Feminut Brainwashing in Australia


There’s not going to be any end to this. Third wave feminism was bad enough, and now we are in 4th wave, and I have no idea even what that is.

I actually like some 2nd wave feminists. No really, I do. Sex-positive feminism, one of the only useful feminist currents, came directly out of the Second Wave and the Porn Wars. I understand that Jezebel is officially sex-positive, and I have never found that site to be anti-men. They’re anti-asshole, but that’s not the same thing as being anti-men. I always thought I could make alliance with Jezebel types. They seem like they like cock too much to hate men.

This has been the fatal downfall of many a feminist – they need the dick. The more of a cock addict you are, and it’s worse if you’re strictly dickly as so many women really are if you get right down to it, the more that is just going to pull you away from the really nutty feminism right there.

Let’s face it, feminism is man-hatred. They scream and yell, “They say we all hate men! It’s not true!” Well, you know why we say that? Because so many of you are, really, truly and objectively, man-haters by any stretch of the imagination.

Even more accurate is to say that feminism plugs in to the anger and resentment many ordinary straight non-misandrist women feel towards men. Most women have some sort of anger and resentment towards men and vice versa. It’s fairly normal, and it’s called the War of Sexes.

The problem is that feminism plugs right into whatever lingering anger and resentment any particular woman has towards men, and almost all have some. Even with women I have known fairly well, I see their faces harden and become colder when feminism is brought up. They take positions that are deliberately designed to privilege women and screw over men. I point this out, and they shrug their shoulders. So what! It’s paybacks! Feminism is all about paybacks and revenge against the men. Well screw that. I’m a man, and the Hell if I am going to support you attacking me legally and societally by taking revenge on me.

My message to feminists if you want men to quit calling you man-haters, how bout if you quit hating men so much? I mean, just for starters?


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12 responses to “Feminut Brainwashing in Australia

  1. Lin

    I’m a Dune fan myself and the 4th(if I remember right) book mentions the possibility of an All female society. Single gender procreation is a future possibility.

  2. Jason Y

    Some feminism is understandable. For instance, one dorky guy at a local diner asked one of the waitresses to clean his house for them, or there could be instances of weird customers gawking at the ladies.

    I guess I’m trying to say “Do as the Romans do” If your at at a go go bar, then feel free to let your urges run wild, aside from actually grabbing them, but not at McDonalds.

    Other places where male come-ons are dorky involve colleges where professors comment on female student’s beauty while class is in session out loud.

    As far as guys coming on to girls, that’s totally normal, but what about when some dude turns into a stalker type who cannot take no for an answer? I suppose when that situation comes up, then the woman as an asshole feminist (sarcasm) ??

    • EPGAH

      Robert already had an article on this, as “stalker” and “creep” have become simply terms for men the women don’t like. If they’re attractive, it doesn’t matter how creepy they act, or even if the “men” beat them, they’ll stick up for the creeps! Ask any cop who’s ever responded to a domestic.

      Also, don’t women say they LIKE persistent men, and it’s in all the self-help books/dating sites?

      • Sometimes a woman finds a man unattractive and will never be interested in him and that’s just the way it is. You can persist a bit but if she really means she is not interested and you just wont stop, that’s not okay behaviour. You are getting to a point when warnings and threats of violence from male relatives is justified.

        If she is attracted to the guy and she doesn’t mind then that’s fine, its up to her, but that doesn’t give every guy a licence to act however he wants.

        Just because stalker is over-used and harassment laws are sometimes abused, doesn’t mean there are no real stalkers and no real harassment.

      • Jason Y

        Yeah, but a lot of stalkers and creeps, are just that, stalkers and creeps. Who can blame the women for not liking them? However, yeah, there are some bitches who have irrational hate toward nerdy or old men and abuse the idea of “creep and stalker”. In that case, it’s the woman who is actually the psycho, but she’s driving attention off herself by making the guy look crazy.

      • Jason Y

        A lot of women out there won’t like a man, unless of course, the woman is some kind of stripper or something (in that case it’s an act for pay). However, there normally is always some women out there who will, but if pyscho guys keep at girls who don’t like them, then that’s just asking to get a police call, beat up by boyfriends, male relatives etc…

      • Jason Y

        Isn’t it ep-gah longing for the old male heroes of movies like Arnold and John Wayne, yet goes into a fit when women demand such men, and those who don’t fit the hyper-masculine mold are called creeps and stalkers? I see a two faced double standard here…

    • Gay State Girl

      I tolerated insensitive comments for a long time. I have even been stroked by elderly male residents when I was working in a nursing and I never complained. I understand you can’t sanitize society and wouldn’t attempt to.

      • Bernardista

        It comes with the territory. I think the benefits of being female far outweigh the disadvantages.
        Stalkers really do suck, though , but I think that there’s some pathology going on with some of them.

        • Oneaboveall

          Yeah, but the definition of stalking has also been revised and now means that you have to completely cease to exist if a female is not interested.

  3. Stalin Tonks

    Women should not be allowed to vote. Problem solved.

    • Proud squaw

      Keep such regressive shits like these in daily stormer. You will find a lot of comrades there sharing your depraved views.

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