers with no hope for the future generally, though a few of them are smarter and have done more with thier life, but still prickish.

          But haters are in every neighborhood, especially a NAM one. Obviously blacks would hate some guy who has done anything more than them. That’s why the drug dealers have to murder so many people just to get respect.

      • TRASH


        These posters cannot go anywhere because they did poorly in school, started taking drugs when they were 15, had kids at 20 and are on probation.

        • Jason Y

          I buy the free trade is evil thing up to a point, but it neglects the notion of free-will. Obviously, a lot of these people made bad choices that they were responsible for, but now, older in life, they bitch about and blame on the Jewish NWO etc…

  7. Lin

    I completely agree. The hindu caste system BELONGS TO A CASTE OF IT’S OWN

    • YES.

      There is something particularly vicious and vile about that system. I almost cannot put my finger on it.

      • Jason Y

        I sort of agree, but then again it seems to be just the American way, but not hidden behind political correctness. In other words, the Indians are not trying to hide thier snob behavior and other cruel stuff behind politeness. They’re just behaving the way ep-gah and Stalin Tonks does normally.

        • KsytriaKhalsa

          A major difference though, is that this Anti India stuff is just classical orientalism. They’re poor at the moment, so they must be wrong & we’re not so they should bow to us.

          To them, just as to the Muslim & European invaders, this is a land set still in stone. The only way it can become better, is by becoming more like them (conversion).

          There is nothing good out of this place and if there is, it must be by accident or due to a foreigner.

          It’s insane how people call themselves progressive & forward & posit equality end up appearing. When the mask comes off, it’s the same Anglo-Saxon who carpet bombed Germany or starved Bengal.

          If his conduct has changed, it’s due to his enemies growing more powerful & him less so. It’s not a change of heart whatsoever.

          Time & Karma finished off the Mongols. You are not so ahead of death that you should gloat, Western man.

      • ClosetAltLeft

        The caste system is just racism. You’re racist so I don’t know why you’re freaking out about it.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah, not trying to offend Robert, but the racist mode of thinking will eventually lead to the Hindu way of thinking with most people. How is it possible to have compassionate racism?

        • Looks like I’m going to have to ban your ass now, boy.

          I’m not racist. I’m a nonracist. You don’t get to call me racist on here.

          And it’s worse than regular racism. It’s like Apartheid South Africa or Zimbabwe or the Jim Crow South or the casta system in Latin America. Or maybe slavery. Caste is about as bad as Jim Crow or new world slavery and maybe worse than both. Tibetan feudalism might not be a bad analogy either. You have to dig real deep to find anything as evil as Indian caste.

          It’s way worse than most forms of racism on the Earth today.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah I definitely agree, all caste systems are not the same, and India is the worst.

      • ksytriakhalsa

        Hindus can remove untouchability which as Fa-Hien notes came into society because of a belief of impurity towards those working w/ meat & alcohol (due 2 Shramanic or Buddhist-Jain Thought)

        They can do many things but, you will still hate them because they are not christian.

        So instead, let’s be honest about that. You wish to scatter the Aryas & have them the same as some White American. One with no tribal identity or loyalty & a plurality of whom do not know who their father is.

        The “Shudras” who are traditionally large land-owners & well-armed, have never once in more than 5000 years rebelled against the “Brahmanical Tyranny.”

        Is there any reason for this?

        Stay mad low born melechas.


      • KsytriaKhalsa

        What do u even advocate? That everyoen fuck anyone & “females choose ” “female liberation”.

        For one, it’s against human evolution (which is why u have the demographic decline of european man) &

        It’s not different than early 20th cent. Protestants who attemped to ‘liberate & civilize’ through the women of others. O, their womanhood can’t cry out they need to be enlightened.

        I realize given your geneology, you are particularly suseptible to extreme bouts of Abrahamic Dogmatism. Ie from Puritan to extremist Liberal.

        Still, you would be better off going back to the paradigms of your recent ancestors, as atleast they had a family structure. Ideally, you would go back to Celto-Brittanic Paganisms but, you’re likely so “Liberal” that you hate your own ancestors..

        Well, chao.

        P.s see the comment where stats on how women fare in marriage with 0 prev partners vs multiple is. You scientifically & statistically speaking, have the best interests of Indian men nor Women at heart. You are simple another melech, who wishes the destruction of others. Ie you see your own suicide & wish to bring us belong.

        I conclude this, based on statistics that the ideology you propogate leads to civlizational failure. India has for been long been knowna s a mild, virtuous land & that only changed with centures of Muslim/Christian invasion.

        Now, that the invasions have ended & the re-building (re-converting) work has begun by decree of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. We will wait a century for you to lose & will then reclaim our mantle as World Protector (ChakraVartin)


      • KsytriaKhalsa

        Because in a village of poor people with no electricity, it’s cut throat.

