Bob Dylan, “Just Like a Woman”

In honor of Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature!

From Blonde on Blonde, double album, 1966. Possibly his best album ever.

Of course this is a love song. If you look at the video accompanying the song, you can see that this song must have been written for Joan Baez, Dylan’s longtime lover and a great artist in her own right. Bob and Joan, one of the greatest love affairs of all time! You want something to sum up the 1960’s? Bob and Joan were the 1960’s. They lived it, embodied it, grew up with it, died with it.

Thank you Bob and Joan!


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2 responses to “Bob Dylan, “Just Like a Woman”

  1. Joan of Arc

    I think Bryan Adams has a husky voice similar to bobs. If I were to close my eyes, I would be able to tell the difference actually.

  2. Joan of Arc

    That song just messed me up so bad. PMS perhaps.

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