Cultural Left Idiocy of the Day


This stuff is just getting nuttier and nuttier all the time, you know?

I am going to start posting this sort of insanity on a regular basis I think.


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13 responses to “Cultural Left Idiocy of the Day

  1. Jason Y

    All of your movement, right, left, center, sideways, has their flakes. As Tulio above is pointing out, you don’t have to look to far for material to make fun of nearly anyone.

    Note, where I live it’s a great step for mankind just to see people repent of the word “nigger”, much less accept vegan transsexuality, 😆

  2. KsytriaKhalsa

    Good west needs to reduce its meat consumption: especially America.

    Most of the land cut down in Brazil is for cow slaughter

    Excellent Book on why this is a politically expedient move by ‘vegans’

    As for meat

    Add to the Brazil thing I mentioned & you have utter barbarity beyond ‘untouchability’

    Filial Piety:


    Now, think how many rituals & festivals of america are built around gluttonous consumption of beef & how hard a fight we have to protect Ma Amazon & her children.

    Economics trumps activism, destroy the economic incentive & you help brazil long-term in transitioning away from a commodity based on economy as a plus,


    • TRASH

      Your COWHERDING ARYAN ANCESTOR mistreated their cattle so badly the poor things would have preferred to have been eaten.

      Cows in India look rather miserable and underfed.

  3. Jason Y

    Yes, repenting of slurs is a first step before becoming a vegan transsexual.

    Oh, I’m sorry, 😆 Did I say “nigger” or “queer”? How about “queer nigger”? Did that offend you? You know I’m training now to evolve out of barbarism You know babysteps. One at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  4. AssemblyLineHuman

    Reminds me of that scene from one of the funniest movies ever made, Airplane 2.

    Go to 0:48 sec.

  5. Tulio

    Here’s a vegansexual couple in New Zealand. The man looks more feminine than his girlfriend.

    • Christ, you’re right.

      On the surface, Vegansexuality doesn’t seem that weird as you would expect that within the demographic of vegans that they would have a preference towards other vegans to form relationships with for ethical reasons.

      The thing is….why the fuck go to the lengths to legitimize it as a sexual orientation when it’s not really based on attraction regarding physical sexual qualities but rather on ethics? That’s identity making for identity’s sake, especially when it’s already one someone would already figured out without labeling it.

      • EPGAH

        I think it’s so that later they can pretend that identity is being “oppressed” and demand protection and other benefits for it.

        • Exactly, mountains out of molehills.

          The sociopathic thing about it is that realistically, all you’re getting is people attention and support not really opportunities or resources. You;re basically feeding egotism.

  6. Bernardista

    Adults can be annoying and feed their egotism all they want, but they should feed their children an omnivore diet so they develop normally, and let them make their own choices when they grow up.

  7. As someone who is sympathetic to veganism and the animal rights movement, I take exception to the idea that this is some kind of protest against heteronormative masculinity. Fuckers.

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