        The current you feel is the Shakti of Devi which protects this land from barbarians like you americans.

        So they don’t like to intermarry, so what? Traditionally, the lower castes have been rich so it’s a view of preserving Brahmin & Ksytria.

        You’ve decided you’re an enemy of reason & uphold immovable ignorance (abrahamic thought).

        Guess you won’t listen with words, you will just go back to the stone age. Screaming slogans like “equality equality” “liberation liberation”

      • I would say it’s rooted in indian’s DNA. I wouldn’t say the Hindu religion is bad, it’s just that the present people practicing it are already subhumans so naturally they are going to fuck it up. Thousands of years ago White people lived in India and that is when India had it’s glorious age. Once the lower castes and Muslims started killing off the upper class Whites, most of them fled to present day Europe or present day East Asia or present day Russia.

        India is what happens when Whites leave a country and let the lower castes fend for themselves.

  8. Jason Y

    There is some social mobility in life, and some places have more than others, but generally anywhere in the world people are born into a situation they only get out of via death.

    Of course, in some cases, like in the US, people can rise above class, but it takes a lot of work many aren’t willing to do, cause either they’re too lazy or they don’t really have the desire.

    • Jason Y

      Note radical athiests and the like love to bash “old time religion” as repressive and redneck, but honestly, in most of human history, and even now as I said above, most people have very little probablity of rising in this world, so it’s more wise to hope for the next world.

      In Hinduism, things suck, just as much as they do for some poor lady in Appalachia scrubbing the floor at McDonalds or working at the Dollar Store, but in Hinduism there is the hope of the next world where things will be better, depending on one’s karma.

      • TRASH


        The poor lady scrubbing McDonald’s was a nightmarish rebellious teen in high school and sullen obscene young adult who like drugs.

        There were many sex partners and early adult pregnancy with men who have beer and tattoos who had no interest in hanging around after they shot their load or went to jail themselves.

        Sadly, the doors close quickly. She cannot return to school because of her children and her mind was so adrift on drugs in high school that actually training her to be an IT professional would be difficult or even a dental assistant.

        There was also the belief that the government would always be generous with tax spending but in reality most programs are being cut.

        She now has 3-4 children by different worthless men of possibly different colors who go to awful public schools. Perhaps she is still using pills and the occasional line of meth.

        • Jason Y

          You better not come around my neighborhood, assuming people know who you are and what you wrote, lol

          Yeah, what your saying is sort of true, but most people can’t handle it.

          I got crucified just for attacking Duck Dynasty.

        • Jason Y

          Your going to get killed in these parts, Mr. International James Bond.
          See how much they care about your knowledge and experience in India.

          “Oh look, he’s an Indian lover. 😆 “

    • TRASH

      JASON Y

      Early hard drug use and early pregnancy/single parenthood determine both your life and usually the life of your children who will attend lousy public schools, have little supervision, grow up in bad neighborhoods, have no money for education or training, get pregnant themselves young.

      Factor in the reality that public morals are diminishing so that 40 years ago the average white male would remain around to take care of his family but these days society does not impose such restrictions so men can father many unsupervised children.

      You will not travel, not be able to escape the clutches of poverty, live in the area where you were born except for a few years in the military service, do a great many drugs.

      Life of a townie another words.

      • Jason Y

        Yeah but these people are fucking:lol: Retards and nerds don’t get to fuck, maybe never, or at least until they’re 30 with a huge chip on their shoulder living in a condo. Poor old retards, they don’t even get that.

        • TRASH

          JASON \

          Every time the young and poor have sex it seems to cost them 18 years of supporting a child.

          It is better to be 30 and having safe sex with Asian women overseas than a lousy 15 minute screw in some school park after dark that determines you will never go anywhere and also that your heirs will be condemned to a life of little opportunity or at least an uphill struggle.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah definitely, and these “manly men” are acutally wusses because they don’t support the children they have, often dumping them on grandparents, or at least that’s the case sometimes.

        • Jason Y

          In other cases, as with NAMS, they dump the lady their with, and leave the kids to be raised by the mom. Just gigantic tough guys with the soul of a wuss.

      • Jason Y

        Who cares about the future? I just want to bang a hot chick, and these tattoes and big arms will get me what I want… now, at 19.

        • TRASH

          ROBERT We high school intellectuals, nerds and weirdos are fortunate in that sense because our chances of having enough sex to actually impregnate a 17 year old are slim.

          Overall, however, we will get a lot more sex from different women in our twenties and thirties because we will be single and have money from some kind of job and be more attractive to bachelor females.

          The jock or the NAM in high school ends up with the kid at 19 and then has no ability to expand their horizons.

        • TRASH

          When I was a college boy working at an off-campus fast food joint the stories were patented:

          One cook was a high school jock who had impregnated his girlfriend at 18 and had to pay monster child support. He could never attend college because he had to begin supporting his child as a teenager.

