My Vision of the Alternative Left

This is from the group description of Alt-Left, a great Alternative Left group on Facebook. The groups are different. Realist Left is a lot like this one but with possibly more of an economic focus. They are probably also not as leftwing as the Alt-Left group and are more focused on social democracy than harder Left projects. Alt-Left Manifesto group was started by Ryan England and some of the people behind the Alt- Left group. I haven’t been there much, but here is where I think they are posting position statements, etc.

Alt Left is a bit more disturbing to me and it seems a lot more Left Wing of the Alt Right. There’s rightwing anti-Communist propaganda, a very emphasis on HBD, a lot of talk about race, support for Milo, a disturbing amount of support for Trump. There’s also people using words like nigger. This is the largest Alt Left group on Facebook, with over 1,000 members. But I don’t know about these people. It was founded by Abel Dean, who makes a lot of posts on race realism and HBD. I don’t know about this guy.

This is a group for those on the economic left, like socialists or communists, who are done with the mainstream left and their SJW, Postmodern, etc stances but also can’t stand the alt-right and fascists. That means no social justice warriors, postmodernists, or fascists/white nationalists/Nazis. Also no capitalists. Other than that discuss as you like.

I like this introduction.

Down with the Cultural Left, SJW’s and Postmodern obscurantism, but at the same time, down with the Alt Right and the fascists. No SJW’s and postmodernists, but also no fascists, White nationalists or Nazis!

Exactly. The Hell with both of them. Let both ends burn.

I like this recipe. I think I’m going to try it at home. Smells like teen spirit!


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20 responses to “My Vision of the Alternative Left

  1. The old Alt Left page was invaded last August by alt-right shitposters. Basically, they post Pinochet helicopter ride memes unironically. Zena O’Brian and I did the best we could, but with the mods not doing much of anything, we couldn’t really do much of anything either. Just troll back, really, which just got boring after a while. So Zena made the Alt-Left group and she made me a moderator, in exchange for my making her an editor on my Alternative Left page.

    I started the Alt-Left Manifesto group with the eventual intention of clarifying what it is we stand for. The way it’s going, it’s looking like it’s going to be a fairly splintered cause. There’ll be basic agreement on a few underlying core principles: economic leftism, anti SJW and anti social conservative. Beyond that, divergent areas of focus and specific concern. Some will focus on immigration and Islamization of western countries as an issue. Others will be more anti-feminist and pro MRA. Others still will be more about economic leftism and won’t be that big on Identity politics of any kind. That last kind is the kind I am. I’m developing a viewpoint that I call Socialist Objectivism. Basically a kind of neo-Marxism.

    As an early innovator in this movement, your input in the Alt-Left manifesto group is appreciated! I post the odd entry in Beyond Highbrow in that group. I might even post this one. Hope you don’t mind.

    • ‘Others still will be more about economic leftism and won’t be that big on Identity politics of any kind.’

      they are just leftists then. Where’s the alt part?

      • If you reject the Cultural Left and you are on the Left, you are automatically Alt Left. The Cultural Left is an integral part of the Left nowadays. It’s stuck onto it permanently. If you reject it, they throw you out of the Left and they call you a rightwinger, a conservative, a reactionary, a fascist, bla bla. If you don’t accept the Cultural Left in some way, you’re out of the Left, just like that.

        Look at me. Do you know how many Left fora I have been thrown out of? Do you know many Lefties have called me all those names? Do you know how many Lefties have told me I am not on the Left?

        I can’t count them.

        There are no regular Old Leftists that you refer to. They don’t even exist.

  2. Optimus Prime

    Down with the Cultural Left, SJW’s and Postmodern obscurantism, but at the same time, down with the Alt Right and the fascists. No SJW’s and postmodernists, but also no fascists, White nationalists or Nazis

    But how will you be able to achieve that. Every point you have mentioned is contradictory to one another. I guess it is extremely difficult to identify a common ground to get people on board and then get some traction

    • Tulio

      Well basically that’s what we’ve seen on this blog for years. It’s a delicate balancing act and takes a lot of nuance in thinking. It’s essentially economic leftist that avoids the cultural extremes of SJWs and the alt-right/main-right. I could feel at home in such a movement as an economic liberal and a social moderate at most. We need something like this.

  3. Stalin Tonks


    If you have a multi-racial left wing country, the blacks and browns are going to bitch and moan that they aren’t dong as well as white people and you’ll have exactly what we have now. The only way to have an alt-left country is to make it all white people lol…

    • or race realism becomes scientifically accepted. Whether or not there are racial IQ differences for genetic reasons, wont the truth come out in the end? And if the truth is that there are and it comes out, can we maintain some kind of liberal attitude instead of resorting to fascism?

  4. TRASH

    Northeast Asians do not complain in Norway or Los Angeles. Neither do Jews or Indians.

    Why is this?

    • Stalin Tonks

      Because NE Asians and Jews have high IQs as do some Indians. You could have your alt left country with those people as well. Me, I want an all white country of high IQ white people.

    • Tulio

      I thought Jews are stereotyped as complaining and agitating all the time? They have the highest IQs of all.

      • Stalin Tonks

        They do have the highest IQs and they do agitate more than anybody else at the same time. That’s why they are so successful. I know for a fact that many Jews will only hire other Jews when possible.

  5. “Down with the Cultural Left, SJW’s and Postmodern obscurantism”

    Extremely fine words. And lets her the venerable Camille Paglia take down Foucault and Derrida:

  6. I read a bit of Rabbit’s blog and it just seemed like white nationalism. It left me wondering if the left wing of the alt right just means the left wing of white nationalism.

    • It left me wondering if the left wing of the alt right just means the left wing of white nationalism.

      Maybe that’s what it is. Leftwing nationalists. I don’t think they are all white nationalists. Left HBD’ers like liberal race realists would be in here too.

      • I guess I am kind of a liberal race realist. I’m pretty liberal apart from being against abortion.

        I’m not trying to preserve the white race. If the whole of the Americas completely mixed, that would be okay by me. There would be a lot of European genes in there as well as Amerindian and after all its the native lands of the Amerindians.

        Mexico and central America have been more screwed up by the cocaine trade than anything else. It could be legalised- pretty liberal huh.

        Likewise, if all of Eurasia mixed so there were no pure whites left, I could live with it.

        In the very long run, I don’t see an alternative to global race mixing. If humans are made a lot more intelligent on average by science (entirely possible), it will render current race IQ differences redundant anyway.

        That doesn’t mean I want open border for Europe right now. Not at all. I’m not that liberal!

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