Bob Dylan, “I Want You”

In honor of Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature!

From Blonde on Blonde, double album, 1966. Possibly his best album ever.

A truly great song. From the soundtrack of Cinema Paradiso, Guiseppe Tornato. Great Italian cinema from the 1980’s. As good as Dylan! Italian directors have made some of the greatest movies of all time, and the 1960’s-1980’s were their heyday.

Up there with the French New Wave, who they may have matched. Godard or Fellini? Last Year at Marienbad or The Garden of the Fitzi-Continis? Who could pick?

Thank you Bobby Dylan!


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25 responses to “Bob Dylan, “I Want You”

  1. I was watching some stock footage of Dylan, he said “I’m just a song and dance man” Of course he was much more. Congratulations Bob on that well deserved Nobel prize. You taught us all how to protest peacefully.

  2. Jason Y

    There is no Dylan no more. There is no talent no more. Are these shows like America’s Got Talent finding anyone good? If so, how come there not on the radio or selling CDs?

    Actually, I did hear a good duo on The Voice the other day. They sounded soulful kind of like Hall and Oates, but I’d be lucky if I ever hear them again anywhere.

    • EPGAH

      American Idol gives the winner a contract, the rest get nothing but clowned on nationwide TV.

      America’s Got Talent or other knockoffs don’t even have that, so why do these people put themselves through such public humiliation for it?

      • Jason Y

        I guess they got balls for trying while so many others are chicken. I mean, how many shitty American football teams are out there? Why try, right?

        • EPGAH

          Nah, think of it more as putting them in their place. They think they’re a lot more talented than they are, and a bucket of cold reality is dumped on them. But it’s good entertainment for the rest of us, and allows us to see esoteric talents, like breaking watermelons with your tits.

        • Jason Y

          Sorry to be the wuss white knight here, but I guess I’d have to say I’d only enjoy seeing arrogant idiots fall, cause I’m such a nice guy. 😆

          Arrogant as in someone who not very nice to other people, but we wouldn’t know that about them unless we knew the contestants personally.

        • Jason Y

          There is definitely a lot of pricks in music, but again, as I was saying you cannot tell unless you knew the contestants personally.

      • Jason Y

        I don’ think it’s as gloomy as you say. The winners on all of them have to get something substantial. Nobody is that dumb to go on for nothing.

  3. Erich

    In fact, Cinema Paradiso is a late 80’s movie by Giuseppe Tornatore.

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