          Another cook was an ex-stripper with children who had been into drugs as a young woman and was still hanging around the Bad Boys (An older biker who would visit her).

          The dishwasher was a high school drug dealer who had been busted for selling pot and tried as an adult at 17. He spent time in jail.

          Lot’s of college kids.

        • Jason Y

          So do you see it as immoral to enjoy porn and strippers, considering they’re preying so much on broken homes? That seems to be the position of the Roman Catholic church among others..

        • TRASH

          Some of the bad boys work as mechanics or truck drivers or electricians and have some sort of decent trade that earns them $15 an hour.

          But the ones who were real hardcore druggies as kids could not manage to obtain a minimal trade or there is no construction work so they are reduced to fast food.

          Quite a few are parolees.

          There are the ex-strippers who made incredible money at one time dancing but failed to actually save any and eventually had children. They get a minimum wage job in their late 30’s.

          Also young mothers who were impregnated by NAMS who are long gone. They also receive money from the government because minimum wage is so low in the U.S. However, they also have to hold a job.

        • TRASH

          Until the internet made porn unprofitable most of the people who got into it were a) used-car salesmen types who wanted to flip a $3,000 investment for $30,000 b) women who had long been in the sex industry anyhow of whom many got “a kick” out of doing porn which at one time could make a young woman $100,000 a year (Not anymore as the internet has lowered the rate of pay to $800 a scene so the average female will make $45,000 a year and males make $30,000).

          Strip joints are full of sad stories but so are places of worship and insurance claims offices. Most women who enter the business again a) got into drugs young and b) are single mothers who liked the bad boys and c) find working in fast food disgusting and not glamorous.

          No matter how religious you are the sex industry will always be with us.

        • Jason Y

          45,000 is still half of 100,000

    • You’re still comparing class to caste, so that you are saying is that the India’s caste system is the same as what exists in every other country – the class system.

      What you are doing is running interference for caste. You are in effect defending and upholding caste.


      • TRASH

        ROBERT I’ve met Brahmins in India and cannot help but support the descendants of white Ukrainians or Russians who found some way to maintain their cultural identity after 3,000 years.

        Black Dravidian and Sikhs (Basically Arabs from Central Asia) are far worse than the cultured upper-castes of India.

        “Class” is partly misfortune and partly bad choices made at a very young age.

        • “ROBERT We high school intellectuals, nerds and weirdos are fortunate in that sense because our chances of having enough sex to actually impregnate a 17 year old are slim.

          Overall, however, we will get a lot more sex from different women in our twenties and thirties because we will be single and have money from some kind of job and be more attractive to bachelor females.”

          Damn dude, I think we are long lost brothers. You described me to a T.

        • Varun


          Indian hate Black skin? Alright. Check the link below to see how much love Europeans has for Black skin.

          Now if you are talking about countries like Canada or Australia, then yes, they are true first worlders, not entire Europe, at least not according to the articles like above.

      • Varun

        You have to give some discount to Indians here. First, India is a sub-continent, so collective casteism will be higher, but comparably similar to other equally big continents. Compare entire Europe with India and tell me, are Europeans significantly less racist than Indians? Now compare overt casteism with in small community of, say, Brahmins. They are about the size of Britain population. Are Brahmins more violent than Brits? No. The only exception to this rule are few warrior Brahmins (e.g. Bhoomihar) who once responded violently to peasant castes (who also possessed arms).

        • Varun

          Sorry, the comment was addressed to Robert.

        • TRASH

          VARUN The reason the U.S. does not have Britain and Canada’s violent Indian ghettos full of drug dealers, youth gangs, pimps, prostitutes, burglary and mafia is because U.S. Indian immigrants are Brahmin or South Indian techies.

          Casteism is the reason why the U.S. has not got Bradford or Brick Lane ghettos that are no-go areas.

          You cannot deny this.

        • Varun

          Yes Trash, I agree that UK has issues, but I am not sure the issues are due to castiesm or lack of it. UK has large number of Pakistanis who will always be low on brain and high on brawny. Same with Canada due to large Sikh population. Both Pakis and Sikhs are mongrels between few old Indo-Aryans and invading Afghano-Arabs. And they were always considered second class by the Brahmins though subtlety. Now tell me, are we to blame casteism of Brahmins who segregated these Afghano-Sikh mongrels? Or are we to applude casteist Brahmins to save India from becoming another Afghano-Pakistan? All other caste issues are identical. Are we to blame Brahmins for segregating Indian society or do we congratulate Brahmins for unifying India via division of labour so that every caste stays within its boundary while having minimal required trade contacts with other castes, much like how modern nations trade with one another while only allowing controlled immigration! Famous Indian Marxist writer, Romila Thapar, has also praised caste system since it made Indians much less aggressive through a lot more constrained. So caste is a double-edged sword it seems and I guess that is what you are trying to convey!!

        • Yes, Europeans are unbelievably less racist than Indians. Few societies on Earth are as racist and bigoted as India’s. India just about takes the cake. It’s sort of Jim Crow US or Apartheid South Africa or maybe even slavery.

          Caste is the ultimate low in terms of bigotry and discrimination.

        • Are Europeans less racist than Indians? That you would even ask such a ridiculous statement shows your ignorance.

          Every white person I ever knew believed in equality and was against racism.

          Meanwhile, every indian I meet is a racist and believes that “white skin is good, black skin is bad”.

          You indians are living in the stone ages, how dare you compare yourself in any way whatsoever to advanced European culture.

        • Varun


          It is so easy to blame caste without ever knowing who the real culprit is. One of the hedious example of this is your favorite type – Tamils. Tamil Brahmins were once blamed for everything bad in Tamilnadu and were overthrown by lower castes who were majority. Dalits are still one of largest group in Tamilnadu and the Tamil state also has 70℅ Jobs and university admissions reserved for lower castes. So Tamils are great now? No, never. Now Tamil low castes are killing each others in broad day light, movie Style. Intercaste couples are brutally killed by their own relatives. Some 2000 women have been attacked and killed often with their husbands. Most of those cases didn’t reach conviction as murdereres are often insiders. Caste politics is rampant in Tamilnadu. Just Google ‘caste violence in Tamilnadu’ and see how much articles you get.

          So the question is, why do lower classes kill their own. Well, let’s go back in the past. 4500 years ago, ancestral Tamils had built the first civilization of India in Afghano-Pakistan region. And then one day the civilization vanished with little trace except leaving some ruins. Even today, we are not sure who those people were. Their languages can’t be deciphered with no hope of future decipherment. So again, if Tamil lower castes were so great, why did they fall so bad and never recovered for next 1000 years. And guess who uplifted these ancient Tamils again. The same ole Aryan. It is only after Aryan revival they Tamils were once again civilized by 4th century AD when we see some great architecture and cultural in South India. But behold, they are falling apart again.

          So who do you blame now? Indians? Who are these creatures? Are they Tamils? No. They are not Gujarati or Punjabis either. India simply means ‘east of Indus river’. Now we have a real answer. India never was and is still not a nation. That, my friend, is the real issue. We can’t even break India as that would create 100s of Talibans looting one another. Want more of these of your favorite darkish Caucasiods, aka, Indians?

    • TRASH

      “Killed in These Parts” Which parts, Jason?

      The people who would kill those with such views as mine CAN NEVER LEAVE their physical geography and EVEN IF THEY DID THEY WOULD BE QUIET AS MICE ON THE EAST COAST OR WEST.

  9. TRASH


    As a young girl the poor lady in McDonald’s sucked the penises of beastly men with beer and tattoos.

    Her father was absent from her life and she sought the attention of other males as a result.

    She did badly in school and became pregnant as a young woman in quick succession.

    In addition she like her drugs and did not take care of herself with food or exercise.

    It is sad that we do not see where will be as a result of our decisions at age 17 but the reality is that these girls are resistant to learning.

    • EPGAH

      Well, there used to be shame in it, “My Life Is Over”, but now it’s more like, “Maybe I Can Get A Reality Show On MTV!”

      Shame over bad/stupid shit is necessary to keep people AWAY from doing bad/stupid shit!

      • Jason Y

        So you saying an older person working at McDonalds is a loser? Isn’t that anti-working class as RobertLindsay said? Hmmm ??

      • Jason Y

        Well, gosh Ep-gah, isn’t there ANY MERCY in your world? Damn, I mean even among WNs, surely some have went down a bad bath. Don’t you think this hardline is just alienating even your supporters or possible future supporters?

      • Jason Y

        Often these types of people try to take the spotlight off of them by claiming people who aren’t working class types are wimps, mamas boys etc… They get into this working class pride thing.

  10. Beatrix

    ‘I am a big fan of Hindu’: Twitter is amazed at Modi-style Trump event in New Jersey
    “But this wasn’t just fringe outfits in India seeking publicity. An actual organisation aiming to speak for Hindus within the Republican party started organising support for Trump, and even depicted him as Vishnu”

  11. TRASH

    JASON “These parts” Those kind of people are stuck where they are and even if I gave them a road map + tickets they would not leave the confines of their environment.

    They have the “baby’s momma” to pay child support to and have to get into their local haunt for drinks by 6 PM. So they cannot really do anything to anyone outside their city limits.

  12. Sam J.

    “…When antiracism demands that I defend or support the worst people and cultures on Earth, I am off this antiracism train. I will move over to the Right and call myself nonracist instead. Antiracism has become sheer poison…”

    This is one of the best things you’ve ever said.

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